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Forecasting Escalation Scenario Of Conflict In Syria

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This video was originally released in November, 2016. It depicts the worst-case escalation scenario of the conflict in Syria. However, this analysis remains relevant to this day.

On March 13, the US threatened to strike Syrian government forces in the Damascus countryside. On March 14, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it will act in response if lives of the Russian servicemen are endangered. 

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In terms of the actual failure of diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis, the threat of a direct armed conflict between Russia and the United States is becoming more and more of a reality.

In simulating a possible armed conflict between the Armed Forces of the involved countries, we can state with some confidence that it will commence with a series of provocative actions. Possibilities include air strikes of “unknown aircraft” on civilians, the use of chemical weapons, destruction of humanitarian convoys, “shooting” at military aircraft or ships of the coalition forces, and possibly even encompassing their complete destruction. The United States and Western countries will undoubtedly accuse the Syrian or Russian Armed Forces of any such action in this regard.

Furthermore, bypassing all the international organizations and their resolutions, a certain “group of friends of Syria” will declare a decision to establish a no-fly zone over Syria to “ensure the safety of the civilian population” as part of the US “R2P – Responsibility To Protect strategy. After a repeated provocative episode, for example, the use of chemical weapons, there will be an announcement for the beginning of a full scale military operation against the “criminal regime and its ally”

If it is decided to fully implement this power projection scenario, the target of the first strike will be air defense systems and command and control centers of the Syrian army. The US would show their strength and willingness to take extreme measures to offset the Assad regime. In this scenario, the campaign against the media propagandized “universal evil” is to improve the reputation of the United States on the world stage. This strike will be launched with cruise missiles upon the most vulnerable targets, which will be situated in locations with the weakest air defense system. The strikes will be carried out from a safe 500 km distance from the main targets. In this case, the US Mediterranean naval group will be out of the zone of defeat of anti-ship missiles “X-35″ (Range – up to 200 km) and “Onyx” (SS-N-26 Strobile, range – up to 300 km). The Syrian army will not be able to strike back on its own, and Russia may be willing to make significant concessions in the negotiation process. That could relieve the United States from the need to carry out more extensive and costly operations.

However, Russia is likely to act from the position of strength. Qualifying the deaths of several groups of Russian military advisors in the Syrian targeted areas as an act of aggression, Russia can execute a number of various military operations, directly or indirectly. In particular, several American ships in the US Mediterranean fleet could be destroyed by stealthy diesel-electric submarines the Project 636 “Warszawianka”. In addition, US warships can be attacked by Tu-160 strategic bombers. Or US warships, aviation and ground forces and facilities in the Middle East which were involved in the aggression can be attacked by Russian rocket, artillery and air defense systems from Syrian territory and on behalf of Syrian Arab Army. Any such direct or indirect operations will also be framed by the US as an act of aggression. Thus, they will move on to the scenario of a massive attack of the forces of the two fleets

In general, this strike can be executed by more than 1500 cruise missiles. Currently in the Mediterranean Sea there is deployed 4 guided-missile destroyers of the US Navy – USS Ross (DDG-71), USS Carney (DDG 64), USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) and USS Porter (DDG 78). Each of them is equipped with multiple vertical launch systems with no less than 90 start-up cells, each of which can be charged with an anti-submarine, an anti-aircraft or a cruise missile. When the strikes are executed on the ground targets each cell can be charged with a cruise missile BGM-109 “Tomahawk”. The naval combat group would be shadowed with one nuclear-powered Ohio-class sub with more than 150 cruise missiles aboard.

The US 5th Fleet has another powerful group of warships, which can be deployed in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Currently, in addition to the Aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), it is composed of four guided-missile destroyers USS Nitze (DDG 94), USS Roosevelt (DDG 80), USS Stout (DDG 55), USS Mason (DDG 87) and two guided-missile cruisers (USS San Jacinto (CG 56), USS Monterey (CG 61). This naval group is reinforced with two guided missile submarines.

The target of the massive strike will be the ships of the Russian Mediterranean fleet, command centers, airfields, air defense systems and electronic warfare. The US and its allies will resort to the force scenario only if they can achieve overwhelming superiority over their stated enemy. In spite of the deployment of air defense systems “Pantsir-S1″(SA-22 Greyhound), the S-300 (SA-10 Grumble) and S-400 (SA-21 Growler), as well as sea-based air defense systems, the army command and control systems as well as air defense systems of Russia and Syria, would receive irrepairable damage in the case of implementation of a massive attack by cruise missiles from a safe distance.

