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Communication Issues, Wrong Identification Were Behind Flight 752 Accident: IRGC Commander

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Communication Issues, Wrong Identification Were Behind Flight 752 Accident: IRGC Commander

Jan. 8, 2020 file photo a rescue worker searches the scene where a Ukrainian plane crashed in Shahedshahr southwest of the capital Tehran, Iran. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

The Head of the Aerospace Division of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has accepted full responsibility for the downing of Ukrainian Airlines flight 752, revealing new details about the errors which led to the accident.

In a press conference on January 11, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said he “wished he could die” after being informed of the accident, which took place three days ago.

“Neither the IRGC nor the Armed Forces never intended to cover up, but this was a process that had to be perused,” the Press TV quoted the IRGC commander as saying.

Gen. Hajizadeh revealed that the country’s air defense network was on the “highest level of readiness” and alerted to of a possible cruise missile strike by the U.S. A few hours before the accident, the IRGC targeted U.S. bases in Iraq with ballistic missiles.

According to the Iranian commander, the operator of the Tor-M1 air-defense system, that shot down the plane, called for a halt in flights in the region during the night. He identified plane as a hostile cruise missile.

The operator wasn’t able to call for orders to deal with the perceived threat, as he is required to do, because of a failure in his communication system.

Gen. Hajizadeh said that the failure led the operator to “take the wrong decision” of firing on the perceived threat in a “ten-second” time-span.

All 176 crew members and passengers of the flight PS752, 147 of whom were Iranians, were killed in the crash. The plane was on a trip from Tehran to Kiev.

The IRGC commander said during the conference that concerned individuals were quarantined by the country’s higher authorities, stressing that the Guards will comply with any decision taken by them.

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“highest level of readiness” and alerted to of a possible cruise missile by the U.S. A few hours before the accident,”

OK that makes sense. But if so… in that case why did they permit to that airplane to take of at all if they had “few hours” time to organize everything?
In my amateur military language “highest level of readiness”translates immediately in completely CLOSED AIR SPACE for civilian aviation?!?
There is no higher than “highest level of readiness”so normally in every normal country ALL civilian planes are ORDERED by flight control to go to the nearest airport and to help them, to guide them in doing that without any delay.
While all other civil airplanes are blocked from taking off till further notice

This is also question to anybody from military background to explainto me if I am wrong in my conslusion?


I agree with you and at the same time I comment the Iranian authorities for investigating and then accepting their findings immediately. I just hope that the missile defence crew is not scapegoated as this would damage the morale of these essential units.

Its easy in hindsight , but an hour or so before the most justified Iranian response to the US murder of General Soleimani, it would have been prudent to ground all outgoing flights and to turn back all incoming flights not in Iranian airspace for a few days.

One possible issue with incoming flights is that the US would have encouraged incoming flights to land at US airbases as de-facto human shields.

The sequence of events will be interesting. Was the missile (or missiles) fired before the aircraft turned back to Tehran or after, when the aircraft was dropping height rapidly as it approached an Iranian military base. A 9/11 suicide scenario.?

Ten seconds of the missile crew weighing up the variables is no time at all in such a life and death situation.

The US and UK would have done exactly the same thing in my opinion. In fact the has done so in a Bush presidency and Bush refused to accept any liability for their mistake.


“One possible issue with incoming flights is that the US would have
encouraged incoming flights to land at US airbases as de-facto human

There is plenty of combinations !

But than we must try to eliminate some and not to blur the situation if there are some holes in the logic.
If Iran in advance have informed Iraq about attack(which was WRONG) on US base

WHY didn’t Iranians still ground ALL the civilian airplanes and sound the sirens to save civilian lives from “imminent” US retaliation in the moments of their missile launches?!
Did they expect any retaliation and if not why they didn’t?

Yes there was danger of “human shield” but they had on the ground their pro Iranian militia and drones to inform them on exact situation to chose right targets in 10-20 available targets.
It would be impossible to defend all with”human shield”
They could also bluff attacks so to anticipate US moves and out stage any of US setups by making true attack after several false attacks etc etc…
To keep all the airplane traffic active with “highest alarm on”is totally flawed way of tactics and thinking.

They could use surprise attack but they have renounced it by (right or wrong) informing Iraq

so only alternative left was US sophisticated attack and tricks and outsmart enemy with thorally prepared plan.

