Combat Footage: Kurdish Forces Storm Turkish Position In Southern Afrin (18+)

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Combat Footage: Kurdish Forces Storm Turkish Position In Southern Afrin (18+) 4.2857142857143 out of 5 based on 28 ratings. 28 user reviews.

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On March 15, the Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) released a video of a recent attack by its cells on a position of Turkish-backed militants in the southern part of occupied Afrin in northern Aleppo

The video shows the Kurdish group’s fighters storming the position, which is located in the town of Berade in the district of Sherawa. The fighters can be seen shooting and killing many Turkish-backed militants from a close range after infiltrating the position.

The attack is an example of the ALF’s excellent guerilla warfare tactics. It also reveals the poor training and low morale of Turkey’s proxies in northern Syria, which appear to be incapable of repelling even a small-scale attack.

The ALF is launching most of its attacks from a region in southern Afrin jointly controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG). Both sides appear to be supporting the group. However, the extent of their support is still unclear.

The last few months witnessed a surge in ALF attacks on Turkish forces in northern Aleppo. However, the Turkish military and its proxies are yet to take any serious measures to confront the growing threat of the Kurdish group.


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Looks like they caught Johnny Turkler with his pants down.


Why did they pull that person with a string?
I also find it strange to shoot so much at a person that has already fallen to the ground.
It looks like they want to kill everyone and not injure the enemy.


Of course they want to kill the enemy lol, that’s what war is about


Now i know that you never been in any army/military and have no training at all.

You can call me Al

This may sound daft, but if you watch it again, it look more like one of these computer or video games.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They are locals, not full time professionals, with years of training and military combat. There may have been a suicide vest type bulge on the dead guy, or they could be stringing him up for a barbecue tonight.
ISIS do it to them regularly.

Special forces make it look easy, but they spend years learning that.


Everything is about training you should be able to react and do everything without thinking (by instinct) that is what you will learn during training.
You make a fair point about that they may lack proper training and experience.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

In the military, there are what’s known as birds!

Even trained soldiers can be stupid, look at Mike Pompeo. A lifetime of military service, yet he’s an undisciplined, fat idiot.

Those Kurdish locals look like Rambo next to Americas finest.

Alex Cabrera

who said you only want to injure your enemy?


If i need to explain that then i guess that all you now about war is from computer games and you have never been enlisted in any military.

Bill Wilson

I imagine the Kurds pulled the bodies inside a bunker so they couldn’t be seen by a drone while searching the dead for information. The Turk positions should be close enough to each other to hear any gunfire so may use small drones to investigate from the air instead of driving over.
Those Turks were wearing ammo vests which can deflect bullets so the extra rounds were fired to ensure their disablement or death.

Tim Williams

good job … kill the invaders … keep killing them

Al Balog

Afrin will be the next Idlib. Syria will take it back.


comment image

[Imgur]comment image)


LOL, Greek comedy time again?


kurdishtn is like Zionism, fyi. jews love the concept. never going to hppen.


I think anyone caught in a good ambush looks pretty much the same


Okay but why waste so much ammo on a dead guy and the ground around him?


I think they are not that experienced, so what’s a couple of bullets compared to getting a bullet in the back from a guy who wasn’t quite dead enough.

Xoli Xoli

USANATO is finishing Turkey slowly and sociological.


Let the kurdo’s enjoy killing a rebel, they will be next drone target.


[Imgur]comment image)

Mustafa Mehmet

Souflaki boy typical stupid brainless idiot Greek . Why don’t you build one as well.. stupid c***. or you beg Israel to lend you couple discount price

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The Israelis are your Jewhadi brethren, you goat fucking p rick.

Musthaveashit, your Mother gave you that name so English speakers could fall about laughing when they call you to their table for more kebabs. lol

Mustafa Mehmet

Why goat? I got your mamma she is OK so so so. Scumbag Cockroaches

rightiswrong rightiswrong

You keep dreaming of fucking corpses, Musthaveashit.

Better than the reality of you fucking goats, then you’re sisters.

Blas de Lezo

It’s always good to see filthy Sunni-Wahhabis getting pumped full of lead. Assad wins again.

Joe Dickson

The acronym is HRE, not ALF.


[Imgur]comment image)


a 2k$/m it looks like erdogone saved at least 8k+$ this month from the looks of these clips.

Al Ge

That’s some of the worst gun handling I’ve ever seen out of Syria.

They ambushed and positioned themselves very well but you can tell they are poorly trained/lack discipline in handling their firearms.

Ivan Freely

As one would expect from civilians.


life isn’t some video game


Do these kids know what retribution is? The turkish terrorists will hit back hard at defenceless people who had nothing to do with this. It could all have been avoided if they haded over military control to the SAA.. Guess people have to learn things the hard way.

alejandro casalegno

A camouflaged AK-74…………..the Spetsnaz trade mark…………but the guy is NOT a SF!!!!!!!!!!!!


An effective hit, although a bit excessive with the ammo. A double-tap after they went down should have been sufficient. Still, anyone who gives these terrorist proxy armies a hard time is worthy of some praise.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This is why I keep claiming the ALF are the best fighters in Syria bar none, they’ve been doing this since january last year and haven’t lost a fighter yet, but they’ve killed well over 100 Turkish regulars and hundreds more of their proxy fighters during that period.
And I also keep trying to tell everyone the ALF are fighting on Assad’s side, and now this articles saying the same thing too, not all Kurds are traitors.
But I’ve also said the ALF will be in big trouble after the war is over, they’ve chalked up nearly as many war crimes as the terrorists have, their blind hatred will be their downfall I’m afraid, civilian casualties have also stacked up, which sadly will leave a dark stain on their heroic invincibility legacy.
But if the SAA want to get rid of the Turks these are the guys to help them do it, they’re fanatical about the Turks and their proxies and won’t stop until the Turks are all gone.

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