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Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

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Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

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Written by Peter Koenig. Originally published by GlobalResearch

Legend has it, that when things go wrong and everybody is hoping for better times, they first have to get worse, before a new era of peace and harmony may emerge.

We may now be at these crossroads. The Beast is Rising. But its Fall is in sight.

We have to understand, the Beast is Big. It’s Huge. It’s so extraordinarily big, humanity has never faced something like it in recorded history.

So, we better are properly prepared.

Imagine, a small handkerchief or a pocket-square (a tiny decorative lapel accessory) is sitting on a huge quintuple king-size bedsheet, aiming at controlling the bedsheet. That’s the globalist Cult Elite, aiming at converting the world population into a One World Order (OWO). It will not happen. It’s an image so absurd that could have only emerged form a megalomaniac – which is what the WEF and its Master, Klaus Schwab, and his behind the scene money masters are.

No matter, how powerful they think they are, tyrannizing the world at large into their slaves, We, the People, will make sure it will not happen. Fissures in the OWO ranks are already clearly visible.

The new motto is bye-bye OWO-Globalism and welcome to the new multipolar world.

Actually, a world that is gradually becoming an east-west polarization, with a west that is ever faster decaying in more ways than one – monetary-wise, in term of political ethics, as well as faltering support from western and hitherto western-leaning governments and, at least, by two thirds of western people, who vehemently oppose their governments.

Mind you, we are not quite there yet – at the point of western collapse.

However, the crack in the wall, where the light shines through [paraphrasing a famous Leonard Cohen song] gives enormous hope for the light to prevail.

The Big Picture – what is it?

The Big Picture has three major branches, three major objectives of the Beast to fulfill. Imagine the Beast as a multiple-tentacled Monster-Octopus. Listed not necessarily in order of priority, but rather as a simultaneous bulldozing approach, they include:

i) Massive depopulation, genocide, worldwide; an eugenist agenda on which the Gates and Rockefellers et al, have worked already for decades, and already their predecessor generations were obsessed with eugenics. Less people, less “useless eaters” – and consumers of scarce, unrenewable resources. So bluntly presents it Yuval Noah Hariri, Israeli “intellectual” and close adviser to Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s eternal CEO;

ii) Shifting assets from the lower and middle echelons to the top – the elite, billionaires, individuals, as well as corporate finance, such as BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street; others may include Fidelity, City Bank, Bank of America and many more.

The first three alone are interlinked as shareholders and can act as one, controlling an estimated 25 trillion dollars, worldwide, giving them a leverage power of way above US$ 100 trillion (compared to the world’s GDP of about US$ 90 trillion), thereby having virtual control over every country on the globe, and

iii) Digitization of everything, connecting everything with everything, eventually with the mega-powerful ultra-shortwaves 5G and soon to come 6G. Through these electromagnetic waves, they may access our brains. It’s Klaus Schwab’s pipedream. It includes digital worldwide unform vaxx-passes, managed through the infamous QR-code, or similar, with practically illimited info-storage capacity.

Currently it has a potential of storing more than 30,000 pieces of information about each one of us. Those who manage the QR-code, know you better than you know yourself. It is an updated version of Bill Gates’ Agenda ID2020.

Digitization may, as a first step, include an under-the-skin chip on every surviving citizen – currently being volunteer-practiced in some Nordic countries, like Sweden and Denmark, storing and monitoring every piece of info about you, incl. health records, bank accounts, with whom you talk, where you travel, where and what you shop — and-and-and – you got the picture.

Later, it will likely just be an electronic fingerprint in the form or capacity of a QR-code or its successor, that is engrained in our bodies through an electromagnetic field which is being injected into our bloodstream – graphene oxide, for example – under the pretext of covid vaxxes, or eventually any vaxxes invented and forced upon the population.

The next one may be the “new” flu-vaxx – already announced as a novelty, practically untested, but ready for the fall season. Be aware and beware!