According to military experts, for the assured destruction of one Russian air defense complex, approximately 10 missile launches under the condition of retaliatory fire by the air defense complexes are required. According to some estimates, there are approximately up to 200 air defense systems on permanent combat readiness throughout Syria. However, the destruction of the primary radars can “blind” defense launchers. The only trump card in this scenario could be Russian top-secret electronic warfare systems, which theoretically could disorient the enemy cruise missiles as well as naval vessels. If this does not happen, it is unlikely that Russia will retaliate by means of conventional weapons. It may be sufficient, in one hour of operation, to eliminate the threat to the United States and its allies Air Forces.

In this situation, Russia will be faced with a choice: to abandon Syria, leaving it at the mercy of warring factions, or to respond with a tactical nuclear attack. The US calculation will be conducted based upon the premise that Russia in this situation would not dare to take such a step. According to I.27 of the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation by 2014, “The Russian Federation shall reserve the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it and/or its allies, as well as in the event of aggression against the Russian Federation with the use of conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is in jeopardy”. In this case, the United States and its allies do not use nuclear weapons and do not specifically pose a threat to the existence of the Russian state, although that point could be debated considering the US is continually imposing itself upon Russia’s borders and has played the role of aggressor since the beginning of the New Cold War.

Meanwhile taking into account the approximate flight time of cruise missiles to the target (roughly 40 minutes at missile speeds up to 880 km/h and the distance to target of 500 km), the military and political Russian leadership will have enough time to estimate the scale of the attack and resort to a Predetermined Response Plan. The main Russian counter strike would be executed upon the elements of the missile defense system in Europe. At the same time the concentrated forces of the 5th and 6th fleets will be entirely destroyed by the X-102 missiles from Tu-160 bombers. The US and its allies in their turn will try to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike on the territory of the Russia Federation. So the final step will be a strategic nuclear exchange.

However, considering a more likely the scenario that involves maintaining military parity in the  region, the parties may continue negotiations, gradually developing successes on various fronts. After the capture of Mosul and Raqqa the US coalition forces will attempt to gain control over as much Syrian terrain as possible. After the capture of Aleppo, Russia will also move to the center of the country. Thus, Syria will be divided into spheres of influence similar to post-war Germany. The parties then will begin long-term political negotiations on forming a national unity government and resolve the status of Kurdish autonomy. No matter how the situation  develops, Russia will continue to ensure the rise to power of a loyal government that is representative of the Syrian people, as well as being a staunch ally, and thus retain the Russian naval base in Syria. The recent win of Donald Trump in the US presidential election likely contributed to this peaceful scenario. Experts expect that with Trump in the White House, the main players in the region – Russia and the US – will have more chances to make a deal to divide the spheres of influence.

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Tudor Miron

This article is outdated and based on false premise that US striking forces can attack from “safe” distance. There’s no safe distance for them – deal with it.


Well you read the title and you watch the video, it’s clearly says that is from 2016, you should read the article before you judge more tho. Although you are accurate in your statement no US ships are safe now from Russia especially from the new weapons that the Russia has it now.

Tudor Miron

I did read the article and “This video was originally released in November, 2016. It depicts the worst-case escalation scenario of the conflict in Syria. However, this analysis remains relevant to this day.”(c) part. My response was to that claim that it is still relevant because it is not. Russia has enough capability to strike US naval groups and land launchers without using nuclear weapons. This makes main premise of forcasted scenario is false and outdated.

John Whitehot

when the article was written, there was also the issue of Turkey, which was still considered a US ally in possible escalations.

Nowadays, it does not seem credible that Turkey would take such stance – it would likely allow traffic going out the Black Sea (allowing more Russian subs and ships to get in the area), and possibly block NATO traffic trying to enter.

I don’t trust Turkey, yet these relations among countries aren’t based on “trust” alone (and the public normally can’t know what really goes on in the backscenes of diplomacy); it seems that Erdogan has made up his mind in regards to which side he is on, in the world order that is shaping up today.

Mahmoud Larfi

If such a scenario occurs Turkey will turn on Russia in the following hour.

John Whitehot

you wish.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think so. Turkey can not exist as erdokan want her to be, in a russian environment.

John Whitehot

No country in the world can exist independently in an “american environment”.

notwithstanding that the US already tried to get rid of Erdogan once.

there is no “russian environment”, there is a world that has to choose between being enslaved by the zioyankee establishments or proclaim its independence from such enslavement.

