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JULY 2022

Commander Of US-backed Militant Group Raped 10-yo Girl In Al-Tanf

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Commander Of US-backed Militant Group Raped 10-yo Girl In Al-Tanf

Illustrative image, fighters of the Revolutionary Commando Army in al-Tanaf, source: @MaghaweirThowra

Six months ago, Mohamad Mostafa al-Jarrah, a spokesman for the US-backed Revolutionary Commando Army, was caught raping a 10-year old girl near the US-led coalition base in the area of al-Tanaf.

Mzahem Alsaloum, the activist who revealed the crime, told the pro-opposition al-7al news outlet, that al-Jarrah abducted the girl from the nearby al-Rukban refugee camp, where thousands of displaced civilians are suffering from deteriorating humanitarian conditions.

“He [al-Jarrah] was sacked after an intervention from the U.S.,” Alsaloum added.

Syrian opposition activists released a video showing the moment al-Jarrah was busted. However, SouthFront decided to not share the hideous scene.

The Revolutionary Commando Army said in an official statement released on January 25 that it had taken “all the proper measures to fire and arrest the person responsible for the alleged crime,” However, the US-led coalition, which is responsible for everything in al-Tanaf, has not commented on the issue yet.

This was not the first scandal to rock the Revolutionary Commando Army. Two years ago, Sputnik revealed that the commander of the group, Muhanad Tala, is selling US-supplied weapons to ISIS.

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Dear South Front: Don’t take this report for granted. It is quite common in this part of the world for authority figures to trump up charges and beat on a guy until he confesses to them. Also, while it is plausible that a corrupt officer from this militia did sell weapons to whoever would buy them, do note that this report is coming from one of this militia’s enemies who could be influenced by fake news from pro-government militias.

al quaida

Could you be any more condescending?

Bigaess Wangmane

fake news from pro-government militias

The US-backed terrorist in Al Tanf are ISIS/Al Qaeda operatives by any other name, the report is not only most likely true but also the standard practice of Salafist Wahabbis wherever you find them in the World.



Brother Ma

You are such a fool or shill.


He is both.


here’s the original footage of capturing him https://twitter.com/Mzahem_Alsaloum/status/1088698174846451712

Brother Ma

Dirty pedo bastard. Guilty! Us loves people like this because the US elite are filthy themselves and because they can blackmail them.

You can call me Al

They should have killed the bastard then.


It’s pretty clear from .30 to .35 in the video below that the accused and purported victim were at the incident location at the same time during the apprehension. And that the accused is being subjected to harsh treatment for some reason. Airing video of the actual crime outside of law enforcement proceedings could be problematic for legal reasons.


shaddup dipstick…as if there is any ‘legal’ system in that jointly US and ISIS-controlled hellhole…what a schmuck…


It looks like you’re a false accusing, truth hating, degenerate idiot Jew head case to me.

“the Yiddish word shmok “comes out of baby talk.” According to Wex, “a little boy’s penis is a shtekl, a ‘little stick’. Shtekl became shmeckle, in a kind of baby-rhyming thing, and shmeckle became shmuck. Shmeckle is prepubescent and not a dirty word, but shmuck, the non-diminutive, became obscene.”[2]”

– Schmuck (pejorative) –



“The legality of child pornography is explicitly addressed in 94 of the 187 Interpol member states as of 2008, according to research performed by the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) … Of those 94 countries, 58 criminalized possession of child pornography regardless of intent to distribute”

– Legality of child pornography –



“authority figures to trump up charges and beat on a guy until he confesses to them”

You mean like they did to Bradley Manning Julian Assange, Maria Butina and others?


Smaug – the criminal’s apologist – always trying to minimize the crimes of militants in Syria.

Brother Ma

Yep. Useful idiot or paid shill.

You can call me Al

The later.

Tudor Miron

Learning fast from their US/UK/Israel pedophile masters. Rats should be eliminated from the face of this planet.


