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Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?

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Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?

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By Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

Trump contends that the coronavirus was “Made in China”.  And that China threatens America.

The president of the US wants Americans to believe that the coronavirus pandemic carries the “Made in China” label.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refers to it as the “Wuhan coronavirus.” 

“The Big Lie” started on January 30th when the WHO Director General pressured by powerful US economic interests declared a global public health emergency with only 150 “confirmed cases” (by the WHO) outside Chinawith only six cases in the USA. And it was called a pandemic. 

“Fake media” immediately went into high gear. China was held responsible for “spreading infection” Worldwide.

On the following day (January 31, 2020), Trump announced that he would deny entry to the US of both Chinese and foreign nationals “who have traveled in China in the last 14 days”. This immediately triggered a crisis in air travel,  transportation, US-China business relations as well as freight and shipping transactions.

While the “Made in China” coronavirus label served as a pretext, the unspoken objective was to bring the Chinese economy to its knees.

It was an act of “economic warfare”, which has contributed to undermining both China’s  economy as well as that of  most Western countries (allies of the US), leading to a wave of bankruptcies, not to mention unemployment, collapse of the tourist industry,  etc.

Moreover, Trump’s “Made in China” coronavirus label almost immediately as of early February triggered a campaign against ethnic Chinese throughout the Western World.

Stage 2.0: “Infections Transmitted by Europeans”? 

On March 11, a new phase was launched. The Trump administration imposed a 30-day ban on Europeans entering the United States through the suspension of air-travel with the EU (with the exception of Britain).

America is now waging its “economic  war” against Western Europe, while using COVID-19 as a justification.

European governments have been co-opted. In Italy a lockdown prevails, ordered by the Prime Minister, large cities in Northern Italy including Milano and Torino have literally closed down.

Confusion, Fear and intimidation prevail.

It’s “Damage Made in America”.

Late February: Financial manipulation characterizes stock market transactions Worldwide.

The stock value of airlines companies collapses overnight. Those who had  “foreknowledge” of Trump’s March 11 decision to ban transatlantic flights from EU countries made a bundle of money. It’s called “short-selling” in the derivative market among other speculative ops. Institutional speculators including hedge funds with “inside info” had already placed their bets.

More generally, a massive transfer of money wealth has occurred, among the largest in World history, leading to countless bankruptcies, not to mention the loss of lifelong savings engineered through the collapse of financial markets.

This process is ongoing. It would be naive to believe that these occurrences are spontaneous, based on market forces. They are deliberate. They are part of a carefully designed plan involving powerful financial interests.

COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”? 

And now a new bombshell has emerged: The White House rhetoric of accusing China of spreading the “Wuhan virus” Worldwide has been refuted by both Japanese and Chinese reports. Scientific analysis revealed by Larry Romanoff  suggests that the virus was “Made in America”:

“it appears that the virus did not originate in China and, according to reports in Japanese and other media, may have originated in the US.  …

In February, the Japanese Asahi news report (print and TV) claimed the coronavirus originated in the US, not in Chinaand that some (or many) of the 14,000 American deaths attributed to influenza may have in fact have resulted from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?

And on March 12, in a statement to the US Congress (House Oversight Committee), CDC Director Robert Redfield unwittingly “spilled the beans”. He candidly admitted, yes, some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been coronavirus.

When did this occur? In October, November? What is the chronology.  It is worth noting that Redfield’s statement is corroborated by both Japanese and Taiwanese virologists.  Two countries which are staunch allies of the USA.

And on March 12, in a statement to the US Congress (House Oversight Committee), CDC Director Robert Redfield unwittingly “spilled the beans”. He candidly admitted, yes, some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been coronavirus.

When did this occur? In October, November? What is the chronology.  It is worth noting that Redfield’s statement is corroborated by both Japanese and Taiwanese virologists.  Two countries which are staunch allies of the USA.

It is worth noting that the Taiwan virologist (referred to above)

“stated that the US has recently [?] had more than 200 “pulmonary fibrosis” cases that resulted in death due to patients’ inability to breathe, … He said he .. informed the US health authorities to consider seriously those deaths as resulting from the coronavirus, … [He] then stated the virus outbreak may have begun earlier than assumed, suggesting  “We must look to September of 2019”. (quoted in Larry Romanoff, op cit)

China’s Foreign Ministry has reacted to CDC Robert Redfield’s statements intimating that the virus could have originated in the US.

“When Did “Patient Zero” Begin in the US?” said China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian.

Of course “WHEN” is the fundamental question.

“How many people are infected, what are the names of the hospitals, It might be US Army that brought epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent, US owe us an explanation”

See below

Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?

The World is at the Crossroads of the Most Serious Social and Economic Crisis in Modern History

People Worldwide are being misled. They are told: “It’s going to get worse”. Angela Merkel has stated without a shred of evidence that “70% of the German population could contract coronavirus if more isn’t done to stop its spread.”