To achieve the second option, which is the best if you aren’t a zionist or a cia employee, nations must entertain positive relationships and prevent the empire building scumbags to break them.

Russia and Turkey may have their differences, but they have one thing in common on which they base their own existance: to avoid getting shackled by the US.

Once that danger is averted, the nations of the world can start on how to coexist peacefully.

And mind this, this isn’t only about Turkey – sooner or later every nation will have to decide if they still want to exist freely or as a exploited component in a zionist ruled “empire”.

Promitheas Apollonious

well turkeys plans and russians are not the same and are not much different than the UK/US plans because you speak as though USA is not a colony and always have been. In any case in the game whose the one who tells the others their future does not exist equality just different way of delivering the base of what you want to be achieved.

And this world we are into now though for many is an illusion they trying to make sense of, is not the same for the rest of us we live it and we are in it shaping our future. Turkey is a whore who sell her self to the highest price but at the same time dreaming of ottoman empire and all that comes with it. She dont have much future watch and see.

Promitheas Apollonious

what you telling me is a good dream for the moment and a well wishing, rather than what is reality and how things stand.

For the moment as reality stands is a global war going on that for the moment is been contained within ME and few other countries. And this war as I see it will spread from syria into the Balkan area and between Greece and turkey unless you dont follow what is happening around the world. when the dust settle if it ever then maybe what you saying now to be applicable then.

John Whitehot

“what you telling me is a good dream for the moment and a well wishing, rather than what is reality and how things stand”

You don’t know nothing about reality, no one does.

Not even the neocons or their zionist friends.

The only thing that can be desumed is that if humanity will keep on existing towards the future, things will have to take that course, more or less roughly.

The alternative, the one that will be triggered by a “victory” of the zionist empire, is that humanity will stop functioning and become even less relevant than today in front of the whole universe, if not disappear completely.

Which is a nightmare for most persons still in their senses.

As a Christian I believe that the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ has made humanity FREE, and safe from enslavement and extinction in the FUTURE.

Promitheas Apollonious

it is your right to believe what ever your consciousness allow you to understand my friend.

George King

Turkey can not stand alone and NATO will not defend, no such scenario exist……


and be flattened

Promitheas Apollonious

It look this way yes but I dont believe this will be a reality for much longer.


Dont be fooled by Afrin Offensive – it may be a ruse to prevent Assad from incorporating those regions into Syria – so they are occupying on behalf of US-NATO.

John Whitehot

i don’t get fooled, because i keep an open mind and i’m not afraid of making wrong assumptions.

The turkish offensive may be or may be not what you say. Fact is though, that Turkey is among the few, if not the only sunni country that has opposed Israel in these years.

and since we are in the realms of hypothesis, Turkey may as well have changed its policies after the coup.

I’m mostly convinced that the whole matter had something to do with the ex-PM Davinoglu that tried ousting Erdogan with US support, and that with his failure and resigning Turkey became much more free from US meddling.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US and Israel is conducting Operation JuniperCobra meaning it’s a snake in the bush hiding it’s true intentions with the current operation. What they are hoping for is to make many advances from the south as we see how they have tried and been repelled so far, but that will be impossible soon for them too play this game. They have had some US mercs with the SFSA(US/Israeli) have seen the videos with these merc/spec forces leading the attack any slight resistance they retreat. They don’t want to be caught as that would be a huge embarrassment to the west.

These are interesting times always surprised by some of the speculation, why I have been back to watching at all the political and military moves. Truly interesting times had seen and foretold of this on a SouthFront video on YouTube and what to do in order to counter all the attempts. Right now we have seen the US starting to turn it’s population against the country and now UK has fallen into that trap and I suspect France will be next on the Russian rant about “those crazy Russia did it things”.

John Whitehot

very interesting, thank you.

Rüdiger Preiss

Absolutely. The Turkish invasion in the North is a done deal between the US and Turkey. Think about it. Turkey is a MUCH more capable partner than the Kurds. They are well equipped with an efficient military structure. They will use the FSA as cannon fodder in the first rows; Same in Darraa. The first coordinated larger scale attack will happen and it will include one or more larger scale gas attacks which will be blamed on Damascus. The US will boot Russia off the UNSC seat and decide that a red line has been crossed; Thereafter the US coalition forces bombing campaign will begin, not just 60+ Tomahawks but thousands and on multiple targets. Next Israel will set boots on ground from the West, the US from the South (or if the SAA is already weakened enough they’ll simply let their proxies do the job) and Turkey will march South from the North, whilst they’ll let ISIS grow in the East to stop Iran’s supply line.

