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Constantinople Patriarchy In U.S. To Grant Human Rights Award To Head Of Newly-Created ‘Independent’ Ukrainian Church

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Constantinople Patriarchy In U.S. To Grant Human Rights Award To Head Of Newly-Created 'Independent' Ukrainian Church

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The Constantinople Patriarchy and its US backers continue fierce efforts to rescue and legitimize the still-born project of the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU). The non-canonic entity has entered into ‘hard times’ immidiately after its creation. So, it constantly needs support of its foreign backers.

According to orthodoxie.com, Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, together with Archon National Commander Dr. Anthony J. Limberakis, will present the Athenagoras Human Rights Award to the OCU head, Metropolitan Epiphanios, at the New York Hilton Midtown on October 19, 2019.

The official version claims that the award is set to be grated to Metropolitan Epiphanios because he “has been a strong advocate for religious freedom and a key defender of the ecclesiastical and canonical prerogatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.”

From 2009 to 2018 Metropolitan Epiphanius, then virtually unknown outside of Ukraine, was a bishop in the uncanonical Ukrainain Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate. He has been a bishop only since October 2018, and the head of the OCU only since January 2019. It is entirely unclear when and how he has distinguished himself with a personal record as “a strong advocate for religious freedom and a key defender of the ecclesiastical and canonical prerogatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.”

Furthermore, the OCU, and especially his head, is now engaged in a deep conflict with the Kyiv Patriarchate over the political power and money flows within uncanonical religious entities in Ukraine. Ironically, the Kyiv Patriarchate was the key founding organization of the OCU.

The decision to provide this ‘human rights’ award to Epiphanios is just another public confirmation of the fact that the OCU is a solely political entity created with clear purposes. So, its backers are ready to do all what is needed to provide own agenda.


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For raidi g churches with neonazi gangs??

Xoli Xoli

Worship or prayer gathering points are not church.Human are the living churches of God.The only appointed teacher is the Holy Spirit.The only spiritual father is God

The evil one’s who named buildings churches to cause confusion are call themselves appointed teacher’s and only spiritual fathers.

Their even went further and give them fancy names.Ministries Gods houses and when the spiritually lead congregation convinced them. Leaders out of fear chase them out or away telling them you are making my sheep or congregants astray.

It is written in the bible that you can not enriched yourself with God name or God word.Free was it given and free should we spread it.It is also written in the bible dont curse but bless.

But today’s prophets, Pastors curse instead of blessing the one’s who curse them.Their make money out of membership fees so call tithes.Without members their broken bankrupt servants wolf in sheep clothes.

Gone are the days of giving praise and honor to God.Self proclaimed man are given Honor while millions are starving.Anual visits by poor to the pastors and prophets are million times while their still remain in poverty.It is a mind relieving game.Make Jesus your God a personal saviour.


How many Orthodox Christians does the Constantinople Patriarchy represent? 20? 30? Last time I checked the Hagia Sophia was still a museum.

Brother Ma

The idiot Bartholomew better pull his head in soon! How much blackmial do the Zionatoyankees have on him. Lest you think me bad ,I am sympathetic to the Constantinople Patriarchy!

AM Hants

Human Rights Award – remind me again, but, who is does well out of NGO financed Human Rights Groups and also funded the coup d’etat in Ukraine? Wonder if there is a link, between Soros NGOs and the new Ukrainian Church? For some reason, I could just see images of Soros, on the alter, in years to come.

Talking of Ukraine, this article has seriously interested me. Considering the links between Ukraine and UK intelligence. ‘Skripals’, ‘MH17’ and not forgetting ‘Steele Dossier’. So who is running ‘Integrity Initiative’ and why are they heavily involved with the Ukraine Cluster?

To What Extent Has Integrity Initiative Infiltrated UK Political Parties?… https://sputniknews.com/military/201908271076652122-integrity-initiative-political-parties-snp-uk/

How many members of ‘Integrity Initiative’ are also members of ‘Common Purpose’? Who does ‘Common Purpose’ answer to and who set them up?

