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Contract Assassinations & Organized Crime: Real Face Of Ukrainian ‘Defenders Of Democracy’

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Contract Assassinations & Organized Crime: Real Face Of Ukrainian 'Defenders Of Democracy'

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On December 12th, the Ukrainian Police announced that it has arrested five suspects for the murder of Pavel Sheremet.

Pavel Sheremet, a journalist from Belarus who was residing in Kyiv, was blown up in a car he was driving on the morning of July 20, 2016. Police opened a criminal case under Clause 5 of Part 2 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

The then-Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko named “revenge for professional activity” as a major version behind the journalist’s murder. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov did not rule out Russia’s involvement in the assassination.

It turned out that it was, in fact, Ukrainian nationalist who are the primary suspects and there’s no relation to Russia, whatsoever.

All of them are members of the Nazi-infested volunteer battalions or are affiliated to them.

One of the suspects in the case even posted on Facebook, asking for help because authorities were there to arrest him:

“I am being charged with the murder of Sheremet. Right now. In my yard. There will be a search. Help!” the famous Ukrainian musician, the favorite of right-wing radicals and Petro Poroshenko Andrey Antonenko said.

The arrests were confirmed by the Ukrainian Interior Minister.

“The National Police has just detained and with the consent of the SBU [Ukraine’s security service] declares reasonable suspicions of the suspects in the case of the murder of Pavel Sheremet,” the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov wrote on Twitter.

Contract Assassinations & Organized Crime: Real Face Of Ukrainian 'Defenders Of Democracy'

Click to see full-size image

The suspects are as follows:

  • Julia Kuzmenko: the “Fox.” A surgeon in Okhmatdet and a volunteer battalion member. She allegedly laid explosives under Sheremet’s car;
  • Andrey Antonenko: a volunteer battalion member, Special Operations Forces sergeant and rock musician known as Riffmaster. He escorted Kuzmenko to Sheremet’s car, after she allegedly laid the explosives, he met with her again and took her away from the scene of the crime. He lived nearby and knew the area well;
  • Yana Duhar: Medic in the 25th airborne brigade. Judging by the video cameras, on the eve of the murder, she carried out reconnaissance in the quarter where the journalist was killed, and took photographs of surveillance camera locations. These cameras also filmed her;
  • Inna Hryshchenko: Nicknamed “Puma”. What exactly she did and how she was connected with the other members of the group for this crime is unclear. But according to the logic of the police, it has to do with making explosives;
  • Vladislav Hryshchenko: Puma’s husband with the call sign Bucha and a specialist in IEDs and especially mines. An explosive device made by him in 2018 (in another crime) showed similarities with the Sheremet case. How he is associated with other members of the group (except for his wife) is also not clear.

The police did not provide direct evidence that those listed were involved in the murder of Sheremet.

No faces were visible on the cameras, with the exception of Yana Duhar, who actually walked along the nearby streets and photographed the cameras. In the published telephone conversations, there are also no hints of involvement in the Sheremet case.

But they were identified in the following way:

Andrei Antonenko or Riffmaster had a jacket with a print on his back. He appeared on a video where a man accompanies a woman who laid explosives under Sheremet’s car.

It turned out that a jacket with the same or similar print was worn on a man who in 2015 assisted in blowing up a power line in the Kherson region.

Police found that this was done by an “activist” nicknamed Natsik. Having investigated the circle of his acquaintances, they went to Antonenko and found in his social networks a photo where it is clear that he wears clothes with such prints.

Working through Antonenko’s connections, they came to Yulia Kuzmenko. And by chance got to the Inna and Vladislav Hryschenko.

The husband participated in the assassination attempt on a businessman in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in 2018, and for this he is already in prison.

His wife was arrested in November 2019 in relation to the same case.

The police confirmed that the explosive device in Sheremet’s car and the one used in the attempt on the businessman’s life were identical.

Regardless, they are simply just suspects at the moment.

“This case hasn’t been solved yet, so the investigation is still ongoing,” Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said.

“Today [December 12] we carried out a phase where a group was detained and charged. We believe charges are grounded. And that’s why we did an unprecedented, major briefing. That’s because the topic is very pressing and mind-blowing, so we sought to provide as much information as possible so that everyone understands our position,” the minister said.

He mentioned that it was unclear how the suspects were specifically connected to each other, but police were working on it.

“We have no answers on the interaction mechanism. In some aspects, we still have questions about the role of certain persons. And, in particular, we’re seeing persons who initiated this crime,” he added.

“Unfortunately, I can’t report on everything we know. Today at the briefing it was barely 5-7%, maybe 10% of the facts that we know that we can lay out. I think more news and more information will be coming in this case.” Avakov added he believed that “our arguments are very serious,” expressing confidence that “we are not mistaken.”

Yevhen Koval, deputy Head of the National Police, stated that 3700 interrogations and 47 expertises had been conducted in the Sheremet case, 800 documents, including mobile communications, were received, and recordings from more than 200 video cameras were analyzed.

The investigation had four main versions of the motives for the assassination:

  • a mistake – as the killers might have wanted to kill Olena Prytula who owned the detonated car;
  • personal issues;
  • professional activities;
  • destabilization of the situation in the country.

It is yet unclear which it is, but it is more than likely the wish of the Ukrainian authorities for the murder to be aimed at destabilizing Ukraine, but it appears that Russia played no role in it.


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AM Hants

Just reading similar, over on Stalker Zone:

Violent Death Of Journalist – Blamed On Russia – Was Assault By Ukrainian Fascists…https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/12/violent-death-of-journalist-blamed-on-russia-was-committed-by-ukrainian-fascists-.html#more

One of the suspects, ‘Julia Kuzmenko: the “Fox.” A surgeon in Okhmatdet and a volunteer battalion member. She allegedly laid explosives under Sheremet’s car’; why does she remind me of the doctor that the Estonian Prime Minister discussed with Catherine Ashton, during the ‘gosh, phone call’, following The Maidan? What was that doctor’s name?

