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Commander Of Biggest Arab Tribal Force Defects From SDF And Join Syrian Army – UPDATED

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UPDATE: On December 9, Yasser Dahla appeared on a video and denied that he had defected from the SDF.

Commander Of Biggest Arab Tribal Force Defects From SDF And Join Syrian Army - UPDATED

On December 8, Yasser Dahla, a commander of the Arab al-Bagharah tribe forces in the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), defected with its fighters and joined the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), according to opposition and pro-government sources. A field commander of al-Bagharah tribe forces named Abu al-Majad al-Rifi was also among those who had defected from the SDF, according to reports.

The Al-Bagarah tribe is the biggest tribe in eastern Syrian and was one of the key Arab allies of the SDF. However, tensions between the tribe and the SDF erupted when SDF fighters looted the tribe’s villages on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

Later, opposition sources reported that the tension between al-Bagharah tribe and the SDF reached a dangerous level when the SDF leadership ignored the the tribe’s leaders demand to put an end to the looting during a meeting on November 27.

Dahla himself was reportedly arrested with four of his fighters on October 1 after refusing to obey the orders of the SDF leadership. Back then, many locals saw the arrest of Dahla as an insult to the al-Bagharah tribe.

While the defect of Dahla and his fighters will not change the military situation in eastern Syria, it will certainly damage the SDF image as a “Syrian” force. The defect of Dahla will also encourage other Arab elements in the SDF who don’t agree with the Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD) policies to defect.

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SDF is doomed : a fake movement. It will fall by itself.

Jonathan Cohen

What “policies”? looting is rarely a policy. ABORTION RIGHTS ON THE EUPHRATES!


Duh, so predictable. It was just a matter of time. That is why the SDF never posed a threat to the SAA. They can’t control the whole territory and the campaign to unify Syria will start. SDF will crumble under its own weight and future other predictable mistakes in these types of patched armies. The SAA doesn’t even have to make a deal.


Trump and Israhell both are trying to bully Muslims to buy their sense but they cannot do. Muslims are not mad. Trump and Israhell both wants to finish Islam from this world but their this dream will never come true. Israhell have dug tunnels under the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Now Al-Aqsa Mosque need a little earth quick to collapse so then Israhell will erect their own hackle there. This is the vicious, brutal game that America and Israhell playing with Muslims. America and Israhell both are Antichrists.

Deo Cass

And Saudi Arabia which is controlled by the Zionists.

Tommy Jensen

We Americans can still win because we also have a plan D!

You can call me Al

D !! ….whahahaha, you passed that along time ago.

Daniel Apaza

D = defect


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so, first ISIS, then SDF and now SAA!!

You can call me Al

?, sorry I honestly do not understand your comment especially regards ISIS and SAA ?.


He means that this commander was with ISIS, then defect to SDF now defect to SAA.


USA knows that these people don’t know what they want. That’s why they managed to create fake movements and these people joined them.


Its the use of corrosive Identity Politics that have always had tremendous power to enslave the minds of the uninformed.

George King

” Imagine a school of fish reacting, herd mentality until panic ensues “enslave the minds of the uninformed”.



And the Jewish fisherman can then easily net the frenzied shoals of fish and prepare their next Gefilte Fish meal :)

Christopher Simpson

Maybe he’ll join the IDF in the end?


Highly unlikely

Tudor Miron

He just defected from their (IDF) command (which was the case in his SDF and ISIS deployments). Those tribes are simply siding with stronger side – that’s normal.

George King

Its called survival……

Brother Ma

He has always been an undercover Israeli asset.


Sorry, the Kurds are screwed for at least 12 years.


they are screwed for much longer, a few hundred years now at least

Brother Ma

Hey its the guy who wants open borders,…………except for Israel of course.


No exeptions

Joe Doe

SDF will be back-stabbed by the american sooner or later


And so it begins!


False promises… Anyway no reason his son or nephew can’t be someone.




Have the Syrians been reading up on Falkenhayn?

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Funny how close contact with the Kurds results in despising them — just like close contact with The Tribe. Looks like the only people who like the Kurds are Israel and the US. Which makes sense.


Everyone likes his dog.

Tudor Miron

Looks like shortage of kebabs was not among reasons of his defection :)

Solomon Krupacek

you bribed him with new car :)


I heard you give cars away? Don’t forget me.

I’ll bring Solomon to Siberia in that car’s trunk.

Michael Qiao

welcome brother

Solomon Krupacek

yup, terrorists are your brothers

juan carlos ayala

se están quedando solos los perros que sirven a los yanquis


Now that ISIL is being destroyed, the Arabs fighting with the Kurds will want the Kurds to withdraw from Arab lands.

The US wants the Kurds to stay so there is going to be another Civil War.

This time the equivalant of a New ISIL is the Kurds.


The Kurd have too much to lose, and nothing to gain, because they are surrounded. You saw what happened in N Iraq


That’s why US air force has been deliberately massacring Arabs all along. They can then claim that Arab lands are Kurd lands since only few Arabs have been left to live there. It’s a genocide, just for geopolitical goals. Look what they did to Raqqa. First they made a deal for ISIS to withdraw and then bombed it to smithereens.

Terrorist USA/Israel must be stopped.


Indeed and this is how the Jewish colons have been colonizing Palestine , especially around 1947-1948.

Nigel Maund

Folks here’s a tremendous article of the crazy USA by Dr Paul Craig Roberts petinent to every article ever written on this site: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-08/paul-craig-roberts-america-walking-armageddon


SDF loot their allies ? their ally ? They don’t stop after protest made ?

Langaniso Mhlobo

During Deir Ezor liberation SDF Kurds looted banks also and attack and killing refugee protesters.


This was coming from the point where the man was booted out of his command position when he started to act as a sort of warlord and was replaced. So he went to where the command are mostly warlord types, to Assad, and undoubtedly he took some followers along. Good riddance.

Beyond that, the report is of low factual quality, sorry SF, you should do more fact checking. This small tribal group is anything but the largest tribal force of the SDF. Very much larger, ten times or more, is the Saanadid force of the Shammar tribe, a tribe very influential too around Mosul and in the KSA.


if more arab tribes defect to SAA, a new sectarian conflict will emerge

eric zweistein

Zion had at least half a dozen eggs in the Syrian basket. So far all of them have proved to be rotten. What a freak show!


One must be pretty much retarded to defect from SDF to syrian army. Nothing but lies, from the lords of lies.


Dutch reporter van Wilgenburg, locally embedded, retweets the man himself denies defecting. If correct, then this report is fake news.

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