Rüdiger Preiss

Turkey will back the US 100%. Their current Russian – Iranian “alliance” only serves them right now in setting foot on Syrian soil with little resistance, which actually will be very much to the benefit of US coalition forces. To have the Turks in the North is far worse than the Kurds, mark my word!


The general response scenario of the article remains the same. The US might overestimate their ability or underestimate Russian resolve to defend Syria.


Russia has no new weapons in arsenal. If several pieces shitty export versions of s-400 will produce 2 yers, how many time need to produce several hundreds of very sofisticated weapons? btw., the hypersonic toy is still in development, begor 2025 will not come. IF.

John Whitehot

your poison levels are dangerously high. I talk for the sake of your mental stability, however compromised it might already be, remember it’s hard to type while in a straight-jacket.

Jaime Galarza

I blocked the idiot because his insanity is toxic.

John Whitehot

i don’t block but i agree on the insanity.


Current S400 – S500 + Yakhonts variants and Long range systems are more than a match for anything NATO-US has. Why does USA go bananas when Russia sells these to other countries?


child, s-500 is project, not finished thing.

all other your comments are such shits!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

All your stupid rantings about something not finished nor available is just pure hogwash they are developing an export version of the S-500 and avanzgard has been successfully tested recently , Altius M exists new ICBMs too please save your speculative nonsense for the funny pages because it doesn’t fly here.



You can call me Al

It was still however an excellent analysis that should get the hairs standing on the back of our necks.

The US threats now, the false flag chemical attack and that rubbish happening in the UK with the poisoning of the spy is definitely leading up to something.

We are seeing the rapid fall of an empire in progress – an empire that is so arrogant, it will go to war as opposed to admitting it.

Tudor Miron

Yes, I agree that situation is extremely dangerous but I would not panic at this point just yet.

Alice Barnes

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Rüdiger Preiss

With the spy case they are trying to discredit Russia and eventually push them off the UNSC seat. This and more false flags in Syria eventually might get them there; I just wonder whether China will keep watching ..

You can call me Al

Yes, you are probably right. In a so called democracy, if that happens, I think that maybe the kiss of death, not for Russia, but for the US – I mean how in God’s name could any Country take them seriously from then on ?.

China must surly know, that they will be next.


Also the premise of Russian Military doctrine of not using nukes have changed (see Putins State of the nation address 2018) since the US recently stated they could initiate a nuke war even during a conventional conflict – without provocation. Putin specifically mentions this. Also, article doesnt mention that Yakhonts type missiles (3.5 mach carrier killers) are in possession of Hizbollah. The article also does not factor in Iran – which will also be attacked, and will respond by wiping US regional bases. It will indeed be an awful mess that no doubtedly will go Nuke. A good scenario plan all the same.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia dont need Nukes in retaliatory..just US Baltic countries bases are an easy target for Russian armed forces….


Russia has nuclear nukes. Russia should not let being bullied by USA. If USA attacks, make clear that Russia will respond with nuclear warheads and chemical weapons.

Spread some chemical agent above those aricraft carrier and make them useless. Then, bomb them with nuclear warheards and cruise missile and submarines.

Syrians and Iranians will deal with the remaining americans who don’t want to leave Syria.


If you let being bullied, it will never stop; If, everyday, someine bullies you and take your money and beat you and you do nothing, you are done. If once, you come with a baseball bat and you explode his knee, he will never go around you ever.


or he may get your baseball bat and squash your skull. :) who knows… but yes, better to stand against bully, in most cases.


That can happen. But, the man will go in jail and everyone will understand who is the bad guy, a murder. So, he lost.

Most of the time, when you defend yourself and show that you will not negociate your rights, the bad guy retreat because he has too much to loose.


Too much imaginations in this article.

Although the prospect of a showdown is there , it is largely unlikely that Russia and US would go into end days scenerio firstly … US has never shown to have any guts or can afford the loss of her floating coffins and Russia will only respond if she is really attacked.

No will not happen and in my opinion there will never be any partition of Syria as everyone can see US just does not have the ground forces to hold on to the areas they now control.

Again these authors like Saker has forgotten to even mention the role of Iran who is very quiet now but really would be the main player not Russia.

Iran has land access to millions of troops and all the missiles to finish off any adversary in ME .. not Russia which ONLY depend on their small air force to annihilate those stupid jihadists.

US’s ground forces are so small and surrounded and really the Kurds are hardly able to survive vs the Turks.