Breaking Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton discuss Ukraine over the phone…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkC4Z67QuC0


Off topic, but Giuliani is beginning to drop his info. It is expected that he is going to spell it all out and paint a clear picture.


AM Hants

Just been reading what he has to say over on GP. Wonder if the MSM will cover it and just tip of the iceberg. Hope the story keeps growing, till they can no longer ignore it.

Loved reading what Nunes said to Schiff, haha.

Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens, Burisma – Records Show Prosecutor Investigating Burisma Was Poisoned… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/giuliani-drops-bombshells-revealing-huge-money-laundering-operation-involving-bidens-burisma-records-show-prosecutor-investigating-burisma-was-poisoned/


Good! You are on top of things. :-)

It is expected that things are going to speed up exponentially and I doubt that it will all be covered. The highlights will most likely be enough to snap a lot of people out of their dream states.

Let’s double check the popcorn and wine supply. We are going to need it.

AM Hants

Wonder when the MSM will be forced to sit up and take notice?


They already know everything. They sit up for their masters only, who are not the general public. They get their information from clandestine intelligence and their primary function is to run disinformation campaigns, and they are brilliant at it.

It seems that the only solution for them is the same as what is needed for the intelligence services. They must be disassembled and broken up. Smashed to a million pieces seems to be a good idea. ;-)

AM Hants

Cannot wait for the focus to go on the lobbyists and activists, who entice the sociopathic, narcistic politicians to their webs. Either using coercion or good old fashioned blackmail, courtesy lifestyle choices. How much money does the politician receive and then when they find themselves redundant a high profile position and mega $US/£UK millions to go with it? That is before you get to jobs for the kids.


It is going to be horrific when the details begin to come out, but I agree that they must. Only exposure and scorching light on this will end it.

As for the media. This is the one that it appears we are going to be getting good information from at the moment. This is for the time being, because who the heck knows what is around the corner.

The Rudy Giuliani exclusive. (I won’t be surprised to learn that it is taken down soon)




AM Hants

Just watching the first video. I like the presenter, owing to her sounding professional and articulate. Have you noticed those in the MSM, sound as they have come off the hybrid-robot, conveyor belt. There is no animation in either their voice, body language or faces?

The first part of the video, interested me, immediately, owing to Anthony Perkins, appearing in the film clip. I wonder where his mother was? Hopefully not in the shower haha, but, reminded me of the times when films were worth watching and interesting how the old film, prophesised politics in the 21st century.

Look forward to listening to and watching more from OAN. Just hope the story keeps growing.


MY guess is that there is effort being put into putting together a good presentation. A lot of people over here are hoping to get their families to break from watching the propaganda networks. A sloppy production and growing pains is not something that can be allowed at a time like this. …and yes, you are right. We call the idiots doing the news talking heads and they could be robots. Shameful bots. ;-)

I do not know why, but this person is to be kept an eye on . I suppose that he is going to be making it into the news soon? Just a FYI.


AM Hants

Cheers for the link. Not somebody I would like to bump into on a dark and cold night, for some reason. Must admit, not a fan of his CV, owing to the sloppy work in Salisbury and Amesbury.

‘Since joining GCHQ, Jeremy has overseen the organisation’s response to the 2017 terror attacks in the UK, the release of WannaCry by North Korean cyber actors, and the use of a nerve agent in Salisbury and Amesbury in 2018. He has also continued GCHQ’s work to be as transparent as possible, to explain as much as we can to the wider public without jeopardising our core mission.’


There is a very large market for old school, current affairs presenters, who actually know their brief and not their telescript. Do like the female in he OAN videos. She comes without drama and just let’s the story do the talking. Such a refreshing change, and hope it carries on growing.


This is going to be more off topic than usual. lol.

The word is, that through back channels and nefarious means there is now going to be a positive vote for impeachment tomorrow, meaning that yes, the impeachment nonsense will be cleared to be taken to the senate level.

Attorney General William Barr is already scheduled to speak at 7pm EST tomorrow.

It is highly expected that there will then be a high profile arrest by the weekend. (It could be sooner, but all timing is speculation).

Keep your popcorn bowl full at all times. ;-)

AM Hants

Must admit, it feels like going back in time and finding yourself witnessing a Gladiator event, in front of the Roman Empires. Apart from the pure theatre and BS, none of it makes sense, let alone the public buying it all.

Yesterday, the first article I read, happened to be somebody opening their bowels, in an aisle of a San Francisco grocery outlet. Well, I guess they had no problem, if needing toilet roll.

Today, it is some protest with an ex Dem politician, who liked to posing nude and enjoyed having fun with her staff, together with some media needy actress, currently looking for work. Why did they need Trump’s head on a post? Can you imagine if anybody did the same with Obama?

Plus, laughing at the begging letters from the Dems, with regards how the Republicans have to deal with the Senate Impeachment Hearings.

I remember watching Malcolme McDowell in Caligula, back in the 70s and swear their was more sanity amongst politicians, during those times then there is now. Not forgetting, how they are making the USA look on the international stage?

As President Putin once asked, ‘Is America a Banana Republic, yes or no?’


There will be a thousand books written about the destruction and sell off of the United States. They will be written as past tense after Gitmo ( it has been renovated with additions added) is full of the people who are/were responsible for it.

The US will recover.

The idiots are babbling at day long meetings yet again. This will probably be the last day of this verbal vomit. There will be drama later today. lol

AM Hants

Sorry, meant Roman Emporers, not Roman Empires.


IN 3.5 hours from now, at 7pm EST a Trump rally starts, IG Barr goes live, and the impeachment vote will be held. What an odd coincidence. Popcorn recommended.

AM Hants

If they impeach and it goes to the Senate, then there will be a decent show as the Dems will not be running it. However, how many Soros boys and girls are in the Senate?

