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Company Laying Pipes For Nord Stream 2 Withdrew Vessels From Baltic Sea. What Now?

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Company Laying Pipes For Nord Stream 2 Withdrew Vessels From Baltic Sea. What Now?

Pioneering Spirit / Allseas

Allseas, a Swiss-Dutch company set to lay underwater tubes for the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline off the Danish coast, has withdrawn both of its pipelaying vessels Pioneering Spirit and Solitaire from the Baltic Sea.

Allseas decided to halt its operations and exit the $11 billion project just after the US sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream gas pipelines came into force on December 20. According to the imposed snanctions, assets of the company involved in the US would be frozen, employees’ visas revoked and the firm itself being put on the blacklist.

In this situation, the Nord Stream 2 would have to seek alternative vessels and contractors to complete the remaining section of pipe (around 50km) in Danish waters. There are Russian contractors with expertise in the construction of offshore pipelines – OJSC Mezhregiontruboprovodstroi and Gazprom

“Russian companies operate capable offshore pipe-lay vessels, which have completed projects in challenging Arctic conditions, including the MRTS Defender, which worked on the offshore stretch of the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta pipeline.

Platts Analytics believes MRTS Fortuna could be used to complete Nord Stream 2, but is capable of laying just 1 km/d.

A further obstacle, according to Platts Analytics, is that the Danish permit application states that it is assumed that the vessels used to complete the Danish section will have dynamic positioning capabilities (such as those of the Allseas vessels) which are not present on MRTS Fortuna.

A Russian pipelaying vessel that already has dynamic positioning capabilities, Akademik Cherskiy, could be used, but it would take up to two months to arrive to Danish waters as it is currently stationed in Russia’s Far East,” SPGlobal reported.

Despite the difficulties, both Germany and Russia are set to continue the work and launch the Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible. Germany already authorized the Nord Stream 2 AG for work in the winter period. Peter Beyer, the German government’s Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation said that the pipeline will be operational in the second half of 2020.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on December 22 that the Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream projects will be launched despite U.S. sanctions, adding that Russia planned to respond to the new measures, Interfax reported.

The EU also voiced their opposition to the U.S. sanctions and an EU spokesman said that European companies are conducting legitimate business.

“The Commission’s objective has always been to ensure that Nord Stream 2 operates in a transparent and non-discriminatory way with the appropriate degree of regulatory oversight,” the spokesman said.

So, the US’ agressive and rough actions may once again lead to the opposite result with Russia and large EU countries with powerful industry uniting to deliver cheap energy resources to Europe. Another interesting fact is that the Nord Stream 2 situation came amid reports that Russia and Ukraine signed a protocol on gas transit to Europe and claims settlement in Minsk.

Company Laying Pipes For Nord Stream 2 Withdrew Vessels From Baltic Sea. What Now?

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  1. bob says:

    Close it down!

    Who cares if Europe gets cheap gas from Russia, its actually cheap gas for Germany and its industries who manipulate and control Europe, so f@#k ’em booth!

    Trump should absolutely slam every European company doing business on this pipeline, should strengthen his LNG supplies especially into Poland and the Baltic states

    We’ll see just how far the bent Germans want to push this when the whole of Europe is looking down the wrong end of a sanctions regime, or rather should i say Germany, because thats who gains from this, oh and Germany really aint no friends of Russia, their simply playing the same stupid old game they played in the 30s, well it didn’t them any good then and it won’t now

    Stupid Germans are now having to face the double whammy of Trump and Brexit, they’ll lose, they always lose, stupid people aligned with desperate idiots from Russia,when will they learn?

    1. AJ says:

      Are you seriously saying Europe should not be allowed to have its own energy policy & buy gas from Russia in a free market without US dictating what they can do. We all know the US is using sanctions just to sell their own costly LPG to Europe which can never compete on price or volumes with piped gas. Too late Nord Stream 2 will be finished its already over 80% completed

      1. bob says:

        Europe doesn’t have an energy policy it has a German energy policy!

        They really are taking the piss, they didn’t want a Bulgarian pipe did they, remember, got that closed down didn’t they,now they whinge about Trump!

        they want everything, cheating bastards,thank god for Trump, he needs to stamp on them really hard!

        1. Gary Sellars says:

          Sucks to be you buddy. You’re welcome to scream at the moon while the Germans and Ruskies complete their new gas pipeline and reduce the need for anymore “molecules of freedom”!!! LOL!!

          1. bob says:

            Whatever Gazza, you dream on mate, we adults will carry on with the real world, unlike the fantasy shit dream/nightmare version you’d like, which in actual fact you realy f#@ing hate soon after you got it

            Now do us all a favour, grow up!

          2. Gary Sellars says:

            Blow it outta yer well-laid arse… No-one cares about your childish nonsense.

          3. zman says:

            Yeah, it’s boring when all these idiots can do is blather BS and nothing else. If they were any more disfunctional, it would be written on their forehead, as a warning to others. But, they have to work too…sorta.

          4. bob says:

            The idiots are the Putin fan boys, oh along with the iran fan boys and the Syrian/Assad fan club

            Lets just call it Authoritarian Inc, the worlds best dictator club!

          5. Ricky Miller says:

            You just think we’re free. It’s illusory. We came out strong against being in Syria in 2013, so strong that Congress withdrew a use of force authorization from a floor vote. Yet, there we are. We voted in Donald Trump and the FBI used lying FISA court applications based on political oppositional research and spied on Americans in an effort to overthrow him. We have a United States Senate investigation spied on by the CIA to prevent Americans from finding out how the CIA tortured people. We have a Federal Court system that has forced Gay marriage down our throats, as well as things like fat women squashing puppy videos labeled as protected free speech. Oh, and my favorite Supreme Court ruling: Local and state authorities can seize private property for private development. None of these Court Rulings are voted on by us, it’s just on a whim new law. There is literally dictatorship here in the U.S. it’s just effectively disguised right in front of your face.

          6. bob says:

            Good well f@#k off to Syria and have your stuff stolen by the Syrian state! A real dictatorship

            I’m sure you’ll love that!

            But you wouldn’t you’d actually leg it, run like f@#k to save your miserable little life, but it’s much better to think you’ve won some sort of victory against naughty liberals,pathetic!

            Grow up and stop being played, my enemy’s enemy is my friend, is that the game you wanna play? I do hope not because it’ll work out real bad for ya!

          7. Ricky Miller says:

            You make little sense. And your view of reality is incomplete, at best. Syria is difficult to govern, as many states are in the Middle East, because primarily they are collections of tribes that were heaped together by colonialists into so called modern nation states. They functioned much better as Ottoman provinces but that’s another story. The Syrian protest movement rebelled against both the Syrian governmental authority and the Syrian state economy in 2011 and won significant concessions from the government. But certain state intelligence agencies and sunni jihadi groups had their own goals and allied together to hijack the uprising, ship in foreign jihadi fighters, and arm them with American weapons. Any country, facing such an invasion and a threat to their independence would have reacted as the Syrian state did, with Police Officers being killed and jihadi street gangs taking over entire communities. If it were to happen inside the United States the U.S. government would respond with virulent rage far in excess of anything the Ba’ath party did in Syria. My enemies enemy? Laugh. Dismissive one. Arming terrorists as an instrument of foreign policy to break the UN charter and destabilize a government you don’t like is exactly what you describe, arming an enemy of your enemy, even though they’ve never attacked you. It’s folly and will return to bite you hard. And it’s morally and legally bankrupt.

          8. bob says:

            Ricky, you really are a tiresome c@#t
            You sound just like a one man walking echo chamber, frankly BORING beyond belief!