US’s only assets are their air force and cruise missiles which are easily avoided by carefully hiding the main assets living only already destroyed infrastructures to bomb.

My take is US can fire EVERY MISSILE and bombs they have on board their ships , it would not make a dent to SAA’s fighting power as long as Syria has good enough SAMs and Russia supports with their air defences . US cannot afford to lose lots of planes and pilots just like the Israelis.

So no .. there may be a show down … but not the kind of scale this author seems to imagine.

I still say … take care of the air, US forces can be defeated even if they have lots of air power.

Manuel Flores Escobar

US was unable to attack North Korea…imagine Russia!


If Russia gives a fight, USA has too much to loose.


You think our leadership is sane?


If Russia gives a fight, Russia will become like superheroes that Americans love and USA will be the vilain. Americans hate to be vilains. They like to be superheroes.


My country is already is the villain. Makes the nazis look like choir boys. This article makes me sick. Lucky I live next to an army base. It’ll be quick!

John Whitehot

I don’t see the US as a villain, but as a country ruled by villains.

I wish the common people would behave less like terrorized fanboys and more like their constitution teaches them.


Its a hard thing to ask of a person to be a non-violent martyr.

John Whitehot

and who the fuck asked for that?


You. Wishing the people of my country would go and fight the government. Protests, riots, etc. How do you think that is going to work out? People love to talk shit until its their body on the line. Ferguson and Occupy, look those protests up. When the powers that be get beaten or run out of resources to feed their wars they will turn on the citizenery x 100.

John Whitehot

your statement was: “Its a hard thing to ask of a person to be a non-violent martyr.”

while in your following comment you talk about violence against the government.

All in all, you make me sick with disgust at your attempts to undermine my comment while employing trickery.

It’s people that can read the ones that can change things. Those you think you can manipulate are a brainwashed mass that will be taken out of their state by those stated above.


Quick death is the best death.

John Whitehot

you should be taken as an example of moral vulgarity and intellectual laboring.

people that haven’t got a clue on what is happening and still give air to the teeth.

Vince Dhimos

Just in now, Gerasmimov says that if this false flag event is staged as planned and the US strikes Syria, Russia will strike back! https://www.ridus.ru/news/272494?utm_campaign=ridus&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=push


The West’s anti Russia propaganda machine is in full flow now. In the UK Daily Telegraph yesterday the delivery of election ballot papers to the isolated Russian communities in Siberia was portrayed as a desperate plan by Putin to get more votes.

Surely ensuring that ALL Russian’s eligible to vote are able to do so is REAL Democracy ?

A war with Russia will crash the Wests economic system. Is this the intention ?


yea the long cycle is over in the west and it needs war, i don’t understand though in this age of nuclear weapons how this makes any sense


” i don’t understand though in this age of nuclear weapons how this makes any sense ”

That is because you are of ‘sane mind’ Javier :) Your are in a minority amongst your countrymen .

Vince Dhimos

The main intention is to cause Putin to lose votes. After March 18, we might get a break. MIGHT I say….


If anything all this anti Russia hysteria will increase President Putins support as Russians still remember the oppressive Zionist control methods used by Stalin.




Yes, he was a drunkard.


Russia needs to get serious and arm Iran or it will be rolled over.

Bjorn Metaal

This conspiracy theories at there finest state of bullshit. no sir I don’t like it.


It’s a two possible scenarios scheme, not a conspiracy theory pretending facts. My point of view is it was very informative reading it.

Promitheas Apollonious

you haven’t yet learn to separate fiction from reality, obviously.


I dont think they have that much missiles ready for an attack! 50 per vessel max! because they have to defend themselfes from couter attacks!

paul ( original )

I don’t think it should be overlooked that Russia recently release footage of a deployment testing of their new hypersonic anti ship missile. I am no expert and other may have a better opinion than me, but I would say the message here is ‘we are ready’ .

Mahmoud Larfi

The dates are erroneous it’s rather March, 12 and March, 13 (today)


“Radar The MiG-31 aircraft is equipped with world’s first electronically scanned N007 Zaslon phased array radar. It is also known as SBI-16 Zaslon (Flash Dance) radar and operates from the rear cockpit by WSO. It can receive signals from early warning radar (EWR) and airborne warning and control systems (AWACS). Zaslon has the capacity to scan 200km distance. The radar can trap ten targets and engage four simultaneously flying in the surrounding radius of the aircraft (behind and below the aircraft).”