Is Barr impartial and will he come out with a decent narrative that will result in high profile, public figures, being taken down?

Waiting for the main show in the theatre and seriously hope not too much longer as getting bored of popcorn.


I am sick of popcorn too. Let’s order pizza.

At the moment Trump is directing the impeachment paperwork to the Supreme Court, the Senate is claiming the right to go ahead with the impeachment trial with the paperwork or not,…

….and Nancy has just figured out that she is bleeding. Schiff is doing what Schiff does best which is writing fiction and then attacking someone,… who at the moment is Pence.

We are supposed to be expecting a “something” today…and the day is getting late.

If there is a juicy “something”, I will pop over here and let you know. ;-)

AM Hants

For some reason, I went off pizza, hot dogs and cheesy toppings, after reading about the Obama parties, over in the White House.

Quite happy to go for champagne and canopies though, haha.


Agreed! That sounds so much better. :-)

AM Hants

Heard Nanzi was having problems with her dentures and voice box. After seeing the images of Cher enjoying herself. Well, at least I have got Halloween sorted next year, courtesy this impeachment.

Are they hoping to sweet talk Pence, tempting him with a suite in the White House, if Schiff cannot get his next fairytale together?


No, there is new secret info to impeach Pence that floated up out of the Schiff toilet. No one is fooled. It seems that they want to get both Trump and Pence out of the way and for Pelosi and Schiff to take over. Then of course Nancy will be suicided.

Take a peek at Director Rogers. He is being moved into play on the chess board.

I am happy about your halloween costumes. They will be perfect. ;-)

AM Hants

I was just reading over on Zero Hedge, the plan to take out Pence as well as Trump, to get Pelosi into the White House. Besides anything else, that is the only way they will keep the ‘side job and expenses’ on track and out of jail.

Just cannot believe they are getting away with it and nobody complains. The media, even over on this side of the Atlantic, fully encourage it.

I read about Rogers, allegedly informing the Trump team, just before they moved out of Trump Tower, that the offices were being tapped. Also, there was an article of GP, with regards the Judge handling the FISA info, has stepped down early and low and behold, one of Obama’s Judges will take over.

So December, it seems to be swinging to the Dems and friends and no doubt January, it will swing back to Trump. Was never into Tennis, but, might switch popcorn to strawberries, especially owing to being hard to get hold of this time of year.


Pelosi and Schiff have played out their hands and are now fully disgraced. They are nothing but jokes now. They have finished their time in the centre ring of the circus. For the rest of the month what little we see of them will be in their death throes.

Excellent. Yes, FIZA lost a judge, and what there is very little coverage of is that the FBI lost three more, the CIA lost another five, the Supreme Court has another gone and Rogers is now on the Durham team. :-)

Strawberries and champagne sound lovely. :-)

AM Hants

See Maxine Waters has come out to give her dentures and weave an airing.

I just cannot get past seeing the late James Brown in drag, (but he had talent), whenever the dentures and weave of Maxine, come out for an airing.

Any excuse to share ‘This Is A Man’s World’ – should be the theme track when Trump and President Putin get together haha. Maxine take note.



I am glad to hear that you dislike Mad Max as much as I do. She is such a …..I am not allowed to use those words. ;-)

I have always thought that the Putin and Trump meeting would have “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background as they sign mutually beneficial agreements for their countries.


AM Hants

Haha, nice one, with the ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Mad Max, her eyes are so dead and that is before you get to the mouth. How has she made so much money, devoting her life to being a servant of the State? Didn’t realise State pay was that good and she is not the only one. How many houses did Obama, the Neighbourhood Community Officer purchase, once he left the White House?


My memory says two. One within reach of the White House for many millions, and another in Martha’s Vineyard for many more millions. There are probably more. Pelosi prefers to have her estates in wine country. ;-)

AM Hants

When he first came out, there were allegations of three, I believe, and that was before they went shopping for real estate down Martha’s Vineyard.

Not surprised Pelosi prefers to reside close to the Vine Yards. How does her liver hold up?


Her liver is probably shot, and it appears that the side of her nose is falling off as well. ;-)
comment image

AM Hants

Coke comes to mind, when one loses one”s nasal cavities just wonder how they still function when riddled with chronic, long term addiction problems?


Long term every vice and filth under the sun problems I suspect.

I just found this. This explains a lot of imploding nose Nancy’s recent weird behavior. The poor thing must be beside herself with desperation. I admit that I am enjoying it. ;-)


AM Hants

With you, on enjoying watching her, and Schiff fall apart, when they think nobody is noticing.


Take a look at this congress wench! Such treachery!

She just finished voting for impeaching the president and then heads to the other side of the wall at Tijuana to pray in Mexico with MUSLIMS for the wall to come down…. as everyone else is preparing for a Christian holiday.

Read that again. Good thing that it was taped. It will look lovely when shown at her Treason trial.


AM Hants

Is Soros passing himself off as a Holocaust Survivor?

OMG, I am seriously choking on my coffee. 20 December 1998, ’60 Minutes’, he was bragging about being born in Hungary, of a certain faith and finding the best times of his life, was working as a collaborator. Watching his friends, neighbours and community, boarding the death trains, before he would go round and loot their homes. Not sure if that is what most of us associate with Holocaust Survivors, batting for the other team.

He openly stated he did not believe in God, he was an atheist and actually believed himself to be God. Funny, how he changes the script, depending on what he can get away with at the time.


This is a technique that Rudy has learned from Trump. Say something wrong intentionally and send all of the enemy fact checkers (and stupid people) to go and look it up. It seems to work far better than telling the truth these days.

The whole world is now talking about Soros and even though it is for the wrong reasons, it builds the momentum. Also, it is a warning/threat to Soros himself. Rudy is telling him that they will talking about these things when he is on camera under oath and accused of doing the exact same cut throat things to other countries that he has been doing since his youth.

