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Conspiracy Theories Spark Following Death Of Head Of US Naval Forces In Middle East


Conspiracy Theories Spark Following Death Of Head Of US Naval Forces In Middle East

Vice Admiral Scott A. Stearney

Vice Admiral Scott A. Stearney, the commander of US Naval Forces Central Command and the US Navy’s 5th Fleet was found dead in his home in Bahrain on December 1st.

The US Navy posted the announcement of Admiral Scott Stearney’s death on its website.

”This is devastating news for the Stearney family, for the team at 5th Fleet, and for the entire U.S. Navy,” Richardson said.

“Scott Stearney was a decorated naval warrior. He was a devoted husband and father, and he was a good friend to all of us. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Bahraini Ministry of Interior are cooperating on the investigation, but at this time no foul play is suspected.”

CNN asked Admiral John Rirchardson whether Stearney was not under investigation.

“No. No investigation. Nothing weird. … It’s a reasonable question, but I’m not aware of anything,” Richardson said. “I’d just ask that everybody keep the Stearney family in their thoughts and prayers as they move through this and also maybe to respect their privacy as they navigate these very, very difficult waters.”

The Maritime Executive provided a short summary of Scott Stearney’s life and military career. In short, he lived for 58 years, he was from Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was part of numerous strike fighter squadrons.

Ashore, he was an instructor and readiness officer “at Navy Fighter Weapons School, aide-de-camp to the Chief of Naval Operations, deputy director J6 U.S. Joint Forces Command, executive assistant to deputy commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command and chief of staff, Strike Force Training Atlantic.”

His flag assignments included the following: U.S. Transportation Command’s Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, commander, Strike Force Training Atlantic, commander, Carrier Strike Group 4 (CCSG-4), commander, Navy Warfare Development Command, and director of operations, U.S. Central Command. He was assigned as commander of US Naval Forces Central Command and the US 5th Fleet in May 2018.

Rear Admiral Paul Schlise, the deputy commander of 5th Fleet, has now assumed command.

Naturally, the death of an Admiral is no small matter and conspiracy theories have sparked. They are further reinforced by the fact that no additional details have been provided regarding his death. The announcement said that “no foul play was suspected” and that it was an “apparent suicide.”

So far, Robert Steele, an ex-CIA Operative has spoken about a version that Scott Stearney was murdered. Various conspiracy websites have cited Steele as saying on Twitter that the Admiral was murdered.

“I am told he was murdered by Bahreini security services at the request of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) element attached to the fifth fleet. I have no direct knowledge. My source tells me he was murdered because he explicitly opposed the planned false flag attack in collaboration with the Israeli Navy simulating an Iranian patrol boat missile attack on a US naval vassal.”

According to the story, there are two possible options regarding Stearney’s death:

“01 He was “suicided” (assassinated) because he was going forward with a false flag approved by Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Trump team got to him in time to stop it and message JSC. Sidebar: US Navy operation, Zionist preoccupied in Syria.”


“02 He was not assassinated by Bahreini at direction of ONI, but rather “suicided” by a JSOG specialist (they are still responsive to Dick Cheney via COG channels) inserted into his special protection detail).”

Steele then claimed that he had no direct knowledge, but what he knew was that “a false flag is planned that frames Iran for an attack on the US Navy; the US Navy has not cleaned house within 5th Fleet; we are still vulnerable to treason within the 5th Fleet.”

He also reminded of the only other case of a commander suicide in the US Navy, the 1996 death of Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Jeremy M. Boorda. His death is also surrounded by a lot of conspiracy, strongly reinforced by the fact that his two suicide notes were not disclosed.

VPK News cited Yevgeny Krutikov of the newspaper Vzglyad, has his own version of Stearrney’s suicide. In late October, the journalist recalled that two Iranian missile boats suddenly appeared in neutral waters near the USS Essex. One of them crossed the course of a large amphibious assault ship of the US Navy, which also served as the floating headquarters of the 5th Fleet, and the other attached itself to the stern of the Essex. Meaning that the Iranians could have allegedly sunk the warship, because the US sailors did not notice the small missile boats.

According to Krutikov, General Joseph Votel, the head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces (CENTCOM) was also on the Essex. Votel’s responsibilities include East Africa as well as almost all of the Middle East.

Gen. Votel called the interactions “normal, safe and professional interaction out here in international waters.” He went on to praise the professionalism and vigilance of the Essex crew. Krutikov, however, claims that the General may have put up a front and actually scolded Admiral Stearney in secrecy. Thus, Scott Stearney may have been threatened of dismissal due to incompetency.



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  • Pave Way IV

    “…My source tells me he was murdered because he explicitly opposed the planned false flag attack in collaboration with the Israeli Navy simulating an Iranian patrol boat missile attack on a US naval vassal…”

    I suppose this is Robert David Steele. While it’s easy to dismiss him as another ex-CIA nutjob, I have to at least give him props for his most entertaining opinion of John Bolton:

    “Robert David Steele, the former CIA clandestine operations officer, tells “John Bolton, apart from being a corrupt and very stupid man in the pockets of the Zionists, is now — according to Larry Flynt — an alledged swinger, rapist, and pedophile.”