Digital money, already largely dominating the Global North, will become the norm by the end of Agenda 2030, or sooner – if WE, the People, do not stop it. – And yes, we can. Digital money would make us to digital slaves; digital money could be blocked at will by the Cult Cabal, or outright stolen, depending on our behavior.

Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

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No worries, according to Klaus Schwabwe eventually will own nothing but will be happy – that’s the paraphrased ending of the Great Reset. Our mind will no longer think independently, but 5G and the graphene oxide injected by the covid and other vaxxes still to come, will make from humans so-called “transhumans” (expression used by Klaus Schwab in an interview in 2016 with the Swiss French TV), basically useless and dispensable slaves, since robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have taken over human roles.

These goals are all addressed in one way or another in the WEF’s Great Reset. It may be worth your while to have a glance at it. Most libraries contacted, answered with a smile, they don’t carry the book; they’d rather not associate with this monster plan.

Here is the Amazon link for The Great Reset.

Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

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The globalist agenda is gradually disintegrating. See this on the anti-globalist trend of the WEF in Davos, May 2022.

Yet, the globalists keep fighting on. A hopeless game. But they may be able to extend their globalist drive for a while, with perpetual lies, untold riches of immorally and largely illegally acquired financial wealth, possibly bringing about millions of victims – and, God forbit – leading into WWIII, potentially meaning a hard-core nuclear war.

The Beast is still on the rise. That does not mean it is winning.

Many of us may not notice. It is discrete, but deadly. In all its discretion, it keeps announcing what it is planning, what is in store for humanity. The Cult, the Luciferian Cult, to which the Beast likely belongs, in order to succeed, has to announce its action well in advance. Lest they, the Cult, may not prosper.

The Cult’s Warnings

The Cult has repeatedly warned us throughout the last at least 50 years. It has always told us well-in-advance wat they and their minions were planning. And this with increasing intensity in the last two to three decades. Just a few examples. Most of us have conveniently ignored their warnings.

The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio – official name United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 3-14 June 1992. It was based on the Club of Rome’s (in)famous 1971 publication “Limits to Growth, A Simulation Model of World Population, Environment and Economics”. The model predicted a looming environmental disaster in the coming 50 to 100 years, i.e., beginning just about now.

The Club of Rome, alias the Earth Summit, gave the impetus for what is today known as the Global Warming cum Climate Change Agenda – with its commercial side-kick, the New Green Deal.

You must know, the Club of Rome was not a European invention, as the name may have you believe. It was a Rockefeller initiative.

9/11 was the deadly, violent event to announce a new era – an era of increasing to total control, depriving personal liberties, restrictions with often denigrating and embarrassing airport security checks. A few weeks after the well-organized horrendous 9/11-devastation, the Patriot Act was passed through Congress. It had been prepared way before 9/11. It deprives US citizens of nearly 90% of their human and citizen rights.

Similar emergency type laws were passed with ease in Europe and other so-called “western countries”, referring to countries following the US political and monetary doctrine. Most of the Global North, or the West (also including, Australia, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand), currently lives under some kind of an “emergency legislation”, largely circumventing their Parliaments for matters that deal with the Great Reset Agenda.

Most of their populations have no clue that their Parliaments have been partially disabled.

The 2010 Rockefeller Report depicts the contents of the UN Agenda 2030 in four Chapters. The first one describes the Lockstep scenario. Pretty much what the world, the 193 UN member countries, went through after the worldwide declared lockdown for the covid-19 plandemic. In lockstep, every government followed the same human rights destroying stern rules, instilled and coerced by fear, dictated by WHO. See this full 2010 Rockefeller Report – chapters “The Scenario Framework” and the “Scenario Narratives” are of particular interest.

Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

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Bill Gates’ – TedTalk February 2010 in San Diego – he advocated:

“If we are doing a real good job (vaccinating], we may reduce world population by 10% to 15%.”

This was just a trial balloon to gauge people’s reaction.