In several countries, the economy has closed down. Supermarkets, shopping malls, offices, factories, schools, universities are at a standstill. People are confined to their homes. Fear and intimidation prevail.

In the meantime, coinciding with the coronavirus lockdown in Italy, 30,000 US troops have been dispatched to the EU, under US-NATO’s  “Defend Europe 2020” war games against Russia, in the largest military deployment since World War II. “Could the Defender become the Invader…?”

Let’s be clear: The coronavirus pandemic is not the “cause” of this unfolding economic and social crisis. It is the “pretext” for the implementation of a carefully designed “operation” (supported by media disinformation) which destabilizes national economies, impoverishes large sectors of the World population and literally undermines the lives of millions of people. What we are dealing with is “An Act of War”.

While COVID-19 is an important Public Health concern, the lockdown coupled with an ongoing fear campaign does not constitute an effective means to combating the virus, i.e. by providing target medical assistance and health services to those affected.

What Happens Next: The Potential Impacts of a Continued Freeze of US Trade with China

The geopolitics are complex. How will economic events unfold? We will essentially focus briefly on US-China relations.

Those who formulated America’s “undeclared economic war” against China, failed to envisage the potential backlash on the US economy.

Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?It’s an “Economic Harakiri” i.e. “Suicide American Style”

In a matter of  months, if normal US-China trade relations and transportation are not resumed, the impacts on the national economies of Western countries could be devastating.

A large share of goods displayed in America’s shopping malls, including major brands are  “Made in China”.

“Made in China” is the backbone of retail trade in the USA which indelibly sustains household consumption in virtually all major commodity categories from clothing, footwear, hardware, electronics, toys, jewellery, household fixtures, medical supplies, medicine and prescription drugs,,  TV sets, cell phones, etc.

“Made in China” also dominates the production of a wide range of industrial inputs, advanced technology, machinery, building materials, automotive, parts and accessories, etc. not to mention the extensive sub-contracting of Chinese companies on behalf of US conglomerates.

While the US has a powerful and sophisticated financial apparatus (which has the ability to manipulate trade and stock markets Worldwide), America’s Real Economy is in a shambles.

Production does not take place in the USA. The producers have given up production.

The US trade deficit with China is instrumental in fuelling the profit driven consumer economy which relies on “Made in China” consumer goods. Meanwhile China holds a large part of the US public debt which they can readily convert into real assets overnight.

Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?


At this juncture of the coronavirus crisis, Beijing policy makers are fully aware that the US economy is fragile and heavily dependent on “Made in China”.  Moreover, China has overtaken the US in several high tech areas including 5G.

And with an internal market of 1.4 billion people, coupled with a global export market under the “Belt and Road” initiative, the Chinese economy will have the upper hand.

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Redadmiral • 9 minutes ago As has been identified by Japan, Taiwan and India, this Covid19 virus began in the US not Wuhan in China. However, The Yanki propaganda and mis-information machine was quick off the mark to frame the narrative and point the finger at China. That aside it has now been demonstrated beyond all doubt for profit health care systems are exactly what they are. FOR PROFIT and NOT FOR peoples health care. But what is really the cause behind this pandemic? The Yanki dollar while momentarily riding high on the exchange markets is now firmly on the chopping block. The Petro-Dollar is no more and it is only going to take a few months before all those criminal “Central Banks” that have been printing fiat money are on the verge of collapse. The Yanki Fed, the largest criminal banking system on the planet thinks that by throwing 5trillion worthless dollars into the black hole it will somehow or another prevent it’s imminent collapse. It will for as long as the illusion is talked-up. But there is more than one little boy shouting “the Emperor has no clothes”, so the next Big thing is to try and prevent all these little boys from being heard. The internet will be closed down, roits will begin the world over, mobile phone communications will stop. Marshall Law will spread from one country to another like Covid19. But just before this nightmare takes place Joe Biden will select Michelle Obama as his running Mate. Welcome to The Not so New Fascist rule by Force. Of course WW3 will erupt shortly afterwards. Seems We are witnessing the end of the daze and days too….


May have worked 100 or so years ago,but not anymore,the ones truly power have gold and the most powerfull commodoty on earth which is definetaly not stocks,nor internet,nor mobile phones

which means the zobie apocalypse only for the walking dead,Here on in its the real men who will sort out the mess,not the fake heros zeros,not nwo,nor fascism,nor neo-loberism,nor feminists not lgbtq,nor soros,biden,obummer,hitlary,nor bezos nor musk,nor incest but rather oil,gas,ores,metals,agriculture,traditional medicines,and the big middle finger to the nwo/cabal who think they can stop each and every country by counterance as blackmail,subversions of essential food supplys as the more awakened nationalst governments are addressing,leaving only the worse debtors as the most vulnerable,and no,ww3 is the present,In god I trust evicts!

