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Conflict In Syria Is About To Turn Into Global War

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Once again, the world is on the verge of the global war thanks to wanton actions of some states involved in the Syrian conflict. Guess which?

As the situation in Syria continues to escalate, it looks that leaders of “the free world” are more interested in instigating a further escalation rather than to study the Douma “chemical attack” issue in a cool head manner.

On April 10, US President Donald Trump promised a “forceful” response to the alleged chemical attack Douma, located in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

“We’re making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near Damascus,” Trump told reporters.

“We have a lot of options militarily,” he said adding that a response would be decided “shortly”.

On April 9, Trump promised “major decisions” after the US figures out who was responsible for the alleged attack in Douma — Russia, or Syria, or Iran, or “all of them together.”

So, is the US still really figuring out who is responsible? Indeed it looks that Washington has already decided who is to blame and the only problem is to justify the upcoming aggression against Syria.

During the recent UN Security Council meeting, US envoy Nikki Haley claimed that the US will act against the Assad government with or without a UN blessing.

“I could hold up pictures of all of this killing and suffering for the Council to see, but what would be the point? The monster who was responsible for these attacks has no conscience, not even to even be shocked by pictures of dead children.

The Russian regime, whose hands are all covered in the blood of Syrian children, cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims. We’ve tried that before. We must not overlook Russia and Iran’s roles in enabling the Assad regime’s murderous destruction. Russia and Iran have military advisers at Assad’s airfields and operations centers. Russian officials are on the ground helping direct the regime’s “starve and surrender” campaign, and Iranian allied forces do much of the dirty work. When the Syrian military pummels civilians, they rely on the military hardware given by Russia.

We are beyond showing pictures of dead babies. We are beyond appeals to conscience. We have reached the moment when the world must see justice done. History will record this as the moment when the Security Council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of Syria,” Haley said.

For Haley there is no doubt what “monster” is responsible for the alleged chemical attack in Douma. No proofs or investigation needed to confirm this.

Weapon of mass destruction (WMD) accusations have proven to be a useful tool of the foreign policy of some states. This tool is actively used in Syria.

According to circulating reports, Pentagon have already provided Trump with military options, which could be implemented to punish Syria.

Reuters says one of the options is the so-called multinational response, i.e. full-scale invasion, which may involve France, the UK and some other US allies.

Israel is another power that actively fuels the conflict with public statements and even actions, like the April 9 strike on the T4 airbase. Tel Aviv, that has for a long time been supporting anti-Assad forces in Syria, has only contributed to the increasing Iranian influence in the country. It needs extraordinary measures to contain the Iranian expansion. No doubts, the Israeli leadership sees Trump’s promise of “forceful” response as a good chance to gain an upper hand in the battle for Syria.

The question is how will Russia respond?

On April 9, experts of the Russian Defense Ministry visited the parts of Douma where the alleged chemical attack took place. According to the defense ministry’s statement, no traces of chemical weapons use were found. The Russian military also described photos of the chemical attack victims posted by the so-called White Helmets as fake.

Responding to Haley’s statement during the UNSC meeting, Russian representative Vassily Nebenzia called the accusations against Damascus “fake news”. Nebenzia once again warned the US and its allies of the possible “grave consequences” of a military action against Syria.

“Do you now understand what you have done?” Nebenzia repeated Putin’s question about the US-led reckless games in the Middle East. “No, you do not.”

“Everywhere you go, everything you touch, you leave behind only chaos. You try to fish in those murky waters, but the only thing you catch is mutants.”

“What [the] military misadventures of the West bring about is well known, as shown by the examples of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. Nobody has vested you with the power to act like the world’s policeman, or to act like the prosecutor, judge, and executioner either,” he said.

Meanwhile, reports appeared that US Navy guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, was “harassed” by low-flying Russian warplanes in a clear signal of the growing tensions in the region.

Earlier the Russian Defense Ministry warned that it is ready to take actions against any “missiles” or “launchers” that will endanger its troops deployed across Syria.

Considering that any large-scale US military action against the Assad government will for sure put Russian troops in danger, Moscow will have to respond…

Last time the world powers were close to a military confrontation over Syria in April 2017. However, the US cruise missile strike on the Shayrat airbase appeared to be more a PR move than a real military action.

But what now?

The video below was originally released in November, 2016. It depicts the worst-case escalation scenario of the conflict in Syria. The recent events show that this analysis remains relevant to this day:

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Put an end to US coveting of Mideast ‘breadbasket’ of oil, like the Red Army put an end to Hitler’s geopolitical coveting of breadbasket of Ukraine. Enough is enough, time for this evil hegemon to be defeated.