It was also an announcement of things to come. As we know by now the ultimate target of world population is something of the order of half a billion people – as indicated on the Georgia Guidestones which have recently been vandalized. – No worries, the cabal will not reach that mass-genocide target. But it has already done immense harm, and if not stopped, will continue killing people, many in the most atrocious ways.

WHO declares in 2014 the decade of vaccination – referring to the decade of 2020 to 2030, i.e., the UN Agenda 2030. Did anybody pay attention? – How did WHO know? Maybe Bill Gates was whispering the orders in the “WHO halls” where “donations” are collected. Conveniently, any reference to this WHO warning has disappeared form internet.

June 2016 – the Swiss Gotthard tunnel inauguration – a bizarre Luciferian Celebration, depicting lockstep – Luciferian sex-dances and strange killings and deaths – remotely related to tunnel construction. Full of symbolism.

Google’s explanation – “While tunnels certainly represent journeys, they more often symbolize the passage from one phase of life to another. In its most primal meaning, the tunnel symbolizes the birth canal. Just as a baby evolves and journeys outward, so do characters of a story.”

See also this 6-min. Gotthard Tunnel inauguration video clip.

It is certainly a passage through darkness. No surprise. Not evil or Lucifer ever projected a world of light for us, the common people. All to the contrary, the more obscure they keep us, the more fear they instill, the more control they gain. And that is what seems they want to play out. – To no avail. They won’t succeed.

Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

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Event 201 of 18 October 2019 in NYC – The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York City.

The Event’s website describes the exercise as an “aera where public / private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.” The real object of the exercise was just the opposite, via a corona virus.

By coincidence, a few weeks later, at the beginning of 2020, a corona-virus broke out, called SARS-Cov-2, alias Covid-19. WHO declared it a pandemic on 11 March 2020, when reported deaths, worldwide, were fewer than 5000. Knowing what we know today, one may ask: How reliable are these death reports – then and today?

Compare this with 52,000 flu-related deaths in the US during the 2017 / 2018 flu-season. The common flu was never declared a pandemic. See this.

We are now being warned about the impending food shortages, energy shortages that will bring about a cold winter, famine; plus, a sizable recession preceded by horrendous double-digit inflation – that in turn will trigger bankruptcies, unemployment, poverty, misery – and more deaths.

The Beast’s ascent is not undisturbed. There are forces pulling in other directions, attempting pulling it down, sideways and outright apart. The massive crack in the wall, that lets the Light shine through, is getting bigger and bigger. Once the light reaches a sufficient amount of people, a critical mass – the Beast’s reign may be getting close to an end.

We are not there yet. Unfortunately. But we must think positive. Inspiring each other spiritually. Creating a mental and spiritual togetherness. We, the Awakened People, can bring this diabolical era to an end.

Following the lead mentioned above, the Beast may be depicted as a multiple-tentacled Monster-Octopus. Each tentacle has its deadly mission. Many tentacles have sub-tentacles. In case a tentacle is defeated the others will fight on, and the defeated one will grow back with even greater vigor. That’s the concept.

We have to be aware and conscious of these multiple-scenarios and the Big Picture they constitute, so as not to allow our attention to being deviated by one single scenario – for example, the plandemic and vaxx narrative. Though, admittedly important, it ought to be connected to all other “tentacle-scenarios”, lest we miss the overall objectives of The Great Reset Agenda, alias UN Agenda 2030.

We want to stop this human-made criminal Outbreak of misery and death as a whole, in its entirety. If we do it by compartment, our chances to overcome the Beast are largely diminished. The Cult Cabal counts on us being distracted by one or two tentacles, while the others keep laboring ahead – almost undisturbed – reaching gradually their goals.

It is utterly important that we are aware that all the tentacles are connected. There are no coincidences; and there is no single frontline in this war. The entire humanity, no matter where we are on this globe, is the frontline. That also means, there is no escape.