I see that your Prince may not have survived to see Christmas. This is what they are trying to pass off as him going home to spend the day with his wife. ;-)
comment image

AM Hants

Prince Philip does not look good. There again he has had a good innings for his age.

AM Hants

Hey, have you seen this site?

Ukraine Anti-Corruption
The ONLY group protecting ?? Americans in Ukraine. Democracy & anti-corruption for Ukraine. Protection of civil rights & foreigners. Economic/Judicial Reform.

Just looking at their tweets and must admit, enjoyed reading them. Together with the image of all those that came to party in Ukraine.



I have never seen the site, and I have no idea if it is legitimate but I do see it being used in a similar way to to the social media over here these days.

With the MSM being so bad, and the trained trolls so abundant there are now internet warriors that slam propaganda and lies with the truth, usually in the meme forms.

They are organized. Many politicians and Hollywood types have been driven underground and off of the net and their twitter accounts by them. A recent example was the “Epstein did not hang himself” meme. That was hilarious. I had neighbors who do not know a thing about what is going on contact me and ask me to explain what is going on. They looked genuinely afraid.

The official list of who voted to impeach Trump was just released. By the time that Christmas is over they will be hiding in caves and scared to go to the store to buy milk. This is how it should be.

AM Hants

Enjoy and happy Christmas.


You too. :-)

This tweet is important.

This man is a hands on, has the dirt on Obama and his computer machinations. Barr and Durham were fluttering around Italy not long ago and some that I know were speculating that this is the man (or one of the people) that was actually the reason for the trip.

The amusing story on Giulio Occhionero was that a year or so ago, whilst frustrated in trying to get his story out he did a search on himself online. He found that his tweets were posted and being discussed on a web site that I belong to. Well what is a frustrated whistleblower to do? He signed up and introduced himself. No one believed him at first so they went through a few tests and sure enough, it was his account. Some of the people have followed him on twitter since and here he is.

Back to the post, he retweeted a GP article about some arrests and this is being taken seriously.


AM Hants

Hope he stays safe.

AM Hants

I thought she stepped in, but, with one of Obama’s mates taking over?

How can you destroy evidence from an ‘ongoing’ investigation? I thought it had to be held for a certain period of time, as in years?

Sick and tired of certain members of society being unaccountable to anybody and further more, getting away with it all.

At least, I am enjoying what Rudi has to say, whilst my head explodes from the rest of the insanity.

Giuliani Accuses Soros of Funding ‘Enemies’ of Israel Who Seek to ‘Destroy Jewish Homeland’


I totally agree on being sick and tired of what is shoveled down to the rest of us by certain members of society. That especially includes the news and information. It takes a constant state of reset to filter through it all, and who has time with it coming from 50 different directions. We strive to understand today, and then oops!…reset tomorrow.

Normal people are enjoying Christmas right now and yet there are thousands online still sifting through it all.

To me what is being exposed is complete lawlessness. It does not just exist in fantasy novels. We are seeing it real time right before us if we are looking. If an obstacle is in the way? Write a memo or a policy to walk your way around it while hammering on the taxpayer to behave themselves or they will be punished.

The Guliani article is fabulous. There is a link to an article written before it. I am going to post them both as a Christmas gift to others. It will be refreshing.

Rudy set out to stir the pot and he is doing a better job of it than was realised. His stunts and trolling got drowned out by the tidal wave of impeachment debri.

AM Hants

Just reading about General Flynn and how he was involved in trying to kick Gulen out of the US, as memories of the assassination attempt on Erdogan come to mind.

Everything just keeps weaving itself into other stories, involving the same characters, who are just a few.


Exactly! That is exactly what is going on. :-)

It is like a web, and if a very few snips are made in the right places, the whole thing collapses. When the house of cards falls, it will be huge!

I am having my morning coffee and have not even taken a look yet. If anything comes up of interest over here, I will let you know.

AM Hants

Cheers take care.


The first batch of Nikola Tesla documents has been released. Am I silly to hope that this is the beginning of disclosure? Hope springs eternal. :-)


AM Hants

Thanks for the link. Look forward to reading it, bit by bit.


I was hoping that you would. :-)

Here is the link for all three bundles of the documents.


AM Hants

Thanks. Have bookmarked the above and will do the same with that link.


Look who is getting drawn into the mess now. Gina Haspel. It will probably start heating up on your side of the pond now. Bwahahahaha…….


AM Hants

Surprised more has not been said, with regards are end in the story.


There will be a lot more said about the misadventures between the US and the UK in the fullness of time. The stage is still being set. One by one people are being brought back to people’s attention. The blatherings and speculations about them do not seem to be all that important at this point.

In the past Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (the infamous drama queen couple from the FBI) are going to be brought back up to answer for their frequent trips and contacts with the UK, and again, Gina Haspel was right in the middle of it.

There is much more to come out about Biden and his son. As will dirt about Pelosi and her son. They are deeply embedded in the corruption too. Also, John Kerry and his brood. You are better at keeping up with the finer details than I am. Just in case you have not seen it, here is an incriminating video about Pelosi.

My head spins, and my brain is exploding and we have not even gotten into the champagne yet. ;-)



It is getting harder for them to go out in public.


AM Hants

Nice one. She seriously looks as though she should be in an asylum.


Trump is after her. He just retweeted this. lol!

He has also tweeted that he is willing to send in the Federal government to do her job and take care of the city.


AM Hants

Hope he does help San Francisco, by sending in the Federatl Government to clean up the streets.


Through a mutual publishing house, there is now a link between Obama and Common Core.


AM Hants

Interesting, as Common Core, is the US version of UKs Common Purpose.

Common Purpose, over in the UK was set up by David Bell, a publishing executive, who was also Chair of the Financial Times, together with Chair of the Cambridge University Press. Chair of Media Standards Group as well as a Director of the Pearson Group.

