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Commander Of Turkish Navy Visited Libya’s Tripoli

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Commander Of Turkish Navy Visited Libya's Tripoli

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On July 1st, Turkish Naval Forces Commander Adm. Adnan Ozbal visited Tripoli, Libya and met Libyan Army’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Sharif.

Adm. Ozbal left for Libya at the directives of Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, according to unnamed sources.

Ozbal was greeted by Turkish and Libyan officials in the capital Tripoli and met Al-Sharif at the Abu Sitta Naval Base.

The meeting took place behind closed doors.

A number of Sikorsky S70 Seahawk helicopters, likely part of the Turkish Navy, were seen flying above Misrata, which is a sort of headquarters of the Turkish forces in Libya.

Meanwhile, the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias visited Tobruk, to meet with House of Representatives president Aguila Saleh.

On the backlines, an Air Libya Avro RJ-100 plane from Tripoli headed towards the Alexandria airport.

It is likely that the Government of National Accord, with Turkey, are negotiating some terms with Egypt behind the scenes, after all the forces deploying along Libya’s eastern border are present there.

Just days earlier, the Tobruk-based House of Representatives issued an official request for military assistance from Egypt if the GNA’s Turkish-backed forces began an offensive on Sirte.


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Killing for Turkish power , killing for Turkish votes, killing for Turkish money how long before we notice that Erdogan is naked ? Erdogan is Hitlers and Stalin’s combined degenerated ofspring.

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