Unless, and this is crucial, we wake up. This is our escape. We, the People, see the light, and ascend to another level where the darkness of the Beast cannot reach us anymore. We need a critical mass for our People’s Power to be strong enough, to pull us, humanity, through and collectively onto a different, higher and enlightened plane.

To do that, for those who are awake, who see the Beast, who see the tentacles and their machinations as killing machines, it is utmost important that we always see the overall objective of the Great Reset, the UN Agenda 2030, and the 4th Industrial Revolution, hence, the Big Picture.

When we fight one tentacle, say, the covid narrative, an important one, we must always remember that there are others, and that covid is only one cog in the wheel, in the gear of the Reset destruction.

The covid tentacle has many sub-tentacles: Big Pharma is one; the vaxx-mandate is another one; the useless and socially degrading forced mask-wearing, social distancing, and home-office work, are all ways of humiliating, separating and isolating individuals. And so forth. They all play nicely into each other, enhancing each other, psychologically, by FEAR, and physically, by various forms of other than covid diseases, i.e., all types of cancers, leukemias, liver-kidney and heart failures – and much more; all potentially deadly. Indeed, they have already caused exponentially more deaths than the covid-plandemics is said to have caused.

It would, therefore, be unwise to put all our scientific knowledge into the vaxx debate, or the covid infection – is it real, or isn’t it? It doesn’t matter. But by doing just this, we are playing into the devil’s hands.

While it is a must to identify the covid fraud – describing the scam scientifically by medical doctors, virologists and other scientists, but it is by far not enough.  The public at large must understand the cheat, so they may be able to shed off the immune system destroying fear.

Overall objectives of the Reset are in plain view. Therefore, we must expose and connect the Cult’s covid fraud and the fear it causes, to all other tentacles of the Octopus-Beast. We must fight the entire GREAT RESET Narrative as a whole and in solidarity.

Other Tentacles of the Octopus-Beast

Fear, already mentioned before, is yet another deadly tentacle. It is well known in psychology, that fear – the constant tension of fear – lowers our auto-immune defense. It renders us increasingly vulnerable to all kinds of diseases, including a myriad of different cancers and diseases of our vital organs. They all may lead to death, at which point it will be next to impossible to trace the cause of disease and death back to the poisonous “covid-vaxx”.

Fear is one of the Beast’s strongest weapons. Not only does it destroy our natural immunity, fear makes us blind and obedient. Blind to our own human rights. For fear, we give them up, hoping the Beast will safe us. Instead, we are becoming slaves – slaves to our governments, who are, in turn, the servants of the WEF – and the Beast.

Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

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Climate Change – the ever-most ferociously propaganda-pushed agenda that the planet will heat up, that we humans are the culprits, as we use excessive amounts of fossil fuel, creating so-called greenhouse gases, driving world temperatures through the roof. As mentioned above, this is the continuation of the Rockefeller-initiated Club of Rome agenda to enslave the (western) world through guilt.

We, of the western / Global North’s Judo-Christian beliefs or cultures, are beset by guilt, as part of our guilt-driven up-bringing.  It’s part of our religious cum cultural inheritance. So, we are extremely vulnerable when told that we, humans, are guilty of death and destruction causing climate change.

The Beast plays on this vulnerability. And very successfully at that.

To enhance the Green Agenda, the Climate Change narrative, Southern European countries – Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy as well as the transatlantic United States are plagued by extreme heat waves, ever-so-often interrupted by deadly flash-floods. In the process, man-made forest fires destroy the forests, the very lungs providing life on earth with oxygen. The purpose is to enhance the Climate Change agenda.

See this 1-min video, how a “rescue helicopter” sprays fire on forests in Southern Spain, filmed by a fire-fighter. The text is in Spanish, but the video is self-explanatory; no text needed; see this.

The truth is hidden or even censured from us. The universe, including our dear and generous Mother Earth, is never stagnant. She is constantly on the move. Not only physically but also temperature-wise.

Our egocentricity makes us believe that we with our short lives – on average less than 100 years – makes us the center of the universe, that everything that happens, occurs in our lifetimes, i.e., extreme climate changes / modifications.

