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Convoys Of Turkish-Backed Militants Heading To Front Lines In Northern Syria (Photos, Video)

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Convoys Of Turkish-Backed Militants Heading To Front Lines In Northern Syria (Photos, Video)

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On November 8th, a military convoy of the Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya group, one of the biggest factions of the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA), was spotted in Syria’s northern al-Hassakah.

The convoy, consisting of dozens of vehicles loaded with military equipment, was reportedly heading towards the Abu Rasin region east of Rasulayn. Militants’ deployment was also reported in the Ain Issa area in Raqqa governorate.

Convoys Of Turkish-Backed Militants Heading To Front Lines In Northern Syria (Photos, Video)

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According to local reports, the Turkish Armed Forces are conducting joint exercises with the SNA in these areas.

The military reinforcements are sent to the front lines in northern Syria, where the situation remains tense amid the regular shellings on the SDF positions and Turkish preparations to launch a new ground operation.

The recent reports revealed that Turkish-backed Syrian militants are ready to take part in a new Turkish attack on Kurdish forces. Turkish proxies in Syria have received military supplies from Turkey and redeployed their militants to various areas close to the SDF positions. The two most likely targets are the northern town of Tell Rifaat and the northeastern town of Kobane.


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Lone Ranger

More fertilizer material…

Lone Ranger

I hope Kurds are happy…
You supported the U.S. against Syria and Russia.
You get what you deserve.
Keep trusting in uncle Shlomo.
Sofar there has been only around 3-4 genocide on Kurds thanks to them, with the next one on the horizon.
Good luck.
You will need it.

Chris Gr

What Kurds are you talking about? These are just several factions.

Michel LeBlanc

Your a morron.

He is talkiing about the kurds in northeast syria, the kurds that beleived the us would give them rojava, because at the time they thaught the al nusrah crazies were taking damas.

Kurds made there choice in 2017, when they stood with the usa, and cock blocked SAA after the liberation of deir ez zor.

The same SAA that saved the kurds in Aleppo city in 2016.

So yeah, rot in hell syrian kurds, this was is still on going because of you!

Chris Gr

Assad is gonna help Syrian Kurds.

The Objective

Assad wants total control of the Kurdish areas. The Kurds will not allow that. They are temporarily cooperating with Assad because they need it. They’d accept help from anybody against Turkey, but they aren’t going to hand over their weapons as the Daraa rebels did. America will not allow it either. Because if the Kurds surrender to Assad, America will be forced to leave Syria. This will jeopardize the American project to destabilize Turkey from Syria, and cut off Hezbollah from Iran.

Turkey is playing a brilliant game about the Kurdish question. By threatening to launch operations against the Kurds, Erdogan is putting the SDF directly on a Collison course with Russia and Assad. Look at it this way. Russia and Assad want control of all Kurdish areas. The SDF won’t allow that. Turkey threatens to attack the SDF. The SDF is forced to allow SAA and Russia into SDF-controlled areas as a shield against Turkey’s attack. Erdogan decides not attack, or launches a minimal strike in agreement with Russia.

Do you really think the Russians will withdraw from SDF areas if Turkey decides not to attack? No. Anywhere Putin steps foot, he isn’t stepping back. After some time, tension will begin to mount between SDF forces and the SAA. Because the SDF will refuse to disarm and will insist on controlling those areas. Clashes will start to happen, and it may spiral into full-blown operation by Russian and Assad’s forces against the SDF.

Biden would be pretty mad at Erdogan for creating such a situation (indirectly inviting Russian forces into U.S influence zone). The U.S simply cannot afford to leave Syria while Iranian forces are there. In the end, Biden will have to strike a deal with Turkey, or face Russian and Assad’s forces in SDF-territory. So far, Putin has failed to strong-arm Turkey out of Syria. Which means the U.S.A cannot strong-arm Iran out of Syria either. Because Putin still needs Iranian forces as long as Turkey is in Syria. Iran needs Turkish presence in Syria even though the Mullahs will not admit this openly. Because Turkey is a leverage for Iran over Russia, since Putin will need the Iranian forces in the event of a war with Turkey. Turkey on the other hand does not need Iranian presence to justify its stay in Syria. SDF is enough excuse.

In fact, Russia would want Turkey to rid them of SDF forces provided Turkish strikes do not harm the SAA or Russian forces. By militarily weakening the SDF, Turkey gives Russian more power over SDF forces in that part of Syria. That is Why Russia will allow this Turkish operation despite making a great public show of opposing it. If Putin had not vehemently opposed this Turkish operation publicly, the SDF will NOT allow SAA or Russian forces into those areas. Plus, a Turkish operation against the SDF will further drive a wedge between Turkey and the U.S.

