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Compromise With Terrorists In Idlib Is Impossible, They Must Be Eliminated: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister


Compromise With Terrorists In Idlib Is Impossible, They Must Be Eliminated: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister


Russia’s principled stance is that a compromise with terrorists in Syria’s Idlib is impossible and that they must be eliminated, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said on February 17.

“Idlib is a serious problem, this is probably a major concentration of terrorists in the region and maybe beyond its borders,” he said on the sidelines of the discussion on the Syrian settlement at the Munich Security Conference, according to TASS. “Our principled stance is no to any compromise with terrorists, they must be eliminated.”

Vershinin recalled that 90% of Idlib’s territory is controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorist group, which is excluded from the de-escalation agreement.

“It’s impossible to say that we can make peace with Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and similar organizations,” he said adding that Ankara, Teheran and Moscow will think about the ways in order not to harm or put in danger the civilians.

Regarding the situation in northeastern Syria, the diplomat said that the dialogue between the Kurds and the Damascus government will be the best solution.

“Various options were named of what can be done after or in case the US leaves Syria or if there are no foreign forces in northeast Syria, which were also mentioned here. We believe that probably the best option here would be solving these problems through dialogue between the Kurds and Damascus,” he said. “Certainly, we know about those problems which exist in relations between Damascus and the Kurds. We would support this dialogue, this is the path that should be chosen.”




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  • Uwe

    What are you waiting for? Syria with russian help just destroy that terrorists nest without asking too many questions!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Putin is checking and awaiting instructions from his Turkey and Zionist “partners” :)

      • Parisa Zoorgoo

        i beleive the only escape for 911 perpetrators is ww3. preventing wars and implementing slow change within intetnatiinal law is how we get the crimminals to the electric chair. thats why iran and russia ddefuse the war always

    • John Whitehot

      in fact no question was asked.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    ok so what is holding them back? Because I know for a fact they have stopped the syrians 3 times from going in to clean the place when none of the terrorists was organized and build any defenses until the turks finished turning the area into a fortress and now they will eliminate them, with out civilian casualties?

    • Bill Wilson

      The SAA still lacks the manpower to launch an offensive into Idlib. Turkey moved into Afrin, Aleppo and Idlib because Erdogan knew that the SAA couldn’t do anything about it. I believe it was early last year where the SAA had to muster out over 10,000 troops that enlisted for two years yet were forced to stay in for four to six years and were agitating to be released from service. That’s why Damascus had to reconcile with the moderate rebel groups to get them into the SAA. They’ve been getting worked up with new recruits which does take some time. They all seem to avoid fighting during the cold and cloudy wet winters so I imagine that Russia is busy bring in munitions to build up their stocks for an offensive into Idlib and the defense of Aleppo if Erdogan orders his FSA to attack the Kurds there to pull SAA units away from Idlib.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        that is the most lame excuse if I ever hear one, beside been very far from what reality on the ground is. But all can have their own opinion as to why and I let time to clear the fog from your mind and thinking.

  • gustavo

    Finally, I heart something totally rational from Russia. I hope this is not only a easy speech for the occasion.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Most non-Jew real Russians are fed up with all this Putin’s pandering to Zionists and Americunt “partners”. Russian government is not monolithic and there are many factions of nationalists, especially in the military who want firm action.

      • Sukhoi-35

        trust me, it may seem jews run show there but they do not have any real true power in russia. only reason is that Russia wants to play the peaceful diplomatic route with them and not banish them. Russia has had enough of israel’s games in syria and soon s300 will be operational hopefully.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          I have a lot of Russian friends and they are also fed up with Jews and corruption. There is also intense dislike for Zionist arrogant scum in Russian military which wants gloves off. I have a feeling the Zionists will commit another atrocity against Russians to goad the dumb Americunts deeper into the Syrian quagmire. Zionist and Jew oligarchs agenda is control of Russia’s immense wealth and most Russian understand that.

    • Pave Way IV

      Nothing new here – this is 100% consistent with Russian statements in the past. Any Russian/Syrian move on Idlib today is completely justified because it is virtually all al Nusra (HTS) controlled south of Aleppo. Whatever was left of FSA either joined al Nusra or fled north. Syrian civilian casualties have always been a concern for Syria and Russia, but there’s no other way to eliminate al Nusra. The US was pretty unapologetic about blowing several thousand Raqqa civilians away. My leaders have no moral right to cry about what needs to be done in Idlib now.

      Russia has (once again) successfully separated die-hard head-choppers for elimination from the lesser head-choppers (FSA or whomever). Rebel/head-chopper stew – another Israeli-firster neocon chickenhawk scheme swirls down the toilet.

  • meridius

    Let the slaughter of the head choppers begin. Lots of them in this province.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes along side with their turkish partners and is where it gets kind of confusing because the russians are partners with the turks who are partners and founders of isis in the first place.

  • Johan

    Correct way, and pleace elliminiate them all and the world will be a beter place. PS take them supporters and facilitators also out.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Sergey Vershinin is obviously a rational and honest man and has not been bought by the Jews. He is stating the glaring FACT that the terrorist haven of Idlib must be eliminated. The longer the Russians pander to their Turkey “partners” and NATO poodles the more terrorists would be recruited and armed by Turkeys and CIA masters. It is time to give a 48 hour notice for civilians to leave via designated safe corridors and then unleash hell and flatten Idlib and other terrorist enclaves.

