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Conflict In Al-Qamishli: Government Forces, SDF Clash With Each Other (Video)

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Late on January 23, clashes broke out between the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) and security units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of al-Qamishli.

A source in the SDF’s security forces, Asayish, told the North Press News Agency that the clashes started when NDF fighters opened fire at a position of the SDF in the neighborhood of Halko in the southern part of al-Qamishli.

Sky News Arabiya reported that an NDF fighter was killed and three others were captured by Asayish during the clashes. These claims are yet to be confirmed.

The clashes slowed down by the early hours of January 24. Asayish deployed large reinforcements in Halko and other parts of al-Qamishli city.

The northeastern city, which is located right on the border with Turkey, has been under the joint control of the SDF and Damascus forces for most of the war. The two sides have clashed on a number of occasions before.

The SDF siege on the government-held part of al-Hasakah city, south of al-Qamishli, may have provoked the NDF attack. The siege began more than a week ago. The SDF is pressuring Damascus to ease restrictions on Kurdish-held areas in northern Aleppo.

The incident in al-Qamishli will not likely escalate any further. The Russian Military Police, which maintains a base in the city’s airport, will likely intervene soon.


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El libanes

The kurds as usual traitors ,american and israeli shils. They are trying to send a message to biden, that they are willing to help destabilze syrian goverment.

Jens Holm

Ha ha. Do You sell stamps or what :)


The communist SDF/YPG are globohomo lickspittles who pose more of a longterm threat to the integrity of Syria than Islamists, IMO. At least while the DC/London axis of globohomo exists to prop up their LGBTQWERTYUIOP wedge state


ISIS never attacked Israel for the same reason, also the only publication they allowed in their capital, Raqqa to make a documentary was Vice, a publication for teenagers that promotes homosexuality and drugs. You can find it on Youtube.

Jens Holm

And which clothe do they have:) Pathetic repeating something like that.

There is no country named Syria and it would make more sense fx France took over and regained Neocolonialisme or the choose to be Osmans themself.

People there has shown very well, none deserve any country of that kind, which also is impossible in all its primitivisme.

There are many other solutions then this from real decentralisme making an extra solution for real local decidings by local matters by local elected parlamenents – to a dividing into Emirate seize.

The Emirate seize would make it possible to choose to live among frends by permannent displacements as well as smaller Emirates, Oblasts, Counties according to the primitive organisations and non devellopment would make Leaders – good or bad – to see all corners.

The Baathosts only see themself.

I allow me in proposal two to divide into a real Syria, an Aleppo and a Raqqa country. The two last ones should include their parts in Syria.

But You show Yourself well as majority. Countries includes its inhabitants well. As all see it every day by 10 millionm refugees and about 500.000 dead ones and several 100.000 wounded ones from only having one leg or worse, You split up people into fractions, where the big one based on crap, should take over.

You support a regime made as private property. Thats no country as well.

Furthermore those Kurds not even has upriosed agains Assads. They were second choise for USA mainly to keep down ISIS again. It should be shown respect compared to the 5 millions, which left. They stayed and insist they are the owners of their part of the land many even having papers for it.

By that You instead of some selfrule there – as proposed has Russians, Iranians, Lebanese, Turks and Americans.

There is no sign of getting anything back and certainly never Golan. BY 1967 and then again 1973, You not even deserve to get Golan back. Israel has 2 wars as real proof for, they need that zone. They even devellop it.

When we sometimes here from thje locals in Golan, they say tjey prefare to be as a part of Syria -. BUT they ceratinly porefare the Israelians devellopments and livingstandards.


Get off the LSD prick.

Jens Holm

Internal disagreemenets should be unneeded after so many years.


The SDF should have been crushed a long time ago. they will never change,they had the chance many times to back the Syrian Government but they chose to be Quislings with the US.

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