AM Hants

So who is Stewart MdDonald and how come he has suddenly gone from having no interest in Ukraine and Russia, to Ukraine’s biggest supporter, over in the Scottish Parliament, together with Westminster?

SNP MP Stewart McDonald wins highest state order from Ukraine…

‘… “Last year, along with other SNP colleagues, I visited Eastern Ukraine and saw first-hand the impact of the war there on the communities in the Donbas region.

“Since then, I have met several times with politicians, civil society activists and others to help strengthen Ukraine’s democracy and liberalise on issues such as human rights, transparency and much else.”

The National:

McDonald also joined LGBT activists at this year’s Kyiv Pride event and met with a variety of people who are working on expanding civil rights in Ukraine.

He commented: “They do extraordinary work under difficult circumstances and they are unquestionably a huge source of inspiration to others seeking to advance civil rights in the region of Eastern Europe.

“Scotland, of course, has a very active Ukrainian community that has been at home here for many years. Ukrainians in Scotland continue to contribute to our nation’s culture and economy, and we are the better for their contribution.

“I look forward to building on the relationship that we have developed as Ukraine’s new parliament and president set about their reform agenda to deliver peace for the nation, not least those in eastern Ukraine and Crimea…”

…McDonald also joined LGBT activists at this year’s Kyiv Pride event and met with a variety of people who are working on expanding civil rights in Ukraine.

He commented: “They do extraordinary work under difficult circumstances and they are unquestionably a huge source of inspiration to others seeking to advance civil rights in the region of Eastern Europe.

“Scotland, of course, has a very active Ukrainian community that has been at home here for many years. Ukrainians in Scotland continue to contribute to our nation’s culture and economy, and we are the better for their contribution…) https://www.thenational.scot/news/17860080.snp-mp-stewart-mcdonald-wins-highest-state-order-ukraine/

(no mention of advancing civil rights in the Galicia regions of Ukraine?????)


(Guess he does not realise that Crimea is part of Russia, and Donbass, just like the people of Scotland, when voting in the Scottish Referendum, also used self determination, so they would not be Governed by Kiev – the SNP only run on one policy and that is independence from the United Kingdom, using self determination, via as many referendums as poss, well until they get the right result).



CP and Climategate CP and Media Control CP Police State CP Civil Service CP Bell Pottinger CP Insider Dealing CP Tax Abuse Seven Principles Who’s Who of CP … http://www.stopcp.com/howtostopcp.php

Common Purpose – The Insidious Virus At The Heart Of British and World Politics – It’s Members Work & Plot Against Scottish Independence…

‘…Common Purpose is in fact an international political organisation masquerading as a charity, with leaders of a new order being trained and placed in key positions around the world. The Common Purpose effect, we are told, is inspiring leaders around the UK and giving them the knowledge and connections they need to improve how society works. Over 120,000 leaders have contributed to or participated in a Common Purpose programme and this grows by at least 3,000 people each year. The tentacles of Common Purpose explained;..’

…Francis Maude MP conspired with others to prevent the public seeing details of the contracts through which the, “Cabinet Office Leadership Committee”, attended, “Common Purpose” training courses and additional contracts for the same purpose for, “Common Purpose” to train the Top 200 Civil Servants. Despite legitimate, “Freedom of Information” requests and Maude’s boasts of Conservative transparency, the Cabinet Office is fighting to withhold the information. Why? Because details will clearly show insider dealing and that Common Purpose is key to the Conservative party machinery. The Tories are now the Emperor with no clothes. Corruption, abuse of Freedom of Information rules and dirty deals with, “Common Purpose” hidden from the public…




Integrity Initiative




Who funds White Helmets/ISIS/Al Qaeda/Daesh (whatever they are called today), together with funding support to the BBC and not forgetting who was involved in The Maidan and funded them?

BBC Funding, besides Licence Fee Payer



White Helmets/Daesh/Al Qaeda/ISIS (or whatever they call themselves today) fund raisers.





