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Commander Of US Central Command Insists ISIS Is Far From Being Defeated, Stands Against Troops Withdrawal From Syria


Commander Of US Central Command Insists ISIS Is Far From Being Defeated, Stands Against Troops Withdrawal From Syria

General Joseph Votel

General Joseph Votel, commander of US Central Command, insists that ISIS is far from being defeated and therefore the US should not withdraw troops from Syria.

“When I say, ‘we have defeated them,’ I want to ensure that means they do not have the capability to plot or direct attacks against the US or our allies,” Votel said on February 15. “They still have this very powerful ideology, so they can inspire.”

Commenting on President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Syria, Votel said that this move “would not have been my military advice at that particular time”. “I would not have made that suggestion, frankly,” he further commented on the plan.

Votel also clarified that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are currently involved in an operation against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley, could not defeat the terror group without continued US assistance.

“They still require our enablement and our assistance with this,” Votel said, adding that the military was still in the midst of executing a “well-crafted military campaign.”

“We want (ISIS) to be able to be controlled or addressed by the indigenous partners, whether that’s the Iraqi security forces in Iraq, or the Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria, that when they are capable of handing this threat on their own, without our assistance, that will be another key criteria indicating to me that we have accomplished our mission of defeat of ISIS.”

Another commont topic of the US attitude on the situation in the region. Votel said that Iran poses a growing threat to US partners in the region and expressed concern over its development of advanced weapons. However, the general openly acknowledged that Tehran had held up its side of the nuclear deal that Trump withdrew in 2018.

“I acknowledged that the reporting is that they remain in compliance with the provisions of the JCPOA [the nuclear deal], but of course we do see them continuing to advance their missile technology,” he said. “It should not be lost on anybody that an advanced ballistic missile program could also be used to move weapons of mass destruction.”

“Their ability to be innovative, their ability to seek more precision, and the fact that they are increasing their quantity are the greatest areas of concern for me,” Votel stressed. “They are looking to use new ways of orchestrating their actions so it isn’t so much so through just ballistic missiles, but we’ve also seen a proliferation of unmanned aerial systems … that operate in different (ways), so this could challenge us.”

Votel’s remarks demonstrate that far from everyone in the US military and the White House share Trump’s vision of the US role in the region. The troops withdrawal from Syria is one of the fields, in which US President faces an obvious opposition.




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  • potcracker777

    unfuckingbelievable……so who is commander in Chief….U.S. president or the british elite with their Zionist jew assholes????

    • Sinbad2

      “so who is commander in Chief”

      The guy with the guns

      Watch 7 days in May.
      But ignore the Hollywood crap where the good guy always wins.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      British as always big boss

    • You can call me Al

      The Brits use the Yids, then the Yids use you peasants…. PRICELESS.

  • Lupus

    Fire this ugly mofo

  • zman

    “I want to ensure that means they do not have the capability to plot or direct attacks against the US or our allies”…well, in the last 8 years they haven’t yet. Why, they’ve never even attacked the so-called Muslim enemy, Israel. The only people they actually fight against are Syria and Iran…who knew they were US allies?

  • Peter Jennings

    General Votel should know. Maybe there is a new batch of terrorist trainees ready to earn their dollars by crossing the border. The trumpster gave the game away when he said that the US will not move from Iraq whilst Iran exists, more or less.
    Who can say just how long the Iraqis are going to allow the US to use their land to spy and possibly attack their neighbours. Things could get ugly at camp Alamo.


    Who cares what idiot Votel thinks.
    Waiting for PaveWay to weigh in about CentCom :DD

    • Pave Way IV

      Shhhh…! I’m waiting for CENTCOM to attack and destroy the most immediate threat to citizens of the US: joint Wahhabi/ISIS headquarters in Riyadh, Doha and Abu Dhabi. They’re right on Google maps if CENTCOM isn’t sure where they are. Just kill everyone in the city – the world will understand. Greater good and all. Plus, the regimes will be replaced with democracies – Yay!

      Iran should be our natural ally here – I wonder if all the Iran-hating is just a clever ruse to trick the Wahhabis? Brilliant, Votel! The stupid al Saud head-choppers will NEVER think of that! I’ll be at your hero’s welcome home parade after you finish the job to salute you.

      By the way, Votel, do you have any spare time to attack the freakshow of horrible, inept commanders at SOUTHCOM and court martial those fuckers? I think they’re getting ready to unleash another proxy army of baby-raping genocidal freaks in South America somewhere and then cover it up. Talk to that fucking ghoul Abrams – it’s clearly one of his psychopathic neocon plans pulled out of mothballs.

      • PZIVJ

        I knew you would not pass this one up.
        Great material. :)))

    • You can call me Al

      LOL, are you two a double act ?. Just read his comment.