– MiG-31 Foxhound Interceptor Aircraft –


I don’t think that the US would be able to take down the Syrian government coalition integrated air defense radar and blind the system. Because there is an air component that would be much more difficult to neutralize. And the Russians can quickly put a sizable contingent of aircraft into the Syrian theater from Russia and Iran. I also don’t see the Trump administration provoking a sizable conflict with Russia or Iran. The Jews may try to get the US involved. But I think that they would fail. There is a lot of opposition to Jews in the US below the surface that isn’t readily visible.


A MIG 31 is designed to be a command aircraft and can perform AWACS functions. With a 250 mile radar circumference, one plane covers most of Syria. Several would provide overlapping coverage. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3159bcd814fcb4a82916b06e725cebf49e7f912de91d7c27d1f8e919c9ae68d.png


Fingers crossed you are correct Richard.


When two crazy, mentally sick antisemites have an agreement.

Rakean Jaya

So according to your logic, anti US war crimes is antisemit, anti israel crimes is antisemit? Is that right? If so then I’m proudly announcing that I’m a biggest antisemit.


antisemits are because of 90% of their comments


Anti Semite is a sick old argument – Your own jew brothers have called you out with proof that You and 90% Israehellis are not real semites – go peddle your sorry sh!t somewhere else. Anti Semite is to kill the real and only semites – the Palestinians.



95% of world Jewry are Ashkenazi at 99% European and 0% Middle Eastern.

Richard M

I think WW3 is one Hell of a damn stupid idea, but you have to consider who is the aggressor in Syria? What options are the Jihado-tard backing Globalists offering Syria’s people? If you put a gun in a man’s face and tell him you are going to rape and murder his wife and children, you really don’t leave him any options.


The only anti semite is YOU – Khazar fake Jew. The only real semites are the Palestinians – F-off – no-one likes you and Tel Avivs gonna fry soon. Nasrallah is the new King of Jerusalem.

Mahmoud Larfi

Really Russia must update its rules of engagement in Syria. Meaning any phone call from US, Israel or Turkey announcing an upcoming strike on Syrian Forces will be from now on discarded as for merely informational value and must instead be dealt with as a strike on Russia’s own forces in Syria and de facto declaration of war.. this sure will calm them for a while.


I recommend reading the article but, not from an informative position. Not bad stuff but, it ignores a lot.

What was the big concern of the USMC last week? It was one of the girls having ‘revealing’, not even nude, photos of herself posted on Facebook. Ladies and gentlemen, the US is in no way shape or form ready to go to war with any prepared opponent, never mind Syria and it’s allies.

Russia is reaching limits of patience. Should Russian leadership determine diplomacy has finished it’s course, then it will be guns blazing, on a pragmatic level. If provocative action begins in Syria, who says the US 7th Fleet is safe? I am not sitting here typing the preposterous when I state that the US is extremely casualty averse. If the US loses a dozen ships inside an hour, is Congress going to be Gung-Ho to proceed, with the prospects of much of the rest of the fleet being destroyed by the end of day? this ain’t Doctor Strange Love baby and for the record, Slim Pickens is dead.

New Yorker City types…………. they talk a lot and at loud volume. President Trump is a New Yorker. His staff is of New Yorker City style. Before 9/11, they were some of the most big mouthed, hard nosed and nasty group one can imagine. It is not that way anymore. I have found them, at this point in time, some of the most helpful and cordial folks in the US. But, the people out in front of the administration and others, still resonate from this older school of delusion. So, my take on it is at the first notice of planes hitting the deck or ships going below waterline, that the brakes will be put on things. Fore although the Neocon types may go for it, the people they need to make it sustainable are not going to have everything they hold dear incinerated. My take on it. I wish well to all.

George King

Just the announcement from Putin and the reaction to the US Review of Nuclear Posture has brought out publicly (not reported by MSM of course) four US Senators signed letter to the secretary of state to renegotiate with Russia to avoid Armageddon or Assured Mutual Destruction.

Wait until a limited conventional confrontation results in very devastating loss of NATO & US assets in the Mediterranean and ME soil, possibly Israel assets as well if they are foolish enough to be involved in an attack (even false flag) on the Syrian Alliance including embedded Russian solders and assets.

Putin left no gaps or guesses about Russian response knowing that this will be tested, the time is ripe with the Russian Presidential election, expect a doubling down by the neo-clowns which I believe will be the last act before their demise in power with in a week, time line.


Hello King. I didn’t know about the Senators. Good news it is. I have watched Russia strengthening their position for a while. I just watched the video of a Russian frigate departing port in the Black Sea Fleet. Russia is ready and is trying to put the ‘krazies'( with a k ) on notice. I hope it does not come down to blows. A good day to you King.