    I won’t speculate on any reasons for Adm Stearney’s suicide/murder, but this guy was head of the CENTCOM Navy. The 5th Fleet is essentially the Saudi/UAE Coast Guard & Israel’s War on Iran fleet for the Persian Gulf – it really has no other reason to exist.

    Marine Amphibious Group LHD 2 led by the USS Essex and (soon) carrier group CVN 74 John C. Stennis will be in the Persian Gulf. Nothing unusual about that, but it makes me cringe ANY time the U.S. Navy’s floating targets are bobbing around the Persian Gulf. One of these times, the Israeli dual-citizens and Saudi/UAE lapdogs that run my country are going to start something – they already have the U.S. public thoroughly-conditioned to see Iran as an existential threat. Eventually, they’re going to sacrifice some U.S. soldiers/sailors to get their war started.

    I have no idea why Stearney is dead today, but – considering the psychopathic ambitions of the U.S. deep state – I wouldn’t rule out suicide of a conflicted patriot. There has to be a few commanders left in the military that have not whored out their loyalty to Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE or the U.S. deep state.

  • Fred Summers

    This recent release from Jonas (the Infamous Ukrainian Blogger) may give some clarity to this event and all of the various so called freedom of navigation type events – I also laughed my head off at the Sopranos reference. Sums up the US totally, and likely what will happen to them when they choose the wrong bar (Iran really trolling the US lately with loads of referencs to TV series, etc).

    Note this is a copy of a translation, ie not verbatim, and the comments in brackets are my own, not translated from Jonas. 05-12-18:

    “Next 4 weeks is the window” (for what? War with Russia? Iran? Both?).

    “UK and US making urgent preparations for GPS, traditional satellite radio signal, and basic radar signal denial”.

    “Pulsating light system now being fully tested globally”.

    “Reflectors chosen or moved into postions, and final calibration complete”.

    “The new targeting and navigation system was being tested by major US and UK warships sailing past strategic points. Covert testing in full view”. (this would explain the apparently nonsensical freedom of navigation events).

    “Database is complete now and live fire missile test was successful” (no mention of by who or where).

    “Warships and aircraft can now be used as grid points or reflectors, or initial projection source of system. Other platforms including actual targets can be used by system”.

    “System is simple and effective and requires no specialist computers. Existing hardware can be used with new software updates and some interface changes”.

    “A further very sophisticated navigation and targeting system / method still in development stage which can locate, range, identify, track, and target large number of fast moving targets on sea and land has been successfully trialed by US 5th Fleet”.

    “Iranians were aware of this is trial and that it was a direct threat to them. Element of surprise gone and Iran have already dispersed assets and put systems in place as they expect to become the first live fire combat test of this system”.

    It should be noted that the system can use existing mobile space platforms to act as simple passive
    reflectors. Fast moving hypersonic atmospheric and orbital refective platforms now online allowing for full global targeting, and navigation, including semi-secure burst transmission comms.

    New system is almost immune to traditional EW jamming and spoofing unless direct line of sight interception.

    UK and US now expect major EW and anti-sattilite response towards military assets in event of future planned provocations against Russian Federation. Traditional military response now unlikely from Russia unless NATO strike first.

    Russian Federation are aware and brushing up junk (does this mean Russia are using their laser system and the recently launched space vehicles to take out the ‘passive reflectors’ pre-emptively?).

    Operation Oddessa Viking still an option for provocation but now unlikely (outflanking Russia by moving small, light attack craft, hovercraft, and mini-subs to Oddessa, then, like vikings used to do, transport overland a short distance to the Sea of Azov).

    Next provocation is likely to be against Iran, and may occur in or from the Caspian Sea, not the Persian Gulf as expected.

    Iran aware of being next easy target so they remind US recently they are not easy target. “Sopranos Bronx Tale Bar demonstration of taking a US capital ship captive (?) and then pecking at it (?) was made by Iran as warning to US. Iran let it go but warned straights would stay locked next time and
    told them to remember who chose the fight”. (Previously Iran have taken small British and US patrol boats as a warning but noting capital before).

    No further entries from this location will follow (blog going dark? New blog comming soon?).

    • Fred Summers

      For those who do not recognise the brilliance of the Sopranos reference, watch the Bar room fight scene clip. The Biker gang are clearly the US, and the locked door is clearly the Straight of Hormuz. Enjoy:

  • Hisham Saber

    He was killed off because he told his Senior Commanders , No! To blockading Iran’s oil exports.

  • Smaug

    Speaking as a vet, if someone he worked with wanted to get rid of him they’d simply find an excuse to fire him. You wrote something about some of the petty reasons US soldiers have been fired for, South Front, know what I mean when I say to dismiss the American tinfoil trolls (they WANT there to be a shadow government of Eeevill).
    As for the suicide itself, the reason it was both so sudden and not surprising was probably due to a toxic work and home environment. On the slight chance it was a murder due to something in his private life, well the whole thing would not have to covered up and it is implausible that the killer would have gotten away so cleanly.

  • Sinbad2

    He probably had AIDS, and decided to end it quickly.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    This ugly Americunt faggot was killed by his Wahabbi headchopper boyfriend.