So through Iraqis , US had plenty of time to know and do something despite the fact that Iran was “trying” to prevent “collateral” for some “human sheild”while they were exposing their own people and their own airplanes to TOTAL PERIL by not informing them about US retaliation and “highest alert” in the sky!

Some things just do not stick together.
It is possible that Iran DID NOT expect ANY US RETALIATION and that all that hitting of few barracks in US base was staged.


The problem was that the plane changed direction from the normal flight path hence the mistake.


Wasn’t there some mention of the planes transponder signal stopping.


The missile defence system has the ability to identify friend from foe but unfortunately it wasn’t able to with the Ukrainian plane and apparently the Buk system operator lost contact with HQ and because the plane changed direction the operator made an executive decision to fire a missile. The reason it took so long for the Iranian authorities to find out the cause was because the US planes were in Iranian air space and they could have fired the missile.


Your explanation is pure construct with many irregularities that are practically impossible to happen.

Not all “the missile defence system has the ability to identify friend from foe”, commander couldn’t reach higher officer for confirmation which is nonsense…plane changed direction unauthorized is another nonsense…
Airplane taking of during “highest alert” is another nonsense.
Iranians fire TENS of missiles at US military bases while civilian airplanes fly around like it is NORMAL DAY and not possible 1st. day of war or IMMANENT US retaliation…another nonsense.

Concrete Mike

Could some local.device spoofed that particular air defense system?

That was one of my initial thoughts.


I don’t know Mike
I am not electronics expert either. It is possible like many other things of course…
For me the fact that Iran had “highest alert” for their air defensed and air force in the same time while they were having ALL CIVIL AIRPLANES FLYING does not make any sense at all.
2 hours after hitting US bases with many missile without expecting any retaliation?…

They are liars !
Something in their story doesn’t stick with the truth at all….
They might have their reasons to tell children fairy-tale but I will not buy that !


Civilian planes were cleared to fly but not advised.. US closed Iraqi and Iranian as well persian gulf and near by air space to civilian air craft as well. The Pilot took off on his own authority even wth other troubles after some delay. If Iran refused to allow him to leave then we would have another head line of Iranian regime kidnapping planes..


“Civilian planes were cleared to fly but not advised”

That simply doesn’t make any sense in my book. Pilot’s didn’t know about missiles flying into US bases. They would never take off if they knew how critical is the situation…Tragic. 176 mostly young people died horrible death in burning airplane.
They were sending missiles on US military bases for fuck sake and having “highest alert”. But if that is “official” explanation, what can I say…. It is just inadmissible, irresponsible and plain stupid if it is true. If they don’t hide something else behind that explanation.

“The Pilot took off on his own authority’
You mean”responsibility”

“If Iran refused to allow him to leave then we would have another head line of Iranian regime kidnapping planes..”
Yeah…probably…and those headlines would last day or two the most since jet would be back to Ukraine ! . Of course headlines would be totally stupid and ignore completely war like situation as main reason for delay….
So that would be just another RIDICULE EXAMPLE of totally biased Western MSM propaganda…
No harm done at the end..



All Boeings now have a backdoor entry to flight control , which enables takeover of plane, and includes ability to turn off or adjust transponder. Cisco (and hence G4/Israel) appernatly have keys to that technology. This is not an officially acknowledge position though. It is not at all far-fetched however, and evidence to support this exists. I think that in these years, it should be expected to be as suggested. 1) surely the possibility must have been expolored by aviation engineers… 2) paraallels exist in motor car industry 3) air planes are easier to auto pilot than road cars 4) the cyber industry is full of power play, and includes devious operators like MOssad.


The Pilot asked the tower to change altitude and speed, which the missile operator did not know. SO its not nonsense.. The pilot probably wanted to leave Iranian air space asap knowing the next morning all planes on the ground would have been destroyed by the US.


It is “nonsense”when people tell me that pilots alone can change the direction or altitude without direct approval from ground control tower. But your info changes that!
OK this was important information I did not know..Thanks!
This only shows how Iranian system is deeply flawed in the situations of the “highest alert”….
I am still waiting that somebody explains WHY were those civilian airplanes flying at all
when they had “highest alert” and missiles were flying on US military bases?!
WHY didn’t they expect any US retaliation?!?