Jens Holm

Very optimistic and realistic as well.


Forget about proofs etc . It is obvious that whatever the motive is to escalate the war with direct military confrontation now that their last proxies literally defeated in matter of days what they took to build up for years.

Plan B … as the article said direct intervention with whatever excuses. That’s was how WWI and WWII started and this is going to be the same WWIII .

But then as sure as the sun sets tomorrow , unless the entire US is mobilised like in WW2 there is no chance of US coalition winning in ME not when Iran is there besides Russia.

Just cannot see how UK or France can make any difference or even US with ONLY air power.


Proof went out of the door decades ago. It’s all about we feel and/or know its true, therefore it is true. Actual evidence? By the time some actual evidence shows up we’re all worked up about something else instead and it becomes a back page news story.

Jens Holm

There is a lot You cant see. Things change a lot when things becomes critical.

France, UK and others already are there. Fx the French has delivered heavy artilley for Raqqa and Raphels for airstrikes.

Only smaller modern forces are needed there as well. Its not only about seize of force, but very much about, what You are up against.

Steve Bell

After Putin’s lack of response to previous U.S./Israeli provocations/tests, the U.S. war lobby feels entitled to call Russia’s bluff, and that Putin will look away, again. The same will happen until Russia makes the U.S. see it isn’t bluffing.

Albert Pike

But it is bluffing, at least just for now…


Yes but the Russians need time, the question is when the brinkmanship of the Washington barbarians is going to be challenged; the joker in this is of course China. We know that the US outspends the rest of the world in war preparations but we also know that lots of the money goes on anything but the US armed forces. Perhaps we’ll soon see how much of the US’s war potential is a paper tiger. You can’t butcher prisoners with golf courses and profit subsidies.


Time? Time for what? Apparently not to forge a solid RF-CN-IR alliance, which is nowhere on the horizon. Not for the propaganda to blow over, for it is more hysterical than ever. At the least, the enemy gets time as well, and has indeed used it in Syria to go from ~30 SOF orcs to an occupation army of thousands, with dozens of fortified bases.

The other side has made great progress in the battle of ideas as well: now if the Empire kills Syrians in Syria, it’s no longer an “act of war” apparently, but don’t even think about defending yourself because then all hell will break loose.

roberto silveira

Russia will respond… Russia will respond… Russia will respond… Nothing happens. Meanwhile, zioUSA, Israhell become more and more obnoxious. I’m tired.


Of course, Russia will respond. The trouble is that the response is always at most some verbal condemnation.

But Russia only reaps what the inept Russian leadership has sown.


As a matter of fact neither Putin, nor the Russians are bluffing. The dogs are barking, the caravan moves on. Have you not noticed that while the zio mafia was pulling wool over the eyes of the westerners to justify their next step in desperation the Russians ,SAA, Iran, Hezbollah have sorted out Eastern Ghouta? Who is bluffing? Let the dogs bark. Syria is getting liberated under the noses of the barking dogs.

Jens Holm

Back in stoneage with no jihadisme haha.


Hyena is constantly running, barking, biting but never doing anything. The lion (or in this case the bear) suffers, silences and watches for a long time, but when it strikes – that is it, no more hyena.


Putin should not down otherwise the consequences for Russia would be worst than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If Russia win then US, UK and France may break which Israel don’t want.

Jens Holm

Its a relative winning. Russians already has secured their bases and keep a lot of control at Assads.

In the other hand Assads are very much reduced having 8-10 millions as refugees. 500.000 dead and destruction almost all over. We have to ad the having no control of more then 20% of the territory.

You cant say US and We have lost. The nr 1 was reducing or replacing Assads and the power from Damaskus.


With the kind of enemies against him, really you are being delusional that Assad has held and did very well indeed and it is without any doubt that US coalition plans ALL FAILED. Assad needed air Support only and his tiny army wacked the shit out of ALL stupid US trained proxies.

Any force trained by US always failed so far as their methods they only know how to fight with air support.

And Assad need more time to clean up . Once that is done , I cannot see why SAA ALONE with air cover provided by Russia ,cannot force the Americans to leave his country


Putin should establish no fly zone over Syria for illegal intruders and without wasting time, from now choose the targets in Israel, in UK, in US and in the sea. Putin should not down otherwise the consequences for Russia would be worst than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If Russia win then US, UK and France may break which Israel don’t want.

Jens Holm

There already are moron.

