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Confronting the Lies about the Virus: The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

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By Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

Closing down the Global Economy as a means to combating the Virus.

That’s what they want us to believe.

If the public had been informed that Covid-19 is “similar to Influenza”, the fear campaign would have fallen flat…

The data and concepts have been manipulated with a view to sustaining the fear campaign.

The estimates are meaningless.

The figures have been hyped to justify the lockdown and the closure of the national economy, with devastating economic and social consequences.

The Virus is held responsible for poverty and mass unemployment.

Note: According to scientific opinion, Covid-19 is akin (similar) to Seasonal Influenza (Flu) (Viruses A, B), Covid-19 is a coronavirus.

The common cold is often triggered by a coronavirus. “Common human coronaviruses, including types 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1, usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold.”

Seasonal influenza is not a coronavirus.


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bhaha lol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/684f3fca49ae01da7c14541e1fdb4af3c3bcac6deab328b4b56c0ab167a33fa7.jpg

Tommy Jensen

All right, maybe Corona is fake, but the Clima Change and the CO2 story is TRUE, the truth.

Everytime YOU breath and fart, driving diesel cars, using dinosaur oil, this planet’s temperature raises and melt all the ice we have on the poles and our cities get under water.

Thats why our economy is going down and all Western countries are financial indebted >100% of their GDP. Because YOU are diesel and burn old dinosaurs!! YOU caused our economy to break down.


it s because of the sun…


Did you ever wonder, why CO2 is added in greenhouses (also in Denmark) to increase growth? It has to do with C3 and C4 plants (most plants are C3 plants, which would need much higher CO2 concentration in the athmosphere for their ideal conditions. Over the passed millions of years, the CO2 concentration got steadily lower and reached critical low levels for these C3 plants. If the CO2 oncentration would drop below 140 ppm all plants would die, even C4 plants, which have somewht adapted to lower CO2 concentration. Just look it up.

Christian S

in the mean time humans have set up billions of EMF fields and antennas, most of them got 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ frequencies, these frequencies are very suitable for heating up air particles. Average of a antennes power output range from few watts to modern 4/5G antennas reaching 2000 W of power heating up the atmosphere, methane and CO2 only fillup the atmosphere few only a few%, they will make no difference, charged electric currents of the sun and manmade EMF fields influencin the process of change.


An interesting # on testing in the NYT; Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be. – The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html

Christian S

we are electric frequency beings, we live in an electric universe, we function on earths frequency and voltage, any change in the magnetic field and exposure to our bio-electric system causes planetary illness, check history. the cabal has timed the COVID19 mediacircus with the rollout of new highfreqencies, frequencies that will electrify and create radioactive particles in the pre-ionised air we breath in. COVID19 is a smokescreen for the CORONA cell poisoning process, its your own body and cell lungs that create the CORONA virus to detox your cells. They keep numbers up high artificially in a chaotic and sloppy way at the moment only to analyse the resistance and critism, this is part of the plan, when the highfrequency radiation will hit at full force within next 2 -3 years they are given a chance to silence critism once and for all when real numbers will hit our society. Never ever humanity has been exposed to billions of artificially created EM radiation fields on this scale and increase power output, we will loose touch with mother earths frequency and this combined with radioactive frequencies will make us sick. This entity is aiming for your souls creator energy, they need this to keep the virus matrix system running can only been done with hijacking the soul. In order to hijack the souls energy they need to map your DNA. The COVID19 test will give this data, with DNA mapped they can make handshake with radioactive frequencies and vaccines loaded with CRISP/CAS12 enzymes can make handshake with mapped DNA. Then MIMO G5 technology assumingly can moderate DNA on remote control, social distancing is very suitable evironment to make this technology work . Assuming this process can hyack your consciousness on the long term and will lead you into a false singularity. Protect yourself against the poisoning, say no to vaccines or tests, detox yourself from heavy metals and purify your drinking water will add to your immunsystem a lot. Stay out of smart cities and protect yourself against radiation, ground yourself daily.


Interesting concepts, can you provide any links or back up studies.

Christian S

nope i can’t and i won’t , links come and go, especially the censoring machine is making overtime on the net and blocking most direct data, study the Electric magnetic universe, look into thunderboltjsproject, germ vs terrain theory will show you virus fraude by Pasteur , schumann earths frequency , TED platform can provide info over CRISP/CAS , dive into new MIMO highfrequency technology and why people need to distance from each other if a virus is not contagion the way we are programmed to think it is.

St. Augustine

People receive a diagnosis without showing clinical symptoms and many are based on epidemiological linkage. Let’s also consider how many people have died from seasonal flu strains over the last eight months or so… No daily case and death counts for them. It should be quite obvious by now (at least to wise people) that we’re in the midst of an economic/social agenda.

St. Augustine


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