Here is what Common Purpose, over in the UK gets upto and not forgetting, all of our Prime Ministers, since Maggie, are members of Common Purpose, although I do believe Boris escaped.

CP and Climategate
CP and Media Control
CP Police State
CP Civil Service
CP Bell Pottinger
CP Insider Dealing
CP Tax Abuse
Seven Principles
Who’s Who of CP… http://stopcp.com/


His brother Timothy, was a special adviser to Maggie Thatcher, an advertising executive (started out as a post boy in ABC). Seconded to the National Coal Board, in media capacity to advise on the Miner’s Strike. Funnily enough, we closed down or coal mines, in order to import from Poland.

He was a friend of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, and handled the media attention behind poisoned Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko. He also founded Bell Pottinger, which received over $500,000, from the Pentagon, to spin the Iraq War. In December 2006, Lord Bell successfully lobbied on behalf of the Saudi government to discontinue the Serious Fraud Office investigation into alleged bribes in the Al Yamamah arms deal.

Lord Bell also performed public relations work for the authoritarian government of Belarus, and for the Pinochet Foundation (Fundación Pinochet). In addition, he worked as an advisor to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

In late 2011, Bell’s lobbying interests were investigated by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for The Independent newspaper which reported claims that the company attempts to interfere with Google results to “drown” out coverage of human rights abuses. After leaving Bell Pottinger, which he set up, he then went to set up Sans Frontieres, Reporters Without Borders and Doctors Without Borders, who are heavily involved in Libya to Europe Cruise Lines, specialising in economic migrants. He died around the same time as Epstein and no doubt had links to Obama’s good mate Bill Browder, as well as Georgie S.


Give them an inch and they try to take control of the nation. Look at Common Purpose, and how it is run in the UK and that is the blueprint for Common Core. Not surprised Obama is part of the group and wonder which other politicians and ex-US Presidents can be found in the club.


“Give them an inch and they try to take control of the nation. Look at Common Purpose, and how it is run in the UK and that is the blueprint for Common Core. Not surprised Obama is part of the group and wonder which other politicians and ex-US Presidents can be found in the club.”

You are 100% correct. How many are in the club? Almost all of Washington. It is worse than we imagine.

Currently the US embassy has been stormed. There are no embassy staff inside, but there is security staff who have deployed small munitions but they are pinned down.

AM Hants

Common Purpose, set up by the brother of Margaret Thatcher’s military adviser, who was given a life peerage by Common Purpose Member, Tony Blair. Weird isn’t it and how the brother of a ‘Hampstead Heath Flasher’, never elected by anybody has so much control?

AM Hants

I have just been reading a comment over on Zero Hedge, which connected Obama, Soros and Common Core. Funnily enough, it jumped out at me, owing to the connection with David Bell, who was the funder of UKs Common Purpose, which I rambled on about, in the first part of my reply to you.

Well, well, well, I knew he was a Director of Pearson (Davide Bell) and funny old world, how Pearson connects into the US Common Core Group.

Part of the comment from fersur, over on Zero Hedge and I do hope he/she does not mind me sharing part of it.

‘…Our Soros Connection is Book Publishers, Netflix thru what was once the Worlds largest Tunnel and Canal builders for over 150 Years, ( Pearson ) who are now Pearson Publishing, who Collects Data on School Children using ‘Common Core’ Education program then Spys on them forever !

In 2015 Soros was Netflix’s biggest stockholder with 317534 Shares !

Pearson Publishing or The Penguin Group owns 47% Shares and Bertelmann owns 53% Shares, who Soros owns, finalized their Control split in 2013 !

First President Obama gave a 350 Million Governmant Grant / Contract to Collect Data on school childern to Pearson Publishing to Create ‘Common Core’ who then made Four Billion yearly once ‘Common Core’ was up and running, Obama and Michelle getting a 65 Million Book Deal from a Pearson Publishings ‘Subsidiaries’ who include Penguin Publishing and Random House Publishing ( Pearson Publishing valued themselves at 267 Billion for 2020 ) after he exited the Whitehouse Obama got a Book deal and a Netflix deal, plus Joe Biden also also got Two Book Deals ( Bidens was Flatiron Books who prints for Disney ) and his Wife got anther Book deal !…’

Who does Hilary use as her publisher? ‘…Simon & Schuster, Inc., a subsidiary of Viacom CBS…’

AM Hants

Join up the dots.

David Bell.
Common Purpose
Pearson Publishing
Cambridge University Press
Media Standards Trust Board
Timothy Bell (deceased)
Margaret Thatcher Special Adviser
Tony Blair gave him a ‘lifetime peerage’.
Coal Board Media Adviser during Miner’s Strike.
Neil Kinnoch – UK Labour Party Leader, who kept losing against Maggie, when she took on the coal miners and ended up over in the EU, with his own Empire, for him and his family to benefit from.
Poland who took over the UK coal industry contracts.
Clinton Foundation
Victor Pinchuk
Burisma Holdings
So ros Open Society Foundation
Atlantic Council
Alexandra Chalupa
Common Core
John McCain
Lindsey Graham
Victoria Nuland
Robert Kagan
Adam Schiff
Mitt Romney
Nanzi Pelosi
Joe Biden
John Kerry
Crowd Strike
Bill Browder
Integrity Initiative
Open Information Policy
Ukraine The Maidan
The Skripals
etc, etc, etc and how do they all link in together

AM Hants

Sorry, this is the link I should have given you.

Common Core & Data Collection
APRIL 7, 2014 BY JANE ROBBINS… https://truthinamericaneducation.com/privacy-issues-state-longitudinal-data-systems/common-core-data-collection/


I am sipping champagne and eating strawberries. :-)

There is now a picture of Obama as a kid dressed as a muslim with an AK-47 and I do not know how to post it to you here. It will circulate quickly. Keep your eyes open for it. ;-)

AM Hants

Cheers, and will keep an eye out for the image of Obama. Having difficulty posting images on Disqus, which used to be so simple.

