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Competing Protests In Venezuela. US Imposes Further Sanctions On Country’s State Oil Company

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Competing Protests In Venezuela. US Imposes Further Sanctions On Country's State Oil Company

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Two protests took place in Venezuela on April 6th – one in support of the opposition, while the other against imperialism and in support of the Maduro government.

US-Proclaimed President Juan Guaido praised the turnout at the opposition-organized protest.

“It was evident Today that Venezuela lost its fear. We Have spoken very clearly: we are united and mobilized. The victory is from Venezuela, from democracy, and we are close enough to conquer it in the streets together. Of Course Our country is worth it, #VamosVenezuela”

This followed a decision by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Venezuela from April 2nd, in which it approved a decree to revoke Juan Guaido’s political immunity and to continue prosecution against him for leaving the country despite a ban by the Supreme Court and for inciting violance.

The president of the ANC, Diosdado Cabello, read the decree authorizing “the prosecution of the citizen Juan Gerardo Antonio Guaido Marquez (…) in accordance with the provisions of Article 200 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”.

“The continuation of the trial is formally authorized and that our justice, in accordance with the Constitution and the law, is in charge of applying the mechanisms established in the different criminal procedural codes.”

US National Security Adviser John Bolton also continued his usual rhetoric.

He also called on Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez to uphold his duty to protect the Venezuelan people from alleged Cuban or “colectivo” violence.

On the side of the government led by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, there also appeared to be turnout in his numbers at the march “against Imperialism.”

Maduro also presented the “Plan de la Patria,” a 2019-2025  plan for economic recovery to face down US sanctions.

On April 5th, the US Treasury sanctioned the Venezuelan state-owned oil company, the PdVSA, by blocking 34 of its vessels.

This is a result of the OFAC identifying one of the vessels as transporting crude oil from Venezuela to Cuba, despite the opposition-controlled National Assembly voting to ban all such transfers.

“Despina Andrianna is a crude oil tanker (IMO: 9182667) that delivered crude oil from Venezuela to Cuba during February and March of 2019.”

“Cuba has been an underlying force fueling Venezuela’s descent into crisis.  Treasury is taking action against vessels and entities transporting oil, providing a lifeline to keep the illegitimate Maduro regime afloat,” said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.  “Cuba continues to profit from, and prop up, the illegitimate Maduro regime through oil-for-repression schemes as they attempt to keep Maduro in power.  The United States remains committed to a transition to democracy in Venezuela and to holding the Cuban regime accountable for its direct involvement in Venezuela’s demise.”

In response to the sanctions, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza condemned the actions and said that “while the U.S. government boasts of defending economic and commercial principles, it announced sanctions today against Venezuelan vessels and transportation in order to affect the delivery of oil to its sister Republic of Cuba.”

He also posted an official statement by the Venezuelan government categorically rejecting the new round of US economic attacks.

“The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the new attack by the Government of the United States of America against the Venezuelan oil industry and its economic sovereignty.”

Arreaza called the sanctions a violation of the country’s “most basic economic and commercial rights, and questions how “a member-country of the World Trade Organization” and so-called “defender of liberal principles” would impose such measures.

“[The sanctions] aim to do harm, not only to the countries of Venezuela and Cuba, but also the businesses and commercial associations that should instead benefit from international protection,” Arreaza added.

This all followed an order by Maduro to set the Venezuelan military on high alert, after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov vowed that “Venezuela will not become 2nd Syria.”

Furthermore, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Assad likened the two countries and said that they both fight against US imperialism and that neither would lose against it.


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Logic: OMG maybe because US has sanctioned it for years now


Hmmm – pictures don’t add up, especially the overview. I believe the pro Maduro folk are many many times the smaller Gualdo forces. And it makes sense – if only for the educational factor of people being able to read and make themselves heard under Chavez and Maduro.


In your dreams neocon.


You seem confused. The person you’re responding to is saying positive things about a self-proclaimed socialist, implicitly negative about his self-proclaimed free-marketeer opponent. You may not be happy about that, but it’s incoherent to call someone talking like that a neocon.


Thank you purplelibraryguy – you are on the mark with clear thinking. I like looking at the whole forest and try not to bark up only one tree. Much of Trump’s actions I agree with- except his crazy foreign policy and continuing military occupation of much of the worlds countries. Doesn’t he appear to be sort of Bush Jr. rather than the independent swamp drainer he swaggers about as? Didn’t baby Bush claim he would avoid foreign involvement as one of his election platforms? Does anyone know which swamp Trump is draining since there are several dramatically different swamp type entities in the corporation called United States (inc.).

A recent comment on RT disappeared immediately upon my publishing it – I rewrote it again a little differently (no violent attacks, just common sense) and again – gone. I finally went to gab dissenter extension to comment on the article and my comment remained. Now I look at RT with a bit of questioning – perhaps they are politically correct to protect their status with the US corp?


Trump is not nearly as different in his actual policies as people tend to think. He’s just really obnoxious about it, and often lets slip the real reasons behind US foreign policy because he doesn’t much care about the appearance of morality. This is actually bad for the US in itself, because his obnoxiousness simply pisses off the leaders of other countries, both allies and on the fence, making them less co-operative with US boss-ness.
Similarly, all the stuff where he assigns people to head various agencies (EPA et cetera) whose main claim to fame is wanting those agencies dead, is not very different from previous administrations, just less subtle.

The trade war with China stuff is a bit different from other administrations. Personally, I think Free Trade was a bad direction for the world economy back from its start in the 80s; there are strong economic uses for various forms of protectionism. But Trump’s approach to it is pretty moronic; when it comes to trade barriers, the real issue to me isn’t “whether”, it’s “how”. Trump is basically just doing them as a bargaining chip and his “how” is total BS. Steel? Get real. It’s symbolic, that’s not where the jobs and value-add are nowadays. Even here, although it seems like a departure, China was already in the US crosshairs under Obama; it’s perfectly possible a Democratic presidency would have been pushed to trade war tactics by this point as the US perception of Chinese “threat” grew.

The attempts to make a deal with North Korea are a little different too, and occasionally you see him try on some other “not spending massive dough on empire” idea, but nothing much seems to come of it.

Really what makes him different is mostly style; all the other politicos are scandalized, they’re all “You’re supposed to lie just some of the time, and you’re supposed to make the lies hard to verify and kind of consistent so people can at least pretend to believe you!” Where Trump has stumbled on the modern reality that, in the age of Twitter, the Big Lie technique isn’t just for one big idea any more, you can actually amplify and echo as many little lies as you want. So he just bullshits stream of consciousness.


Here’s a youtube video of Maduro’s talk and audience – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=rMnd8brWK0U

Real Anti-Racist Action

The only way to avoid this is to vote anti-Zionist politicians into power in every single country across the world to safeguard a Nations rights above any socialist-Globalist nonsense.comment image


Does anyone even care anymore who the U$A puts sanctions on ?

The collapse of the U$A is imminent.

Russia, China, Iran, Turkey are some of the countries that have been buying gold for the past decade or so like there’s no tomorrow, to strengthen their currency.

The green buck era is gone and soon the U.S. economy will feel the wrath of the markets that she manipulated all these years…!

The USA can NOT blackmail anyone no more.

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