Zionism = EVIL

As I posted on Feb 18, when this bio-weapon was unleashed by the evil Americunt arseholes on China that this was a Jew experimental virus that went rouge and boomeranged on the Americunts. The Chinese have acted with great nobility and restraint against this overt attack of bio-warfare, even though they did expose that the FACT that an Americunt military team had visited Wuhan. But now every savage on an Americunt passport needs to be cavity searched at all airports with a dildo camera. The Jews also need a nasal probe as they are the catalysts of the virus. China and Russia should not let any Americunts or Jew scum in. They are pure evil.


It looks like a Jew world order out of chaos bio weapon of mass destruction economic Sampson plan.


Go lick those public door handles, already, AH. You said the Virus is a hoax so prove it.


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve written or posted. How’s life under house arrest in your bankrupt state looking for handouts from states that haven’t committed economic suicide like yours? 4


You are not only ignorantly redundant, you have dementia since I answered that question twice before, AH. Hope you enjoy your flee infested tent.


You’re the one under house arrest.


When is your pandemic super killer going to make this list? It isn’t even close to the seasonal flu near the bottom yet.

“What are the leading causes of death in the US? Heart disease. Cancer. Unintentional injuries. Chronic lower respiratory disease. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases. Alzheimer’s disease. Diabetes. Influenza and pneumonia. More items.”

– The top 10 leading causes of death in the United States –

https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/282929 2


That’s what you said about Italy only a week ago, AH. I hope by pure chance you are correct this time. In the meantime, go prove your hoax point and lick a few public doorknobs.


https://twitter.com/andrewbostom/status/1241537942159536128?s=20 6

Lone Ranger

Of course it’s U.S. made. Bill Gates already told last summer a big Corona pandemic is coming. How did he know? U.S. troops visited Wuhan last October, first cases started popping up after that. E cigarette lung damage was probably a cover up too.

Lone Ranger

Terror state U.S…

Lone Ranger

U.S Empire is falling…


Since 1917

Lone Ranger

It took Rome 300years to disintigrate. U.S. did it in 100.


Did US disintegrate in 1876 or you meant USSR, which lasted less than 100?

Lone Ranger

Russia was highjacked for a few years but its back now.


Thanks God there is no etnic Russian among the 90 billionaires in Russia, I know the business are in good hands now.

Lone Ranger

There are more billionairs in the U.S…

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage…


Seems there are plenty of them around today. Herd get paid on mass today. Lol

nicolas s

I am not big fan of trump but he got the gut to stand against the chinese. Those chinese bots are relentless

Marcus Porcius Cato

Those Chinese “bots” can’t hold a candle to the Super-Jew louts, who can shovel out bullshit by the metric ton per second.


You should talk them since that is your primary food source, AH.

nicolas s

Ask a chinese bot about tienanmen square uprising. They so full of sh.. its funny,

Marcus Porcius Cato

Ask a Jew about the slaughter of unarmed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The answer will turn you into an antisemite.


Not unless you are already one, AH.

Free man

Everyone knows it was an American bat in Wuhan’s market. He flew all the way from Texas. LOL.

Peter Jennings

The US have a long and sad history when it comes to experimenting on their unsuspecting public and military personnel, so why wouldn’t they experiment on countries they despise. It has been pointed out by others that the virus has a US patent. HIV has also been spliced into it to improve its transport apparently.

We haven’t seen this chaos caused before, even when HIV was at its height. So why are we being subjected to the misinfo, the propaganda, the hysteria created by the media, which is now their raison d’etre, and the curtailing of wealth distribution and travel?

Our gov’ts have something else coming down the pipe for us all and the ‘virus’ is just an excuse. Prepare for martial law and oppression. Maybe those families who do not provide any souls for their planned sacrifice will be cut off from any welfare? Our present western leaders are no better than those who used to stand atop Aztec temples cutting out hearts and removing heads.

Marcus Porcius Cato

The Synagogue of Satan steps into the open to make its final bid for full spectrum dominance.


YEah sometimes I wonder if this virus wasnt manufactured to destroy Iran.


No. It was manufactured by the Russian bio-weapons program to be used against primarily the US and its allies. It was shared with the Chinese at their Wuhan bio-weapons lab and got out. The rest is unfinished history.


Come on. Everyone knows the Virus was created in the world’s most advanced bio-weapons program which was Russian. The Russian scientists worked at the Chinese bio-weapons lab right there in Wuhan. And everyone also knows what techno fuckups the Russians are. Without doubt this Pandemic has Russian origins. And now their bio-weapons scientists are in Italy to see how effective their handy work is. Try to keep up.

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