Happy New Year. Enjoy the champagne and strawberries as I sip on coffee and nibble on toast, haha.


Have you seen this article and video? The article was just posted at ZeroHedge.

So far this year has been exhausting. It is hard to keep up. I may need to trade in the champagne for protein shakes. ;-)


AM Hants

Haha, what about mixing some champagne into those protein shakes (if taste buds can handle bubbles and taste). Just think, we are only on day 8 of the New Year. So much more to come, before Donald makes it to Davos, with his bucket list ticked off.

I saw that article yesterday and thought it was on Stalker Zone, but, when I went to share it I could not find it. Somebody kindly linked it, on another ZH comment.

William Hague – UK Foreign Secretary 2014 and all of a sudden, when some stories relating to pizzas, hotdogs and cheesy toppings were going around, he suddenly exited Cameron’s Cabinet. It might not have been ‘Ping Pong Comet’, and didn’t Boris make ping pong fashionable, during the Bejing Olympics? Or it was a similar story.

Back in 2016, Boris was UK Foreign Secretary and very vocal spinning the Skripal story. So too were Integrity Initiative, led by Bill Browder.

2014 – MH17 – who was involved?
2016 – Christopher Steele working with UK Intelligence and the Dems, with regards ‘Russia Gate and the Dossier’ and all linked into Ukraine, Open Society Foundation, Burisma Holdings and the Atlantic Council.

Sergei Skripal and wasn’t he also linked to Christopher Steele and the Steele Dossier/Russia Gate?


Champagne in a protein shake? Well why not! :-)

Yes, the Davos meeting is coming up and I do not have one clue what kind of adventure that it is going to turn into. Expect the unexpected seems to be the theme of 2020.

So the pizza topic has surfaced again. Well good. I hope to live long enough to see them dragged into the street. I know, I know, I would have half of the population hanging on some days. In the end seeing any kind of justice will do the souls of many good.

We have started keeping running tabs on who is tweeting, does it seem like their normal tweets, are there proof of life sightings. This type of thing. There are a couple who chime in everytime anything happens to attack trump but suddenly both Brennan and Comey are quiet and for quite a few days. If they have escaped or been arrested? We have no idea.

Today it was like Washington DC was completely Democrat free. Seriously. There was the stray Schumer running around but the usuals were noticeably absent. There was an amusing quote from Feinstein from the senate to Pelosi. It was basically “If the papers are important, submit them. If the papers are not important don’t submit them.” These papers are referring to the impeachment papers that Nancy has been carrying around in her purse for three weeks. Years from now when they write about this history, I am sure that it will have to be a comedy.

Now about the Brower, Steele, Skripal ball of wax. At the moment it looks jumbled and endless corruption, but I am expecting that it will not stay that way. Everything is connected in some way like the lymph system in the body. There are going to be more leaks and tidbits. It is going to be people like you with minds like steel traps that are going to be sorting through it and eventually making sense of it. I continue to predict that everything is going to be worse than we think.

Now a little about the jet that went down in Iran. – The ships manifest seems to change every hour or two. The passengers go from school children, to teachers, to students/workers from out of country.
Over thirty of the dead are from Edmonton Alberta. There is a high Iranian population in that city.
Cameco funds the Canadian CANDU reactors for Nuclear – and installs / maintains globally.
Possibly some tie to those who died on the Ukrainian jet? Nuclear engineers? Ties to Uranium 1? Interesting.
At this point there is digging with no conclusions. We already know that Canada is linked with the U1 scandal.
Time for sleep. Nite. :-)


Good day, I wrote to you yesterday and it was detected as spam. I am going to copy it here to see if it makes it to you.


Champagne in a protein shake? Well why not! :-)

Yes, the Davos meeting is coming up and I do not have one clue what kind of adventure that it is going to turn into. Expect the unexpected seems to be the theme of 2020.

So the pizza topic has surfaced again. Well good. I hope to live long enough to see them dragged into the street. I know, I know, I would have half of the population hanging on some days. In the end seeing any kind of justice will do the souls of many good.

We have started keeping running tabs on who is tweeting. Does it seem like their normal tweets? Are there proof of life sightings? This type of thing. There are a couple who chime in everytime anything happens to attack Trump but suddenly both Brennan and Comey are quiet and for quite a few days. If they have escaped or been arrested? We have no idea.

Today it was like Washington DC was completely Democrat free. Seriously. There was the stray Schumer running around but the usuals were noticeably absent. There was an amusing quote from Feinstein from the senate to Pelosi. It was basically “If the papers are important, submit them. If the papers are not important don’t submit them.” These papers are referring to the impeachment papers that Nancy has been carrying around in her purse for three weeks. Years from now when they write about this history, I am sure that it will have to be a comedy.

Now about the Brower, Steele, Skripal ball of wax. At the moment it looks jumbled and endless corruption, but I am expecting that it will not stay that way. Everything is connected in some way like the lymph system in the body. There are going to be more leaks and tidbits. It is going to be people like you with minds like steel traps that are going to be sorting through it and eventually making sense of it. I continue to predict that everything is going to be worse than we think.

Now a little about the jet that went down in Iran. – The ships manifest seems to change every hour or two. The passengers go from school children, to teachers, to students/workers from out of country.
Over thirty of the dead are from Edmonton Alberta. There is a high Iranian population in that city.
Cameco funds the Canadian CANDU reactors for Nuclear – and installs / maintains globally.
Possibly some tie to those who died on the Ukrainian jet? Nuclear engineers? Ties to Uranium 1? Interesting.
At this point there is digging with no conclusions. We already know that Canada is linked with the U1 scandal.
Time for sleep. Nite. :-)


Let’s try this as an algorithm test. ;-)

What this is , is a rant that was just written by a brilliant American woman to dress down a bit of a redneck American man to knock a couple of layers of stupid off of him. He seems to be a bit of a dimwit. I expect that there are going to be some things in this that might be new to you.