Putin’s only condition will be that Turkey does not harm Russian or SAA troops, and Turkey should not occupy areas it liberates from the Kurds. Erdogan will agree. Both Putin and Erdogan win, the U.S loses. In this sense, the Russian deployments may be a way of ensuring that Turkey does not occupy SDF areas it liberate. Damn. Putin will be the bigger winner because he removes a threat (SDF) without having to fight. Turkey needs to dismantle the SDF as a security threat to its national unity.

Last edited 25 days ago by The Objective
Idlib's coming home

this dude receives good money from fahrettin altun, just don’t mind him, this is his main source of income.
and all those text walls, they’re not written by him, of course, he just copy-pastes what altun told him to.

Chris Gr

You are mostly correct. The ideological rift between SAA and SDF is on authoritarian and centralist issues. SDF is much more libertarian than SAA and want decentralization. Both want a socialist Syria but SAA want it authoritarian and centralized while SDF want it libertarian and decentralized.


Because of stupid Syrian Kurdish terrorists they join force with Uncle Sam to divide Syria open corridor from Iraq to Mediterranean Sea.. turkey can’t allowed that happen .that is the reasonTurkey went into Syria .to stop all this bullshit…

Chris Gr

Turkish Kurds, Iraqi Kurds and Iranian Kurds also want to separate but they are not united. Different tribes and different ideologies.


Never understood why those convoys in the open are not incinerated from the air on sight? they should never be allowed to get to the front line.


Cause “ceasefire”. -_-


Ceasefire what ceasefire LOL!!

Michel LeBlanc

Let the rats come out of their hidey holes, so we can see them crawl back in.

Now we know where the hidey holes are, when its time for bbq we will be ready!

Lance Ripplinger

Would be nice if Russian warplanes accidentally sent a few cruise missiles their way….

The Objective

Has Putin and Erdogan agreed to push the U.S out of Syria and hand over SDF areas to Assad? The more I consider this possibility, the more logical it seems. Because:

First, SDF controls the bulk of Syria’s oil and a good chunk of the fertile lands. Assad badly needs those resources.

Secondly, Russia has failed to strong-arm Turkey out of Idlib. That means the U.S.A will not leave Syria either (unless Turkey and Putin somehow manage to disarm the SDF and hand its territory back to Assad). Without foot soldiers (SDF), America cannot sustain its presence in Syria. Because the U.S forces will have two options: Fight or withdraw. If they fight, there’ll be U.S casualties, which can be a political suicide for Biden.

In light of this situation, it makes sense that Putin and Erdogan should come to a common understanding in achieving all or most of their goals. First, they should reach a negotiated settlement on Idlib. Assad should be given Idlib back, on the condition that the opposition has a significant representation in Syria’s government even if Syria is ruled by Assad. With this agreement, Turkey and Russia should then focus on dismantling the SDF. America will stand in the way, but Putin and Erdogan must find a way to defeat the SDF or else, the war will continue indefinitely. Erdogan already called publicly for the U.S to leave Syria. Putin agrees.

Against the backdrop of any Erdogan-Putin agreements on Idlib and the SDF, both leaders will be working on other different options should this one fail (that is, should the U.S.A not leave).

Clearly, America will not leave if Iranian forces are still around. Biden will try to put Russia and Turkey on a collision course by playing the Idlib card: Telling Putin to liberate Idlib and in return, America will let him take back N-E Syria after the U.S expels Iranian forces from Syria. Such a settlement will also suit Israel. However, this option will fail because Russia cannot militarily push Turkey out of Idlib. yet, if Russia tried doing that and it resulted in a war with Turkey, America would be happy all the more.

Russia would want to see the rift between America and Turkey deepen. The current tensions between SDF and Turkish forces is working in Putin’s favor. Putin would want to see a clash between Turkish and U.S/SDF forces if that were possible.

Turkey on the other hand would also love to see a clash between American/SDF and Russian/SAA forces. Creating a condition where Russian/SAA and SDF forces operate in the same area is step towards that goal. We can see that Russian troops and the SAA have made heavy deployments into SDF areas. Even if Turkey decides not to proceed with an attack on the SDF, Erdogan still wins from the present crisis because the Russian forces deployed in SDF areas aren’t going to pull out. And they’ll have disagreements with the SDF at some point – possibly even a military clash. That would weaken the SDF without costing Turkey a dime.

Icarus Tanović

Let’s make puzzle out of them.

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