Russia allows attacks on threats mainly made by Hesbolla and Iran and supported by Assads. It has been like that for Years.

The F16 or F35 are not in the Syrian air.

Russia also have land borders for Hesbollah and Iran. I think their rockets and also bases has to have a distance of 30 km from the Israelian border(I dont know if its with or without Golan).

You have memorylack again or dont check normal agreements named even here several times during years. How comes ?


This is a war between Israeli migrants and Muslims. Russia support Muslims and Washington, UK and France support Israeli butchers. Note. Israeli migrants are number one butchers in the world, each year they slaughter 3 to 4 thousands of Muslims in the world.

roberto silveira

Yes. But Saudi Arabia’s muslims support Israel…


These are Wahabi butchers. They are Israeli butchers in different costumes.

Jens Holm

At least remove You sunglasses from You niqab and use a flashlight in Your dark.

Amine Mansouri

no, that’s not true, saudi arabia people do not support israel. The fact is that Iran wants to control the arab muslim territory

roberto silveira

Yes, it’s very true. MbS, Netanyahu are to kisses and hugs and MbS has declared support for the State of Israel. His country is one of the supporters of Wahabbi terrorism. This is known and universal knowledge.


SA people have control on their country stupido?


SA peoples dont even have elections hahahahaha

Jens Holm

Could be the Emmigrated Syrian Jews still dont like You as well as the ones in Turkey.

Could be they see Golan as compensation.


The WAY OF THE BULLY is pure psychology. At some point the bully MUST take on other opposing alphas, and by that date the bully must have worked to destroy the natural strength of the target alpha. This is the game we see in Syria now.

Putin is a ball-less coward, as his decision to allow the jews to murder Iranians in Syria once again demonstrated. In this instant, the jews acted like the vile runt that loyally follows the bully around, kicking the helpless friends of the GOOD ALPHA in the nuts, while the good alpha stands there wringing he hands and dribbling “why can’t we all just get along”.

But the jews KNOW they are proving again and again and again that the good alpha is good for NOTHING- will never stand up for his innocent weaker mates.

You see at some point the good alpha MUST put the bully down- and the longer ther good alpha argues to himself that he has an excuse for not doing so, the more the good alpha converts himself into a ball-less coward. And the bully observes- sees his only real opponent collapse into a self-inflicted funk.

But the bully also works to RAISE THE STAKES, so the good alpha has even greater incentive to hesitate, for if you chose to hesitate when the stakes were lesser, you’ll hesitate all the more as the stakes grow.

The West is now coming at Syria with everything they’ve got, knowing Putin is gibbering in a corner, crying to himself “what has gone wrong? why won’t they see reason?”

Real Anti-Racist Action

Since before the First World War these ‘Billies’ have never fought another Alpha. How long do we wait? They picked on little Iraq, little Germany, little Vietnam, little Korea, little Iran, little Libya (well Libya is bigger then little Germany) lol. http://ihr.org/

Daniel Castro

You are dumb… actually, not dumb by a zionist troll pretending to be opposition, a kind of smart disinformation agent… anyway…

Put things on perspective, in comparation with the seriousness of the situation that israeli attack was just a tiny minor provocation, it’s only purpose was to force a response by Russia. so russians did what they had to do and didn’t answer that.

This is no little game, when and if Russia do answer to zionist aggression it would mean the obliteration of Zion.


But Israel is not Russia’s enemy. If Israel is harassing Russia’s ally, it would be wrong for Russia to go at Israel. Instead, Russia should strengthen its ally. Which means: arming Syria and Iran. Since this was an attack against Iran, Russia should strengthen Iran. So far and as long as Israel keeps attacking Iran. If Israel wanted to escalate it against Russia’s interests, Russia ought to undertake some strategic initiative, such as nukes to Iran, and conclude a “nuclear sharing agreement”.

Possibly a single thermonuclear warhead could make the State of Israel a history.

Stephan Williams

I don’t like you at all based on your previous comments that I have read on RI but I agree with 90% of your assessment in this comment. Is it a case of a stopped clock being correct twice a day? ;-) lol

…Although I find your delusional comments on Putin a discredit to the rest of your post. But I suppose soulless trolls like you just can’t stop themselves from lying – being serial lying propagandists from the moment you first realized money and manipulation made your world go round.

How can you stop that kind of compulsion to lie when you are able to lie unfettered without challenge by governments you control?

It’s gotta be hard.

