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Constantinople Patriarchate Establishes Itself As Defender Of Neo-Liberal World Order

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Constantinople Patriarchate Establishes Itself As Defender Of Neo-Liberal World Order

Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople leads a service. IMAGE: Reuters / Huseyin Aldemir

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has been taking extensive efforts to secure himself and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople as the defenders of teh neo-liberal/globalist world order.

On October 13, during the 7th G20 Interfaith Forum, Bartholomew declared his support for the US-based Black Lives Matter movement and called for “zero tolerance of injustice and any other form of discriminatory practice”.

This year we have also been witnessing the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA. We stand with black people and people of color all over the world to affirm every human being’s God-given infinite worth, which cannot be reduced to market value, to a mere product for exchange. To put it in the words of a famous philosopher, “everything has either a price or a dignity. What has a price, can be replaced; what, on the other hand, is raised above all price, and therefore admits of no equivalent [and this is the human person], has a dignity.”

We would like to use this opportunity to raise our voice against structural inequalities, any form and expression of racism, ethnocentrism, tribalism, casteism, and classism. The policy makers and those who do policy implementation need to know that we call for zero tolerance of injustice and any other form of discriminatory practice,” he said.

While the enthnic-based violence remains the important question for the United States, BLM rioters and neo-liberal forces standing behind them have repeatedly demonstrated that they are not interested in dealing with this question. Rather, they aggressively promote the concept of the neo-liberal/globalist and minorities-dominated world order and exploit ethnic violence questions for own political goals. Large parts of the BLM movement are also in fact racists, that seek to discriminate non-black population. Unconditionally supporting such tendencies, Mr. Bartholomew once again demonstrated why he is rapidly losing popularity in the Orthodox World and among consiervative European societies that do not support the aggressive neo-lbieral/globalist, pro-minorities agenda that now dominate the mainstream propaganda.


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Jens Holm

Thats not Neoliberalisme at all but a contrast to Muhammed Economies and Bolsjevisme.

Neoliberalisme almost everywhere has been out for decades and fx EU show it well by having hard Kapitalisme trying to compensate for its bad sides.

…And why fight a higher livingstandard, which base is rewarding education, skills and had work, which is very visible in the dayli life for millions and millions.

Why fight higher influence for each and everyone based hard on trust and higher responsability?

The author seemes to prefare We decline or collapse to a much lower level, so Your low ditto look like a succes.

No way from here.

As sekular 100% I dont care about those longbeards no matter which religion. I can not agree the oler You get, the more clever You are. To often they are clever about the old days and has collected a lot of non usefull crap too.

But I am sure that Patriark NEVER will support neocolonialisme. NO WAY.


But you support neocolialism. You support Wahabi against Iran. You oppenly support Wahabis because they have unnatural borders made by colonialists and can easily stir war between them tribes like in Syria ir Lybia, you hate Iran because it’s a real nation that stays resisted colinialism and now, neocolonialism.

Jens Holm

As a person or what. Its as I wrote.

I have many times told my personal oppinion is a wall west of KOnstantinopel and now also one north of Caucasus and only food in and oil out to fair prices.

Why spend a single life or a single kroner there. We have no friends there. It doesnt matter who gets killed there.

Those Wahabist actually sell us, what we need very much. As You are and behave You are minus and show no examples for something better.

I see no Neocolonialisme. I see so many socalled countries not even being able to handle themselves and its populations well. Thats mainly not Our fault even You use that excuse 1001 times a year and try to cover wahabisme is worse then Yours, Israel is worse then You and Kurds are worse then You.

…And whenmillions from the whole world tell You, whats Your own fault, You are forbidden and manipulated not to see, that Your main problems are Your own and why outsiders put their more or less dirty fingers in it too.

Saudi Arabia is made by themself by 3 Emirates.

…And when I propose states made by Neocolonislisme such as Syria, Iraq and Turkey should be more and better smal states its denyed. Even Syria and Iraq divide by a random railroad is fine.

And I have commented Syria several times during many years. It was orced by many killings by the Italiens as one.

Here I – as for Iraq and Syria – has proposed Libya should be divided into 2 or 3 states again and the oil incomes should be shared by personal pay to each and everyone to avoid locals and other steel it for corruption. I also has written children should have half and the money for that should be used for school and education.