Your well informed about branding re-branding disguising usurping, and hiding associations intents and all manor of skulduggery! I like the “octopuss” of make common Narcissists feel Part of something great, and important in being an agent for change, or make a “common purpose” out of trashing well founded functional systems, which support life freedoms and health, long tried and trusted traditions of Morality made to look unproductive fuzzy and unworkable, for the most part unaware’s that they are stupid slaves for PPL hating Oligarchs.

AM Hants

What I find interesting, is was with the birth of ‘Common Purpose’, that I felt I had woken up on another planet and still desperately trying to find my way home haha. 30 years later. Joking aside, it is seriously worrying, how this bunch, elected by nobody, has so much control over not just the UK, but, there clusters everywhere else. They rely on being hidden, so I am more than happy to share articles, whenever I hear the name or their intentions, popping up.


if they were legit and not so disingenuous sinister and corrupt you’d think the’d appreciate the advertising! your not suicidal are you? get it in TXT form!!! for all to see that you are of sound mind, algorithms are looking for us.

AM Hants

Since following events in Ukraine, for some reason, I felt the need to make arrangements, should my body be found locked in a suitcase, with three bullet holes in my skull and a suicide note haha.

Must admit I seldom use TXT form, but, will try to remind myself to change the format. Nice chatting to you and take care.

Ralph London

‘I visited Eastern Ukraine and saw first-hand the impact of the war there on the communities in the Donbas [sic] region.’ Obviously, he was on the wrong side, the fascist mass murdering war criminal ATTACKING side. I on the other hand, have been to the Donbass too, on the RIGHT side, on the side of the Donbass Defenders, and those Defenders have right on their side.

AM Hants

It is so sad. I remember following events in Ukraine, owing to commenting in ‘The Telegraph’, from which I am now banned. I have always been for BREXIT, even before we got the chance to vote, as I never understood the logic of the EU, when so many millions lost their lives in WWII. Owing to Adolf wanting to achieve, exactly what the EU aimed to achieve. Anyway, rambling on, but, the comments, over in ‘The Telegraph’ were commenting on events in Ukraine, so I decided to find out more.

At the time and to this day, I seriously am unable to comprehend, how my Government (I am English), could support the Nazi movement in Ukraine. Together, with using tax payers money, to fund, train and assist them, in the slaughter of the innocent people, yet, never having the courtesy or courage to go to the people and tell them what they were doing, with the electorates money, over in Ukraine. I will never, as long as I live, ever forget the Odessa Trade Building Massacre, on 2 May 2014 or the young girl, heavily pregnant, who turned up for her cleaning shift. To then be strangled, raped and burnt alive. If the baby had been born prematurely, the night before the massacre, it would have had a chance of life, courtesy of mother nature. It was basically, owing to that image, that I have spent the past 5 years ranting, on social media forums. Together, with the awful images of young mothers, out with their babies, decapitated, just for waiting for a bus, or the young kids, on fire, jumping for their lives, from the Odessa Trade Union Building, and then set upon when they landed. What type of savages would ever think of doing something so evil? Let alone, have the full backing and support of the Westminster Government, amongst so many others? Althought I am unable to do much, I can at least provide a voice, believing in ‘from tiny acorns, mights oaks grow, as whispers turn to roars’.

Not forgetting, the horror and disgust I felt, when reading the Rand Corporation Guidelines for Porkie, when he first became President. When he was bragging about bringing Eastern Ukraine under control, within a couple of weeks. The guidelines, that demanded the genocide and ethnic cleansing of at least 1.5 million citizens of Ukraine, especially those with Russian DNA flowing through their veins and arteries. Whilst the US was advertising for Russian DNA and setting up the 13 bio-chemical, laboratories, with full diplomatic immunity, over in Ukraine. No doubt to support a similar laboratory, again with full diplomatic immunity, over in Georgia.

Concerned, I would read about what was happening in Eastern Ukraine, owing to the bravery of the miners and farmers, plus, residents, who were fighting so hard for their nation and people. Rejoicing at the success of the cauldrons, together with how Donetsk Airport turned out, cheering you all on, and so proud of your achievements. The people of Eastern Ukraine, sadly owing to events, showed us the true meaning of courage, determination and pride in one’s nation and people and the fact that the majority of you, were not for sale. Despite how the Western Media, would cover things, together with the 6 corporations, running the media, and their full support and commitment, to the Nazis in Ukraine. Whilst, the same media, would condemn and demonise anybody attending a fancy dress party, wearing a SS costume, over in the UK. The pure hypocrisy.