  • Tom Tom

    Ok, U.S. DOD weapons salesmen says enough weapons have been purchased, so go on ahead.

  • Jacob Wohl

    Majority of rebels in Idlib are moderates. US Military stands with the people of Idlib.

    • alejandro casalegno

      Coke……pot……..LSD……crack???……..you are so high………….

      • Zionism = EVIL

        also retarded :) check out the proverbial Jew nose!

        • Sukhoi-35

          LOL. the nose jokes are too good whenever this wohl fool comments.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Yep, with that ugly Jew face and mega honker no human would stand besides you and smoke a cigar under the shower Yidski! :)

      • H Eccles

        Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that southfront is under kike-roach attack today…

        • Zionism = EVIL

          You are right, I wrote a few months about a new bot program developed by the Yids Cyber Unit 8200 which automatically picks up trigger words like Jew, Palestine, Iran, Russia etc. There are over 150,000 specific words which trigger an automated hasbara response or Debka style malware. Most are canned short propaganda sentences to fool people, but if there is a serious discussion on an independent website like Southfront etc, then the bots escalate the response a real paid hasbara Yid, mostly Jew welfare cases living in the west who start posting more detailed propaganda Hasbara Diaper Dan style. Even Americunt universities are now running hasbara courses. Southfront and other Arab sites like Al-Masdar have also been hit with cyber attacks, but now they have better firewalls.

          • H Eccles

            Good info there Zionism = EVI… makes sense too as they always turn up in force on certain articles.

    • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

      *honk honk* *sniff sniff* *SNIFF*

      • Zionism = EVIL

        A gentile and a Jew have to cross a stream, the gentile sticks his hand into the water and tells the Jew, geez the water is cold, the Jew sticks his nose in the water and shouts, wow it is also deep :)

      • Concrete Mike

        LOL you make my day nose brother!!

    • Marko

      Wonder why antisemitism is on the rise worldwide ? You’re Exhibit #1.

      My advice to the good Jews of the world : Clean up your own trash , before the stench becomes unbearable to everyone else.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Seriously, this whole anti-Semitic hogwash is a load of crock to dupe western sheeple.. The murderous Khazar gutter rats are not Semites, only Arabs and the outcast Jew money lending tribes of ancient past are Semites. This Hollywood invented term is used to suppress any criticism of the Zionist savages who are committing horrendous atrocities against Palestinians and humanity in general.

        Even a leading Israeli news anchor has slammed the Tel Aviv regime
        for turning troops into “human animals” after new reports emerged about
        the abuse of Palestinians in detention.

        Channel 13 TV’s Oshrat Kotler made the remarks on Saturday night, commenting on Israeli forces brutally beating a handcuffed and blindfolded father and forcing his son to watch it.

        According to Haaretz, the Israeli soldiers slapped, punched and
        bludgeoned the two detainees until the father’s ribs and nose were
        broken on January 8.

        “They send children to the army, to the territories, and get them
        back human animals. That’s the result of the occupation,” Kotler said.

      • Sinbad2

        That is the key problem in the Jewish religion, any Jew who questions the Zionist thing is ostracized, so most say nothing.
        Religious cults are like that, that’s how they retain their power. The Amish do the same sort of thing.

        Of course in the end, their silence means they get thrown into the ovens with the fanatics.

      • Parisa Zoorgoo

        giews are 2%of the pop but ziochitts are 100,% of gov finance and media. so the giews cant help and we need to concentrate on the zio child burners rather than judaism. best revenge for 911 is to wear palestinian colors every day. not a drop of oil for the 912 sobs

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Well done

    • Sinbad2

      Yes but it’s so hard to separate the moderate terrorists from the extreme terrorists.
      A terrorist who decapitates his victims is viewed as a moderate terrorist in Israel, but some people at the UN view him as extreme.
      It’s so hard to get a consensus in rating terror.
      As a compromise, I suggest we shoot them all.

    • Bob

      Too funny – you realize that even Brett McGurk – the former US envoy tasked with the SDF project – has remarked that Idlib is loaded with bona-fide terrorists, his actual quote is, ‘Idlib province is the largest al-Qaeida safe haven since 9/11.’ LOL


    • Gary Sellars

      What an icking fudiot…

  • Davki

    Who are the Russians to say what should happen in Syria? Of course, the “terrorists” should not be “eliminated”… although there is a lot of expertise in elimination (just ask brother Stalin), I’m sure. No, a society must be built on integration and reconcilliation. Their uncompromising policy, just like that of the US, will be – sorry, is, Russia’s downfall. It’s inhumane, not futurable, societally and politically stupid.

    • Parisa Zoorgoo

      the saviours of syria and its oil. Priceless the way putin stoped and exposed the 911 thiefs. now the entire world stands together against ziochittism. Soon crimminals like cheney and nutface chickenpoo will we skinned alive and thrown into acid as did their isis/mossad commanders to alawais and yazidis.

    • John Whitehot


  • Sinbad2

    Do unto others as they do unto you.
    Sell them as slaves to India.

  • Parisa Zoorgoo

    these are 911 perptrators trying to steal syrian ,iraqui and venezuela oil. not the kurds but the media and polticians pushing this. Slaughter ziochitts everywhere without mercy, who would side with dancing child burners?

  • Xoli Xoli

    The target has been identify so hit hard.Destroy Erdogan hope of integrating HTS in Syrian Terrorists sleeping cell.