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JULY 2022

Former Commander Of Ukraine’s Aidar Battalion Says He Personally Captured 55 Russian Paratroopers

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Former Commander Of Ukraine's Aidar Battalion Says He Personally Captured 55 Russian Paratroopers

FILE PHOTO: Melnychuk is capturing Russian troops

The former commander of the Ukrainian Aidar Battalion (one of the “Volunteer Battalions” consisting of various radicals, including Nazis) Sergey Melnychuk boasted that he, personally “handled” and then captured 55 Russian paratroopers, including “two senior officers.”

He made the outrageous claim in an interview with channel NewsOne, aired on July 23rd.

He further claimed that Russian aviation was hunting specifically him under the cover of an early warning and control aircraft A-50 aircraft:

“They [the Donetsk People’s Republic fighters], together with Russian aviation, personally, I tell you personally, I was personally bombed. It’s not someone who sat in Kiev on the couch telling you. .. There were attack aircraft under the cover of an A-50 aircraft, aviation cover, electronic warfare. “

Melnichuk achieved a sort of fame, after in 2017 he opened fire towards residents who were protesting against the demolition of a kindergarten in Troyeshchyna, Kyiv. At that point he was holding a public office.

Former Commander Of Ukraine's Aidar Battalion Says He Personally Captured 55 Russian Paratroopers

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Melnychuk, appears to be trying to stay relevant, as in February 2019 he threatened Transcarpathia (a geographical area in Ukraine) with a massacre if there was a referendum on joining Hungary.

The interview took place on NewsOne again.

Mariya, a resident of Transcarpathia who phoned in to the studio, asked if Melnichuk thinks that Hungary will be able to offer the residents of Transcarpathia living conditions that they cannot refuse and will hold a referendum on joining Hungary.

“Ukraine has already lost Crimea, it lost several districts of the Donbass [sic – ed] and Lugansk region. Do you not think that this scenario can be repeated in Transcarpathia? Here Hungarian pensions are given to our Transcarpathian Hungarians in large quantities. Do you not think that their pension, which is ten times more than ours, can tempt our people to hold a referendum and vote for Hungary?” she asked.

In response Melnychuk said:

“It takes two hours for the 128th brigade to reach Lake Balaton, and the Hungarians will not do anything. There is a sufficient military force to deter aggression. This will not happen. There will be nothing there.”

Democracy in Ukraine is in safe hands. After all, Melnychuk was a member of Ukrainian Parliament when he made the statement.

The Aidar battalion also entered the news due to incidents of banditry and looting in the region of Donbass. On June 22nd, residents of the village of Novosvetlovka in Luhansk province spoke about the undertakings of the nationalists in the village. According to them, members of the battalion, and Melnychuk personally, organized mass looting of houses in 2014. According to Vladimir Vinnik Andrey Sukharev 95 percent of the houses were looted, and as a result of the fighting more than 200 locals were killed.

“People were herded into the Church, and while they were gathered there, the battalion robbed their homes,” he said.

In other absurd news, the Ukrainian Coast Guard alleged that the Russian security service – the FSB were trying to “irradiate” them.

In the Sea of Azov, near Mariupol, for two days, in the evening, the lights of the marine guards of the Ukrainian Coast guard were fixated on with a green beam, the United Forces Operation headquarters reported.

“From the direction where one of the Coast Guard Ships of the FSB is located, and it is located at quite the distance, as soon as it gets dark the boats of the Ukrainian Coast Guard are illuminated with a green beam.”

The so-called lighting sessions last for several minutes. And the Ukrainian side believes that the FSB is attempting to attack them via some radiation weapon. Quite worrisome.


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AM Hants

Pinocchio’s Lie… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUdA54Xk8cg

Always think of Pinochio, when reading anything the Ukraine Nazis have to say.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

might actually watch that film again soon lol.


With similar lunatics in control of the UK,US,Ukraine, what could possibly go wrong, AM :)

AM Hants

Just replied to your comment, with regards Snow Queens, Bagel Butts and Poroshenko’s Erectile Dysfunction, Pinochio style. So you have fired up my imagination, with regards Disney does Westminster, Washington DC and Ukraine. Slow time, fun. Only came on the site for an hour, owing to having so much to do. 5 hours later and seriously must get down to blasted house work, followed by admin.

Let’s start with Boris, plotting his next move.

T.W.I.T.W. (2006) – part 6/9… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbSQml7Ncuw&t=531s


Funnily enough , when I was about 12, I was the judge in Toad of Toad Hall for a school play. My mother made me a grey judges wig :)

AM Hants

Haha, how cute. Beats, playing ‘Mrs Ramsbottom’ in the ‘Lion and Albert’. Allegedly, I could perfect a mouthy British Northerner, quite well as an 8 year old.

‘Toad of Toad Hall’ – Eric Idle version, Toad seriously reminds me of Boris.


My acting career ended started and ended with Toad of Toad Hall. There was a period when I was easily accepted as Southern Irish, with all the mannerisms to compliment that.

Saying things as they are is a valuable trait of the Northener in the UK.

AM Hants

Haha, and ditto. Although, they got me to read through the script first, and the whole class were laughing, bearing in mind I am a Southerner, before getting the rest of the girls to give it a go. I was given the part, by unanimous consensus as I was the only one that could deliver the comedy. Went down well with the parents, but, I prefer backstage work, where drama is concerned haha.

I was adopted and my biological mother comes from Yorkshire, so guess it must be in the genes, with regards ‘saying things as they are’. Hate BS, and hypocrisy, to any degree.

When I first moved up North, when my sons were growing up, the eldest spent 6 months, talking with an Australian accent, and telling his class mates that he had moved to England from Oz. They believed him and he is a good mimick.

