Combat Footage: Syrian Forces Storming ISIS Positions In Yarmouk Refugee Camp In Southern Damascus


This combat footage shows a progress of the ongoing operation by the Syrian Army and its allies against ISIS in the Yarmouk refugee camp area in southern Damascus. The video mentions operations of the Republican Guard, the 4th Armoured Division and Liwa al-Quds in the area.




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  • Pave Way IV

    The Syrian Army and allies are clearly the most effective fighting force on the ground in Syria against head-choppers. Why isn’t CENTCOM PsyOps bragging up the Kurds supreme fighting abilities anymore? The limits of the Kurd’s/SDF’s effectiveness seem to be between the Euphrates and the eastern boundaries of the stolen Syrian oil fields, and only then with intense US air support. In other words, they only seem to be effective when US-approved war booty is involved.

    There’s a word for people like that…

  • Shy Talk

    sad to see how the SAA are being forced to destroy their own towns and cities to expel these vermin, maybe that is some small consolation to their masters

    • K Pomeroy

      Yep, Assad is in an impossible position. And handling it well.

  • David Parker

    Utter and complete waste of expensive buildings.
    Doubtless the CIA and their masters are thrilled with the death and destruction they mete out to peaceful people.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US leadership and war supporters have the morals of a drug dealer. In fact, many are drug dealers and some , human organ dealers.

      Scum of the Earth and all of them are Zionists.

      • K Pomeroy

        Hey wait a minute! I used to know some really nice dope dealers back in my Berkeley days! Nicest people I ever met. They just wanted to be free to smoke pot and take LSD. The US “leadership” and war supporters have no morals at all. :))