It is getting pretty obvious that we are about to see some escalation in Syria real soon. Russia isn’t a minor annoyance to imperial plans anymore, but a real scary player. Especially after the showcasing of the new weapons, there can be no more waiting, since the power gap will ony widen further. France, UK and US have all shown their willingness to oppose Russia for several silly reasons. But if shit hits the fan, don’t expect China to turn a blind eye and let its plans die like this. Too much has been invested to back down now. Hopefully sanity prevails… but it truly is 2 minutes to midnight… In this war, there won’t be any winners. There will be just one loser, humanity.


The ships can only use the Missiles, that are onboard. If one ship has only ten cruise Missiles, it can only use them. And there is no silo launched ASW Missile in Service in the Ami Navy.


Starting to feel “real”, is it guys? The scales are falling from your eyes?

Putin has done nothing but groom the murderous intent of the Deep State over the last two years or so. When your town becomes the ‘wild west’, and emboldened criminals operate openly on the streets during the hours of daylight, it is NOT the fault of the criminals, but the fault of the LAW ENFORCEMENT people who allowed such a situation to develop unopposed.

Likewise we KNOW the Deep State is the most ruthless evil entity in the History of Mankind. But Putin has played nothing but patty-cake with the Deep State, and actively encouraged its ambitions to grow and become real. It was Putin who slapped down Assad, and invited Turkey and the USA to operate in Syria (so long as they both “fought ISIS”). Don’t believe me- go Google.

Now Putin and Russia are learning the downsides of TRYING to make a deal with the devil.


You are a wannabe sophisticated troll, not much more. Once again, Russia is on defense against the empire, and the ball is in the later’s court, as they are the ones threatening or issuing “ultimatums”. Let’s see what they are gonna try to “persuade” Russians this time.

John Whitehot

YOU made a deal with the devil, and will be dealt accordingly.

Brad Isherwood

Syria’s a NWO amusement park and Putin gets to sell tickets

Richard M

Imposing chaos in Syria and turning it into another “Jihadoworld” amusement park like Somalia and Libya is one Hell of a GD stupid reason to start WW3 and destroy civilization on Earth for millennia, but that is the Globalist Deep Swamp thinking. Who knows if the bastages have converted mine shafts into survival redoubts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UylkQXqhlKs

Brad Isherwood

Putin selling amusement park tickets to Partners : )

Ever see a Syrian Su 30? India has some…..even Malaysia gets some Ever see a Syrian S 300?, Iran has some. ..after waiting 6 years!

Putin will test Russia’s best shit over Syria, Yet only supply Syria with old Gen equipment to please Netanyahu. Until Putin actually shoots down Israeli or US aircraft in Syria, It’s an amusement park for Empire …who have Kurd attack Turk,Kurd steal Syrian territory and assets (Tabqa Dam, East Euphrates oil nat/gas fields ) US arm and protect FSA/Takfiri Israel arm and protect FSA/Takfiri.

Syria’s a NWO amusement park.

Richard M

Those are weapons systems used in international warfare, not anti-terrorist operations. You can hope that Putin is eager for WW3. I’m not. Khrushchev withdrew Soviet missiles from Cuba in 1962 because he wasn’t crazy and eager to start WW3. But go ahead and attack Putin for not being a suicidal mass murdering maniac willing to kill billions of people.

Brad Isherwood

>>>You can hope that Putin is eager for WW3. I’m not But go ahead and attack Putin for not being a suicidal mass murdering maniac willing to kill billions of people.

You girlie types need to own the NWO amusement park reality Syria is and ask why Putin restricts Syria and Iran’s military so that they are no threat to Israhell.

Syria is a decades Soviet era/Russia military client. Why are they not getting quality military systems to stop Israel,Turkey or US invasions?

Is Whitenoise tutoring you on how to bend posters words back on themselves or cast intent on them where none is Stated?.

I’m saying Russia hamstrings Syria and Iran, Putin gives contracts and political favor to Turkey,Saudi Arabia and Israel. States that are the primaries in the NWO murder Syria show.

Brad Isherwood

By the way…. Russia shot down US aircraft in Korean War and Vietnam war. US never reacted with WW 3.

Putin could give Syria and Iran weapon systems that can match US,Israel air aggressions. Syria and Iran would be defending themselves from aggression. No way Israel or US go nuclear if their pawns go missing in the game.

US and Israel are bullies who need to be confronted.