So no doubt, you had a lot of fun with your ‘Southern Irish’ persona.


I have spent the last two decades or so trying to avoid drama. Its a lot more peaceful. Most drama is about shite anyway :)

AM Hants

Try to avoid it, but, my life is so surreal that some form of comedic drama always turns up. No matter how hard I look for normal haha.


It’s a matter of opinion of course as to what is normal in any scenario. It’s important to be able to laugh at oneself ,I think. It’s a source of great joy to me. :)

AM Hants

Ditto, if you cannot laugh at yourself, then you have no right to laugh at others. With regards normal, I find myself normal and cannot fathom why friends and family, so do not agree. I would be bored stupid, without the surreal events, which I regard as normal and sane, unlike those who know me haha.


You have an incisive mind that is backed up by verifiable knowledge, with a sense of humor to boot.

All too many people live in a world of propaganda that they willingly accept as being ‘patriotic’ when it’s spewed out by the likes of the BBC.

I find it surreal that so many are content to behave like a nodding dog as they travel through life.

AM Hants

Thanks. Seriously love humour and flat line when there is none around. It does do your mind in, when you realise the masses actually believe all they are fed, no questions asked. Then they assume you are stupid, know nothing, understand even less, because you have the audacity to disbelieve the media and all it spins. Friends and family included. Still, primal screaming, is a good release.

You take care and look after yourself.


I have just seen a young stag wandering around my garden. That has made my day :)

There are a few more people these days who are willing to consider the probabilities of all parts of the information equation that is now readily available to all, and this is a positive thing.

Those who realise that their governments and associated media are lying to them are often secretly ashamed, and yet still avoid debating the facts.

Those who still refuse to comprehend that their governments lie to them, even when the proof of the lies have been accepted by government as with the ‘WMD’s in 15 minutes’ Iraq propaganda, are akin to a person who cannot accept they have been cuckolded.

Then you have the diehard zealots who just believe because they believe.

You may have seen this AM, but if not, it’s worth a read. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=192299

The Truth Seeker site is one I have followed for about 15 years now. Time rolls relentlessly on. I am 69 next month :)

AM Hants

Bambi the rewrite, turns up in your garden. Seriously cute and can see why it would make your day. Just going to check out the Truth Seeker article. Used to like the ‘Truth Seeker’ videos, and believe they used to be on ‘Russia Today’, though no doubt, completely different ‘Truth Seeker’.


Humour has all but disappeared from the workplace and public debate, I think. The fear of being cast out as a heritic again looms large, as in has in all tyrannies.

I quite enjoy being an outcast and get great satisfaction when a ‘state truth’ is fully exposed as a lie. The satisfaction is heightened when the ‘unthinkables’ are left obfuscating in the putrefaction pool of ‘ oh shit’.


This is the result of all identity politics wars of choice throughout history. Accepting BBC propaganda whilst sitting on a settee is a foolish thing to do.

I am away for a few days again,AM. Have fun with the dumb :)

AM Hants

Take care and enjoy your few days away. I love being an outcast, and although social, do prefer my own company, by choice. Not a lover of boredom haha.

I am being entertained by an 8 week old black labbie puppy and 2 year old grandson. Which keeps the batteries charged up, where humour is concerned. Spent the morning doing a load of administration, with the puppy by my side. Now she is having fun with VTech toys and trying to educate herself, whilst switching between TV channels. So I have got a singing Dinosaur, serenading a ‘chatty catapillar’. As toys for toddlers has turned into to ‘toys for puppies’. Switched the TV on, to chill out with ‘Murder She Wrote’, and catch up with what is happening, owing to having a lazy hour, before my son comes to pick up the puppy, and hands over my grandson, who has a break from me on a Wednesday. I am seriously worn out by a very energetic two year old and puppy haha. For some reason, the puppy is not interested in light entertainment and switched the TV to ‘Russia Today’. Haha. she is going to be quite a demanding little b*tch, with pure mischief, running through her veins.

AM Hants

wrong link, should be the next scene.



Wonderful. :)


” Always think of Pinochio, when reading anything the Ukraine Nazis have to say.”

There is a simple reason for this ,AM. The Ukie Pinochio’s realise it’s important to have an erectile nose before snuffling up the sweaty US Zio-Arse. The US arse ring is similar to a Bagel , I understand. The Ukies are given free US weapons, the Saudi’s have to buy them :)

Boris and Co are also well experienced in Poo Snuffling as well .

AM Hants

Laughing, as reading your comment with a different translation. Porkie and erectile functions, is so too much information, as I am laughing at just what he uses for a hoover, when the snow falls in Ukraine?

Together with a ‘Bagel Butt’ – so keeping my lips zipped as a new phrase comes to mind.

Bagel Butts and the Pinochio enhanced, erectile dysfunction, when the Snow Queen comes to town, sums up Ukraine perfectly.

Tudor Miron

Yeah, captured 55 Russian paratroopers :) and I’m Maya Plisetskaya than.

Robert Ferrin

Lol sure he did he was trained in America,the land of super hero’s.!!

Gary Sellars

trained to lick his ((masters)) balls…


Ah Hah, Tudor. Are you admitting that President Putin has now ‘weaponised’ ballet dancers?

Zionism = EVIL

Sure, in another Jew Hollywood fantasy and parallel universe fer sure :)


Damn….delusion or self medication? Maybe that green beam got to him. He was told not to look into it, but nooo.

Gary Sellars

Ukropi bandera-worshipper = known idiot

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahahaha the pic lmao what a lying bastid


The farce is strong in this one.


The term failed state is hardly sufficient to describe the complete clusterf**k that is contemporary Ukraine.

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