No other country would do that. With the “highest alert” the airspace for civilian airplanes is COMPLETELY CLOSED normally.
Thanks igy!


All I wanted to say is: to change altitude on their own without confirmation from the operator it is “nonsense”.
Pilot can NOT alone on his own decide altitude or direction without EXPLICIT approval of the control tower operator.

“The pilot probably wanted to leave Iranian air space asap”

The plane was only climbing and they were still VERY far from leaving Iranian air space…So I would not agree with that suggestion.
And to risque his and all their lives only to ‘save’ the airplane from “destruction” is also bit exaggerated.
I would never risque my life to ‘save’ empty airplane…..
But maybe you are right…


Transponder can be only turned off by crew.
Why would they do that?
It is extremely dangerous and against all rules?


not necessarily true. Backdoor methods to elctronic control may be used.


OK with that logic that something criminal could have happened…
with”backdoor methods”everything is possible…like hacking airplane commands and changing auto pilot input by changing direction etc.


WHY would they do that?!?
Those are basic errors against all regulations.Even beginner would not do such mistake

If experienced pilots they couldn’t possibly do such thing!
Simply because command tower is their “eyes”!
They depend on strict guidance and NEVER CHANGE COURSE or ALTITUDE unles instructed and confirmed !
Didn’t you ever watch the movie with those procedures?!?
That is the ONLY job pilots have today to VERIFY their course and altitude the rest is done by AUTOMATIC PILOT!


How would someone else know all this? The tower allowed them to deviate course.. But how would anyone else know of this? Which is why you dont fly around in a war zone.. The US was also jamming and had hundreds of flights all around Iran waiting to lite it up..


“Which is why you dont fly around in a war zone”

EXACTLY my thoughts and there is nothing else to add to that!
Blaming now US or trying to understand every tiny detail that has influenced situation is useless and not the answer.
Closed airspace for all civil airplanes, end of story!
The whole system is flawed and incompetent for not imposing that in such situation.

Zionism = EVIL

It is time to stop apologizing for the sorry state of Iranian military leadership and accept the reality that the Iran’s military suffers from poor command and control, as years of illiterate mullah rule have taken its tool. Iran has been promoting uneducated religious cannon fodder into officer ranks based solely on loyalty to the theocratic regime. Every major nation tries to recruit educated and well screened applicants for military and civilian leadership positions, unfortunately in Iran it is not the case. The country also lacks an educated foreign and intelligence services and thus the inability to operate globally. This sad episode of military and political ineptitude has undermined the image Iran has cultivated as a military
power and weakened it significantly both regionally and internationally. The regime will find it difficult to fool the angry and humiliated Iranian people in the future. Iranian’s are voting with their feet and escaping to west where the diaspora is now in excess of 5 million and most of the passengers who died in this tragedy were educated expat Iranians.


I Agree with you Z.P., Big aircraft accidents usually have a cascade of events culminating in a tragedy like this. However, you are completely correct in your assertion, “Highest level of readiness”, means a complete lockdown of civilian aircraft movement. This was the only civilian take-off in the country which seems extraordinarily strange. How was this allowed? The airport from which it took off would surely not allow such a transgression of protocol. The investigation will reveal all, as I have complete faith in Iranian transparency in this awful tragedy.


The ONLY logical explanation is that they wanted to “trick” Americans by going on with “NORMAL” routine while preparing for attack with their missiles.
And that they were using those airplanes in the air and people on the streets and their own population as HUMAN SHIELD.

There is also another explanation. That US knew about their attack and they agreed that Iran”attacks” US base and destroy few empty barracks as “face saving” move and possibility that BOTH sides have exit away from war situation.

In that case it is easy to explain WHY were people on the streets and CIVILIAN airplanes flying…Iran did not expect ANY RETALIATION since that attack was agreed and staged as face saving operation.

Lazy Gamer

That surely was not the only comml plane flying that night. So why did this particular one mistaken for a missile strike or an enemy aircraft? Direction, speed, point of origin, altitude, should point to a different kind of aircraft. Could the Boeing have sent out a different signal or was the radar system fooled?