For the past about two months the Global North went through record heat waves and record periods without rain. As reported by France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, other countries in Europe, as well as parts of the US, these are heat and dry spells never experienced since weather measurements began, in some countries as early as the 17th Century. In others in the early 20th Century. The relentless heat in Europe, as well as the US, is destroying food crops, contributing to a worldwide food shortage, leading to famine, desperation and eventually death.

As a sub-tentacle of the Beast, more fear, crop loss, famine – death.

Although nowhere mentioned, nor proven, this record phenomenon, (yet to fully analyzed and ascertained) appears like “engineered weather”. It would typically fit into the type of DARPA research and DARPA released technology. DARPA is a Pentagon sponsored thinktank. Modified weather patterns are powerful weapons. They work silently, causing food shortages, famine and death – and contributing in more ways than one to the agenda of the Great Reset. See this.

Farmland Reduction – A concerted effort of farmland reduction is also part of the Great Reset agenda. Bill Gates is buying up farmland throughout the US and even in other parts of the world. He is said to already own junks of farmland in Ukraine. See this [in German].

By now Gates owns some 300,000 ha of the most productive farmland mostly in the US but also elsewhere in the world.

Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

Click to see full-size image

Farmland owned by Gates will not produce bovine meat, under the pretext of methane gases that contributes to Global Warning. Under Gates’ concept of food reduction, his farmland may not produce food at all – accelerating the Hunger Games.

By the same token, the Dutch Government under the leadership of Mark Rutte, a scholar of Klaus Schwab’s Academy for Young Global Leaders, is adamant in reducing Dutch farmland by 30%. The Netherlands is the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural goods, after the United States. See this.

Dutch farmers have been in the streets for the last almost two months to protest their land being forcefully repossessed by the government to reduce the meet output. So far to no avail.

See this.

Curtailment of international transportation

The airline industry is severely hit by flight reductions, due to largely artificial shortages of personnel – and unattractive covid restrictions (a vaxx-must for staff of many airlines). This is said having led to significant flight reductions precisely during the Global North’s summer holidays.

The financial situation of many western airlines is precarious and may become even more so – as kerosene / petrol / energy prices keep rising.

The masters of the Great Reset do not want traveling people. They are not as easy to control as are stationary ones.

This tentacle serves at least two purposes: i) it keeps people stationary, more isolated from each other and from global movements; and ii) people who cannot move may be more fearful and better controllable.

Energy – Gas, Petrol, Electricity, Shortages

The consequences are multi-faceted. Like climate change, energy shortages affect everything. Our economies’ growth drive is based on energy. Shortages of energy are leading to recessions, diminishing economic output, reducing the workforce, creating poverty – misery, disease — and yes, death.

But we are NOT in an energy shortage. An energy shortage is artificially created – under the pretext of the Ukraine-Russia war – which, in turn, has been created to serve the Great Reset agenda: Massive death, economic collapse, bankruptcies, poverty – prompting a shift of assets from the bottom and the center to the tiny elite on top – and, accelerating the ascent of an all-digitization – from money to the human brain.

But there is no energy shortage. It’s all been artificially created by the masters of the WEF, and the Great Reset. See video below.

There are of course, many more “tentacles”, sub-tentacles and motives for what we are experiencing in the global North’s hot and rainless summer months. But you got the drift. If you consistently ask: “Cui bono?”- or “Who benefits?” – The answer will lead you always to the same vile octopus with its multiple deadly tentacles, called the Great Reset.

This desired world model described by the WEF’s Klaus Schwab et al, is a world towards an ultra-neoliberal system, with largely reduced humans and the surviving ones will have become “transhumans” (Schwab’s term), manipulable by 5G and soon 6G, to be happy owning nothing.

To sum it all up, lets remind ourselves of the dangers related to the all-commanding digital control:

Beware of the QR-Code; Remember Agenda ID2020?