            Ricky stop being a little f@#king TRAITOR against your own country, Putin and Assad, they don’t love you Ricky, they just think you’re a useless idiot f@# king twat….
            ….oh and a merry Christmas, i may have said it already, but then you consume repetitive propaganda BS so there ya go

            Merry Christmas

          9. Ricky Miller says:

            Go to hell. You are a stooge for Imperial conduct. My primary concern is not about Presidents Putin and Assad, although I hold both in high regard for standing up for their people. My concern is a world where people and countries have security because others meet their treaty committments. The United States et al have violated the UN Charter so many times and attacked openly and quietly many small countries with limited means of defense it can only be labeled both cowardice and blatant aggression. I can see why you’re tired. It’s exhausting arguing with the truth.
            Truth=the United States armed jihadi street gangs in it’s illegal effort to overthrow the Syrian government. It used a use of force authorization to fight al-queida to move into Syria and… arm-al-queida. That was the treason. It’s ongoing.

          10. bob says:

            You hold them in high regard because you’re a f@#king TRAITOR

          11. Ricky Miller says:

            My government betrayed me a long time ago, first. And destroyed both my communities economy in the service of fat cats and our good name by violating treaties and attacking small countries with endless malice. It would be like me going into an elementary school and beating up a little kid for looking at my spouse. Then later going into the bar and bragging about it like I was all brave and the whole thing was legal. The next day, in this metaphor, MSM in the area would demonize the boy, praise me for my bravery, thank me for my service, and detail how the assault was perfectly legal. You are scum. Loyal scum to Empire, no doubt.

          12. bob says:

            Your metaphors are an indication of your rotten mental health

            You need to get yourself into therapy, fast, before you do something really bad

          13. Karen Bartlett says:

            I admire your grasp of what’s going on.

          14. Karen Bartlett says:

            Ricky, he’s CIA.

          15. bob says:

            Thats because you’re to f@#ing thick to care or think unless it comes with a thick dollop of pro kremlin propaganda, what a tosser!

          16. Ricky Miller says:

            Nord Stream 2 will be online and filling with gas by October 1st. I’ll bet you a $100 gift card to Lone Star steakhouse. And Turkstream is already online and filling with gas and will be officially launched early in January. The Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China (all 2,000 plus kilometers) is done and filling with gas. This battle is already over, it’s just a matter of headache and time to overcome these washingtonian moves. Ignoring the trolls and carrying on with the work seems fairly grown up to me. And fyi, most of us here do not share your MSM brainwashed point of view. We are not with you so do yourself a favor and take in the lay of the land here.

          17. bob says:

            Online and filling your big gapin ass full of Putin laughing gas

            Merry Christmas, oh and promise me you’ll grow up a bit next year!

          18. Ricky Miller says:

            I promise I’ll save this thread and hit you with a reminder when it goes online. You’ll get this e-mail saying Ricky Miller replied to you on “Company Laying Pipes For Nord Stream 2 Withdrew Vessels From Baltic Sea. What Now.” You’ll get a preview in early January when President Putin visits Turkey to officially open TurkStream. January 6th, I read.

          19. bob says:

            Save away dear boy, go and knock one out over it!

            Feel free, its orgasmic your superior knowledge thing you’ve got going for yerself

          20. Ricky Miller says:

            Just some knowledge. And compared to you and the rest of your bullying empire lovers, most posters and subscribers here have something you lack-some superior morality. As is don’t engage in endless wars, conquer small countries and kill poor people. I mean how is any of this hard? Do you not know that the U.S. drone program of death has now killed more innocent people than the Spanish inquisition? You either lack the knowledge to know or the morality to care.

          21. Ricky Miller says:

            October 1st. At the latest.

          22. bob says:

            Is that when your as is full of Putin gas, propaganda gas!

        2. Valerianus Maximus says:

          So, are you going to bomb the Ploesti refineries again?

      2. zman says:

        He isn’t seriously saying anything. Which is typical for him.

        1. bob says:


          No, you’re a f@#king fifth columnist traitor!

          Why don’t a f@#k off an d live in Iran, I’m sure you’d fit in just fine,hell they’d probably give you your own slot on Press TV, they like thick dickheads, and useful idiots, and you really do fit the bill!

          1. zman says:

            You need to take this act Vegas, I heard they’re looking for new comedy acts. Personally, I think your act is a big turd, but I’m probably biased.

          2. bob says:

            Not biased, just thick, you’re just thick!

          3. zman says:

            Well, thank god you like it that way.

          4. Karen Bartlett says:

            His “American contacts” are CIA.

          5. zman says:

            Already been there…been to KSA too. I’ll take Iran ANY FUCKING DAY. Visitors to your lovely sand kingdom have to stay on compounds, secure compounds…and you are advised to NEVER leave it without security. Iran? Go where you want, when you want and guess what? You’re safe…and the people? They’re friendly…even to Americans. KSA? They’d slit your throat in a second for a nickle…or for nothing…they hate everyone as far as I can tell and line up to see public beheadings. A person is far safer in Tehran than in NY. FAR safer.

          6. Valerianus Maximus says:

            Big talk from an internet thug. Tell you what, (((bob))), you can find me at Fort Benning – barracks of Co. A 3-11 IN. Bring your f’ing gun and see what you can do.

          7. bob says:

            I’d love to ask your CO if he knows his boys are indulging in pro Putin/ enemy

            Oh I’d bring my fists, real fighting,not pop guns!

            Incidentally what kind of barracks are you in, the “we are all f@#king TRAITOR army” kind?

            What a sell out!

            I will be in touch with my American contacts, hopefully they’ll find you and drum you out as a TRAITOR

    2. JD says:

      Seems to me you don’t understand Europeans and you’re probably not one, More and more I see Europeans get anoyed by American interference in mafia style, and yes culturaly – I think personally – we are closer to Russia then US

      1. bob says:

        No your right,I’m not a ” European ” as no such thing actually exists, Germans, French,Italian,Dutch, yes but no such thing as a European

        Actually I’m British and proud of it, if you want mafia style you stick with Russia,its full of ’em

        As for the EU its yesterdays story, pushed on towards its doom by the daft Germans, what makes my laugh though is all these Putin fan boys who think the Germans are ready for some sort of partnership with Russia, well heres news for you, the Germans are just waiting for Russia to become weak and divided enough to do peacefully, ie, take over Russia, what they couldn’t do through war, which is basically how they’ve captured the rest of Europe, its called soft power, same reason Merkel wanted TTIP to trap America,incidentally they tried this in the past IG Faben, remember? Looks like Trumps got the better of Germany’s little one dimensional thinking!

        Getting back to Russia the Germans, they’ll keep Russia tied into German investment strategies like energy and still continue with sanctions, they want Russia weak, they want it tied into Europe thats why they don’t want American interference because they want to everything

        I hope that clears matters up!

        1. zman says:

          Yeah, like mud. Thank god Britain has to claim you. See, Gary, I told you this peabrain wasn’t an American. Thank god…we have enough to be sorry for. Figures you’d be a Brit Trumpet, it sure fits you well. Hope you like your new NHS when Boron and Trumpet get done with it. Enjoy things like $2,000 ambulance rides and bills like $890 for a splinter removal…and let’s not forget US pharma access to NHS. Every Brit will need their asshole sewed up after a visit to hospital. Yessir, Boron and Trumpster will fix you right up.

          1. bob says:

            Yup you’ve just proven what a stupid prat you really are

            Keep it up i do find it entertaining dealing with low intelligence half wits

          2. Valerianus Maximus says:

            He may reside in the UK, but he is a Jew.