A little bit of insight for you…

Qassam Soleimani was caught trying to hire Mexican drug cartel members, Los Zetas, to assassinate President Trump and help those backing him, CHINA and Mexico, take out the USA. (I could go into detail as to how the Mexican drug cartel was aiding the middle east and working with members of the DNC including Obama and Holder…but I think most of you are smart enough to have figured all that out by now…I hope).

If you have been following my posts since GLP, you would recall how I exposed, before Trump even stepped foot into the election, that certain elements in Iran, China and Mexico were preparing to become the new axis of world power and they were being aided by globalists set up in Germany, the UK, Canada and Australia.

In this scenario Russia and the Ukraine were supposed to be embroiled in a war that would bring in the USA and allow for China and Mexico to fully take over.

This is why Obama really paid Iran billions of dollars.

This is also why Mexico was a major force in the 2016 elections…for Hillary.

Hillary was not supposed to lose. They had rigged it so she would win and this little plan would come to fruition.
But that didn’t happen and as you can tell, a lot of them STILL can’t believe she lost.

Many in the USA media were actually paid to report ‘news’ off scripts that was fed to them by foreign agents. This will be coming out later this year…but I think most of you already know who they are.

Hollywood screamers are also bought and paid for by Chinese, Iranian and Mexican operatives…you can easily guess who they are.

There is a reason Diane Fienstein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Eric Swalwell, Eric Holder, Kamala Harris…and a host of others out of CA are acting the way they are. And it isn’t because they give two shits about America. The connections to Bursima is just the tip of the iceberg on this one.

West coast land deals and the murder of ranchers under Obama…CHINA and Hasan Ikhrata of SCAG…all part of the take over.
LA Raza…all part of the take over.
The ex DIRTY CIA like Brennan and opium…ALL part of the take over.
Obama and his meetings with the Islamic brotherhood, BLM and their ties to CAIR, John Kerry and his IRAN deals.
Obama and his meetings with Google.

It was all connected!

We don’t need Iran’s oil! It was NEVER about oil.

If they had succeeded…Right about now, most people would be dead or neck deep in a war. Convenient for the sky screamers who want depopulation anyway!

But that didn’t happen.

A lot of work went in to making sure people like you could continue posting opinions without worry from the comfort of your home.

A lot of you have no idea just how fucking big the bullet was that we all dodged.

We are not going to war with Iran.

But there are certain people from the last administrations, and in congress, that are involved in the plot to take out the USA and will be exposed soon enough for everyone to ‘get it’.

AM Hants

It got through and I enjoyed reading it.

Biden, Hunter and the Chinese, so comes to mind, together with his Burisma Holdings interests.

I do like President Xi Jinping and the ‘One Road and Belt’ project. However, also realise China has moved into Hollywood and surprised that the ‘Z Lister’ hasbeens are all singing from the same hymn sheet and even those working for the Chinese Studios. Which reminds me of Bette Midler, who is now coming out tweeting for Meghan Merkle and requesting she bankrupts the UK Monarchy. God knows what Harry got upto in Vegas, but, he seems to be controlled by the same crowd.

My basic interests revolve around Russia and Ukraine and so will watch your story unfold, without finding out more, owing to my little brain is so confused and sizzled at the moment. Glad you got the comment past the algorhythms. Thanks.


LOL! Well this is new. People can now get an Epoch Times awesome “Play Along At Home” Spygate Posters!!!! With a video to explain it. I think that I should get one. :-)
comment image


AM Hants

Just getting down to enjoying the link. Think I might have seen similar recently.

Earlier today I was watching an interesting video, courtesy of Stalker Zone and fully recommend viewing, despite it being around 40 minutes.

The video starts off comparing Ukraine and what people accept over there, with being cured from 30 years of haemorrhoids and missing the pain. Which made me laugh.


Why the U.S. Democrats Need Ukraine

“Terrible trials and wars with Russia, will make them Ukrainians. The nation is above all and that all this is in the name of the nation. Even poverty, devestation, suffering and death.

If you do not believe me, then read Dmity Dontsov, the official ideologist of Banderists and now their current nationalistic followers argue in exactly the same way. Just fantastic blockheads. Why are they blockheads? Well, because they still live in a land world of illusions, ignoring reality with the persistence of idiots.

The fact is that the situation that has developed in Ukraine, the so called Ukrainian nation, will never be formed. Because no nation can be formed on the conditions of distinction, degeneration, degradation and active migration. Moreover in such conditions, those idiots who believed in the ideological abracadabra of Stephan Bandera, will be set to zero. I don’t understand what kind of a fool decided that a nation might arise in a situation of rapid depoparisation.

For example, in this year in Ukraine there were only 47 live births per 100 deaths, i.e. there were more than two fold deaths than births. In 2018 the population of Ukraine decreased by 233,000 people. On average, every year there are 200,000 fewer Ukrainian than there were the previous year.”

The above was taken from the video:

Why the U.S. Democrats Need Ukraine… https://www.stalkerzone.org/why-the-u-s-democrats-need-ukraine/


Another chart to keep handy. It will make more sense later.


AM Hants

Not a fan of Q, who I believe is controlled opposition and generally give anything that comes from them a wide berth. However, when it actually starts unfolding and people start getting held to account, will revise my opinion. Did like the reminder with regards the False flag in Vegas and whether it was aimed at Saudi.

Cheers for the link.


About the senate, some swamp has been drained (the obvious ones), but there is still swamp in there. No one really knows who is who at this point …for the most part. It is all speculation.


The only thing new is that Durham is asking for information on John Brennan, and Brennan is sweating about it.

AM Hants

Just reading that, whilst thinking ‘Hallelujah, what took them so long’.


