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JUNE 2021

Commander Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Reveals Why Group Didn’t Withdraw From Eastern Ghouta

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Commander Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Reveals Why Group Didn’t Withdraw From Eastern Ghouta

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An unnamed commander of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) told the Syrian opposition news outlet Enab Baladi on December 20 that the armed group didn’t withdraw from Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta as it had been agreed upon between the Syrian opposition and the government due to problems with Jaysh al-Islam.

The HTS commander said that one of the key problems between HTS and Jaysh al-Islam was the fate of 13 HTS fighters who are imprisoned by Jaysh al-Islam. Jaish al-Islam refuses to release them. Furthermore, the commander even claimed that Jaysh al-Islam is refusing to allow HTS fighters to take their family with them to Idlib governorate.

On December 17, Jaysh al-Islam executed 45 fighters of HTS that were captured during previous clashes between the two armed groups in Eastern Ghouta, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. The move that was seen by some observers as a trick to sabotage the deal with HTS.

On the other side, Syrian opposition sources revealed that many commanders of HTS in Eastern Ghouta are against withdrawing to Idlib governorate. According to Enab Baladi, HTS even arrested many of its fighters and commanders who agreed to withdraw, including a high-ranked commander called “al-Razi”.

The deal to move HTS fighters from Eastern Ghouta to Idlib governorate was first reported on December 8. Since then all sides have made huge efforts to execute the deal that may put an end to the violence in Eastern Ghouta. However, with the HTS leadership refusing any peaceful solution as many Syrian pro-government activists predicted, the deal appears to be paused as for now.

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After this sad — and ultimately pointless — episode of degenerate Neoliberal/Neocon Imperialism, can we all just get back to good old-fashioned progressive class-struggle..? Please?

Tudor Miron



I hope that wasn’t a cynical, ‘knowing’ LOL…

Tudor Miron

Yes, because what we have now is a logical continuation of that class-straggle thingy. But I also laugh because you western guys are funny. You supported this world system being created – accepting new (often twisted) values and as a result you get feminization of society, multiculturalism, political correctness and guess what’s coming next?


Maybe you finally educating yourself properly…


The way they hold their weapons, extended index finger near trigger, typical NATO training.


The way they speak English indicates that they are not Syrians. They are foreigners from US and UK.

Peter Jennings

Typical covert garb too, hiding western tattoos and birthmarks. They should also get an all over tan before they go masquerading as muslims.


Actually some of them ARE former NATO soldiers. As plenty of European Muslims serve in the armed forces of those countries. And some of them have gone to Syria to fight, and probably offered to train others there too.


Assad needs to have at least one million that is 1,000,000 army strength other wise Syrian nation will be suffered a lot.

Assad needs to make it possible for government institutions to work independently with full power that is Syrian courts, Syrian army and NAB.

Assad needs to have a national accountablety bureau NAB to track the wealth of government ministers / workers that they have not made extra money through corruption or they are not part of foreign agenda.


Suria was chosen as a target by Imperialism *precisely because* it was essentially a weak, corrupt de facto dictatorship AND a bulwark of resistance to the NATO regimes (by necessity — not by choice). The CIA _does_ do its job, after all.

About the only ‘GOOD’ thing to come out of this disastrous proxy civil war has no doubt been the clear realization by all sides defending the integrity of the State of Suria, that they can no longer carry on as before; that they _must_ now extend the bourgeois-democratic franchise to the masses (hardly necessarily meaning to working-class power, past history notwithstanding).


I fully endorse your remarks on corruption as long as it also includes all politicians and their families, up to and including the Assad family.

In fact, I would endorse it on all countries of the region and beyond.

Hide Behind

The finger extended along side is SOP by all nations military sniper and marksmanship training courses, and those who don,t train all their grunts that way are just spray and pray, Allah bull shooters.
American MAINLINE grunts expend hundreds of thousands of rounds per kill but obviously they no where’s near expend as many rounds as do Muslims who are lucky to hit a barn door at 50 meters, which is about 3 out of 30
rounds if shooter is even aiming his AK.
That is what weapon was designed for and it does good job at 300 meters against civilians in flowing gowns or non body armored grunts.
Cannot blame Islamic grunts for not being better trained as is the case that most nations that use AK are more noted for killings of own civilans and have mostly thoroughly corrupt officer and senior non commissioned leadership.


Let them argue against each other and spread mistrust, heheh.

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