          3. Karen Bartlett says:

            No, he is American CIA, pretending to be British, posting comments in order to “flush” Americans who support Russia’s actions and oppose US gov’t actions.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          “Actually I’m British and proud of it,” bob the Shtetel village idiot.

          We used to have regional asylums for cretins such as you,bob. Do you have ‘Tay sachs’ disease ? It’s common with a certain race that is rather unloved around the globe.

          1. bob says:

            What a tiresome sounding knucklehead, just like all Nazi scum

            And in what country pray tell did you have these fabulous institutions?

          2. Valerianus Maximus says:

            Poland, of course. You can bring your violin and entertain the kapos.

          3. bob says:

            I’ll do nothing of the kind, twat

            Merry Christmas

        3. Kananda says:

          No your right,I’m not a ” European ” as no such thing actually exists,
          Germans, French,Italian,Dutch, yes but no such thing as a European.

          Each citizen of a member state of the EU is automatically also EU-citizen. Double citizenship. You are wrong, boy. We are on the best way to form US of Europe.

          I am happy, that you leave us. My oponion from the beginnig was the UK should not be allowe to enter EU.

          Bye bye losers of history! :))

          1. bob says:

            Yup, ok I’m wrong!

            Its f@#king Christmas , so what!

            I’m off now to get pissed drunk, merry Christmas

          2. Karen Bartlett says:

            Very important point. If he were actually British, he would have known this. He’s CIA.

    3. Kananda says:

      You are fully idiot! The EU can stop to buy any american products. We can produce also nuclar weapons, we have the money and know-how and spo be totally independent from USarmy. We can decline USD.

      Without Eu the USA are nothing!

      1. bob says:

        Without Germany the EU is nothing, and the Germans are nothing but sleazy two faced bullying cowards who hide behind that stupid Blue flag, thank god it’ll have one less golden star on it after January as the UK has had the good sense to leave!

      2. zman says:

        The US is quickly becoming nothing all on our own. Our new saviour has once again done the inevitable. Soon we will be sanctioning ourselves, we already have to give ourselves waivers to keep this balloon afloat. If we could just get rid of a certain parasite….

        1. bob says:


        2. Kananda says:

          Be not pessimist. I think, also in the USA the people will push to change the paradigm.

        3. Karen Bartlett says:

          It doesn’t matter which parasite is in power.

      3. Tommy Jensen says:

        Too late my friend. Europe are infested all over with US Deep State, local pussies andl lapdogs. The globo-homoes run the show and they will drive Europe down in the smut.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:


        2. Kananda says:

          Never is late.

        3. usa=nazi says:

          in your wet zionist dreams buddy. time to wake up and go for the foodstamps

    4. Ricky Miller says:

      Except that the U.S. gas supplies are…fake. They are based on a sugar rush mining operation that is losing money and is a nasty and polluting method of squeezing fuel from stone. The U.S. fracking boom is soon to run it’s course on a sea of red ink and in no way can meet the long term volumes required by Europe. Really, end of story. But to know that you’d actually have to dig into the financial statements of companies engaged in fracking and look at their balance sheets. Especially the debt loads coming due circa 2020-2022. Your jaw would hit the floor. The problem is beyond fracking being a more expensive means of extraction. The fracked wells run out of supply way to quickly to be profitable and new inflows of capital are required to move on to the next site. It’s a hydrocarbon pyramid scheme.

      1. zman says:

        Perfectly said. It appeared to me to be a short term way of influencing oil prices/supplies. I think they intended to use it to control certain suppliers through screwing their economies, which would enable them to set terms and take partial or complete control of reserves. It didn’t happen. Russia, Iran and Venezuela stand in the way, what a coincidence that they were/are the targets. It also appears that there was a lot of Saudi money laundering going on, similar to Harken Oil (that never produced a drop of oil) and GW.

    5. Valerianus Maximus says:

      “Close it down!”

      Wow! That’s an antisemitic canard! It might even be an antisemitic trope! Call the ADL, the SPLC and the NYPD!

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        He says he’s wrong because the responders have accepted that he’s British. That was his goal. However, if he were British, he would have known about the dual-citizenship thing. This proves he’s not. As soon as this mistake was in danger of being caught, he was “outta here”. I don’t think he’s Jewish, either. (And not all Jews are Zionsits.) He’s CIA, imo.

  2. kraaiiii says:

    A great way to push Germany/Europe further into alliance with Russia that’s all Trumps accomplish with this mafia style extortion.

    1. Ashok Varma says:

      Also treating Russia like a third world weakling is not wise. Russia has many options and will surely exercise them.

      1. bob says:

        Russia is a third world country!

        Its on a slow motion slide into oblivion, demography,economically, politically all the signs are of decay its really got nothing to offer in a world going through a massive transition into a new technological and energy paradigm shift

        Its a country which will simply slip into obscurity

        1. Gary Sellars says:

          What a retard. Put yer MAGA hat back on and fuck off. Idiots like you deserve being ruled by the feckless clowns in the US elite.

          1. Vitex says:

            Welll,.. the City of London eggshelly. But what’s in a name.

        2. zman says:

          Damn, what color is the sky on your world?

          1. bob says:

            Color , American???

          2. zman says:

            Yeah, duh. Look up . It’s called a sky. Oh, shit, I forgot…you can’t see the sky from a basement. My bad.

          3. Ricky Miller says:

            Meaning red with debt. Almost 24$ trillion by official federal figures but really $8-12 Trillion more than that with actual social security outlays. Corporate debt is off the chart, pension funds in the U.S. are trillions underfunded and household and consumer debt is the I.V. bag that the U.S. economy is living off of. The U.S. national debt is growing faster than GDP. Your, and my color is red.

        3. Ricky Miller says:

          Unlikely. Russia is having problems perfecting it’s own form of Capitalism but to Russian voters there is a more organized alternative that millions would be comfortable reverting to in some form or another. And demographics in Russia is more stable than the West. Russia is just below population replacement but in Western countries there is an ongoing demographic collapse, producing large migration flows and devastating societal fault lines. Climate change will work to Russia’s advantage. Russia has or is among the world’s best endowed countries in natural resources. Water. Food. Timber. Rich soil. Minerals, rare earths. Ores. All are abundant in huge quantities. Russia literally has the capability to be the last large power left by the end of the 21st century.

          1. bob says:

            Its a polluted shit hole, from its old disastrous Soviet time, it never really recovered, many of its young people would like to leave, its death wish country for any form of entrepreneur minded person as most people still work for the public sector, its not going any where

          2. Ricky Miller says:

            Bull. Russia isn’t polluted. Most of the country by percentage remains untouched by man. What’s the population per square meter? There are entire cities that are a hundred or more kilometers from any other. There are polluted areas near large Soviet industries but this pollution pales in comparison to the self poisoning that is happening in the West, especially North America. The herbicide in Round Up is a deadly toxin, destroying soil and accumulating in the livers of American suburban dwellers at a terrifying rate. Plastic waste is accumulating everywhere but most rapidly adjacent to big capitalist consumption economies. Russia is one of the largest low impact and organic farming systems in the world and monsanto, a company managed by mass murderers is all but shut out of the market there. And many Russians want to move, sure. But so do many people. The movies and tv and glossy magazines make life in the West seem incredible. But discovering the small print, and actually living here is something way different for most. And the entire system is unsustainable. Soon, we’ll see millions of people begging to get into Russia. When the West collapses that will only accelerate.

          3. Valerianus Maximus says:

            He’s just regurgitating anti-Russian canards. In fact, he may even be spreading anti-Russian tropes.

