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JULY 2020

‘Cooperation With Nazis Are Fine’: Bulgaria Condemns Russian Exhibit On WW2 Liberation Of Eastern Europe


'Cooperation With Nazis Are Fine': Bulgaria Condemns Russian Exhibit On WW2 Liberation Of Eastern Europe

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In yet another attempt to warp and rewrite history, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice regarding an event organized by the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria. On September 9th, 2019, the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria is to hold an event called “75 Years of the Liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism.”

The entire statement by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry is the following:

“Without denying the USSR’s contribution to the defeat of Nazism in Europe, we should not turn a blind eye to the fact that the bayonets of the Soviet Army brought to the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe half a century of repression, a stifling civil conscience, a deformed economic development and detachment from the dynamics of the processes in the developed European countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has nothing to do with this event, and we advise the Russian Embassy not to take a position in support of a dubious historical thesis (“liberation”), which privileges only some political circles in Bulgaria, as it is an interference with the domestic political debate in our country.

September 9th and its aftermath must remain in the hands of historians and in the realm of historical science in order to be subject to a full and accurate assessment of their impact on the development of Bulgaria in the 20th century.

From the point of view of international law, the facts are clear: the September 9 coup was a direct consequence of the declaration of war on Bulgaria by the USSR on September 5th, 1944 and the subsequent entry of Soviet troops into the territory of Bulgaria which was neutral towards the USSR.

The USSR declared war on Bulgaria when a new democratic government had just come to power, announcing the end of ties with Nazi Germany and reaffirming the position of the Kingdom of Bulgaria’s neutrality against Russia. This is followed by a temporary occupation of Bulgaria by the USSR and the Allies, which is formally administered by representatives of the coalition, but de facto exercised exclusively through the Soviet military presence.

The long-term consequences for Bulgaria are the same as for other countries in Eastern Europe, falling within the Soviet zone of influence – 45 years of rule of a totalitarian regime based on the Bolshevik-Leninist version of communist ideology.”

The historical accuracy of the statements is, without a doubt, true. On September 5, 1944 the USSR did, in fact, declare war on Bulgaria and carried out a military operation in the area on September 8-9, 1944. However, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry forgot to mention that then the country was supporting the Nazis. The Nazi Germany was using military facilities in Bulgaria for operations during the World War 2 and Bulgarian forces participated in occupation operations of the Nazi Germany – for example in Greece.

'Cooperation With Nazis Are Fine': Bulgaria Condemns Russian Exhibit On WW2 Liberation Of Eastern Europe

FILE PHOTO: A woman holds a Bulgarian communist flag next to an old Soviet flag as she attends Victory Day celebrations in front of the Soviet Army monument in Sofia, Bulgaria May 9, 2015. REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov/File Photo

On September 9, 1944 the Fatherland Front led by PM Kimon Georgiev seized political power in Bulgaria. Soon after that the “communist regime” took over and the communist party stood at the helm of the country until November 1989.

The date, which used to be an official holiday in Socialist-era Bulgaria, still causes controversy in a country where both pro-Soviet-era nostalgia and pro-Western attitudes coexist. It is celebrated by many as a people’s uprising that lead to a Socialist Revolution. Others, however, claim it marks a ‘dark day’ in Bulgarian history that led to the violent elimination of the country’s elite and dragged it away from its so-called Western-oriented path of development. Taking into account the current trend in the EU-US propaganda, it’s easy to imagine that at some moment the Euro-Atlantic establishment may make a decision to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler and his supporters. You know, ‘they just carried out a pre-emptive strike against the agressive Soviet regime preparing to seize Europe’.

During its communist era, Bulgaria was one of the most prosperous socialist states of the USSR-led bloc. Following November 1989 and the “transition to democracy” the situation was quite dire, with a heavy demographic decline ever since.

Some may say that the ‘bloody communist regime’ did much more to the growth of the Bulgarian pouplation than ‘years of democracy’.

'Cooperation With Nazis Are Fine': Bulgaria Condemns Russian Exhibit On WW2 Liberation Of Eastern Europe

Demographics of Bulgaria throughout the years, in millions. Click to see full-size




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  • Drinas

    Degenerate Bulgarian gypsies trying to look good to their US masters.