Richard M

True, but didn’t the Russian pilots fly NKAF and NVAF flagged planes, providing plausible deniability? …I’d like to see all foreign uninvited militaries out of Syria. The risk posed by rapidly upping the ante by downing planes and sinking ships is not something I agree with though. After all Trump’s bellicose statements to Kim Jong, the stage is set for direct negotiations. Haley’s windbaggery could be just opening talking points. One thing Trump has to weigh is that those who voted for him are largely in opposition to the US’s Syria aggression, which, after all is a continuation of the Obama/Hillzebub foreign policy. can he politically afford to spit in his base’s faces?

Brad Isherwood

http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/23512 Wayne Madsen reveals Trump and the Chabad Lubavitch crime cult. * note link to this article only as the website is not a outlet I’m fronting. Putin’s also got this Chabad Lubavitch snake worshipper show on his Oligarchy Periphery. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/04/the-happy-go-lucky-jewish-group-that-connects-trump-and-putin-215007

Trump’s pre election promises….He never meant to go thru with them , At least all the stuff said which threatens the Deep State and the MIC. Both have backed the Russia gate scam with controlled media and Government Agency collusion. Its been a bizarre theatric show which must have Democrats pulling their hair out after Thinking they could continue the Obama sleaze run with Bride of Chucky : )

You may not like to hear this yet consider http://www.aulis.com/apollo11saturn_v.htm http://www.aulis.com/exposing_apollo1.htm

The above website is one of the best Internet presenters with real science research data proving the Apollo Moon landings were hoax. The Deep State of then continues today, That’s why America gets Obama faked birth certificate to Trump will Drain the Swamp. It’s controlled drama which sheeple fall for continually.

Americans are burried in personal debt with their Socio coming apart all around them. Deep state reach into the distraction magic trick bag often.


Russia should announce a “training mission” to deploy a Division of Russian troops directly to the Damascus airport. After they are on the ground, then announce … “oh, and by the way, this Division has tactical nuclear weapons in it’s possession”.

This will put an end to the neocon-Zionists fantasy of thinking that they can make Russia blink first. It will be the US Congress that will demand a full debate over the war powers Act, and what the hell the US is doing over there. The US anti-war movement will mobilize against this march to war.

Believe me, the Joint Chiefs and most Generals are sick and tired of these endless wars to make Israel safe at the expense of 9,000 (and still counting) American soldiers.


Well that little vid seems to be preparing us for a Russian roll over, doesn’t it. However, it is predicated upon pre March 1 address by Putin. Which, takes us to a different place and that place depends on the adversaries beliefs and knowledge of where Russia is at with deployment of said technologies. So, we are back to: Russia knows it’s progress and Yankee best guess is probably 70% right

Brad Isherwood

Russia enabled North Korea and North Vietnam to shoot down US aircraft. ..over 5000. Arm both with weapons where their militaries advanced against US ally. UN was nearly driven out of South Korea at one point. After Inchon, …the US got the shit kicked out of it at Chosin Reservoir China even sent in 10s of 1000s over the Yalu river. US did not go nuclear on North Korea or China, Even though MacArthur wanted to. Afterwards….Truman sacked him.

Israel’s Zionist controlled media has everyone scared shitless to confront them or USA. Both can attack and occupy illegally ,…”boy you better not defend yourself or we’ll nuke you”

The world is tormented by these 2 liars. Neither is going to go nuclear war over some nation defending itself from their aggression.

Putin not letting Syria hit back at Israel or US is BS… Vietnam and Korea would smile reflecting on how Their Era Russia was not Chicken


I wasted 8 mins of my life on this low budget mom’s basement video production


It’s like they know once the missiles start flying know one will care why it started until it’s over. One look at the map is the whole story to me. What country in the world is going to tolerate armed factions, who fight amongst themselves, lobbing mortar shells into the capitol of the country from it’s suburbs. You are gonna start WW III over that and we gotta feel confident that you know what you are doing? Just because a few NATO big wigs don’t want to take a bus trip to the ghetto with the cannon fodder. Ok put them on some choppers in the middle of the night, bottom line get out!


Very nice. Though missing a lot of parameters. Iran-Iraq-Turkey and wait for it, wait for it CHINA.

Right now China is exerting too much pressure on the Americans on the Pacific. Iran will not stand Idle and will threaten the US. There are too many fronts open against the US, they will be outmaneuvered. They know it as well. This is why they want to eliminate the Iranian “threat” . No plan will work if Iran is not dealt with first.

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