          4. Ricky Miller says:

            I think you are right. He says he’s American, like myself, but if that’s true and he’s hurling mostly false judgements about Russia and Syria it must mean he’s blind to the growing corruption and dysfunction right here inside the United States. Our Federal debt numbers are growing faster than our GDP and that is just the start of the troubles. Our economy cannot function without debt and is failing the average worker and person inside the United States at an alarming rate. Most of us can’t afford to go to the Doctor without a credit card and are making the equivalent of a second housing payment in the form of a health insurance premium. Rebellion and revolution are nearly inevitable at this point.

          5. Karen Bartlett says:

            He sounds like CIA to me, regurgitation the party line.

          6. bob says:

            Karen, do yourself a favour…..

          7. bob says:

            Keep up the good word for old rubber face Putin, he’ll give you the star of Russia for best prize western useful idiot

            Just where exactly do you get your information from?

            Anyways i honestly don’t care because i know, you’re talking bollocks, now f@#k off and have yerself Merry Christmas

            Oh, and come back in the new year only after you’ve purged your brain of the dull BS within!

          8. Ricky Miller says:

            Look at a map of Russia. Use satellite imagery. See all the empty forests, mountains, bogs? Look up some basic statistics about Russian population centers. Use your brain and a map, see the distances between population centers? Use a search engine. Look up agricultural production figures. Iron ore production. Aluminum and titanium production. Steel. There are tables from reputable investment organisations and the UN. See Russia’s position there, in the top five or ten almost everywhere? It’s called raw research, not just running with MSM. It’s not my job to do that for you before you post. And you don’t tell me when I can come back here or what my opinion should be. You are a zombie war pig from a decaying Imperial civilisation and are too blind to see what is really going on and where it’s all headed.

          9. Tommy Jensen says:

            True. It all depend on Russia itself.
            If Russia can keep out of the Clima bs, eco fascism, Green Energy idiocy in West, and use their oil, gas, nuclear, they will become the richest country in the world.

          10. occupybacon says:

            If Germany could get rid of eco fascism would use nuclear power and be independent of Russian energy monopoly

          11. Concrete Mike says:

            Now your thinking!!

        4. Saint Russ says:

          Not, it is not. There’s no such thing a third world country or first world country. What exist is a bunch of people like you that make that difference working with bad spell. Please, every country is different, talking about them as to be the same in all sense of intelligence is evil.

        5. Franz Josef Kunz says:

          Obvious wishful thinking of a Russophobe. Blinded and in the denial by the hate. Pointing to the equilibrium in the steady demography of a nation’s population as it was undesired thing, not seeing the disaster in the constant population growth, which will eventually run out of resources, just like the flesh-eating disease that feeds on the living body until it kills it, and thus runs out of food to sustain itself. Unfortunately if humanity will not be able to reverse this trend propped up by people like ‘bob’, we are all doomed. Eventually dinosaurs-like creatures will rule the earth again and restore it to a thriving, full of life planet again.

          1. bob says:

            Whatever, you’re boring, and its Christmas eve, go do one, oh and merry Christmas

        6. Harvey Swinestein says:

          Just like you chump-brain . . sliding into literary oblivion… we hope and pray . .

          1. bob says:

            Merry Christmas

        7. Vitex says:

          Napoleon said that. So did the Poles, and the Germans. Various other nations have had a go, but Russia remains. Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it

          1. bob says:

            Repeat what???

            Its up to the Russians to get a grip of themselves, they’ve made a total f@#k up of their country over the last century, nobody else!

            So what’s your point?

            Frankly right now its the Russians, or rather Putin who is incapable of learning from history

            Sure Russia will remain, like a f@#king big stain for the rest of civilisation to learn from, and not copy!

            Merry Christmas

    2. Albert Pike says:

      Not under MI6 remote controlled Angela Merkel…

  3. JustPassingThrough says:

    cut your nose off to spite your face.
    typical murikan policy.
    seems like they’re only good at overeating, impeachments, and drug addiction. lol

  4. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    The new super-economy of Europe-Eurasia is gaining impetus.

    1. AM Hants says:

      Why would Russia trust Europe? Individual nations, that have proven themselves, but, Europe combined, would so give it a wide berth and carry on with enjoying the friendship from the East.

      1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

        You build mutual trust through participation of culture, sport and business.

        1. bob says:

          The Russians cant compete in sport unless they use industrial amounts of performance steroids

          The Russians can’t do business, they’re currently making the same state capitalists mistakes they made before

          Chinese are a bit better, although they’ve basically stolen most of their tech from the west, same as the old Soviet system

          As for the Germans they always try some sort of sly underhand corporate power grap, like they did throughout the early decades of the last century

          1. Gary Sellars says:

            “Bob” is what a turd does when its floating in the bowl.

          2. bob says:

            Maybe, but Bobs never wrong, now flush that down your ugly mug

          3. Gary Sellars says:

            Go away bob old boy. Too bad your parents were siblings….

          4. Karen Bartlett says:

            You’re only a fake of Bob. You depend on it, thinking your name will save you. It won’t. Neither will pretending to be a Christian, sarcastically wishing people a “Merry Christmas” whom you actually wish were dead. But God isn’t stupid, and can see right through you.

          5. bob says:

            I dont wish you dead!

            I just wish you’d stop being so wrong, so taken in by blathering propaganda!

            What’s wrong with you Karen, why do you want a bunch of totalitarian and authoritarian idiots in charge, they’d kill you Karen not me, personally I’d give you a big sloppy Christmas kiss in the best pagan tradition

          6. bob says:

            Who’s god???

          7. Ricky Miller says:

            How is the kool-aid tasting? WADA is a NATO intelligence asset run by people from…NATO countries. They are making a meal out of this way beyond the facts. They’ve gotten smacked down once by the Court of Arbitration for Sport and probably will get another harder smack this time. It was obvious last time that this was a provocation as NHL players were prohibited from olympic participation more than a year before WADA announced the findings of their “investigation.” Couldn’t have Russian athletes like Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, and others ruin the whole thing by pointing out that they were subject to NHL doping tests too. Or, having NHL players from other countries publically defending their NHL Russian teammates.

            You say you are American. Talk about a glass house. American and British cyclists, as well as athletes in many other sports, all seem to be suffering from asthma. Large numbers of them are on Albuterol. Chris Froome had twice as much Albuterol in his system as could be explained by medicinal use, yet he kept his grand tour win and was allowed to continue competing. The American cyclist Bob Roll had an epic youtube rant about it several years ago, about all these athletes who are suddenly asthmatics. WADA says nothing. Like I said, a NATO intelligence asset. And a vast double standard. Seriously, Barry Bonds anyone? Jose Canseco. A-Rod. Oh, but without demonstrating any actual lab evidence beyond murky accusation Russia is the real problem here? Only to sheep who have trouble actually thinking enough to see around false corners.

          8. bob says:

            Oh i didn’t say i was American, thats just your insane paranoia and hatred for one of the worlds most successful countries

            Oh i couldn’t give a shite about professional sport its long gone when anyone had any honour so please spare me your synthetic anger

            But lets look instead at the true culprits of doping, the Soviet Union, and all those other bent failed former eastern European Warsaw pact countries who won medals by cheating, what scum they were, and what a total mockery they made of sport to demonstrate their supposed superiority of socialst society, which was actually crap as we now all know as a fact

            Every Olympics and European championships in athletics, swimming gymnastics and many other sports should simply have all the medals those bent countries won withdrawn

            That’d be a real start, of course I’d never allow Russia to compete ever again until the above has happened and Russia admits its former state run doping scam, never mind what they currently do!

          9. Karen Bartlett says:

            The Soviet Union doesn’t exist. You’re stuck in CIA propaganda.

