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JULY 2020

Combat Footage: Houthis Repel Two Saudi Attacks In Southern Najran


The Houthis repelled two new attacks by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions in the Ajashir desert in the Kingdom’s southern province of Najran.

Houthi fighters killed or injured several Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters during the clashes. At least four armored vehicles and pickup trucks of the coalition were also destroyed.

“The destiny of any Saudi dog that would enter Yemen, will be like the destiny of this vehicle, burned with a lighter,” a field commander of the Houthis says in a video of the clashes before sitting a damaged Saudi armored vehicle on fire with a lighter.

In the last two months, the Saudi-led coalition launched several attacks to secure the Ajashir desert. However, the Houthis are still holding onto their positions there, proving that their military presence in the southern part of the Kingdom is stronger than ever.

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  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    hahahah id hate to be a saudi dog, at any moment they may die by the hands of the heroic houthis

  • d’Artagnan

    Saudis are not the smartest people around, but taking a beating every day is a sure fire sign of insanity. They should stop the Yemen war, pay reparations for the damage done to Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest nation, and stop interfering in Yemen’s domestic affairs. If the Saudis continue down their defeatist path, they will be hit harder and more widely as the west is even tiring of Saudi idiotic antics, like headchopping dissidents and bombing women and children.

    • Sinbad2

      The Saudis need the Yemeni oil fields.
      The Saudis are running out of oil and need new sources of oil.
      Long term it’s back to tents for the Saudis, all that money, and they spent it all.

      • occupybacon

        You missed in every single way. Saudis need to please USA, Israel and Wahhabis. And lastly to prevent Iran controlling the Bab el-Mandeb strait. Well it’s a bit more but that’s enough for your age.

    • Yolo

      I have not seen any (uniformed) Saudi adversaries on video for some time now. First they were replaced by Sudanese soldiers. after that the outposts seem to be manned by yemeni militia and/or mercenairies and this proxy war will continue as long as new recruits can be found. This is the way it used to work in the ‘cold war’ and how it always will work when you deal with ‘the empire’