Peter Jennings

These are american made aircraft and since they are made by the same people who sit in congress and spook agencies via the revolving door of USpolitics/business/security, anything is possible.

Rhodium 10

There were an ongoing war and a possible US airstrikes..and the airport was open?….


Ah Pilots and Captains can always leave because they are not under arrest. Preventing them from leaving is hijacking.. When the US does it, its for your own safety but when others do it, its illegal detention..


During 9/11 all civil airplanes were grounded or blocked from taking off, with no exception.
So it was probably hundreds of them forced on the ground of the nearest
As far as I know not single one of them has reported “hijacking”.

The pilots of the airplanes does not have authority over the ground control operators.
Only they have authority to force airplane pilots to change the route go back or block them from taking off (with valid motive of course).
The air-force has even bigger authority since they can force any civil airplane to go to the nearest airport with no explanation what so ever.

Assad must stay

i feel so bad for hajizadeh, i watched so many videos of him on youtube and he sounds like a really intelligent, articulate guy, i hope they dont like execute him or something


They can not ”execute him” without top commander of Iranian Army sharing the responsibility as his superior


Gross incompetence, and totally broken chain of command communications. If the same happens during real war, the Persian would lose the war before it even started.

Free man

“If the same happens during real war, the Persian would lose the war before it even started.” – This is indeed one of the reasons why Iranians do not want to fight the US.

good american

As if the US never accidentally shot down a commercial plane. Flight 800 off of New York ring any bells?
One difference between the Iranians and the US is that the Iranians can accept responsibility and apologize instead of covering it up. That takes a fortitude which the US seems to lack.

Free man

That is why they should stick to apologies rather than fight against the US.

good american

The best medicine for a bully is to have someone correct them.

Free man

I think in modern wars both sides lose. In the present case, Iran has much more to lose than the US.

good american

That is true, and this accident is a tragic mistake. You must admit that there was great deal of bravery for the Iranians to do what they did to the US. It hasn’t been done since WW2. The biggest, ugliest bully on the block has surely been surprised by that punch.


Well said.


Well, not since Vietnam and the Vietnamese were actually successful since they did cause many casualties. All the Islamist Iranians did was get off one ineffectual attack to save face while praying that the US would not wipe them off the map. In a way that is brave in a foolhardy way. And lucky for them, Trump was magnanimous. Their top general for an empty hanger seemed a good enough deal for the deal maker.


The plane was NOT shot down. That it was comes from the same folk who say the US never sent a man to the Moon and chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

good american

I happen to know witnesses of the event that worked in military circles. When the FBI interviewed them, the agent himself agreed that it appeared to be a missile based on other witness observations he had recorded.
I put more faith in credible witness accounts than any official US explanation. They tell the truth or lie depending on the benefits or drawbacks it brings them.


ofcourse the US was far more advanced 50 years ago and like the tin foil hatters who say civilization 10,000 years ago was more advanced than today.. maybe in haifa they will find the evidence..


Didn’t officers of the USS Vincennes get medals!

AM Hants

Plus promotions and Bush refused to apologise.


Try blowing an Iranian airliner out of the sky in 1988.

good american

Yes, though in my example I was equating the two shooting down their own airliners and their subsequent reactions.


but iranians dont go around ramming shipping liners for fun or crossing the path of on coming traffic..


That kind of incompetence? ‘Gross’ is the cliche words to add empohasis to an empty statement, surely? Whose incompetence precisely? Unintended consequences occur as a chain of events, possibly not easily forseeable, and not necessarily due to any one person’s neglect or incompetence…. Unforseen can include human errors, deceit… Clearly this occured in a situation of war… i
But think, Iranians have no absolute need to defend civilian airports because if a missile was launched by enemy at such a target,enemy would look stupid. They do need to defend likely military targets. Therefore, civilian flights do not need to be grounded by necessity. Only perhaps upon actual missile attack.. which had not happened. Tis accident occurred out of readiness to defend against such a missile attack, and obviously th eplane was miustaken… we need further evidence as to why, concerning transponders and communications. Do remember the tower may have known about flight path change, the defence operator would not… but why did the transponder fail to identify… or why could he not communicate upstream? Certqinly the change in flight plan is most ubnfortuante , and wwe shoul dnot forget that.