          10. bob says:

            I’ll send you a Christmas prezzy of common sense

          11. Legis Legis Juscius says:

            Stolen?like US was stealing USSR military technologies?

          12. Kananda says:

            And wheres is the from list forgotten Greeeeat Britain?

          13. bob says:

            Merry Christmas, or perhaps you prefer humbug?

    2. bob says:

      If they can coordinate, yes thats the operative word!

      Unfortunately none of them are trustworthy

      One former imperialist/ fascist Nazi state

      One former imperialist/ communist/ authoritarian failed state

      One current communist state becoming more authoritarian

      What a collection of misery await the world if this is what the new global order looks like!

    3. Tommy Jensen says:

      They cant coordinate. Europe is a traitor continent, always have been.
      Czech tried to escape nazi-Germany by approaching France and UK, but was sold. Czech went to Stalin and was invaded.

  5. hvaiallverden says:

    I am not the slightest surpriced of the Swiss/Douchba…. sorry, sorry, the Dutch move, what to expect from asslikers and spineless creeps, and we all know how rotten the Douchb…. sorry the Dutch are, and what on earth is this drivel about Germany, uuh, the HasbaRats are going into delivering drivel in warp speed this days, but if I was German and Russia, with others would take an long hard look on this Corps whom is laying the pipeline, and never ever take them back again, cut them off from whatever the future pipeline prodjects anywhere, and to others, again, you simply cant trust them, the Swiss/Douch…. sorry the Dutch ever again, when we know the UssA desides what would happen, but the only good thing coming out of this NS2 prodject is that its again easy to see whom is an pety vassal of the imperial banana republic,and this latest is nothing but good old fascion mafia way of deling with issues, nothing else, and the options, buying Moronikan LNG, for much higher price, and depend on the wims of an ameriCunt president, where whom is their enemy changes overnight, and anyone could be the next, when they, the Moronikans wanted to bomb Sweden because of an ASSApe.
    Get an f… grip.
    But one thing do we know, even during the Sovjet era, to the present, Russia, ones the contract is signed, they have delivered, only thru the land of the Orcs, aka Ukropia, where they stole the gass and oil, and whined when Russian just cutted them off, whom the hell will deal with this rats ones more, maybe this time they have sobered up, maybe, but that is up to the Orcs to show, when it comes to trust.

    And now, when Bozo the Turk, is assliking the even more corrupt Vilage idiot from NY, yeah, what could possibly go wrong.
    Intresting times, indeed.


    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      Specialised Companies are extremely vulnerable and cannot act in any political way on their own.

    2. Vijyes Yechury says:

      EU is an ally of USA. The sanctions are just an excuse. That is why the EU company immediately stopped without waiting for grace period and notice. Germany is USA slave. USA invaded Germany after WW2 and has never left. Even now, Germany establishment is under USA military control. Germany constitution is imposed by USA and is still in use.

      Russia’s best bet is to leverage its own vast resources and take assistance from independent countries like China and India. USA-EU power can be easily dwarfed if Russia-China-India join hands.

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        I feel sorry for Ms. Merkel. She is caught between the US and Russia. She wants to go with Russia which offers a better deal for gas but the US keeps the pressure on. Germany has so many military facilities that they are indeed trapped. I don’t understand it all but they are indeed trapped by the US.

        1. bob says:

          Karen, She doesn’t want to ” go with Russia ”

          Merkel is former socialist East German, a failed state, f@#k her, she’s a two faced twat!

          Karen can you please grow up, and stop acting like some sort of dim teenager

    3. Karen Bartlett says:


  6. Lazy Gamer says:

    What would the next steps appear like? A russian company starts doing the work, then what would the US senate sanction next? Abandon the scalpel approach? If sanctions fail, then maybe an escalation somewhere like skripal or Crimea/Donbass, or chemical weapons. Maybe some trading of tariffs. Maybe aim for Putin to be replaced through citizen dissatisfaction or the next election. Or aim for Merkel to be replaced asap. If the pipe is laid down, then sabotage perhaps.

    1. AM Hants says:

      Remember back in 2014, when Russia was preparing to explore the Arctic Gas Fields? Exxon pulled out, owing to US sanctions and they were stupid enough to believe that Russia could not replace them. I believe they provided the heavy drilling section of the project. Russia, went to her own engineers, who came up with the necessary technology required and got on with the job. Then the US and EU, believed with the sanctions, that nobody would invest in anything Russian. Again they got that so wrong, ignoring how the Russian agricultural industry benefitted from the sanctions.

      China, the first of many trade agreements, following the US sanctions, invested $400 billion in the Siberian pipeline project, followed by further $multi-billion trade deals, and also Russia and China working on their own automated payment systems, to bypass the $US.

      China, also provided Russia with the funding required to bring the Yamal LNG project to fruition and funnily enough, both the UK and US, were importing Yamal LNG earlier in the year, when both were suffering from a cold bout of weather. So what home goal is the new US bill going to achieve? Not as though the writer’s of the bill, see past their own investments and demands of their personal lobbyists, is it?


      Going back to 2014.

      A Chilled `Thank You’: Russia to Send China First Arctic LNG… https://www.bloombergquint.com/china/china-to-get-first-yamal-lng-cargo-as-russia-says-thank-you

      Read more at: https://www.bloombergquint.com/china/china-to-get-first-yamal-lng-cargo-as-russia-says-thank-you
      Copyright © BloombergQuint

      From Russia With Love: A Super-Chilled Prize for China
      By Elena Mazneva… https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-26/china-to-get-first-yamal-lng-cargo-as-russia-says-thank-you


      Any CEOs, involved in the Nord Stream II project, I would avoid flying, for the time being, if I was you and step up your security. The energy mafia, have problems losing.

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        For sure these CEOs get a lot of telephone calls from CIA right now.

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      We and our Nato Allies will supervise the Easter Sea with our US Air-Carriers and US Nuclear subs to secure everyone follows the sanctions recognized by the civilised and free western world.

      As this is in an International waterway of free navigation under Nato sovereignty Russia cant do a shit, because an attack on US Navy would be an attack on all………………..…..LOL.

      We won again!!

      1. usa=nazi says:

        yeah in next call of duty maybe

  7. AM Hants says:

    If they have withdrawn, then surely they have broken their contract? Which will no doubt be legally challenged when necessary or conveniant.

    However, they are not the only company capable of laying pipes, are they?

    Couldn’t Russia get the company that laid down the Turkstream Pipelines? Or failing that, no doubt, Russia knows of plenty of other companies, that would only be too grateful for the work.

    Meanwhile, why is the US allowed to do what it does and the WTO say absolutely nothing in response?

    Off topic, but, remember over 5 years ago, when Crimea decided to return to Russia? Did anybody believe a road and rail bridge would be designed and built in under 6 years? Over in the UK, they are trying to get a High Speed Rail system up and running, but, besides the contractors taking their cut, how has the project actually progressed and more importantly, when do they believe it will be up and running? How much over budget is the project and how far behind, timing wise, is it running?

    Vladimir Putin Opens Railroad Section of Crimean Bridge Linking It to Mainland Russia – Video… https://sputniknews.com/russia/201912231077733108-president-vladimir-putin-opens-railroad-section-of-crimean-bridge-linking-it-to-russia–video/


    Guess, when you compare Western Education, with the focus being on LGBT and 62 varieties for nursery aged children, with Russian education, with the focus being on ‘critical thought’, you can understand why the Crimea Bridge came in, including design in under 6 years unlike the UK HS2 project.