I would like to pass my best wishes, sympathies and whatever else, to the people of Eastern Ukraine, and pray that peace will arrive shortly. Together with massive apologies, for the support of my Government, including whatever party is in Westminster as they are all the same, providing so much assistance to the Nazis of Ukraine and their role in the slaughter of thousands of innocent lives, including babies, children and the infirm.

Take care and look after yourself. RIP Motorola, Givi, Aleksandr Zacharchenko and all those who have lost their lives, fighting for their people and territory.

Ralph London

AM, I’m British too.

I make absolutely NO apologies for what the Brit Govt has done in ukraine, for the simple yet profound fact that what it did there has absolutely nothing to do with me, in that it never got my permission/did NOT do it in my name and the fact that I am 100% AGAINST the Brit warmongers/war criminals and their evil, criminal acts against the Donbass people (and in effect, also against many of those innocent Ukrainians under the satanic usg backed kiev monstrosity in that country). P.S. This Sat 31/8 is the anniversary of the murder of Alexander.

AM Hants

Brilliant, guess the clue is in London haha. When replying, you did state that you had visited Donbass, but, I was in full flow. Used to live and work in London, mainly West and South West, but, also lived in the East. Whenever, I used to go back, my lungs would come alive, courtesy of the smog haha. Sadly, it has changed so much and not even the smog excites me, these days.

So with everything you are saying, with regards the British Government. Can no longer vote, and all owing to my disgust at our behaviour in Ukraine, with absolutely no address to the electorate.

Thanks for the reminder, with regards Alexander. Also, to say thank you to the work of Graham Phillips and all he went through and is going through, trying to get the story out. Nice to know there are many of us in the UK, fully upto speed with regards what is happening in Eastern Ukraine, just wish the masses would wake up and smell the coffee.

Ralph London

I’ve met Graham (Grisha) 2X, and Patrick Lancaster (who introduced him to Brits in London in early 2015), an American has largely taken over from what Graham was doing, who is busy ‘working’ in Crimea, doing video ‘selfies’.

Brother Ma

They probably have blackmail on him as the Turks had on the US politicians such as Hastert?

AM Hants

Seems to be a likely candidate. Fully paid up member of LGBT and 62 varieties and activist to boot. Why does Stonewall, which used to be PIE, so come to mind? Oh yeah, the Stonewall activists, and lobbyists, are the face of LGBT and the 62 varieties that goes with it.

Immigration, Asylum and Border Control and Commons Home Affairs Select Committee. How come, this newbie, is getting here, there and everywhere? A Nazi supporting Law Graduate, who ends up in politics?

‘…McDonald began working for the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS), as a Human Rights Solicitor – a job he held until November 2009, when he became a Senior Researcher at the Scottish Parliament…’

He left his position at the Scottish Parliament in February 2013, to become a Senior Researcher for the pro-independence Scottish independence referendum campaign Yes Scotland, a position he held until the independence referendum on 18 September 2014. Immediately prior to his election, McDonald worked as a Parliamentary and Public Affairs Officer for the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, a Glasgow-based charity… McDonald is gay and, on 19 May 2015, gathered with other LGBT SNP MPs, including his near-namesake Stewart McDonald, to campaign for a Yes vote in the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage, being held 3 days later.

Seems he likes referendums, for everybody, apart from the people of Crimea and Donetsk?

“The Gayest Group In Westminster” Is Urging Ireland To Vote Yes To Same-Sex Marriage The SNP’s LGBT contingent are campaigning for a Yes vote one more time…

‘…A group of six LGBT MPs from the SNP gathered outside parliament on Tuesday afternoon to encourage Irish citizens to vote Yes in Friday’s referendum on same-sex marriage…



(…Stuart Campbell McDonald (born 2 May 1978) is a Scottish National Party politician. He is the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East constituency. He is the SNP Spokesperson on Immigration, Asylum and Border Control and a member of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

He was first elected in May 2015, unseating incumbent Labour MP and Shadow Pensions Minister, Gregg McClymont. McDonald is the first SNP MP to represent Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East, which covers parts of the North Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire council areas…)

Being lazy and used Wiki for reference.

