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Combat Footage: Portuguese Paratroopers Clash With Militants In Central African Republic

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This combat footage was reportedly taken in the area of Bambari in the Central African Republic (CAR) earlier in January. According to reports, it was recorded during a major operation that included 50 hours of heavy clashes between Portuguese paratroopers and local militants. The operation led to the seizure of a rebel base in the area of Bambari.  Portuguese personnel are operating under the UN’s peacekeeping mission in the CAR.

The Portuguese operation came in respnose to an allegd attack by members of the Union for Peace in the CAR (UPC) on the town of Bambari, in about 400 km from the capital Bangui. The goal of the attack was to seize resources and extort the local population by collecting taxes.

The Portuguese military said that the operation was successful and its forces suffered no casualties.

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Brother Ma

Watched till four thirty. Much ado about nothing. Lots of shouting and shooting but no aftermath. Boring.


Never knew Portugal even had a military!!


Portuguese army spent whole of 1960s to mid 1970’s fighting African independence and nationalist movements in the Portuguese colonial states that Portugal tried to retain as colonies after second world war – Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Angola. These were vicious wars – African insurgency groups vs Portuguese military. These wars are not that well known – France’s similar military efforts at maintaing their colonies in Algeria and Indo-China are far more widely known.


Albano Pina

The Portuguese army kept a permanent expeditionary force of over 200.000 since 1963/4 until 1974 in three theatres: Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

R PLobo

“African independence and nationalist movements in the Portuguese colonial states” – code word for CIA led insurgency. UNITA was directly funded by the US. In fact Portuguese troops along with local militias were able to defeat the mercs. However, with the chaos of post April 25 1974 – there was a complete abandon of the colonies by the new US controlled Portuguese government.
The US and its zionist masters – like today – were interested in controlling the resource wealth of Angola and Mozambique. However, the communist movements with the backing of the USSR and within Angola including the Cubans were able to hold back the US puppets. The so called civil war in Angola only ended in 2001.

Zionism = EVIL

And did a great job of losing all their colonies too :)

Albano Pina

The only one militarily lost, in technical terms, was Guinea. The others where voluntarily delivered after a revolution in Portugal.

Zionism = EVIL

They are mostly gay boy scouts like guns. I kid you not.


Son of a bitch idiot

Still Out of Service

they sure as hell had a navy


Didn’t know the UN acted so aggressively…good thing there didn’t seem to be many civilians around.

Mak Porter

oh good, another “un peace keeping group”. coming to America soon .

Tom Tom

For some description of what’s going on (its muslims attacking Christians as usual):


Tom Tom

Carpet bombing of the muslim north will ensue shortly.

Still Out of Service

do all un ‘peace keeping’ missions get immunity for rape/child molestation?

planet goldfish brain

When they do attempt gun confiscation, these will be the troops they use. This was slated for Hillary’s tenure.

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