    1. AJ says:

      Many big commercial contracts like this will include clauses which give you a get out provision in the event of actions by 3rd parties, lawyers like to cover as many bases as they can

      1. AM Hants says:

        Cheers, but, no doubt, Russia was more than prepared for every diversion going and more and has got it sorted.

        1. TiredOfBsToo says:

          Syria refused to allow those involved in it’s destruction to work in reconstruction. I wonder what would happen if Russia forbade any future contracts with companies pulling out of their pipeline projects.

          1. bob says:

            There wont be any reconstruction of Syria

          2. Gary Sellars says:

            Of course there will, and you can go F yourself.

          3. bob says:

            Oh yeah!

            And who pray tell is gonna do all the rebuilding?

            Not the EU, perhaps the sleazy Germans will slide in there,the Russians will build whats good for Russia, ditto China

            Syria is a basket case, was before the troubles, and thats why its got troubles, because its run into the deck by idiot criminals, that only Assad, Putin, Iranian fan boys like!

          4. Gary Sellars says:

            Pfftt… Like anyone cares what stoopid Uh’murikkkan have to say??? You idiots are wrong on every score, and no-one cares what you think. Your short moment of hegemony is fading fast and we’re all LAUGHING at you as you commit political suicide over Trump Derangement Syndrome and the fags and trans lunatics take over your media.


          5. zman says:

            Sorry Gary, but I doubt this fucking idiot is American. His syntax and wording is shit, as is everything coming out of his keyboard. English is likely coming off his translator.

          6. bob says:

            Oh so just who am i brain box?

            Ill tell ya, a little green lizard man sent by David Icke, to torment ya!

          7. zman says:

            You’re just another fucking idiot impersonating a moron and doing a shit job of it. IF you were worth a shit at your job, which you ain’t, you’d be getting more than sheckle a day.

          8. bob says:

            Oh yeah and what exactly is my job???

            Don’t bother answering i already know, because when you call out a bunch of idiot two faced Putin fan boys its always the same, you really don’t like the truth pointing out as you’ve gulped down so much Kremlin BS its addled your brain into mush

          9. zman says:

            Like I said, a fucking idiot, proven by your stupidity that you parade so well. Do you REALLY think anyone here takes you seriously? No you don’t, because that’s not your intent. Just plain bullshit is your goal. At least you do succeed there. Truth…boy that’s a good one. An extra sheckle for that laugh.

          10. bob says:

            No of course i don’t think anyone on here takes me seriously, why should i?

            You know thats what happens when one indulges with brain dead zombies, Putin fan boys and the like, honestly i cant help it you’ve taken it upon yourself to go over to the other side!

            I’ll give you a bit of advice, pray there isn’t a major conflict between NATO and Russia, because traitors like yourself will be soon rounded up

            Personally I’d round you up now!

          11. zman says:

            Personally, I’d like to see you fucking try. I have a toilet and know how to flush it, Bobber.

          12. bob says:

            You’d better put your head in the wav, as its full of shite, go on give it a good old flush,twat!

          13. Ricky Miller says:

            Go away, westernized propagandist. Your (our) own country is full of rot and likely to descend into civil conflict soon followed by vast economic dysfunction as it’s being pillaged by our elites. You should spend your time getting ready, I know I am.

          14. bob says:

            Yeah in your wet dreams, go drown in ‘ em

            Merry Christmas

          15. Ricky Miller says:

            Are you on opioids again? Large amounts of America is because life is growing grim with the collapse of the middle class. Really, seek help.

          16. usa=nazi says:

            stick your merry christmas up your fat ugly ass nazi asshole…

            thats from your name comes from, your fat american style buttchicks are the ‘B’s, so shut your fu..ing “o”

            say more bullshit so more people realize what cancer ussrael/brit scum like you is for the planet

            some day brit/usa imperialist scam will be so fat it will go down like atlantis

          17. Karen Bartlett says:

            He’s not American or he wouldn’t have said “shite”. Unless he is, and pretending to be something else, in which case he probably works for the CIA.

          18. bob says:

            F@#k me someone actually has some fecking brains

            can you work it out Karen?????

          19. Ricky Miller says:

            Yes. I think one or the other is probable. He’s one of the people who enable these endless wars, wherever he’s from. Glad to see you here, though.

          20. Valerianus Maximus says:

            Spoken like a true Yid. The mask fell off, (((bob))).

          21. bob says:

            No, spoken like true Brit actually

          22. Karen Bartlett says:

            It isn’t “traitorous” to support Russia’s actions and criticize the US gov’t actions. It’s called free speech. You think like a Nazi.

          23. bob says:


          24. Ricky Miller says:

            Real gentlemen and patriots don’t need to insult or abuse women, Bob. Men in Russia and Syria know that because their mothers taught them morality.

          25. Ricky Miller says:

            Is that what your grandpappy did in WW2 Bob? Did he round up Japanese Americans and herd them into internment camps, like Manzanar? You want to follow in his footsteps. He’ll be so proud. Please, be sure to come for me first. If Atomic fire hasn’t burnt your eyeballs off first.

          26. Tommy Jensen says:

            Ukro nasi?

          27. Franz Josef Kunz says:

            Nope, his sentence composition and such that you find wanting is right on comparable to the education level presently prevalent in the US. ‘Bob’ quacks like an American, therefore hi most likely is an American.

          28. Ricky Miller says:

            Untrue. You are full of them. Untruths that is. For journalists and foreign diplomats alike, Syria was the garden spot assignment in the Middle East before 2011. The Syrian economy was based on needs first than wants and although luxury was out of reach for most Syrians they had their needs met. Oddly enough for people like you to try and explain, most Syrians rallied to the government side which is why they’re winning. Christians, Druze, Shia, Allawites, secular Sunni’s in large majorities have remained loyal through difficult economic and physical circumstances. Bashar al-Assad would probably win an election if held tomorrow, and certainly would if voting is restricted to people still residing inside Syria.

            Rebuilding will happen but it will be slow. Syria’s population is only about 60% of it’s pre-war level so reconstruction for loyalists will be prioritized and Syria is unlikely to take refugees back from Turkey or EU countries without rebuilding funds to provide them with shelter and food and at least some functional economy. Algeria has already ponied up some secret funding as has both Iran and Oman, the latter also on the down low. More will follow after the security nightmare plays itself out and the fantasy of forcible regime change dies.

          29. bob says:

            Yawn, yawned, yawning, jaw just f@#king fell off with laffing,….. Not!!

            Merry Christmas

          30. Karen Bartlett says:

            Why say “Merry Christmas”? It’s obvious that you’re not a true Christian. Pretending, but not doing a very good job. Your mouth and mind are filthy and your hatred of others is too vile.

          31. bob says:

            I’m a pagan, this is actually a pagan festival, Christians stole it, you’re a BORING peson, so they you go, i keep the old traditions,which you have latched onto!

            I actually love my filthy vile nature, but I’m honest, I’m actually talking to you exactly as i would if we were sat in a pub right now, you might not like it but the truth and honest can hit you in the face like a hard fist, that’s honesty, unlike rubbery faced Putin, or his ghastly puppet, Assad all they do is cheat and talk bollocks

            Take yer pick

          32. Ricky Miller says:

            Laugh away. The world is passing your ignorant ass by and the capitalist elites in the west feed you and yours crumbs as the economy decays and you arch your back for more love from bigly American Corporate fat cats. Does it feel good?

          33. bob says:

            Nooooooooooo it isn’t Rick the Dick!

          34. Ricky Miller says:


          35. bob says:

            Good I’m glad you agree

          36. Ricky Miller says:

            Sorry. Yep, you’re an idiot.

