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Construction Of Missile Attack Warning System In Crimea To Begin Soon

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Construction Of Missile Attack Warning System In Crimea To Begin Soon

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Construction of a new radar, part of the Missile Attack Warning System in Crimea will begin in the near future, Interfax reported citing the developer of the project.

The 10-storey Voronezh radar of the missile attack warning system’s design work is underway and construction work is expected to begin soon, the General Director of the Missile Attack Warning System Sergey Boev said.

In November 2017, Boev told Interfax that a new Voronezh radar would be constructed for the Russian military in Crimea. At the end of November 2018, a source in the Crimean authorities told the agency that the construction of a new Voronezh-M radar station of the Miss Attack Warning System is planned to begin in the Sevastopol region in 2019, at the location of the Dnepr radar station.

The Interfax’s source emphasized that the new radar would significantly surpass the Dnepr station in its combat capabilities, which covered, among other things, the Middle East region and could “see” the launches of ballistic missiles of various bases at ranges up to 3.5 thousand km.

The Voronezh-M radar station is Russia’s over-horizon early warning radar, which can detect space and aerodynamic targets, including ballistic and cruise missiles.

Construction Of Missile Attack Warning System In Crimea To Begin Soon

Voronezh-M radar. Click to see full-size image

In October 2019, the deputy commander of the Space Forces, Major General Igor Morozov, announced that the construction of the station was planned to be completed by 2024.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Dnepr station in Sevastopol departed to Ukraine and was rented out by Russia for some time, but because of the break in relations between Kiev and Moscow, the contract ended. Following that, the Dnepr station remained inactive for approximately 10 years and has become unusable.

The radar appears to be quite effective, as there are reports that it is specifically this sort of radar Russia was helping China develop.

In early October, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Valdai International Discussion Club that Russia was helping China to develop its national missile attack early warning system. This system will drastically increase China’s defense capabilities.

“The existence of the missile attack early warning system in China based on Russian technologies and solutions, coupled with China’s strategic nuclear forces, improves transparency and predictability and reduces the risks of wrong actions and mistakes by the Chinese military and political leadership,” he Editor-in-Chief of the National Defense journal Igor Korotchenko told TASS.

“First of all, these are the technologies of over-the-horizon radars capable of detecting the launches of ground- and sea-based intercontinental ballistic missiles,” the expert noted.

Editor-in-Chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland journal Viktor Murakhovsky told TASS that these could be the Voronezh meter- and decimeter-range missile early warning radars (Voronezh-M and Voronezh-DM radar stations developed by RTI Systems Group).

A Voronezh-M is claimed to cost 2.85 billion rubles [approx. $44.5 million] and a Voronezh-DM 4.3 billion rubles [approx. $67 million]. This compares to the 5-billion-ruble [approx. $78 million] cost of a Dnepr and 19.8 billion rubles [approx. $310 billion] for a Daryal.


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Toronto Tonto

Make sure its a good system that you install for Ukraine , they don’t want junk when they can build better .


Ok kid, you’ve told your playground joke. Now go back to your colouring book!

Wolfgang Wolf

Krim nazha vsegda, spastic )))


O yeah.. Voronezh radar is an eye with a very long distance vision, its maximum range is 10,000 km. Its horizon range is 6000 km and vertical range is 8000 km. At a distance of 8000 km, the radar can detect targets the size of a “MAGA” hat! Put this in Crimea then NATO can “CRIMEA RIVER”.. Xaxaxa

Toronto Tonto


Tommy Jensen

An amateurish and unprofessional move by Russia showing an aggressive and hostile attitude against the free and civilised world of free elections of freedom and our values.

Ceasar Polar

Lol. How do you call a NATO (ZioNazi) build up on Russia’s borders?
Pay-back is a bitch my dear Nazi-sympathizer.


NATO doesn’t need Israel they can take care of themselves, but Ruskis in Syria shouldn’t let the Iranian militias have such a free hand, we can take our own actions too if needed.


Your threats are misplaced. The Russians are in Syria as guests of the Syrian government just like the Iranians are. The Russians have no control over Iranian militias.

The Iranians won’t even let Russian aircraft use Iranian airfields for missions in Syria and Russia is respecting sanctions against Iran so whatever sway you believe the Russians have over the Iranians is in your own imagination.

The reason the Russians are now considered a trusted power broker in the ME is because they don’t try to control any powers in the region but act as an intermediary instead.

Go back and listen to what the Kremlin actually says about their mission in Syria and the ME in general instead of listening to some media pundits analysis of what Russia’s intentions are in Syria. They have been consistent from day one.