Daniel Castro

No answer? Putin says nothing, he haven’t answered even Trump’s invitation to Washington.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than any word, Shoigu already said Russia will retaliate against USA ships if they attack Syria, at this point if Putin comes forward to say anything it will be to declare war.

Michał Hunicz

The Zionist New World Order is preparing to the next war.


you better focus on your clerical government

Jens Holm

Hard to go back and prepare for an old one. Most soldiers from WW2 must be more then 90.


Interesting ship: http://www.voltairenet.org/article185860.html

danny holmes

Trump is cornered at home and drowning in US domestic politics. His enemies at home (The deep state) have cleverly labeled him as Putin’s stooge so as to force him to take more aggressive actions against Russia and at the same time his lawyer’s home was raided by FBI to find incriminating evidence to impeach him.

His enemies have previously claimed Trump is afraid to call Putin out by name for blame and so he did in his latest tweet at the fake “gas attack” in Eastern Ghouta to prove his critics wrong.

This is very dangerous. Trump literally have to start WWIII to prove to his enemies that he is not Putin’s stooge. This will not end well. I hope Russia will uphold her pledge to toast the source of any missile fired at a Syria by the west. I sincerely hope so.


Exactly right. It’s not Trump who wants war, it’s the Deep State pulling the strings and manipulating him. I do not doubt they will make a strike, but it sounds like the 48 hours is for planning and where to strike immediately afterwards. All the pieces are now in place in the triangle surrounding Syria, Iraq, and especially Iran. With the amount of ships, aircraft, ground forces, and what I think will be prioritised political targets, I think this will spiral very quickly.

northerntruthseeker .

Quit calling it the “deep state”… Call it what it really is… The “JEW state”….

Jens Holm

Seemes You are from the Muhammed economics based on, what people here see as crime.

Stephan Williams

Could you translate that into intelligible English, Jens? Thank you.

Ron Wheeler

Agree, not at all coherent.


Stop been so naive danny holmes. All US presidents would wage attacks on weaker adversaries, but not on toughees like Iran ,Russia, China and North Korea simply because of the costly consequences culminating from such a move. This time, however, Syria hosts elements from at least three of the above mentioned, so a very severe response is certain seconds within such attacks.

Jens Holm

I dont agree. If its important US will neutralize or at least try hard.

No bend over.


I agree, apart from the last sentence. It would be too risky for Russia to sink US warships since doing so could start WWIII. More likely they will just intercept most of the US cruise missiles and leave it at that.

One potential sneaky option could be to fire a missile at a US destroyer and/or fighter jet but give the credit to the SAA (plausibly deniable).

Ron Wheeler

Like the Saudis on Yemen, the US is the principal killing machine, that looks like it is SA.


The Russian air force is only 20 minutes from Syria, and if planes are stationed in Iran and or Turkey, only 5 minutes away. This in conjunction with naval and surface forces provides conventional parity or superiority to US and allied forces. Any attempt at large scale degradation of Syrian government coalition forces in Syria, could be met with comparable, or worse, degradation of US and allied forces in the region. Essentially conventional mutually assured destruction of regional military capabilities without the use nuclear munitions.

As far as an Iraq style invasion of Syria by a “coalition of the willing”, the US would have a difficult time getting partners to sign up for such a mission, and it would meet massive domestic resistance. So it probably isn’t going to happen.


I do agree with you.

Besides, US is too far away to have a real fighting war with major states like Iran and Russia.

The Iranian land corridor already ensured unlimited supplies and manpower far more effefeffe than the Hoe chih ming trail in Vietnam war.

Besides air cover is assured , just cannot see how US date even to initiate a conflict with Russia AND IRAN not to say their allies .

Navy are useless floating coffins


Any strike would probably be limited in scope, but that doesn’t mean that the Syrian government coalition wouldn’t respond with strikes on the launchers. It’s to early to tell how it would play out.

northerntruthseeker .

Sorry but you missed the recent movement of US heavy bombers to both Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and of course to Qatar and Saudi Arabia…

And we have the redeployment of several US carrier strike groups to the Mediterranean as well as the Indian Ocean to boot…

AND we cannot forget the recent “war games” between the US and their masters in the psycho state of Israel….

Very purposely the US has been moving a lot of ordinance into the Middle East…

Jens Holm

Joe and several others see nothing. They have learned that by birth and obey.

Of course US move forces closer.