As a final note, a short video (7 min. August 6, 2022) of Dr. Vernon Coleman, about the dangerous new flu-vaxx – if you care for your children, this, as part of a pdf-file inserted in the video:


While you were distracted by Boris [Johnson] resigning, the UK Government quietly confirmed COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than Unvaccinated Children.”

These are Dr. Coleman’s final words of advice:

“Be Aware. Take Care.

Don’t believe what governments say. Warn everyone.

Please remember, you are not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once they are awake, they don’t go back to sleep. We are already a far bigger force, than the conspirators would have you believe. If we are going to win this war, then we have to fight with passion, with the truth and we have to fight with determination. No mask, no test, no jab. Don’t trust the government; no mass media, and remember – we have God on our side.”


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also is a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing. 


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TIKKUN OLAM OR BUST!! Give us kosher & Zion mudslaves the World or its SAMSON OPTION! Haha

Abraham Lincoln

Disinfo experts like this guy works for the beast as they always leave out who is with and working for the beast.

Who owns Vanguard and Black Rock? Satanic Jews. Klaus Schwab is a Jew. Bilderberg, the CFR etc run by Jews. Who are the .01% Jews.

Yes they have their token Shabbas Goy collaborators to hide behind and point at like ths disinfo expert does.

Karl Pomeroy

Koenig probably knows that. But if he came out and said it, it would end his career.


USA = World Sovereign




hahaha you total moron. the usa, a total failed state, full of homeless and drug addicted, on the doorstep of a new civil war and with 30 TRILLION national debt, right on the way to a third world level.


The world would be a better place for everyone to live in without monsters such as Juvali, Theodor, Golda, Mitzi, Bibi, Moshe, Clinton clique, Gates, Lehmann et the Wall Street junk economy, Sugar ben Zucherberg, including plethora of Galizien-Khazar fake jews of the Kagan-Nuland breed and their servants, Schwab, Fauci, Trudeau, Tam etc. Raise your spirit, everyone, their time is coming.They won´t be spared anyway.


How is their time coming? By the intervention of some magical god (who has never acted in the past…but this time for sure!)?

helene matz

mindless slaves to the elites brazen revealed in full site beast is the right world occult one world government brought by the united nations and wef among others

Fucker of Nazi cuckolds

Zombies are zeros who have chosen the golden apple of Hera. Hera is feminine for Hero. First bitch to choose it was Eve. First dick to chose it was Adam.

When you chose to follow a hero instead of being independent (aka being lazy), you loose your soul and become a slave. Also called zombie or sheep. It is how hypnosis works.

Both heroes and zombies are parazytes.

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terrifying degenerate decadent putrefaction slavish pornographic debauchery sexualisation depraved what else can be said klaus schwab sperm dream in technicolor and the demon gates and their cretin ilk

Fucker of Nazi cuckolds

They are like a bunch of super old wrinkled infants who are loosing their marbles. All spiteful and hateful :D


The only thing missing in this excellent synopsis is the disproportionate role ‘jews’ play in all this nonsense.. which is unsurprising what with koenig being a world bank ‘jew’ himself and all… (watch for these characters hoping to steer the narrative)…

By the way.. there is no such thing as judeo christianity (which should be obvious)… and thinking ‘nice’ thoughts wont save you..

So buckle up numbskulls…. troubles a comin’


The judeo-christian scam is real, but the religions are fake. Through these fake religions, they have harnessed the power of billions of dim-wits to accomplish their agendas! It’s really quite insidious.


STOP calling the paraites elites. The parasitic scum that has risen to the top. satans madmen, the deceivers, the evil ones. STOP pandering to their egos. Dont get the chip which is 666 the mark of the beast. Do pray the Holy Rosary as the Holy Mother’s Immaculate heart WILL Triumph.


The Russians will always be on the UN security council and there is nothing that can be done about it, short of disbanding the UN.