  • Ziønist šhill

    Come on, Bulgaria. You’re not allowed to have your own opinion.

    Just shutup and say what you’re told

  • Icarus Tanović

    Khazar scum that pretends to be slavic.

    • Harry Smith

      Khazars are not a nation, but union of different tribes which were not only Judais, but Christians and Muslims. Bulgarians are Slavs and are just a part of tribe. Other part is living at Caucus.

      • Brother Ma

        Bulgarians are Turkic with a Slavic overlay ie language ,some genetic mix and customs. Same with Magyars.

        Prussians were Slavs who thought they were Germans and bulgarians are khazaro turks thinking they are Slavs.

        What matters is what a people think they are.

        • Harry Smith

          No, not that way. You say that Bulgarians are Turks but it’s not true. Many people think so because of the Kazan city. It is the origin of Bulgarians. But Bulgarians leaved that region many centuries ago. One part settled in northern Caucasus, while another part settled on the territory of the modern Bulgaria. They have Turkish customs and traditions because they lived several centuries under the Ottomans ruling. And Bulgarian language is pure Slavic language. Trust me, I am Russian and can read Bulgarian. And, of course, I were born and grown in the Carpathian region so I do know the history and culture of that region very well.

          • Brother Ma

            I am talking about Bulgars in Bulgaria. They were of Turkic family as well ,not Turkish slightly different. The Bulgars were christianised by the greeks and took on the customs and language of their slaves ;the Slavs . So they became European Slav Christian Orthodox people. The Turks of Bulgaria are something different and did not assimilate so it is good Bulgaria kicked them out . They were troublemakers as they are here in my Western-World country as well.

          • Harry Smith

            The question needs time to answer. Hope i’ll have some this weekend. Pardon me if I won’t answer you.

          • Brother Ma

            No problem . I should add the “Turks” of bulgaria are turks and those bulgarians that were islamicised by the ottoman turks in their invasions after around 1390 who considered themselves turks . I am not talking about Pomaks. They are different. The Bulgars (cousins of Seljuk and ottoman turks )and all in the family of Turkic/mongol language sprakers arrived in bulgaria well before 800 Ad so were already assimmilated as christian slav orthodox europeans before the Turks of ottoman times even set foot in bulgaria. Same with magyars (hungarians) of hungary were there and europianised ,assimmilated and christianised before turks arrived.

        • Harry Smith

          As for the Khazars, in the Russian chronicles there is a lot of info about them, because they were neighbors with Russia and competitors for the control of the trading routes. I.E. there is described an invitation of Russian Christian priests to take part in debates with Muslims and Judaists, because there were different religious groups inside of Khazars khaganate.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Khazar are Turko-Mongol’s !

      • Icarus Tanović

        Oh yes, they are.

  • Garga

    However, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry forgot to mention that then the country was supporting the Nazis.

    I think they did, where they acknowledged there was ties with Nazi Germany:

    The USSR declared war on Bulgaria when a new democratic government had
    just come to power, announcing the end of ties with Nazi Germany and
    reaffirming the position of the Kingdom of Bulgaria’s neutrality against

    If the same thing did not happen to my own country, I’d look at it differently and more favourably. Iran declared it’s neutrality from the beginning of the war, had relations with all concerning countries and did not have military ties Germany (just about 700 German engineers and their families working on the projects from roads, railroad, tunnels to ironwork and sugar factories). Nevertheless, the Soviet Union and Britain invaded Iran.
    Like most of eastern Europe, Red Army didn’t want to leave after the war. Long story short, after they left as the result of a combination of diplomacy and threats, they installed their pawn and tried to carve a big part of country.
    Just like that, the same happened for other countries too. Ask Finns how do they feel about it.

    Soviet Union is a mixed bag of good and bad. I think Russia had better acknowledge this fact and recognized that a lot of people in a lot of countries don’t like the actions of Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union. A lot of their deeds are seen by others as stains on Russian history’s face. Today’s Russia is different and appears to be more benevolent and capable of understanding. Make others see this while acknowledge the hardship your country imposed on them before, it’ll do wonders.