Yeah, an chain of cockups in the Iranian Military chain of comand, when the situation becomes tens, this kind of events should never happen, when an local comander dont get answers to what to do and how to act, in an situation witch where to then unclear and tens, this misstakes happened.
Then we have the facts Teherans airport was infact open to regulare flights, how to then missunderstand and be wrong about an comersial jet compared to an tiny cruice missile etc, when other regions or surveilance systems didnt show any kind of activity over Iranian air space, etc, is what they have to work out, this was an error I place squarly on the Iranian military and the chain of comand, then we have the one pulling the trigger, witch is bad enough, but I place the entire blame on the system.
Somebody should be flogged alive for this.

The seond thing is, since the HarsbaRats and the Yankike drivel riders are euforic and extatic for once been “right”, this dint change the debate or speculations we and other had/did from the day this happened, since non of this case initital profs/whatever videos showd us anything, for days we where given flimsy videos witch shown nothing, and even now they show nothing substasial, but the “good” thing, in this tragic sircumstances is that Iran atleast admitted they did it.
And their admittion should at least be apriciated for that, in this times where nobody tells anything before they are forced to do so.

Let the Imperial well pissers have their field day, yeah, finaly even this shitheads where “right”, not because of their knee jerk acusations witch we all know is an part of decades of propaganda, lies and coverups, but because Iran admitted they indeed did it, uptil now, nothing was proven, and so on of whatever the western MSM printed as evidences, I see no reason to apologise for anything, and then to start to drool something about jumping conclusions, been a part of “grup thinking” etc, is again nonsense, since we base whatever we persive on whats was given, and we wherent wrong, we just didnt have anything/enough that showed us what really happened, like the non deaths of the people on the base Iranians hitted.
I have to remind them, despite this, at least, compared to the Malaysian jet shooting in Ukraina, Iran admitted their crime, not drown an downig in political anti-Russian idiot propaganda, like the way they handled the Malasyian jet case, witch they did, but again, Ukrainians should be thankfull at least for this, then the case is solved, and even Boeing witch produced flying cofins can have an moment of peace.

And just to remind this pack of yankikes and harsbaRats, dont for an second think this changes anything, rat packs, not an iota, but just remind our self that shit happens and it happened this time.
Thats it, for me, this event. no matter how tragic, changes nothing.



Iran didn’t admit their” crime” your words

Well it was a total failure of their much vaunted defence force’s not a crime, a tragic mistake, but this doesn’t bode well for the regime does it

King Cliff

Well the families of the victim must receive payments for they loss…Its a sad tragic event’s that has taking place, condolence to the family and I hope they the West and the East must keep politics out of it.


Would that be what the US pays or what the US expects in payment?? The difference eis a factor of 10 to 20x…


The whole official story doesn’t make sense they are trying to hide something.
Everything sounds false from Iranian”attack” on US bases to explanation why this airplane was hit. And NO explanation WHY DID THEY HAVE NORMAL AIR TRAFFIC AT ALL if they were expecting US retaliation!
And if they were not expecting US retaliation,than that is even bigger question ; WHY NOT?!


It is called institutional incompetence and yet another reason the Islamist Iranians should never be allowed nuke weapons.

Free man

Brigadier General Amirali Hajizadeh : “the missile operator who fired on the plane did so independently because of communications “jamming”.” – At first, they lied, saying that the Ukrainians were actually guilty because the plane had a technical problem. But as the evidence grew, they realized they couldn’t lie anymore. Now they blame a mysterious factor that was “jamming” communications.
A bunch of pathetic losers.


But way better than the Russians who still don’t have the integrity and balls to admit to shooting down that Malaysian airliner over Eastern Ukraine.


That´s coz they didn´t do it.
No evidence to suggest they did.
Trust a low life shill such as you to attempt to make some capital out of this accident.


oh jake knows that since his boiler room buddies at haifa talk about how to spin it.


or tel aviv who used a Russian plane as a human shield to admit thats what they did since they have done it dozens of time using planes and passengers from beirut and damascus to hide behind..

Arch Bungle

Or you, who neither have the evidence nor the IQ ti prove the Russians shot dowm MH17, or the integrity to admit it.

Arch Bungle

Or the Americans who awarded a murderer a medal for shooting down a civilian airliner.


Thats an easy one, because they didn’t, get it now murican immigrant bob.


