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Combat Footage: Houthis Storm Key Hilltop In Jizan

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On September 20, the Houthis stormed and captured the key al-Suytat hilltop in the southern part of the Saudi province of Jizan.

The Yemeni group’s media wing released a video of the operation, showing Houthi fighters attacking the hilltop, which is located east of mount Jahfan. The attack forced Saudi-backed fighters to abandon their positions.

In the course of the attack, Houthi members killed several Saudi-backed fighters. Other fighters were injured too. Several weapons were also seized by the Houthis.

Such successful cross-border raids demonstrate the high-experience of Houthi fighters and their understanding of the rough terrain in southern Saudi Arabia. The Saudi-led coalition has been failing to secure the border with Yemen for more than four years now.

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was supposed to be a walk in the park for the saudis but no such thing. so the saudis and the dysfunctional states of A are about to chalk up another defeat. wonder how much it cost the exceptionals in terms of money for free bombs and other stuff that didn’t do much good. for either of the two or the uae.


“was supposed to be a walk in the park for the saudis ”

This is because the Saudi’s fully expected to only find defenceless ‘children in the park’.

Zionism = EVIL

The Ansarallah besides sending swarms of deadly drones on Saudis morons dumbheads, now operate with the small unit proficiency and professionalism of a well trained special forces unit. Very impressive, drone and all.

Pave Way IV

Sudan has been/is listed by the west as a state sponsor of terrorism. The ‘new’ government is trying to have that designation removed. So right now, the terrorist-sponsoring Saudi and Emirati states officially use Sudanese terrorists (Janjaweed Darfur Genocide head-choppers with Sudanese Army uniforms) as mercs to kill Yemenis. Shouldn’t CENTCOM be bombing Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to fight terrorism? Oh wait – they use Patriots. I guess that’s the slow way to have them destroyed. I hope we’re paying the Houthi good money to do the job for us.


You are only a terrorist if you do the bidding of the Empire. That’s how its always been. If your goals happen to coincide with the goals of the Empire you are a freedom fighter, a democrat, if your goals go against the goals of the Empire you are a terrorist and you can expect an incoming drone strike to happen any time soon.


“if you do (NOT) the bidding ”

I think you missed out the word ‘not’, Barba :)

Pave Way IV

…and a ‘do’: “if you do (NOT DO) the bidding”

There’s a drone circling my house now for some reason, Barba_Papa. I do expect them to launch a strike eventually, but today they’re just circling over and over again. It’s scaring the hell out of the dog and interfering with my TV reception. I can feel them watching me. Damn you, Orwellian surveillance state!

Harry Smith

It could be just your neighbor kiddo with the new toy. Anyway, you can try to shot it with a shotgun. Even 20 gage birdshot doing well if it is at so low altitude you can spot it.

You can call me Al



This is stirring music to my ears,Al.

The Houthis are a legend in the minds of all those in the world who seek to live in peace with benign justice for all.


Same west that funds all kinds of degenerates and death squads the world over?

Icarus Tanović

Those Sudanese Wahhabis are cowards, true meaning of the word.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

you’re forgetting one extremely powerful weapon of the sudanese – their giant african cocks lol. its the only thing that can possibly save them from the houthis

Jacob Wohl's Nose

only thing left to save the Sudanese from the houthis are their tremendous dicks. they can always use those as weapons lol


I still wonder, what kind of idiots who exchanged their life with mother of all evil “USD” …

Tiresia Branding

say “welcome” to the new “United States of Ashkenazist” ambassador to the UN https://m.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Kelly-Craft-shows-commitment-to-Israel-at-UNSC-meeting-602368

Current situation tell me Israhell need maximum coverage because of a new ethnical cleansing operation against Palestinians is ready to start. This is also why they need a KSA vs Iran war


After all the rhetoric,US and Saudi decided not to attack Iran. Instead they bombed a barren deasert area in the Saudi-iraq border. Trump and MBS clearly realize that they can’t fight against Iran, otherwise entire Saudi and Israel will be roasted by Iran


The Houthis are just in their element. The Saudis are outside their air conditioned buildings with all you can eat buffets.

Icarus Tanović

That is what I think that drives Saudi sotonists mad. Where’s Al Nusra, Al Qaeda to help you there? Oh wait! They only attack soft targets, because pigs are cowards and not heroes nor soldiers.

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