They are waiting to get their ducks in a row on about 50 levels and the wait has been brutal. It is picking up speed. Sh*t is splattering. ;-)

AM Hants

Projectile faeces – Washington DC trying to take on San Francisco?

I think I prefer the green version, for Washington DC.

Old joke, but, still makes me laugh.

‘What is red, green and goes buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?’

‘Kermit in a liquidiser’. (Replace with Pelosi and Schiff in the liquidiser)


I am all for Pelosi and Schiff being liquidized. They are pretty much powerless now. They were allowed to play their hands out to the end and they have nothing left.

San Francisco will be restored in time, but it will not happen before all of Pelosi’s policies are removed and put back in order by honest people.

Surprise, surprise, Admiral Rogers is helping out Durham with his investigation. :-)


Good old Rudy is still out on the circuit talking to whoever will listen. It definitely sounds like it will not be long before Soros is fully in the cross hairs. Soros is being circled at this point and he has worn out his welcome in many countries.


AM Hants

Just going to check the Rudi video, but, seriously enjoying all his hard work, getting the story out.


Things are picking up speed. Barr commented on Soros. Article at Gateway Pundit.

Lots of smaller stuff. Scurrying around type activities.

AM Hants

I was reading the GP article on Barr going after Soros, with excitement. Together with the Soros controlled Attorney Generals. Should not be surprised, as he also controls the legal system over in the UK, along with his Common Purpose friends. Plus, how many other nations has he taken control of? Even a film script would come nowhere near close to what he gets away with and who he controls and still the masses say nought.

Going to look at the Executive Order, remember it coming out and wasn’t it just after the US took control of the Russian property in San Francisco? Together with the Executive Order being loaded, with regards seizing anything Russian primarily, before they started on the creatures of the swamp?

Must admit, exciting times, but, do feel been there before and all that has happened is a carrot has been dangled, for us to nibble on. Back in 2016, there was so much hope, that eventually the swamp would be drained and then it has just been sensationalism, with nought else thrown in. Hilary is still strutting her stuff and the Dems still believe they have control of Washington, assisted by many Republicans funded by lobbyists, who have no interest in America.

Hopefully, this is the start of the end, although looking at who will preside over the Impeachment Hearing, just seems more of the same. When they actually take one of them down, then I will allow myself hope.

You take care and have a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate the festivity.


First of all, you have a wonderful Christmas too, and may good things be coming for all of us.

(I just realized how many nasty things that I put into this post. You might want to leave reading it until after Christmas)

I will be staying up late to see if any on the naughty list get arrested this year instead of getting coal in their stockings.

I agree with you about an arrest being needed. All patience has been used up and many are on the edge of a knife. The impeachment has now been named “The Modern Watergate” and the word tribunal is being bandied about.

Another thing to say at the beginning is that for those of us who are watching, there is an information war going on full force. I won’t bore you with the details but it is intense. As I begin to write this I have a couple or three things that I am thinking about posting here. Take them with a grain of salt because it is hard to verify and things are moving fast with bots, trolls and liars.

I am putting this interview first because it is worth watching. It is an interview with Congressman Nunes who has been in on this debauchery from the start. He is contained and does not promote speculation.


Offhand, Soro’s seems to be a plump target. Taking him out of play would put a shudder throughout a third of the world at least. Having Barr mention him by name was a big shock. Something like that is simply not done. A lot of jaws hit the ground when that footage was released.

This next link has been circulating today which makes it very new and is either a HUGE development or something put together by a troll (C-A) who has far too much time on their hands. So far it has not been discredited, but that does not mean that it won’t be.

The defendants are – Google L.L.C, Facebook Inc, DeepMind Inc, Alphabet 18 Inc, Neuralink Inc, Tesla Inc, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, lSundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, CISON “} 19 PR Newswire & John Doe’s 1-29


Some strange tweets have been flying around. Look at this out of Hollywood. I wonder if Bette Midler has been losing any sleep. ;-)


I also just read a long thread about the filth of an upbringing that Robert De Niro was raised in. No wonder he is so worried. He and many others are linked to the drug infested night life that lead to overdoses and human abuses. No wonder he is so vocal, he has a lot to hide.


Recently you had mentioned something about the Russians being removed from San Francisco. I don’t know much about it, but this is the link that is passed around when it comes up.


I will let you know if anything really good happens.

Cheers. :-)

AM Hants

Hi, cheers, do not worry about what you have to say, I enjoy reading your comments, with respect. If I was a little curt, with my reply, it is genuinely, owing to wishing we saw a few of the crowd, publicly humiliated with their crimes fully exposed with punishment prescribed.

It was the Russian Consulate in San Francisco that they closed down, a few years ago. In complete violation of the Vienna Convention, when they actually went in and raided the Consulate, after it’s closure.

De Niro, used to like him, but, seriously have zero and less respect for him now. Interesting set of parents and explains a lot. No doubt they had like minded friends that the family would have hung around with, as a form of ‘cult’ comes to mind.

There is so much in your informative comment, that I am going to read it again, as so much to absorb and lacking my first coffee of the morning haha.

You take care and I am enjoying all you have to say, so please do not censure yourself haha.

Ralph London

AM, think this will interest you regarding ukraine & corruption:

Also, for that dumbf*** who keeps posting his shyte, drop this on him: comment image

And AM, I wish you and yours a very good Christmas, as well as a very good, healthy and prosperous New Year 2020.

AM Hants

Cheers and love the image, which I have saved.

Christmas, so far seriously surreal, but, when chatting to those that know me and explaining things, they agree that it is so typical of my version of life haha. Just don’t ask about ‘fungal balls’ at Christmas time, not my story to repeat, but, I have ended up in the fallout. So, just sitting back, munching on the popcorn and waiting to see how everything unfolds and which version I will be running with in 2020.

Hope all is well for you and the Christmas period is going as planned. Enjoy, take care and good luck for 2020.

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