Gates irrelevant barely owns 0.02% of all american farmlands,nwo are definetaly getting crushed! Monsato got crushed,just like the fake epidemic bio-lab-rat scams and then they comboined don’t have the clout to endure in ,let alone sustrain towards any productive means of feasable living standards towards the future,all the technology by gates only made the west far too weaker than ever before in its entire history,besides the green deals now are just about also obsolete when it come to compete against natural fossil power,just wait come in winter!


The real masters and owners are the Venetian ( Formerly Phoenician ) Black Nobility. They own all the central banks, the Vatican, the MIC. major corporations, and governments. Via the Jesuits and freemasonry they run a covert global parasitic oligarchy and farm the commoners as debt slaves. These rulers will accept a multipolar version of their control as a means to an end. Don’t be fooled. Russia and China are both controlled by these ancient family bloodlines who worship Lucifer. Once we see the Common Law restored, usury banned, and honest commerce practiced only then will people be free from the masonic spell of commerce.

Karl Pomeroy

reCAPTCHA is not letting me answer you, Sage. Hm.

Karl Pomeroy

OK, Sage, they let me post that last one. But I said some really positive things about your comment, and reCAPTCHA would not let it post. Will this go through? I don’t like fighting censorship on SF.

Fucker of Nazi cuckolds

If it does not let you post, you still have your text. Copy your text to the Notepad. Then post a post with one letter. Press ‘wheel’ -> Edit and paste your full text. There is no reCAPTCHA in editing mode. Press Save. Done.

Last edited 9 months ago by Fucker of Nazi cuckolds

In light of what Russia has allowed to happen on it’s own watch since 1992 with the CIA/MI6 funding the Chechen wars… The destruction and slaughter in Yugoslavia… The Abhkaz/South Ossetia conflict(s)… The Maidan coup in 2014… And the economic sanction(s) along with sabotage and murder of it’s foreign service abroad….

THIS https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-says-it-may-sever-us-relations-if-declared-terrorism-sponsor is rather late in coming…

And is the “poster child” for why pootie-poot should have done everything in his power as the leader of his Country to demand an investigation – https://www.ae911truth.org/… Instead of “carrying the water” for the UN Club H0u$e when he made this comment in 2017 – https://theduran.com/putin-911-not-inside-job/

Because if he had demanded an investigation as early as 2004 with “what Russia knew”?… His Country wouldn’t be called out as a State sponsor of terrorism. Rather. Russia would be running the UN and be calling the U.$. and it’$ va$$al bitche$ the ONLY TERRORI$T since 2001!…

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Karl Pomeroy

Putin hasn’t been a strong as some of us would like. I could go on and on about this. But he’s still one of the greatest leaders on earth.

Edgar Zetar

I agree that 9/11 in USA anounced the comming of a new age. USA was trying to subdue and conquer the Arab World (Israel deed) and while they were fighting Arabs and controlling all INTERNET… the Android OS like iOS were developed by DARPA (US Goverment) and then transferred to Google… be no mistake, all cellphones in the WEST (worldwide) are taped and invaded using laws created from 9/11 events. Any country must get rid of CLOUD TECH dependant in USA Goverment or BIG TECH and start creating their own Private Clouds and no internal data of citizens could leave their countries… also try to get rid of Politicians and Institutions dependant in USAID or any external help (they disguise their infiltration as humanitary help)… OWO (NWO) wont be achieved if everyone start geting out of the USA Control MATRIX.


jens holm Local sources in Syria’s Hasakah governorate reported on 13 August that 89 tanker trucks filled with Syrian oil were escorted out of the country by US army vehicles.

The oil, plundered from Syria’s resource-rich Jazira region, was smuggled to Iraq via the illegal Mahmoudiya border crossing.

This latest oil trafficking operation comes just two days after Syria’s state news agency SANA reported that a convoy of 144 oil tankers was taken out of Syria by the US army to their bases in Iraq.

Washington has intensified its oil looting operation in Syria in the wake of their own severe energy crisis, which was made worse by sanctions imposed on Russia’s energy sector.