If the IDF decide to attack Syria or Iran then so be it however remember “you broke it you bought it”


Israel will not invade Syria without a very good reason, our war is not against the Syrians it is against Iranian proxies like Hezbollah. Russia is Syria’s ally, I have no problem with that just like the U.S is our ally. However, they are the major power there now and they have the responsibility to keep Syria stable from Iranian actions. In 2006 Iran gave Hezbollah an order to attack an Israeli patrol on our side of the border, we all know how it ended. If some Iranian militias decide on their own opinion (ofcourse with Iran’s blessings) to make the same move from the Golan Heights, it can very will trigger the IDF to a ground operation, which won’t be good to any side. Syria is not our priority, Hamas is. Our airstrikes in Syria have stopped to cool things down, but if any action comes from their side, it can escalate quickly.


“However, they are the major power there now and they have the responsibility to keep Syria stable from Iranian actions.”

What?? Please cite some law or custom that say that because Syria allows Russia to conduct military operations in Syria that Russia is now responsible for Syria’s actions?

“Our airstrikes in Syria have stopped to cool things down, but if any action comes from their side, it can escalate quickly.”

Go for it buddy …. please go for it and get it over with. I for one am sick of listening to whining Zionists. You reap what you sow ….. You’ve been at war with you neighbours forever …. it’s never going to end so just shut up and do it.


Well it’s not up to me, but I do hope our new government will be more active.

Ceasar Polar

The new israHelli government will be even more reckless than the previous one.
The whole place in invaded with psychopaths/thugs/terrorists/thieves/money-laundriers/drugdealers/childporn-producers/organ-traffikers/arms-dealers/usury-collectionners from all 4 corners of the earth that decided to steal land from Native Palestinian people.

The action that you will see is more resistance from the Axis of Resistance, and more defeat from the IOF.
Just try to invade Lebanon, this time hezbollah wont stop at the border…


Oh we will, when the time is right.

Ceasar Polar

Numerous surprises in different forms and shapes from different directions are waiting for you.
Times have changed.


I have no problem with you too ! And it’s not a joke lol

Tudor Miron

Same way you did in 2006? Were you along those crying “soldiers”? Israel exists as long as powers that created it think that it is needed. Do you know who’s Henry Kissinger?


Can you tell me why all of you are still stucked on 2006? do you even understand it was just a small operation the IDF did to clean the border? you act like they won or something lol. I really thought I was going to have a discussion with somewhat reasonable people in this site, but so many of you are plain stupid. I’m tired of explaining myself over and over again.

Ceasar Polar

Yes they won in 2006. Hezbollah become extremely popular among the hard to unite lebaneese.

You didnt get the memo ?
Did you know how many Merkava’s were lost ? How many zionist-scums died (100+).
You clearly have no idea of what happened.
Get lost zionist-scum troll.

Wolfgang Wolf

you made my monday, buddy))) thanks for this posting) another example of american exceptionalism…. exceptionally stupid LOL
and by the way, can you please tell me the top 5 of western values? thank you

Tudor Miron

Oh, those pesky Russkies!

Ceasar Polar

This one is one of the best exemples of Russia’s superiority:


Marking and USS donald coock is “monitoring” with their eyes since their radars went off.


I have been hearing that you will destroy and remove us for decades, what is stopping you then? You think it’s easy to write it on the internet, but in reality the IDF can smash all of you in a matter of hours if given the greenlight without ceasefires and full firepower. You know what? just wait and see what’s going to happen Hamas in a few weeks, you will love it. I don’t really take any of you seriously here, it just makes me laugh you are so deluded. But hey, keep thinking like that if it makes you feel good.

Ceasar Polar

Bring it on.
Forget Hamas.
Try to take on Hezbollah, or too afraid to touch a trained and armed opponents ? You prefer Gaza’s unarmed protesters, or Gaza’s children to shoot with snipers ?

To Southfront’s moderator, why is my previous message marked as spam. It wasnt a spam it was a well-thought message to zionazi trolls around here. Please comment. Thx.


when threatened by immoral barbarian primitive hordes like the obese culture less stupefied amerikans, proper defensive measures r required. one cannot reason or appeal to moral values w such creatures.
“amerikans are not at all happy; they feel themselves lacking in something. It is as if all the sensitiveness has dried up in them. the crystallization of love is impossible in amerika. I admire their kind of happiness, but I do not envy it—it is the happiness of a different and INFERIOR species.”

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