    • Ooga Booga

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m a Finn.

      • Harry Smith

        1. Mannerheim is on of the best strategists of the 20th century.
        2. Anyway, we screwed you in 1939 after initial plan of gen. Shaposhnikov was implemented.
        3. I love you guys and I think that Finland is the most closest culture to the Russian North-West region and it is not because of Karelia.

    • Harry Smith

      I am Russian and I agree with you in facts about USSR or Russian Empire, but not agree with the analysis. Russia is, and was, one of the World Powers, and for these Powers other countries are just chess figures on the chessboard called Geopolitics. It is just a Big Game and sometimes an unimportant figure is sacrificed because of current strategy.

      BTW Iran is not so white and fluffy. Your Shakh attacked Russian Empire while it was at war with Napoleon. He thought he can take some easy gains but but was mistaken.

      • Garga

        It’s good to have somethings in common and thanks for explanation.

        The thing is, the geopolitics chessboard and sacrificing unimportant players hurt lives and generations. It’s not a game even if it is called a game. Being a world power does not absolve countries of their crimes, something that contemporary United States is not capable of understanding unlike modern Russia or maybe China. Nobody likes to be invaded, it doesn’t matter if the invader is a world power or not.
        Like it or not, there is a basis, historical wounds, for the way Finland, Poland or Baltic states behave towards Russia which enables the US to abuse it. If your country’s leadership understands this, they can diffuse it and help to make a better world. Arrogance won’t help one bit.

        There’s no point in beating a centuries old dead body, but in reality it was not Iran who attacked Imperial Russia first. It was the other way around during the expansion of the RI and it didn’t start in Napoleon time. But I agree that nobody is fluffy.
        What we should consider is actions bring reactions and some of them continue to haunt us for a very, very long time.

        • Harry Smith

          Being a world power does not absolve countries of their crimes, something that contemporary United States is not capable of understanding unlike modern Russia or maybe China.

          1. Most of the USA citizens are good and kind people working hard to survive. The real crap is a part of their elites and it’s supporters.
          2. Russia or China are with you because you are against the USA. If you will fall out of the orbit of their geopolitical interests, the situation will change. Russian Czar Alexander III said in 19th century, that Russia has only 2 trustful allies: Russian army and Russian navy.
          3. Please do not project the state behavior on the people living in that state. On this web-site are many USA or EU citizens who are against their govts. policies, but they can do nothing.

          Like it or not, there is a basis, historical wounds, for the way Finland, Poland or Baltic states behave towards Russia which enables the US to abuse it.

          I met some guys from Poland and Baltics and, mostly, they were good guys. I am more then sure that after 2 or 3 beers with Ooga Booga we will be the best friends forever. Ordinary people, which are not infected with nazzi virus, can easy find many common interests. There are only 2 nation I can not say same way. Those are Armenians and Ukrainians. May be I did not met, yet, Armenians or Ukrainians who does not believe they are exceptional. But I do not think that in Russian govt there is anybody who really cares about “historical wounds” of any foreign nation.

        • Brother Ma

          Persia helped moslem powers against the Christians at the time as well. That Persia fought against Russia means nothing ,it also fought the Turks and both ganged up on the Christians.

          Pity the Sassanids couldn’t form a civilization on their mixed Helenistic-Iranian roots. They should not have converted to Islam. It would have been better for Persia and the world if that were so.

  • hhabana

    They freed them like it or not. What happened afterwards is what happens throughout history: the victors get the spoils. Just ask the American Indians, Hawaiians, etc. This applies to all countries throughout history.

    The Bulgarian government should not make such a big deal about this. It’s peanuts now.

    Last year I was in Nis, Serbia. I asked a young man (college educated) what he thought of Bulgaria. He said they are in worse shape than Serbia. I think Bulgarian government should work on fixing their country and not put energy into useless and unwinnable debates.

  • Dušan Mirić

    “If you don’t know whom to beat, beat Bulgarians and you won’t be wrong”
    Serbian proverb

    • Brother Ma

      Looks true in any case as they are now increasingly lackey-boys of the Yankers.