Without enough of the strengths that the US would conquer Syria, any bombing would be enough only for the entertainment of CNN viewers. And by observing Syria without an ally. If we include allies, then any kind of bombing would be a pure farce. Go back 19 years and look at the bombing of Yugoslavia. The entire NATO plus poltroons (19 countries, 800 million inhabitants) against Yugoslavia (8 million inhabitants) without any allies. And what did they do in the three months of bombing? NOTHING! They hardly found any military targets, and when they saw that they were incapable of it, they began to destroy the infrastructure (read how many bridges were destroyed, how many hospitals hit, how many times they were hitting residential districts, settlements, trains and buses that were destroyed). Because NATO has a wonderful philosophy: “If you can not find an army, kill civilians, and destroy everything. Success is guaranteed in any case.” After all, if they were so screwed with Yugoslavia, what do you think they will do if they embark on an attack on Syria?

Jens Holm

You still have that analog attitude by telling USA is too gar away.

FX You forget several Nato partners as well as Israel. You also forget the heavy stelth bombers from USA direct can hit Syria as well as USA and also France has hangerships.

And correct: YOU and several others CANT SEE. You aree learned not to making the usual illusions having no realism.


My statement remains …. in a major war US has no chance to win in ME.US is just too far away.

The forces available to US are generally too weak vs the Russian sides from Iran to China.

Don’t talk about air power, today that can be largely negated . Israel is not a power to be reckoned with in ME ..her army too small and inexperienced in Warfare nor are they warrior class more of office workers soldiers.

Iran will dominate the ME with Russia and perhaps Turkey .

So I cannot see how US can fight a ME war and win


massive public resistance? lol people in the states way more concerned about starbucks and shopping at the mall


(…people in the states way more concerned about starbucks and shopping at the mall…)

…And talking about born stars like the so-called ‘Stormy Daniels’ etc. They behave like small kids!


They are more concerned with the shape of Kim Kardashsian’s arse. It’s ugly. https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/1914428.main_image.jpg?strip=all


Too much silicon.


it looks strange and not proprtional


That’s a WMD.


weapon of moron distraction

Ron Wheeler

Dude, now that was really funny, thanks.


Exactly the MSM simply isn’t printing any of this.


That is an interesting point. Have the Russians positioned assets in Iran?


They’ve refueled there.


It would be interesting to know if there are prepositioned assets in place.

Jens Holm

Most people say they have not but if needed soon can.


I don’t know. I’m sure that they’re talking about it.

Jens Holm

They are allowed to use an airbase free on dispensation. For the monent they have chosen not to. But they can. They for the moment prefare long distance from Russia.

Jens Holm

Nice try.

A lot of that becomes totally irrelevent if things become desperate.


What – you cant get from Iran to Syria in 5 mins its 1300km away



Jens Holm

Their friends dont say that.


A division of Syria plays in the hands of Zionist ambitions to atomize Syria, and Israel stealing more territory.

Jens Holm

The Syria of today never should have been made.

It was invented long time before Israel was. Syrians not even were able to liberate themselves. We see the exact same today. They are only able to kill each other and blame others for that as well.

Let me remind You Israel only took Golan, because Gamel Abdel Nasser told the arabs were winning.


Russia needs to put a shot across Americas bow, nuke New York.

Ivan Freely

Well, if they’re sending ICBMs over, they might as well send them to DC, Langley, Chicago, LA, Detroit, and Baltimore.

Deo Cass

It is all part of the campaign to cover the Zionist tyranny’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Jens Holm

Kind of funny som few jews can run You so much.

You might change Your own cuklture. The Syrian army is like 1967. Only a few troops fought well in Golan.

Well trained with bowa and arrows could have taken the rest.


Russia’s UN ambassador in no uncertain terms called out the US bluff of chemical attacks in Syria:

The Russian envoy closed his address to the Security Council with a warning that an unauthorized military attack on Syria, where Russian troops are legally deployed, would have “grave consequences.”

“What [the] military misadventures of the West bring about is well known, as shown by the examples of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. Nobody has vested you with the power to act like the world’s policeman, or to act like the prosecutor, judge, and executioner either,” he said.


This is a conditional “Declaration of War” by Russia!!!

To me, this mean the Russians think they have the best options in this battle! Think Kinzhal , Electronic Warfare to disable Tomahawks, and other.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia will respond vs NATO air bases in Baltic countries and the antimissile shield in Romania!..thats why troops along Ukraine border ( Rostov, Crimea,Krasnodar) are in full combat alert…and also troops near Belarus,Baltic countries(Kaliningrad and northwestern district)…beside Russian navy have on sight a Jordan air base where US aircraft are deployed.. 2 Buran corvette in Caspian sea and 2 admiral Grigorovich class frigate in Mediterranean sea with kalibr cruise missile can receive the order to launch attacks vs Jordan base!..