Finally I never hated Iran. Apart from the religios crap, I have had no oppinons before those Ballistics fell.

…And Iran didnt resist colonialisme at all. Some mice must have eaten pages of Your history books.

What abiut the last Shah and what about britts having great parts of it including azarbaidian. Arabs had it. Mongols had it, and whats Iran? Is it Persia or what.

Captain Freedom

Seems like you have collected a lot of non usefull crap too. And you’re probably not even old enough to have a beard. Neoliberalisme and Neocolonialisme are what defines the EU… If you can’t see that you’re suffering from brain Aneurysme…

Jens Holm

Its You which defie EU as Neocolonialime and liberalisme because thats the worst word You can find for Our succes.

Neoliberalisme forCovid is letting all the weak and old iones die, so the rest dont have to pay as much for pension and hospitals next time …

Danes has long beards when we are 7. Even the girls does. If we didnt Our GDP would be much more then 55.000 dollar a year by capita,

So what do we steel from You ? Sand from Al Tanf or what. The main problems for You most likely are You are uneducated lazy bums and are learned to expect You by genes are above the rest of us.

Yu have no honor and has to be shown no respect. Even our pigs are clkever then You and under the right conditions also much cleaner and smell and the meat is better toom apart from Your small children.

We only see small muslim children at the butcher here. Its because You damage them by kitchenknives and You have to try again.

Its the same for the semilars named Jews. You are more family then zebras and horses.

AM Hants

Off topic, but, this story has nowhere to go and needs to be shared.

Who Benefits From Poland’s Ambitions… Over on The Duran, by Anastasia Frank.

It is an interesting article, which so needs reading.


Lubin Triangle, an alliance between Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, formed this year, without a fanfare, back on the 28 July 2020. When did Poland and Ukraine try to kick start regime change in Belarus and advertise for the Russian mercenaries? Why is Poland so interested in regime change in Belarus? The agreement pledges co-operation in the military, economic, social and political spheres. So what does that mean? If Poland lends a hand in Ukraine, does that automatically allow NATO to join in the fun? What other nations does she wish to colonise, that just happened to be Soviet Neighbours? What did the Secretary of State, James Baker, promise Gorbechev, when he was hoping that Gorbechev would dismantle the Warsaw Pact? Was it a promise not to move into Eastern Europe? Did Poland believe that meant, that Poland could colonise Eastern Europe, with a mega assistance from NATO, in a few years time?

A confederation has been discussed, over the years in Warsaw, to sniff out Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland, if possible. In order to control the Black Sea, Adriatic Sea and Baltic Sea. Where would that leave Russia? With the US also setting up base in Alaska, moving the missiles and forces from Germany to Poland and housing their submarines in the Norwegian caves? Besides the 400+ bio-weapon labs, many encircling Russia, and assortment of NATO and US military bases, again encircling Russia. The International Sea Region and not forgetting how they are also trying to close off the Med to Russia. Funny, how the US is not signed up to the ‘Law of the Sea Convention’, but, will be running things under the guise of Poland. Which has to start paying for the EU Loan and also the US to have the nuclear missiles on non-nuclear Poland territory with a few forces, to go with them.

So with the EU and US not seeing eye to eye and Poland having a hissy fit with the EU, what way will the Lublin Triangle go? Bearing in mind Poland is out of credit at the EU and has not quite figured that US credit does not come cheap?

How will it all plan out, especially with the ‘One Belt and Road’ project up and running? Besides a variety of other complications. How does the Greater Israel Project fit into it all and not forgetting Poland wanting to take over from Russia, with regards supplying Europe with her energy needs. Forgetting the fact that Poland has minimal energy to share, at the moment.

Tom Tom

Five out of six BLM members are white, and they get paid in bitcoin.

The Farney Fontenoy

The Patriarch of Constantinople, just like the Bishop of Rome, is a Globalist puppet, completely under the control of the NWO mob & is willing to do anything he’s told, just like he barely made a whimper when the Hagia Sophia was once again desecrated.
Bart the Betrayer, just like Freemason Frank, is a Communist to the core & will push hard for the one word religion.

Jessica Brown

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