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Commander Of US-backed Forces In Al-Tanf Pays Unusual Visit To Turkey

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Commander Of US-backed Forces In Al-Tanf Pays Unusual Visit To Turkey

Muhanad Tala in Turkey

The leader of the US-backed Revolutionary Commando Army, which is operating in the al-Tanaf base in southeastern Syria, has made an unusual visit to Turkey, Syrian opposition sources revealed on February 1.

“Colonel Muhanad Tala, leader of the Revolutionary Commanders Army was in Turkey, the incubator of revolution and revolutionaries … The visit was a success on all levels,” Mamon al-Hamid, director of the group’s foreign media office wrote on Facebook.

From his side, Tala told the Enab Baladi news outlet that he was on a “family visit,” in what appears to be an attempt to play down the importance of the move.

Hundreds of fighters of the Revolutionary Commando Army are deployed in al-Tanaf base, which is located near Syria’s border with Iraq and Jordan. The US-led coalition is training and advising the group supposedly to counter the ISIS threat.

While Tala claims that his visit to Turkey had no political aspects, local observers believe that the leader was exploring new options incase President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria force the coalition to leave al-Tanaf.

“The international [US-led] coalition withdrawal from al-Tanaf and the 55km zone will put Free Syrian Army [FSA] factions in these areas in a direct confrontation with regime forces and Iranian militias,” Tala warned on December 21.

Several opposition sources said that if the US-led coalition withdraws, Tala and his fighters will seek a deal with Damascus that would allow them to withdraw to the Turkish-occupied areas in northern Syria. This remains the most likely scenario.

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Concrete Mike

Why would syria do a deal?

Here is a deal. Surrender now, or die!

Prince Teutonic

Trying to find another employer since the US won’t give them anymore paychecks…

Prince Teutonic

Turkey invested too much in this mob so they want to use them. Without any offensive they are just on a payroll…

Tommy Jensen

This is what it is all about. Who is gonna pay for these guys.
At the moment everybody are sucking on the refugees in the camps. Therefore the Americans and the Jews refuse to liberate them in Al-Tanf to Assad.


Yes, that will be the reason.

Len Zegelink

kill that pig

Ray Douglas

Don’t let them go to Northern Syria as you’ll only have to fight them later on. Kill them where they are.

Xoli Xoli

Ask Erdowie to give you autonomous region falled TurKurdstan.

Brother Ma

Look at the disgusting mug on the pig. Where are the Spetnaz and Syrian Special forces when you need them?
Just another Turco alphabet headchopper who the Us wants to fool us into believing they fight against ISIS. Kill him and rid us of him!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL. He’s gone to Erdogan seeking reassurances the Turks aren’t going to pull out of northern Syria, that’s what he went for. If the Turks pull out their troops the Iranians will too, and when that happens the US will also pull out of Al Tanf, but not before.

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