          37. AM Hants says:

            When Russia retaliate, it is with a lot of thought to what works best, Russia’s interests the primary factor. Will be interested to see the result and hope to see a knock on effect.

          38. Tommy Jensen says:

            Come on. These companies are innocents. Third party.

          39. bob says:

            Yup , they’d go bust, simple!

      2. Ricky Miller says:

        Yes, legitimate sanctions. But these sanctions are not Swiss, European or UN Security Council approved. Surely a claim could be made that the U.S. Congress has no legislative authority in Europe making Allseas choice to protect future business with U.S. companies at the expense of the Gazprom contract actionable for damages.

        1. Valerianus Maximus says:

          The US sanctions are illegal under international norms. The problem is that the US controls the monetary system and can simply ignore EU court verdicts, while simultaneously inflicting real harm on Allseas through asset seizures and by kidnapping its employees for illegal extraction to the US for trial whenever the chance presents. It’s a pure case of force and might, derived from mafia culture.

    2. Douglas Houck says:

      “Couldn’t Russia get the company that laid down the Turkstream Pipelines? Or failing that, no doubt, Russia knows of plenty of other companies, that would only be too grateful for the work.”

      Allseas, which was laying Nord Stream 2, laid the Turkstream using the same boat, Pioneering Spirit, which is dubbed the world’s largest construction vessel. The issue confronting Russia is no western company will go against the sanctions leaving just Russia or China to do the work. Because of the unique and capital expensive type of ship, there simply aren’t that many of these vessels around. It can be done, just not expeditiously.

      What I find interesting is for all intents and purposes, Germany is supporting the US on this, as there is little backlash coming from them other than some words. The other interesting part is why now and not a year ago? Turkstream is done and Nord Stream is weeks away. This is a coordinated action that is being done in conjunction with other new issues.

      This is another example of the decoupling of the west from Russia and China. It is forcing Russia to become self-reliant, and is the west’s attempt at reducing the economic/political power of the two countries. It shows that the west knows it can’t compete in an open marketplace.

      1. AM Hants says:

        I would say Ukraine and Naftogaz, but, that is sorted. Merkel, well she will stay loyal to her globalist masters.

      2. Tommy Jensen says:

        They could sell the pipe layer equipment to China who could lease it to Russia.
        In the business world there are options.

        1. Douglas Houck says:

          Yes, there are options and since Russia worked out a mutually agreeable contract with Ukraine on the further shipping of gas through Ukraine, there is no longer the tight time schedule of completing Nord Stream 2 before the end of the year. At first blush it makes little sense. It might just be a way for the US to poke at Russia or increase the costs for Russian pipelines, for little cost to itself.

          Knowing that it is quite likely Europe will need even more natural gas as the North Sea dutch gas is coming to its end, it may be a way to set the stage for either the next pipeline or to continue sending gas through Ukraine giving them a vitally needed source of income. There’s more to this than just Nord Stream 2.

      3. bob says:

        Simple Doug, Germany wants to weaken and divide Russia

        Germany simply isn’t a reliable partner

        Russia can’t become self reliant as it has to live in a capitalist world dominated by the west, ergo it has no future unless, or until it can become a proper market economy and not one still dominated by state capitalism and powerful oligarchs

        1. Douglas Houck says:

          I was tracking with you tell you got to the capitalist world part. Who says they have to “become a proper market economy…”? Nonsense. From the IMG


          Are you trying to say that China and Russia, both state directed economies are in trouble? Add China and Russia together and I bet they can make a proper go of it, especially knowing that the west has little to no growth potential while Russia and China do.

          Also, you believe the US/West is not directed by it’s 0.1% (powerful oligarchs) both economically, and politically?

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            And much of the US economy is based of the ability to create dollars via the Petro Dollar , as we know.

            The US is now resorting to cowardly sanctions and childish cyber warfare, largely because the US, as a nation, could never fight and win a real war against equals.

          2. bob says:

            What bollocks they did a pretty good job against the imperial Japanese in the last war

            What did the idiot Soviets do apart from initially sign up with the Nazis, what two faced scum, Hitler and Stalin scum the pair of them!

            What did they do, the Russians apart from get millions of their own people killed in their useless army, they drove tanks across flat countries, no skill no real thinking just brute force to go along with brutish authoritarian thinking

            And neither of them could have even fought the war without the west, the west invested and allowed the Nazi’s to build themselves up and it was the west which helped the Soviets win the war, not that theyed ever admit it, oh and during the cold war the west continued to allow loans and investment into the Warsaw pact and Soviet Union

            Which brings us up to date, Russia simply can’t compete, its business leaders are bent, its athletes likewise, terrible country with no future

          3. Douglas Houck says:

            Interesting ideology bob. Good luck with it. ;-)

          4. Fred Dozer says:

            bob would sanction your post if it was possible. He would be the only one speaking. As the US is sanctioning Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Libya. George Bush said Peak Oil was in 2002. Now the idiots want to sell what was undiscovered, and steal, every bodies like they are in Syria. American Government still holding American Indians oil royalties (trillions) and will never pay them. Nothing fair in America ,and it spreads its evil around the globe.

          5. bob says:

            Venezuela, i stopped reading after that, as its just a useless shit hole place, suffering from a very bad dose of the so called ,Dutch Disease

          6. Ricky Miller says:

            Only because the United States is waging economic war against it. The American fat cats are terrified that a country might create a fair and working economy that people everywhere want to emulate. They must all be destroyed.

          7. bob says:

            They’ll destroy themselves, Venezuela that is, just another useless faux socialist hell hole

          8. usa=nazi says:

            fuck you bob, you so dumb because you have fat in your head instead of brain, drink more cola and have cancer

            mery fuckin christmas asshole

          9. bob says:

            I have good luck with everything!

            Merry Christmas

          10. Harvey Swinestein says:

            Good luck with everything except intelligence, it seems . .

          11. Ricky Miller says:

            The West helped sure, but Russia did the heavy lifting. Tens of millions of Soviet soldiers grappled with the Third Reich for years on a scale that shames the Western democracies and their pitiful efforts. And lend lease provided help but mostly in the form of trucks. The weapons provided to the Red Army were inferior second tier types the volumes of which were small compared to Soviet production. And Russia paid off the balances for lend lease just a few years ago with interest.

            Your statement that the Soviet Union signed up with the Reich is false, of the liar liar variety. The non-aggression pact was signed only after the Soviet Union tried to entice the Western powers into an alliance against Hitler. The British and French refused. Add to that the failure to keep their previous security commitments to the Czechs and the Slovaks, and any reading of Mein Kampf dictated that the Soviet Union either strike first, before she was ready and without allies or make an arrangement with the homicidal superpower laying nearby who had already stated that they desired both Soviet destruction and territory. It was the best thing at that time for their own people even though it didn’t work, mostly because Nazi Germany, like the current day United States, was not agreement capable.

          12. Franz Josef Kunz says:

            Could not agree with you more, Ricky. Admire your understanding and knowledge of the facts that drove Russia to sign the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.

          13. bob says:

            Yeah ok, whatever, happy new year!

            Please grow yerself a new brain, as your current model is infected with Red- Brown propaganda filth

            Merry Christmas

          14. Ricky Miller says:

            Nope. I’ve researched extensively the War in Europe, starting with an honored American military historian-David Glantz. The Red Army, seventy percent of whom were ethnic Russian rotated more than twenty million men into the fight against the Nazi’s over more than forty-six months. At it’s peak the War to Germany’s east involved twelve million Red Army facing eight and a half million Germans on a front that lined more than two thousand kilometers. The Russians lost more than two million people just defending St. Petersburg. That’s more than the Allies lost in total, everywhere. Just. One. City. Normandy and Market Garden etc. was a worthy sideshow, statistically. It’s big to your mind because it’s the Western story but the reality is that Russia put in the hard work.