  • hvaiallverden

    I agrees with Garga, and thats what I try to tell the eh…. Russian hurra patriots, and while at it, I again agrees, thats history, whats now is more important, but again, the Bulgars had all the rights to state that statement about Sovjet, and please, dont insult your self with drivel, since some of us have been telling this for years, not because we hate Putin, but the constant hiding of what the Bolshewiks indeed did to even Russian people, millions of them killed, and yet we have to slap you and other, uh…. hurra patriots with this.
    And again, whatever bullshit you read about Germany and Hitler, rest shure 99 % is idiot propaganda, they never hated Russians, never, you will not find that anywhere, apart from the bullshit propaganda we/you are been spoon feed for over an century, the evil Huns, even before WW1, the hate propaganda was fixed upon the German people and that is even to day, 2019, jesus this runs deep, huh, hurra patriots.
    The sole reason for may Norwegians to go to Finland and fight the Sovjets was because of the Jewish Bolshewiks, not because of them been Russians, and that came after years of terrorregime and attacks on other countrys with borders to Sovjet, and do notise this hurra patriots I diferentiate between Sovjet and Russia, that iis deliberate, because it was and is two widly different realitys, I wounder why you and others cant see the same, makes one questions some people agendas, while mine is just about what really happened.

    And yess, the the original Bulgars where Salvic/White people, the later invasion of the so called “indo-europeans” aka Khazars isnt that old, its just been dug down by idiots and the so called history we are learned to day and that is mostly bonk, period, and with the Turko-Mongols and Khazars.
    Look at the Saudi royal assh…., prime Turko-Mongols, and not Khazars all tho they share the same genetic base, R1B witch to day is, coming as an result of the Khazars best knows as the AzkheNazis and their base is to day, eastern europa aka Poland and Ukraina in general, some are in the western parts an result of been chased out of the Inerian penninsula to countrys as Netherland etc, stil fake jews but not that disticly physical as the Khazars and the turko-mongols.
    Its equally insane as the staggering level of historical drivel I read this days, the present Bible is an fraud, made 500 years ago, and thats it, all thoe Isus is real, the bible isnt, anything in it is an fraud, even the Moses nonsense witch isnt anything other than an flat out copy of Gilgamesh aka Zoroastrian teachings, where then name Aryans comes from, Iran, an shorting of the name Aryan Avesta, like the word Christians or Muhammedanians are used to day, Aryans are Iranians, period, when the religion was Zorastrian, Ahura Mazda, the light of the world, and I have read Nitzhes So speaked Zarathustrat, and I wounder have you, an book most dont have read, and those few that indeed have, dont get it anyway, and should be onligatory to be read and claim you are an educated person.
    Like another book I indeed have, the Dictonary of the Khazars, the female version the male one is two chapters longer but all in all gives an rear glims into the past to the days when the Khazars converted to Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud, an insane religion, thats why they liked it.

    Du you get it.

    The reason for Slavs been trusted down and northward was just because of this world wars, first when the Khazarian empire colapsed and then later the Turko-mongols invading what was the Bystanite empire, the east roman empires witch is the best known name, his forces was what “dracula” fighted against, etc, but the real blow, on our white race came from the totally rotten Chatolic Churchs crusades to the northern europa, and that gave the Khazars the advantage they needed to take over, 500 years of an europa run by an death cult of insane scums, and stil counting.
    Just an short recap, but again, please, I dont blame the present for the past, but the same present keeps the keys, the books, the knowledge of the past, but is hiding it, or just ignores it, because of the present death cults political, finnacial and educational/information power, like the Church had it in the old days, in that sense, nothing have changes, its in fact getting worse and worse.


  • 1691

    The Bulgarians welcomed the Red Army as liberators and joint the Russians all the way to Berlin, like it or not.

  • goingbrokes

    The downturns in Bulgaria, as elsewhere, after the introduction of democracy was because it wasn’t really democracy that was introduced but international kleptocracy.

  • democritos

    Putin is also fascist. he rides with night-wolves, which is neonazi group. :(

  • Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

    Whatever happened to Bulgaria’s “fuck the EU”? They fumbled the South Stream catch then try to make up and now what?

  • smertzakrov

    Bulgaria allied w Germany in both world wars