Oh thats bull because the plane did not leave at the regularly scheduled time. The plane was not on its regularly scheduled path and altitude either.. So a plane appear in a restricted area outside the norm.. But someone liek you who never leaves his couch knows all the information thats happening.

Free man

So you again blame the Ukrainians for the shooting down of the plane.
You should share your knowledge with the Iranian authorities.

Peter Jennings

A turn up for the books to be sure. The Iranian authorities did the right thing and quashed the speculation. Because of this tragedy, the Iranian military know they have a problem, not with their personnel, but with their systems.

Boeing with be particulary pleased to know it wasn’t their greed for profit which caused this accident.


Maybe there was a High Value Target(s) on the flight. The rest is deception …..


If you look at faces of senior military officials during POTUS speech, you can see two things: confusion, low level of self-confidence, dis-balanced, the hater …. all these are traits when your plans destroyed, irrelevant, and you are just another amateur being caught in incompetency and arrogance ….. remember 07 October 2015 and launch of some “katchushas” from Caspian Sea against targets in Syria …


What you puffing on?


It is a sad event, with lot of smart and beautiful Persian people perishing. Iran must turn to Russia and China for help, and Russia and China must help Iran, so that it can survive US and Israel aggression. It should be pretty obvious to them that if Iran falls, they will be the next in line of attack.


No Iranians have to get rid of the theocratic dictatorship

Better still the theocratic dictatorship should do the honourable thing and step aside

They should have a truth and reconciliation period and then along with the international community create a proper democratic system in Iran

The current system of religious dictatorship is so obviously unfit for purpose


The international community? Like the US or UK? Perhaps Israel and Saudi Arabia can pitch in and help re-educate Iran?


Hopefully not a proper one like in UK or EU or US, I advise.


Get a hair cut you greasy beast


The did turn to Russia for help. That’s where they got the missiles that shot down that airliner. Too bad they are not able to properly use the help they get.


Iran is turned to Russia and China.
Russia and China would help Iran in the case of an attack on Iran.
China has huge investment in Iran and Iran is one of the key countries in Chinese “Belt & Road” initiative.
Even Russia has investment in Iran.
Without Iran Russia and China would be next on the list for attack of US global terrorism.


It is unrealistic to expect that war planning and execution goes 100 percent perfectly as laid out and it seldom happens. US killed a lot of their own troops in “communication failures.” You are dealing with very dangerous people who have utter disregard human lives (they killed 3000 of their own citizens in 9/11). Iran is playing a long game and rightfully so the way US is heading.


Ukranian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated by Poroshenko and British Secret Service

The whistleblower in the 39-minute documentary completely
delegitimizes the findings found by the Dutch investigators and world
leaders by drawing on classified documents he attained through his own
high-ranking position and those close to him, as well as eye witness
accounts including from the Donbass volunteers.


At least the Iranians have the integrity and balls to admit their deadly mistake. Not you Russians.

Doom Sternz

I could never work out why MH17’s course was deviated over a war zone. Now i know it was so that NATO could occupy the Donbass. Cold blooded premeditated mass murder, NATO purposely shot down MH17 as a cover to place 9000 troops in the Donbass.

The leading independent investigator of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 disaster, has revealed breakthrough evidence of tampering and forging of prosecution materials; suppression of Ukrainian Air Force radar tapes; and lying by the Dutch, Ukrainian, US and Australian governments.

The Malaysian Government also revealed how it got in the way of attempts the US was organizing during the first week after the crash to launch a NATO military attack on eastern Ukraine. The cover story for that was to rescue the plane, passenger bodies, and evidence of what had caused the crash. In fact, the operation was aimed at defeating the separatist movements in the Donbass, and to move against Russian-held Crimea.

It was revealed that a secret Malaysian military operation took custody of the MH17 black boxes on July 22, preventing the US and Ukraine from seizing them. The Malaysian operation, revealed by the Malaysian Army colonel who led it, eliminated the evidence for the camouflage story, reinforcing the German Government’s opposition to the armed attack, and forcing the Dutch to call off the invasion on July 27.

Why was MH17 altitude reduced? For the record the SU25 manufacturers have indicated that a variant of the SU25 sold to Ukraine can operate at the height levels that MH17 was reduced to, that of course is the point in asking why the decrease in altitude, ie to make it within strike range of the variant SU25 sold to Ukraine.