Over the past two months alone, hundreds of fuel tankers filled with Syrian oil have been reported stolen by residents of northern Syria. The crisis has also pushed Damascus to hike the price of subsidized gasoline by 130 percent, in spite of the country’s vast reserves.

Syria currently relies solely on imports of fuel and gasoline from Iran, as both western sanctions and the US occupation of its oil fields have created a dire humanitarian crisis.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Oil Ministry released a statement saying that the US army plunders “66,000 barrels of oil every single day,” amounting to around 83 percent of Syria’s daily oil production.

This has led Syria’s oil sector to record losses nearing $105 billion since the beginning of the war until the middle of this year.

The occupation army is also responsible for plundering the country’s wheat, exacerbating an acute food crisis. According to the World Food Programme (WFP), 12.4 million Syrians — or close to 70 percent of people in the country today — are food insecure.

The presence of US forces in Syria is illegal under international law, as their deployment was implemented without the consent of Damascus or the UN.


The impossibility of communication is a language problem, The West as is called does not understand you, “RUSSIA” they are dexterous to your words and perceive something that is not what you say. A similar situation as the tower of Babel & the confusion of the languages. One example is Jesus on the cross, the Jews his people did not understood him at all, and from the merchants market to his crucifixion, the result was the Collapse of Israel & the end of the Roman Empire. Jesus did ask for his father to come to the rescue. Nothing happen at that particular moment. However 70 years later Israel diapered & it is still nowhere today is a sort of holly disorder with the logos of terrorism & antisemitism on a daily basis . The same took place to the Roman Empire it became what is called the Christian Empire. How that this took place. For the Jewish you can say was the refusal of the Leaders of Israel to accept Jesus to understand his language & the Rabbis refuse to change their own privileged economical position that the Roman Empire gave them. That refusal was a lack of communication if you like. Today you are facing the same dilemma with Zalesnki the New Jewish Messiah & Kiev the Jerusalem in construction; On the other side you got The NATO EU WASHINGTON realm who are unable to understand the language of RUSSIA & CHINA. On what Power is concern it is not America the most powerful nation in history, it is a system, unfortunately that question will remain unanswered. You got Brennus & the sword as you have Jesus & the market, as you have Romulus & Remus. That is as much history will tell. In 2022 the labyrinth is the Nuclear weapons roach motel “you get in but you can not get out”

Karl Pomeroy

Or maybe it’s not a communication problem. Maybe it’s that Western governments and media are infiltrated or owned by you know who and completely corrupt. They pretend not to understand Russia as a ruse for their own gain. Meanwhile, a lot of us ordinary Western citizens appreciate Russia and its culture, and admire Putin.


The beginning of it'”$” END https://www.zerohedge.com/political/fbi-sends-clear-message-trump-his-supporters-swamp-real-rep-davidson-says

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Karl Pomeroy

Koenig gives an excellent summary of the global threat, always one of the best writers out there.


Part of the agenda of the $430 billion climate bill appears to be attack on companies posting a profit. If companies don’t pay a dividend then that reduces investor interest and the company is less liquid, and more reliant on Fed intervention to prop it up. I think this will cause bigger swings than the current yo-yo behaviour of the market we have been seeing lately.

Where will all that money go? Especially with inflation eating away at sitting cash, it will go into physical assets causing further inflation, and giving the Fed the excuse to raise interest rates much higher. With higher interest rates, poor liquidity in the economy, the common people will have to abandon their mortgages and sell to investors, or more likely Fed stooges i.e Blackrock, Bank of America etc.


Brilliant, 10/10 A++ assessment!


Great article


With emphasis – https://theduran.com/putin-911-not-inside-job/

Why Putin’s acquiescence got him to this moment https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-says-it-may-sever-us-relations-if-declared-terrorism-sponsor

When he should have been a true Leader of the Free World in 2004 when the worst LIE of the 9/11 Commission Report made it’$ debut. And China and India helped with the crime scene http://www.911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html

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