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Condemnation to Israel’s settlements in occupied territories

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Venezuelan ambassador to the UN has denounced the use of violence of the Israeli regime against Palestinians and illegal settlement activities in the occupied territories.

Condemnation to Israel’s settlements in occupied territories

Rafael Ramírez, Venezuelan ambassador to the UN

During an Arria Formula briefing (an informal arrangement that allows the members of the UNSC to meet and discuss about international security and peace issues), Rafael Ramírez, the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN expressed his condemnation to Israel’s policy and actions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Ramírez denounced Israel’s “unlawful settlements” and “ongoing violence” against Palestinian citizens who have been suffering continuous and systematic violations to their rights besides the war crimes committed by Tel Aviv’s regime.

The Venezuelan diplomat added: “We cannot continue to let the people of Palestine suffer at the hands of an occupation power that continues to settle in their territory, demolish their homes, grab their lands, imprison and murder their women and children”.

Rafael Ramírez stated that it would be a notorious crime against the people of Palestine if the 15-member council doesn’t come out with a resolution or sanction to Israel in regards to their illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Right after, the diplomat qualified the UN Security Council’s inaction as a “clear fiasco” when failing to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict amid the US’ constant use of veto power in that regard.

A new draft about a new UNSC resolution in regards to Israel’s illegal expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories is being discussed currently.

In 2011, the US used their veto to block a similar resolution that already had the approval of 14 of the 15 members that are part of the Security Council.

In response to the declarations of the Venezuelan diplomat, Danny Dennon, the Israeli ambassador to the UN said: “(the remarks were) direct continuations to the Palestinian representative’s statement a few days ago comparing Israel to the Nazis”.

Last month, Dennon qualified the protesters in the occupied territories in Palestine as terrorists; for that reason, the Palestinian envoy for the UN, Riyad Mansour, condemned the allegations adding that “all colonizers throughout the history described as terrorists those who resisted them”.

Besides the continuous and illegal settlement actions of the Israeli regime, Palestinian anger is also motivated by the reiterated desecration of the Al-Aqsa in East Jerusalem.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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