          15. Tudor Miron says:

            There’s no point debating with that bobby creature.

          16. Harvey Swinestein says:

            Well said

          17. AM Hants says:

            Mirror transposition/reverse blame.

            You argue with facts.
            You argue with legality.
            When you can do neither, you spit your dummy out, soil your diaper, throw your toys out of the pram and cry for Nanny to come and help you, as you rely on personal insults.

            Not the way to win an argument, now is it?

          18. Squeeth says:

            Those who damn the Nazi Soviet pact seem to forget the Munich agreement in 1938….

          19. Jozef Mak says:

            dear Bob,
            you signed up with Adolf much earlier, you know.
            And you gave our gold (Munich 1938, Czechoslovakia) , stored at BoE, to Hitler, herewith helped him to build up his army.
            Any comment?

          20. AM Hants says:

            Darling, you do know that the Soviet Union, was not the Russian Federation, let alone the Russian Empire? Clue, in Bolsheviks, 1917 and when it fell in 1991.

            Who was supporting the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, until America declared war on Japan? Who then declared war on the US, despite the fact, the US were cheerleaders, prior to Pearl Harbour?

            Who decided it was a good idea to use atomic weapons on innocent citizens, of the Japanese Islands? When the war was over and Japan was on the verge of surrendering? Just because the newly elected leader of the US, wished to brag to the Bolshevik Communist Stalin, that he had better weapons than the Soviet Union. That, to most people, would be considered the actions of a coward and not some hero. Plus, those actions, would bring shame on a nation, when discussing sane nations, would it not?

          21. Karen Bartlett says:

            The US can’t compete in a free trade environment with actual competition.

          22. bob says:

            Karen, do me a favour, next year will you please grow up, over and out!

            Oh , merry Christmas

          23. bob says:

            No what I’m saying is very simple to understand, without the western economies Russia and China wouldn’t have much of an economy at all

          24. Douglas Houck says:

            I believe what you are implying is that without western capital (not economies) Russia and China wouldn’t have the economies they do. Even that I’m not sure is correct. You could make the argument that without China and Russia (China’s manufacturing and low labor costs and Russia’s natural resources) the western economies would be much less than they are. I’d be interested in seeing an actual analysis, and where do you start? End of WWII, 18th century? Now, the concepts of capitalism has benefitted both Russia and China but I’m not sure that one needs western economies per se.

            Specifically though, the concept that one needs a “proper market economy” is hogwash. China has shown that you can do quite well, better than anybody else, with a state directed form of Marxist Capitalism. Both countries have integrated forms of socialism into their type of capitalism and their citizens support it. There is nothing inherently wrong with their approaches, and nobody uses a truly “free market” capitalism.

          25. bob says:


          26. Karen Bartlett says:

            If the US was using free market practices, the gov’t wouldn’t see any need for protectionist tariffs, not to mention economic sanctions, on countries which also want to engage in free trade.

          27. bob says:

            I’ve left you a Christmas gift, grow up

          28. Ricky Miller says:

            Buzz off bully,

          29. Harvey Swinestein says:

            You’re wasting your time with this idiot. It’s like trying to convince a flat-earther that the earth is actually round . .

          30. AM Hants says:

            Riddle me this, but, wasn’t China, once upon a time and many centuries ago, a nation with the reserve currency?

            How old is the US compared to either Russia or China?

            Who fleeced the economy of China, during the various opium and spice wars?

            Doesn’t the reserve currency last on average for around 80 years?
            Hasn’t the US been the primary reserve currency for around 70 years and now coming to her end?

        2. AM Hants says:

          Russia is self reliant, courtesy of the sanctions, back in 2014.

    3. Ricky Miller says:

      Russia has a ship in Vladivostok that can finish this project. It’s owned by Gazprom and could come all the way around via the Indian Ocean. But that would take it away from anything else on it’s schedule and would mean a significant delay in NS2 completion. And, if I were the Kremlin I’d have it escorted by a Russian warship and would have it’s flag registry changed from Panama to Russia. After what happened with the Iranian tanker off Gibraltar who knows what the Neoliberals might do to such an important asset, left unguarded.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Wish Russia all the best dea1ling with Western insanity.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        You make a valid point.

    4. Wayne Nicholson says:

      “If they have withdrawn, then surely they have broken their contract? Which will no doubt be legally challenged when necessary or conveniant.”

      The problem with there sanctions is they affect all entities participating in the project including banks and insurance companies who are hurt more by sanctions than the contractors themselves

      Insurance is a mandatory requirement in these contracts. If the companies insurance is pulled then the owners have no choice but to suspend the contract. If the bank pulls out they they won’t be able to meet payroll. Either way they can’t continue until alternatives can be found that are willing to work with sanctions.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Cheers. Never thought of it like that.

    5. FlorianGeyer says:

      I would think its a certainty that President Putin and his government have planned for the US sanctions on the Swiss/Dutch pipelaying company.

      It was politic to employ the company in order to placate EU governments , and in fairness the company has great prowess.

      However the speed of the Swiss pipelaying has completed about 93% of the pipeline, so a less advanced pipelaying vessel could easily complete the task. All beit , that takes a few months longer.

  8. AM Hants says:

    Russia has ships to complete Nord Stream 2 pipeline without European help…https://www.rt.com/business/476639-russia-nord-stream-vessels/

    1. Kananda says:

      But significantly slower. And there are some important deadlines.

      1. Rhodium 10 says:

        It doesnt matter…Russia has a capable vessel in far east and Italy pipe laying vessels company Saipem didnt stop its works there!…I remember when Russian banned goods from EU…people told that Russia didnt have capabilies to replace that goods in Supermarkets!

        1. occupybacon says:

          The idea was to slow it just few months so Ukraine be able to make a better deal next year.

      2. AM Hants says:

        Better slow deadline than a dead deadline. Ukraine is sorted, which would over temporary delays?

  9. Tommy Jensen says:

    What about shekels? What about them!

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Israeli money is blood money and should be sanctioned :)

  10. World_Eye says:

    Sanctions hah!
    The US never sanction Russia LMAO lol.
    They sanction their very best allies and friends.
    Look at the Dutch bitches the run away immediately.
    What is US sanction?
    Well, let’s add Russia as Sanctioned Body, and this case as example,
    the US don’t go and say or sanctioning Russian firm or people etc., no they are sanctioning (blackmail) bullying the one that DOES business with Russia, in terms such as imposed sanctions on Assets of the company involved in the US, so who anyone from the people that has business in this beside Russia would be bullied in matter such as assets as money, transactions accounts, SWIFT/IBAN accounts, estates, houses, property would be frozen, (stolen) from the people and companies that DO work with Russia, in which 95% are so-called US friends and Allies, then if those people have work relations in the US will be terminated, if they have visas, green cards all will be revoked and the firms itself of course above all will be put on (blacklists) FOR REAL. Is that what you really can do, you POOR in stupidity American government idiots. It is the deep state, but when i say the deep state I mean the REAL ONES, the old white 70-80 old nasty senators bastards that are in the US senate for 50 years or so, and congress, puff, all same as the CIA, the CIA is just a bunch of white old asholes who fall asleep when the state needs them the most. Same with senat. Such an Irony. LOL to what level this shit came.

  11. John says:

    Yes, the were well prepared for this one.

  12. Vitex says:

    The term Robber Barons comes to mind

  13. JR says:

    Now they don’t get paid for not meeting the deadline in there contract. Want to be treated ass a business, like one ;}

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