Ralph London

AM, I see it as part of the roman catholic attack on the Russian Orthodox church, as the rc wants to be the ONLY, world religion. So Russia is being attacked spiritually too. Have you looked up PNAC & the original wolfowitz doctrine?

AM Hants

Have you looked up PNAC & the original wolfowitz doctrine? No, I have not, but, thanks for pointing it out to me. I am on a serious learning curve, courtesy of following events in Ukraine, so learning on the job, if that makes sense. Understanding how little parts all fit into the jigsaw, whilst understanding that there are many more links to be discovered.

After replying to you yesterday, with regards believing I woke up on another planet, back in mid 1988, just before ‘Common Purpose’ was up and running. It suddenly dawned on me, that ‘Common Purpose’ was firmly established in 1989 and coincidenctly the same year the Reagan, Gorbechev and Thatcher, were holding discussions, to dissolve the Warsaw Pact and then move onto the Soviet Union. Which turned NATO from being a defence union, in a bi-polar relationship with the Warsaw Pact. Which led to peace in Europe, during that timescale. Surely NATO, should have been disbanded, together with the Warsaw Pact, owing to what it was originally set up to do? However, freed of the constraints of the bi-polar partnership, NATO then went on to become a uni-polar, offensive union, now demanding totalitarian, military rule. With ‘Common Purpose’ and the various Nazi inspired ‘think tanks’, running the show, as ‘Orwell’ moved East to West.

With regards the Roman Catholic Church, and ironically, I was baptised twice, into the Catholic Faith, but, owing to what I found to be complete hypocrisy, owing to growing up in the Home Counties and going to a Catholic School, in the 70s. We had ‘bomb drills’ complete with ‘suspect packages’ and bomb squad attendance, rather than ‘fire drills’, in those days. I then moved back to London, when the IRA was happily bombing the mainland and worked and lived in close proximity, to many of their hits. With Irish relatives who fully supported ‘the cause’ and would have had no problem seeing their English relatives, 6 foot under, buried in the rubble, their friends created. It never made sense, as we had the same ancestors, but, my Irish relatives viewed their lives differently. Two of my uncles served in the Forces, so they were never allowed back to their home town. My mother was one of seven, born in Eire, but, all her brothers and sisters, apart from one, moved over to England.

Sorry about the ramble, but, it was back in 2014, whilst following events in Ukraine and looking further into the back story, that I came across the envy of the Vatican, where the Christian Orthodox Faith was concerned. They seriously did not wish to share the stage. So, I find it interesting, with so many of these ‘operation gladio’ themed wars, how the first people to take the hit, happen to be those who worship the Christian Orthodox doctrine. Which is no doubt why Porkie, was so happy to cause problems with the Orthodox Church, over in Ukraine. Not forgetting the many treasures that each and every church, would possess. When I was in Cyprus, somebody kindly took me to one of the historic Orthodox Cathedrals, and besides finding it very calm, it was so interesting, not just owing to the treasures inside, including the tomb of one of the Saints, but, also how much respect the people had, when inside the Cathedral. I must admit, I did compare it with your average ugly Catholic church, over in the UK. When you compare the buildings of the Catholic Church, with say the churches, the protestants created back in the days of the Saxons and Normans (and I do not even do religion), or the Orthodox Buildings, it is quite an eye opener.

So cutting my ramble short, whilst finding out more, post 2014, I came across a wonderful article, that was so informative and interesting, which no doubt you have seen. It made so much sense, including the fact that Judea was an outpost of the Roman Empire, over 2000 years ago. When placed with another article, relating to the 1213 Treaty, where the bankrupt sovereign of the day (who funnily enough, shared his DNA with all the Presidents of America, bar one and excluding Trump – so far), handed over the territory of Great Britain, together with the colonies, past and present, to The Vatican, in return for them settling his debts. The Treaty has never been revoked.

