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Conflict Of Interests Splits Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Jihadists

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Katibat al Tawhid wal Jihad (KTJ), one of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) main units, is witnessing a growing conflict, according to social media reports.

KTJ commander Sirozhiddin Mukhtarov was reportedly sacked by HTS’ leader Abu Mohamad al-Julani in a step aimed at subduing the unit’s fighters, most of whom are Uzbek and Kyrgyz.

Initially, Mukhtarov retained the position of spiritual mentor and chief adviser to the group. However, this changed when KTJ’s new commander Abdul Aziz Damlu brought in a new religious leader Akhlidin Novkatia from Turkey. The group’s new leadership then launched a campaign to weaken Mukhtarov’s influence in the group.

Known as Abu Saleh, Mukhtarov is reported responsible for the 2017 Saint Petersburg Metro bombing, which claimed the lives of 15 people.

Conflict Of Interests Splits Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Jihadists

Sirozhiddin Mukhtarov in the middle of his fighters.

After losing most of his influence within HTS, Mukhtarov begin working to create a new group in Syria’s Greater Idlib. He is reportedly working to recruit foreign terrorists who do not agree with the policies of al-Julani and other groups in Idlib.

Greater Idlib is now filled with terrorists resenting HTS’ al-Julani, who led them from a defeat to another over the last year. These terrorists will likely support Mukhtarov and any other radical leader who would attempt to challenge HTS authority.

The sacking of Mukhtarov is an example of how al-Julani is working to solidify its control within HTS. The infamous terrorist has been attacking anyone who would dare to challenge his position as the ultimate ruler of Idlib for years now. This created many new enemies of HTS.


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fayez chergui

good news. hope rats kill each other

Jens Holm

oF You only detonate Yourself hardly any will blame You.


Aah, wonderful news…
Quick CIA, send as much Go Pro camera’a as you can! (before Corona drains your financial resources..)
So they can film each other, killing and head-chopping one and other!

Liberal guy

Hey bastard take care of ur Yankees

Владимир Р.

Oil price drop down, covid19 hit a global market.
Satatn’s Masters reduce a salary to them, at least on 50%))))

Jens Holm

You never know. Fuel for almost nothing is not so bad. They might even buy russian oil:)

Владимир Р.

Their sales of stolen oil will also fall, and their owners will also reduce funding for them.

Because Statan’s Globalists Masters are busy reformatting the economy through covid, and cutting costs for this mercenaries.

Terrorism is one of the items of their expenses. that we are successfully fighting.

And a business that does not bring benefits is restructured. Thats terrorists- ordinary mercenaries will soon be hidden in the closet.

When they become toxic and not needed for their masters.


Aww, the multicultural terrorists are not getting along. Clearly they haven’t learn that ‘diversity is their strength’ yet.

Jens Holm

They have been tribers form the start just as the local Jihadist.

Icarus Tanović

They are not Jihadists, they are worst garbage on the face of the Earth.

Peter Jennings
Jens Holm

Thats not a shoe buit a sandal. Jesus used those because he could not tie knots.

Shoes in in ME just say people there not are ablle elect new leaders in a peacefull way. Often they also smash all furniture. Thats why so many there sit on carpets.

Jens Holm

Bad for all om them. They dont need that at all.


I would understand that Juliani is now in Turkey’s pocket. It no loss to anyone except to HTS themselves. Imagine if they did rule all of Syria?! It will be another Afghanistan after communist govt fell, where everything is up for grabs.

Assad must stay

hahahaha hopefully they start offing each other left and right

Rafik Chauhan

they all will be dead soon once SAA start attacking . including this turkey thugs will regret soon.


Bet he will be dead in 7 days. Car bomb or gunned down?

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