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Mr. Turchinov, the Imperial Space Commando, the Waffen-SS and the Azov regime

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The main problem of Ukrainian government is vainglorious utterances and own propaganda.

Mr. Turchinov, the Imperial Space Commando, the Waffen-SS and the Azov regime

Ukrainian militants believe they look

This article originally appeared at Jpgazeta, translated from Russian by Carpatho-Russian

– “Who is it this time?” – sarcastically and tiredly Peter Poroshenko asked the secretary of SNBO [National Safety and Defense Council of Ukraine] Alexander Turchinov. – “Who is it that this time stood in the path to victory of our valorous armies, our heroes, our invincible cyborgs?”

– “A Kosmodesant [Space Commando]… An Imperial Kosmodesant,” answered Turchinov, not moving a muscle of his unshaven face. – “Two entire orders, ‘Lethal Blade’ tanks, support from orbital lasers, and inquisition sections as blocking detachments. Commissioner Yarrik, known for his pro-Putin fanaticism, is the leader. Well, also a small number of the local population as the tool for live mine clearing … Appeals are already being prepared to the United Nations, State department, and IMF.”

– “And the ‘Waffen-SS'”? –- artfully smiling, Poroshenko showed interest. -– “In the same place where yesterday there were 50,000 Russian ‘Waffen-SS’? Where did they go?”

– “They are broken,” answered Turchinov with dignity. –- “They are completely destroyed by the Third Company of the Second Battalion of our 95th Brigade.”

– “Sasha, Sasha …”, — the head the Ukrainian president shook, grief-stricken. –- “You wouldn’t expose us as a laughing-stock? … I understand everything: times are hard now, it is necessary to justify oneself using your imagination, but soon you will be dragging in Sauron himself with the Nazguls. Although wait — it seems that I said the same about Novorossiya-Mordor … Ah, devil take it.”

Mr. Turchinov, the Imperial Space Commando, the Waffen-SS and the Azov regime

Main symbos of a common Ukrainian “volunteer battalion”


One of the most scandalous troubles of the Ukrainian power is the pathetic pathos which is unlimited, off the scale, and exceeding the bounds of rhetoric. The above-stated sketch only seems unrealistic, but that is not so.

The majority of the higher governmental ranks have repeatedly said that in Donbass they are countered by “orcs” and “goblins” while, at last, the president of the country was not ashamed to blurt out this nonsense about “Mordor” before the entire nation in his speech for Independence Day. The rhetoric, emotionalism, metaphors, hyperbole – that’s all good, but it appears however that it has crossed that boundary beyond which the liar begins to believe his own nonsense.

Several days ago Alexander Turchinov, the secretary of SNBO, quite seriously, without a suggestion of a smile, declared that in the summer of 2015 there were fundamental changes, and that now the Ukrainian army in Donbass is being opposed by regular Russian units created according to the principles of the German ‘Waffen-SS’.

What are you saying here? Here one must exhale deeply, call up all your composure and investigate the components of Turchinov’s nonsense.

Here, let us say: “In the occupied territory of Donbass, the military leadership of the Russian Federation has completed the creation of a powerful ground forces formation based on two army corps ready to execute active offensive activities. Leadership and provisioning of the 1st and 2nd army corps is carried out by a specially created 12th command of the reserve of the Southern district of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (the staff has been moved to Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast of the Russian Federation). The basic command and staff positions in these army corps are occupied by regular Russian officers. The ordinary composition of the corps consists of up to 40% from inhabitants of the occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts, and also of contract employees and mercenaries from Russia, who obtained fighting experience during hostilities in the east of Ukraine and in flashpoints of the Russian Federation. The staffing of the two corps comes to 35,000. In addition, there is a military reserve in the occupied territory as a part of the 21st tactical group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (15 battalions, 6 companies) with more than 9,000 men”.

As we see, the composition of the armed forces of Novorossiya changes before your eyes in Ukrainian propaganda. At first, there were “individual Russian staff officers”, then “separate divisions” under Ilovaysk and Debaltsevo, and now the NAF consists generally of professional Russian soldiers. Well, let’s not forget about the exclusively Russian staff “military reserve in the occupied territory as a part of the 21st tactical group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (15 battalions, 6 companies) with more than 9,000 men” like cherry on the cake.

But the most excellent one is, of course, the one about the ‘Waffen-SS’. The pastor had in mind the following: “Due to the limitations on the natural mobilization resource, the leadership of Germany decided to take into service volunteers who were citizens of the occupied countries. The command composition of these Waffen divisions was German regular officers of the SS, and volunteers from the occupied countries were accepted as canon fodder private soldiers or low military positions”.

But in that case one thing is not clear in this “consistent” text: if 60% of the NAF consists of professional Russian soldiers, who are the ‘Waffen-SS’ in which regular soldiers were few and far between? And, all right, the main thing is that this sounds frightening and the West loves such rhetoric.

As has already became tradition in this war, having started off with “They are shelling themselves”, Turchinov lays the blame on someone else. After all it is not even necessary to strain your memory to remember the most real regiment, “created following Waffen-SS principles” as part of the Ukrainian army”.

This is the Azov regiment. A regiment which reveals itself to be an absolutely unique example in contemporary European history.

Where else in European armed forces can there be a division that was created on the ideological base of National Socialism (from former members of the Social-Nationalist Assembly and “Patriot of Ukraine”)?

In which fighters covered with Right tattoos howl from head to foot?

In which foreign radical mercenaries converge – look, where all the traditions of German SS troops are implemented, gathering all Europeans under their banners, from Norwegians to Ukrainians.

Finally, in which personal devotion to “the White Leader” – regimental commander Biletsky – is postulated?

Where, and in what modern European country are such wild anachronisms possible? Certainly, in Europe there are sufficient ultra rightists – but not in such powerful status!

Mr. Turchinov, the Imperial Space Commando, the Waffen-SS and the Azov regime

Ukrainian patriots

And, knowing perfectly well about the shocking international image of Azov, Turchinov tries to think up certain fantastic Russian “SS troops” to “confuse the issue”. Though if one is to be terminologically objective, in principle the formation of an army on the base of foreign officers and native soldiers is not specifically Nazi; – this was so also in the English colonial army in India, in the Russian army of Peter the Great’s times, and many other examples yet. But after all the main thing is to find an occasion to cry in a sinister voice “Wolves, wolves!”, right?

Will the West swallow this clumsy lie? Since there, hypocrisy is elevated to a predominating principle of policy and law – and this depends on the political will of leaders. But, most likely, no. There is so much clumsy lying to believe in, that one simply could not respect oneself. Though, blast it, they did pretend at the time that they believed in the “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction” … So, why waste time on trifles: only the ‘Waffen-SS’, Kosmodesant, Sauron, and Darth Vader. Only the hardcore!

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