  • Ed

    Ironic to think that if Barack Obama was still in office and had taken this exact same course of action, people would be praising him for his actions to bring troops back home and agree wholeheartedly with his claim that Daesh had been defeated!!!
    I’m no fan of the man, but I can’t help think that all this fuss and disagreement is just because he is Donald Trump and God help you if you happen to agree with what he says!!

    • zman

      I doubt it. Obama signed the JCPOA and what did that get him? More condemnation from the land of liars and their supporters. It’s all a facade anyway.

  • “Their ability to be innovative, their ability to seek more precision, and the fact that they are increasing their quantity are the greatest areas of concern for me,”

    How dare they make weapons that can actually deter attacks from the U.S., it’s not like the U.S. ever does that (Iraq, Libya, Syria twice). I can’t stand the arrogance, we fully expect Iran to be content to have nothing but a police force armed with nothing but batons.

  • H Eccles

    If the Yankee prick was to get out fhe way, ISIS would’ve been done and dusted a long time ago.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      ISIS is a US/Zionist instrument for regional destabilization, fanning sectarian conflicts and like other Wahhabi terror groups it will never be disbanded as the Zionists have openly said.

      • You can call me Al

        Yes, but like everything the Yanks do now – it backfires. In Iraq and now Syria, it has united the tribes, clans and religious sects AND THAT in my mind is what truly worries Israel.

    • Rob

      These MoFu increasing the ISIS numbers as special operation forces.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The Americunt Zionist controlled war mongering machine costs well in excess of $1 trillion a year and they are hardly about to give up their agenda. Americunt military footprint is growing all over the world and unless the other powers unite it will get worse.

  • verner

    isis is just the excusefor the ds/mic to obfuscate the inevitable withdrawal from syria -isis is for all ends and purposes defeated and can be left to disperse back home to where they came from and if not some saa-troops can engage them on a regular basis till they are all dead. meanwhile the problem is the fsa and the sdf and how to deal with those. best would be for both groups to seek succour with assad and russia and indirectly with turkey and then they can march straight to the golan heights and join up with hezbollah and do what needs to be done to the squatters on palestinian land – kick them all the way to hell!!

  • jm74

    Having a regular roll call and keeping track of new recruits the US should know the full strength of it’s proxy army of terrorists.
    What should be happening is for some unfortunate incidents to occur that cost’s the lives of coalition illegals.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Even with US providing full supporting to their terrorist army, thousands would disagree.
    Time to dust of the civies, General. No one wants your dirty wars. That is a fact.

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Seems that Trump is not communicating with the U.S. Army, either that or Trump is living in his own little world…

    • You can call me Al

      These lot are Obama’s people’ I think there is a mutual hatred that occured, somewhere along the way.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    In other words it’s all about Israeli security.
    Iranian missiles are a threat to Israel, and the deep state of the US/Israel are doing what they can to nullify the threat, but Trump’s not helping them do what they want, he has a different agenda.
    Obama promoted this married father of two to this high ranking position for one reason only, his pro LGBTQI leanings, all his other skills were secondary requirements. Obama also promoted many others like him at the same time, but also sacked many of those high ranking military commanders who held the opposite view, the US military was purged and everyone remained oblivious to what had happened, well not quite everyone, Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping weren’t oblivious at all.
    But Trump liked a lot of those high ranking military Commanders Obama sacked for womanizing, drinking and gambling, he preferred them to the crew Obama replaced them with, the supposedly happily married family men, who secretly went out and had sex with underaged boys on the side, Trump doesn’t relate to them at all, hopefully he’ll start reinstating some ot the Commanders Obama wrongfully sacked, and then start exposing the weirdos like Votel for what they really are, sick perverts hiding in plain sight, and then sack the lot of them.

  • gustavo

    These are the two faces of USA military: Face before government: The country XXX is far beyond our capabilities and will destroy us, therefore, we need a couple of trillon dollars to be even. Face before common northamerican peole: We are beyon XXX country and we are capable to destroy it within few second.

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    this votel schmuck doesn’t know what he’s missing. I am the most effective weapon in all the us military stockpile – my nostrils can suck up and blow away any possible enemy.

    • Sukhoi-35

      lol i can’t stop laughing at ur account and this shit XD

  • You can call me Al

    What a numpty.

    I thought I recognised him, it is George McFly from “back to the future”…


  • rudy
  • Lena Jones

    Shekeled up to the gel in his hair.

  • Jakke1899

    Sorry, Joe. The tangerine man said “we are out!”

  • vladput

    why do you cry hater commenters? also in BIIIGGGOOO russia the generals criticized putins subjective decision to stop russian intervention in syria.


    be happy, haters!