Tudor wtf? When did you become such a trash talking fool?

Zionism = EVIL

Well to put it mildly, the Americunts are the most degenerate criminals, liars and sociopaths themselves so their allies also come from the gutter. The US best friends are Saudi headchoppers, Wahhabi rapists, Syrian pedos, Zionist organ harvesters and human traffickers, child killers and Turkish homosexual oil smugglers. No wonder Americunts and their NATO puppets have no moral compass whatsoever. This shameful behavior gets worse every day.


the largest number of such materials are made in thailand, japan and russia


Surely Trump should bomb the group now . How many cases of child abuse have gone ‘unnoticed’ in plain sight ?

History will record the atrocious conditions in the Rubkan Camp , unless the US kills all those interned there with an outbreak of a killer disease like Ebola or the Black Death.

Israel will have the bio weapons to do that.

Jens Holm

A very good one, if its true at all.

In contexts in the whole region men like that get free, if the family say so and let them be married. The importance is in, that the family loose the wirg in price.

Girld has nothing to say. It cpuld be gold and sheep.

Sad if true. Here such a fellow would be jailed many years and had to pay TO THE GIRL.

Main commenters in Your region most of them time forget the girls right, which is hardly existing in Syria. Some father and brother should not have left her own. Its by that her own fault and by that she is a prostistute and a criminel herself.

Of course hypocrites deny that. If it was in the Asad area, it never happend. Even murder is replaaced with money, if the family need that. Thats MUhammed Economics according to tradtions and for keeping the peace.


“Some father and brother should not have left her own. Its by that her own fault and by that she is a prostistute and a criminel herself.”

More depravity from a head case.


” Some father and brother should not have left her own. Its by that her own fault and by that she is a prostistute and a criminel herself. ”

You seem to forget Jens that the Rubkan Camp is in a closed off area, even to AID convoys, and is under 100% US military control.

The US in turn is using their proxy terrorist gangs to control the camps. This involves the selling of AID supplies for ‘favours’ from civilians. Nordic troops have also been training terrorists with the US and UK. It is not a stretch of imagination that Western troops are using women and boys for their own perversions as well.

Jens Holm

We dont see Iraqian troops as terrorists at all. I dont think we have trained any terrorists in Syria at all.

Only 4 groups in the whole world see YPG+J as terrorists. Not even Russia do.

We always will see Rubkan campS in a very different way. Always. If they were under american control, as You and so many declare as some artificial patent, those never would starve and be in that bad health condition – NEVER.


“DAMASCUS, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) — The “illegal presence” of the U.S. forces is preventing the delivery of relief aid to 50,000 refugees in the Rukban Camp ”



The US backing rapists, murderers, wahabi terrorists and other scums? Nothing new. It’s a common practice for them.


And nothing of it in the western media…


Is he Jewish?


no, he ic cangaroo

Empire's Frontiers

He was disappointed to have met with such an old lady, but figured beggars can’t be choosers.

Val Shadowhawk

Castrate the son of a bitch!!


Forum of indignation… It is like listening tea party of 80 year old widows with little bit spiced up language… Shitless boring!


No virtue signaling? I hope there are no pedophiles among all the people here that express indignation….


Paedophelia is one of the requirements in recruiting scumbags into the zionists ranks,along with psychopathic murderous tendencies. Just observe the gangster leaders in israhell.


pedophilia is state of trhe art at moslems. also the pig-faced mohamed had 8 years old wife.


How are Harvey Weinstein and his pals ,Vladput ?


weinstein was raper, not pedophile. but while in western civilisation there are isolated criminals, in islam the women are less then animals and children have no right. there are islamic countries, where 10 years girls are married.


The Jew ,Weinstein is now being investigated for sexual abuse with children.





Xoli Xoli

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neil barron

Nothing new here move on.


Fine example of the USA winning the hearts and minds of the people in the ME, by raping their children one at a time.

Pope pedophile, of the Roman Catholic Church of pedophiles, would be proud.

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