Was Henry VIII and his drama with the Catholic Church, yet, another false flag, considering they owned our land? That is a question for another day haha.

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City… http://www.sinhalanet.net/three-corporations-run-the-world-city-of-london-washington-dc-and-vatican-city

I wonder why so many World Leaders, end up receiving an audience with the Pope, especially after thousands have been slaughtered, by their actions? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/154a336cf1d26ae9cf04d478b773452c2d0741a09d712fd10a6510dc7f9bb97a.png

Who controls the Vatican Estate? Who controls the Crown Estate? Who controls the Fed Reserve?

Ralph London

AM, very important heads up (if you don’t know any of this): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_for_the_New_American_Century

& original wolfowitz doctrine:


This is also important, read with his booklet War is a Racket:


and finally, have a look at fbi.gov (official site), click on ‘Most Wanted’ then go to its archive of Most Wanted, where you should see what it says about obl & 911…(I’m assuming it’s still the same as last time I checked, where they do NOT charge him with 911).

AM Hants

Just reading the first article.

‘…core members of the PNAC including Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Elliot Abrams, Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Zoellick, and John Bolton were among the signatories of an open letter initiated by the PNAC to President Bill Clinton calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein…’


1997 – Dick Chenie got his private military industry up and running, just in time for Kagan and isn’t he married to Nuland? Believe they now live in Brussels, no doubt close to the NATO HQ.

Just going back to the article, which I am thoroughly enjoying reading and how the same characters just keep linking in to everything that demands the loss of thousands/millions of lives.

Ralph London

jew richard perle the neocon was known as the prince of darkness, as was the jew Brit meddlesome. kagan married to jewland was the co-founder of pnac. PNAC also spoke of a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ regarding Iraq, now aka 911. Just a small correction, it’s cheney (sp).

AM Hants

Interesting, especially when you look at the dates.

U.S. Strategy Plan Calls For Insuring No Rivals Develop 9. February 2007 U.S. Strategy Plan Calls For Insuring No Rivals Develop New York Times 8 March 1992

‘… Until such time as the Russian nuclear arsenal has been rendered harmless, “we continue to face the possibility of robust strategic nuclear forces in the hands of those who might revert to closed, authoritarian, and hostile regimes,” the document says. It calls for the “early introduction” of a global anti-missile system…’

Plan for Europe

In Europe, the Pentagon paper asserts that “a substantial American presence in Europe and continued cohesion within the Western alliance remain vital,” but to avoid a competitive relationship from developing, “we must seek to prevent the emergence of European-only security arrangements which would undermine NATO.”

The draft states that with the elimination of United States short-range nuclear weapons in Europe and similar weapons at sea, the United States should not contemplate any withdrawal of its nuclear-strike aircraft based in Europe and, in the event of a resurgent threat from Russia, “we should plan to defend against such a threat” farther forward on the territories of Eastern Europe “should there be an Alliance decision to do so.”

This statement offers an explicit commitment to defend the former Warsaw Pact nations from Russia. It suggests that the United States could also consider extending to Eastern and Central European nations security commitments similar to those extended to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab states along the Persian Gulf. And to help stabilize the economies and democratic development in Eastern Europe, the draft calls on the European Community to offer memberships to Eastern European countries as soon as possible.

In East Asia, the report says, the United States can draw down its forces further, but “we must maintain our status as a military power of the first magnitude in the area.

“This well enable the United States to continue to contribute to regional security and stability by acting as a balancing force and prevent the emergence of a vacuum or a regional hegemon.” In addition, the draft warns that any precipitous withdrawal of United States military forces could provoke an unwanted response from Japan, and the document states, “we must also remain sensitive to the potentially destabilizing effects that enhanced roles on the part of our allies, particularly Japan but also possibly Korea, might produce.”

In the event that peace negotiations between the two Koreas succeed, the draft recommends that the United States “should seek to maintain an alliance relationship with a unified democratic Korea.”

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