Consequences of US Missile Strike on Syrian Airbase (Video)


A new reportage from the Ash Sha’irat airbase, damaged with US missiles on Friday night, has been published online.

Photo: YouTube / Anna News

The Anna News information agency has published a video reportage, which allows seeing consequences of the US missile strike, carried out on the Ash Sha’irat airbase in the Syrian province of Homs from the Mediterranean Sea.

An agency’s reporter stressed that the pretext for the US strike was an alleged chemical attack, launched by Syrian government troops in Idlib province. He noted that Anna News has “reliable information” that the chemical attack was carried out by militants of the Jabhat al-Nusra (also known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) terrorist group. In this way, according to the reporter, with its actions the US government had definitively put an end to the international law.

The footage shows wreckages of the MiG-23 fighter aircraft, which was in a hangar at the moment of the attack. As a military from the airbase told the reporter, all the strikes came through the hangar’s roof.

Photo: YouTube / Anna News

Photo: YouTube / Anna News

Photo: YouTube / Anna News

The reportage noted the fact that recently the US side was sure that chemical weapon is stored on the airbase. According to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis, on April 4, Syrian aircraft departed from the Ash Sha’irat airbase and carried out the chemical attack in Idlib province. The journalist noted that the US Command deliberately chose targets for the attack and struck everything, where there could theoretically be chemical weapons. In this way, a warehouse with ammunition and a fuel storage facility were destroyed in the missile strikes.

The Syrian military told the journalist that if there were chemical weapon on the airbase that allegedly was used in the chemical attack on Idlib, all servicemen, who were on the site of the US strikes, would lose their lives. He noted that this is another proof that the chemical attack was not carried out by the Syrian forces.

The footage also allows seeing overturned and damaged vehicles, which, according to some observers, could be the Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun systems. However, after a detailed studying of the video, it became clear that the vehicles were equipped with not military chassis, so they could not be anti-aircraft systems. A Syrian military noted that the US strike destroyed all their positions, where air-to-air missiles were deployed, as well as all vehicles that were on the airbase. According to Syrian military personnel, working at the base, the missile strike lasted about 30 minutes.

Photo: YouTube / Anna News

Photo: YouTube / Anna News

Photo: YouTube / Anna News

The journalist pointed out that in total, seven soldiers and officers were killed in the strike, while 13 others were wounded. But despite this fact, the runway had been cleared from wreckage by Friday afternoon, and Syrian aircraft and helicopters continued to make combat sorties from the airbase.

The Syrian military noted that firing missiles on the airbase, the US had provided support to terrorists, as their missiles destroyed aircraft that carried out airstrikes against Syrian militants.


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  • Bazsi

    No Pantsyr, no party!

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Russia sold Syria useless junk. Syria I hope saved their receipts for refunds for S-300 and Pantsur junk.
    If Russia is not toying with Syria, then Russia would sell a battery of S-400 to Syria, for Syrian military to control.
    Same with Iran.
    Iran has just witnessed S-300 junk fail. Iran needs to start the refund process.
    Iran needs S-400 and so does Lebanon and Yemen and Best-Korea! The North part! lol

    • Brad Isherwood

      The Russian Krasukha 2 and 4 systems with probable Pantsir intercept knocked down over 50% over the USN Tomahawks.
      Russia’s main problem is it is still under Rothschilds Jew central banking,
      With Rich Jewish Oligarchs surround Putin.

      Wish Russia military just coup these parasites and free Mother Russian of the Vermin.

      Putin is like JFK,..Unless Putin is Jewish as opined via conspiracy side.
      Either way….Russia gives Israhell, Turk and Saudi Arabia a pass, …

      You can’t cheer for Putin when he is Shabbos goy puppet.

    • whatsmolly

      What are you talking about. They only have the s 200 but what difference would that make in a missile attack? Russia doesnt sell them the s 300 because if they down an Israeli jet there would be undoubted retaliation against syria. Iran has never used their S 300, they dont have a single cruise missile or accurate targeting computer, there is an s 300 taken apart and being cloned somewhere in iran right now.

      • Antikapitalista

        There will be no retaliation when the Israeli aircraft get shot down—and they will get shot down because the Israelis refused to refrain from their illegal actions, so Russia has upgraded Syria’s anti-aircraft capabilities.

        I know that Avigdor Lieberman will be fuming with anger, but that will be just about all that he will be able to do.

    • Thegr8rambino

      well only 23 of the missiles out of 59 hit the base, so i think something they had worked!

  • John Mason

    What should be concentrated on is the loss of civilian lives caused by the missile strike or is that not worthy being mentioned or investigated. Those civilians that lost their lives or got injured are supposed to be protected under International Law or doesn’t it exist anymore?

  • Xanatos

    With a US president who believes a false flag operation by trusting his neocon handlers, Russia can no longer save assad. Putin can thwart a covert American proxy war. But he cannot thwart an overt American invasion.

    The regime can survive without assad. But a us coalition of invaders can kick the regime out of aleppo and damascus and force the regime, the alawites, into a rump state that is latakkia coast. The rest of syria will be massacred.

    Only two things can stop this: a) wishing upon a magic star and hoping the neocons embrace peace love and kindness or b) retaliating. Retaliation not just against the well-armed and salaried mercenaries, but also on the oil rich gulf nations that hired them.

    If the battlefield of this World Wide proxy war is limited to syria, it will surely be destroyed with no chance of ending. The foreign sponsors of terrorists feel they can finance it forever.

    • Antikapitalista

      If U.S. aircraft get shot down, or, better yet, if U.S. ships get sunk, Trump will be a dead man walking.

  • Stephen

    All over the world terrorists trained and sent by Israhell to kill innocent people by slaughtering, butchering, bomb and chemical weapons in the world just for money. All leaders in the world controlled by Israhell.

  • Mr. Perfect

    Wow those anti-missile systems did a great job… getting destroyed LOL

    • Dagnir

      Did you even read the article? These are just tracks, not anti-missile systems.

  • Ted

    So those are just trucks? Trucks with the same stableizer as Pantsir, the same bumpers, doors, fenders, steps to the cab etc. Gas tanks in the same place,Those wrecks are Pantsir. If anyone intends to prove otherwise take a photo of the other side.
    It has no value to deny what is obvious.