For the damage to occur on the left side of MH17 (as it flies) it is impossible for the damage to occur as it has if it was BUK missile fired from the location indicated, ie the JIT report is complete fiction.

Also why was a large group of air defense systems deployed to the militia-held regions just before the tragedy? Especially considering that the self-defense forces have no planes. Also on the day of the crash Kiev intensified Kupol-M1 9S18 radar activity, key BUK targeting system components. Where they providing targeting information to the SU-25’s?

Free man

Now at some of the memorial rallies in Iran in memory of those killed in the shoot down plane:
Students at Tehran’s Sharif Univ. chant : “Soleimani is a murderer and his leader is ignorant”.
Isfahan protesters chant : “Our enemy is right here; they lie that it’s the US”
Hamedan, western Iran Crowd chant : “The incompetent IRGC is the nation’s disgrace!”
Hafez Bridge, Tehran, a large number of protesters chant, “death to the liar”.


The Iranian people still have some hope of saving Iran if they can get rid of their Islamist overlords.

Arch Bungle

The Palestinian people still have some hope of saving Palestine if they can get rid of their Israeli overlords.
6 hours ago
The Iraqi people still have some hope of saving Iraq if they can get rid of their American overlords.

Xoli Xoli

My honest opinion Iranians were not well prepared.After mourning their just warn Iraq double face spies and start unleashing messiles without warning own strategic important emergency units.Pre warning to Iraqis to move out,evacuate or stay away means already their did wanted to surprise USA soldier.Knowing that Iraqis well warn them.So it is whole administration deliberate fault.

Arch Bungle

“After the USS Vincennes in 1989 had shot down Iran Air Flight 655 and killed 290 people, including many children, the U.S. government denied any culpability. George H. W. Bush, the vice president of the United States at the time, commented: “I will never apologize for the United States – I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” Despite its “error” the crew was given medals and the captain was even awarded a Legion of Merit “for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as commanding officer”

Chris Chuba

I’m certain the U.S. was testing their airspace at the time stressing their air defenses. Why wouldn’t we, partly our of precaution maybe a little chest thumping.


The story being put forward by the Iranians is just a cover to placate the masses.

I want to point out some intel which so far has not been spoken of, but
re-adjusts the perspective. “Israel did it “………………. and the
following points pretty much seal the arguments in supporting the
It was been mentioned, that the Russians may have been
responsible for the launch codes being given/sold too the Israelis. Why ?
The Russians do not want a full scale ware breaking out if the Iranians
go “rogue” or the government there becomes unstable. This intel is
plausible but given the time that has elapsed, I am surprised the
Iranians have not or did not react or were not suspicious, given the
history between Russia and Israel. That said, it was the IDF’s Cyber
warfare Unit 8200 which was instrumental in hacking/obtaining a back
door or doors into the Iranian AA system which gave the Israelis overall
So the Israelis pushed the button and murdered 174
innocent civilians, a monstrous crime which was an act of war and
terror, and ……………. the world will do nothing about it, apart
from scream “Please show restraint “.
The Iranians are now faced with not only the blame, they must now compensate the families, whilst trying to keep the lid on Law and Order and explain too the people what
went wrong without completely losing their respect and saving face.
In addition too this they must carry out a complete overhaul of their entire AA system .

The only upside is; that the Israelis have revealed their hand, and the
consequence is probably resonating through out every sovereign nation
since the shoot-down.

The Iranians are not technical dummies, they
are also fast learners, so they have some catching up to do, and will
not nor should they not ,share their expertise or lessons learned with
even their closest friends.


I am reposting this here saying look at the crash photos… The Iran Event: Soleimani killed * US
base attacked in Iraq * Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran…. The Curious
Parts: The ‘official’ picture of Solemani’s hand/ring is not the same
ring he really wore * Iran did no real damage in Iraq * the plane crash
site in Iran,(the evidence video is a video filmed by someone driving
down the road filming a plane in flight???) looks about as real as the
site in Shanksville Pa. on 911… Everything I point out is provable and
video documented. Has the Iranian GOV already fallen to the US/ZIO state
and they are now trying to conquer the people?

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