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MARCH 2021

Contribute to Expand the SouthFront Content


Dear firends,

The recent developments have shown that SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence urgently need new video makers and designers. We are really want to provide up-to-date exclusive text and video content about the world crisises.

At the moment, we don’t have enough resources for it. If we produce additional videos (Foreign Policy Diary), we can’t provide enough interesting articles. If we write articles, we can’t provide additional video analyses.

But, you can change this situation right now. Our team works due to your support. You can contribute to expand the project’s content via:

PayPal: southfront@list.ru

Skrill: http://southfront.org/donate-skrill/

Bitcoin: southfront90@list.ru
Adress for BTC: 1PvKhgVDoXp96Yyp7Pgs5uMPkChSMA2G5n

Or: http://southfront.org/donate

Contribute to Expand the SouthFront Content



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