Jens Holm

I agree with velociraptor apart from idiot should be spelled IDIOT.

Manuel Flores Escobar

I bet that Trump will never attack Syria! Today American politics warn about risk!

Jens Holm

We will see. Lst tiime it was cruisers.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Your boss is a barking dog as we saw during NK crisis….oh wait they attacked Shayrat air base…but thanks that Russia never told that 36 missile were jamming as it was a insignificant damage!


More important for the near future: if the US starts firing missiles, like Israel did, Russia can no longer act defensively only, by disabling fired cruise missiles only.

It will need to set an example to the US: sink a complete aircraft carrier group or destroy a US airbase f.i. Qatar.

Than, Trump can fire Bolton and start negotiating peace in ME.


or more probably it will spiral out of control


I don’t think so. Not even Israel, Netanyahu or Bolton will do this!

MAD = MAD = mutual automated nucleair destruction


Mate humans are destructive. The end point is nuclear annihilation. They think they are safe and can survive if they run to their bunkers.


Oh yes they will, you can’t reason with psychopaths, you either submit, or kill them.

Joe Doe

Russia will need to make stands against american aggression, if Russia resist provide modern Air Defense to SAA. Russia has allowed Americans to long fabricates evidence and accuse Syria and Russia to point of absurd


Air Defense of #Russian Black Sea Fleet has declared combat alert ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9edd54daee3aed5f03b74f4712a210b9bfc2ff204b24b0ff4aec27f65770cb32.jpg


VETERANS TODAY – BREAKING: Trump’s Plan: Making Millions of Americans Die for Their Country, Or Is it “Israel” ? : https://bit.ly/2qkLne0


VETERANS TODAY : “We have also received suggestions from sources inside the US military that a mutiny is in the offing and that a Trump order to go to war with Russia would be met with a ‘fuck you, we’re not going to war with Russia over Israel’. Trump has not a single friend in the Pentagon.”


Wow! Nilst2011, is this to be sourced from the publication Veterans Today or not?


It’s not Trump who wants a war, it’s Americas rulers, banks and generals who want a war.

Harold Smith

Of course it’s Trump. You can’t see by now that Trump’s a willing jew puppet? If he was against it, it wouldn’t be happening. Trump was apparently the jew candidate of choice in the 2016 election.


Trump is simply an egotistical idiot who wants to bask in his own perceived magnificence, and make money. The we have to rule the world stuff is the pentagram and Israel, which is the same thing.

Harold Smith

No, Trump is much, much more than an egotistical idiot. To put it in a Biblical context, which is the only context in which this madness can be “explained”, Trump is the embodiment of the spirit of Satan. Trump hols the office described in the Bible as the second beast of Rev 13:11 (aka the “little horn” of Daniel 7:8).

Harold Smith

Trump is much, much more than an “egotistical idiot.” What good will his magnificence and his money be when the U.S. is a pile of nuclear ash? Trump is a demon-possessed Satanist who is implicitly mentioned in the Bible.

Ron Wheeler

For sure, the Electoral College selected him on his “Israel first” mentality.


blabla at l,obama the occidentaux are cowards!!

Jens Holm

You mainly still use the word “coward” as we use “not stupid dying for nothing”. Could be because You make too many children and millions og refugees of Your own here and everywhere feed by us is not enough.


The US bringing up “starve and surrender” tactics? There isn’t an entity alive that has starved and blockaded it’s enemies more ruthlessly than the USA.

Joao Alfaiate



Looks like Trump is going to appoint himself King. Good luck with that Donald. Looking forward to your fall.


Either Way the U.S. Got it Comin’….stay close to your bunkers Elite….

Igor Dano

Nikki Hairy is a ziobitch. It is not important, what Hairy says, as it was said in Telaviv first.

northerntruthseeker .

The Jewish controlled USA is hell bent on war due to the lust of their freakish Jewish blood dripping monsters who want to see their Greater Israel project continue…

Jens Holm

Your own culture is weekif some few jews can run a billion muslims.

Thats where the changes has to be made, if You have to have any chance for improvements.

Comparing with Your many Dictators as well as Jihadists and the few semilars in Jewish context is a very good one and true.


The US lead by degenerates. They are going to blunder into a conflict they will immediately regret.

Jens Holm

So Muhammed after all was not the last Prophet.

Hard to see USA incl. Trumps are blundering. More like You only see Your own backyard or out some small window.

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