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Combat Footage: Houthis Repel Large-Scale Coalition Attack At Yemeni-Saudi Border

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The Houthis repelled a new attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions near the Alb crossing on the border with the Kingdom’s southern province of Asir on April 13.

A 2-minute video released by the Yemeni group’s media wing shows Houthi fighters destroying an armored vehicle of the coalition with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). Coalition personnel can be also seen fleeing the battlefield under heavy fire from the Houthis.

In the end of March, the Houthis repelled a similar attack on their positions south of Alb. Back then, the coalition lost many personnel and at least one vehicle.

The repeated attacks on the Houthis positions near the Alb crossing indicate that the Saudi-led coalition is determined to secure the crossing at all costs. However, it has failed to achieve this goal for more than five years now.

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Real Anti-Racist Action

Take out some of them SAS that have been disgracing and abusing and humiliating your people.
SAS led the Saudi charge in the 90’s that stole the northern part of Yemen and then gave it to Saudi Arabia.

Zionism = EVIL

Over 30% of so-called Saudi Arabia in Najran, Saada and Asir are Yemeni historical lands ceded by the British bastards to their Saudi pimps.

Jens Holm

Its Your fault, they dont support You.

Zionism = EVIL

The Ansarollah are now basically on the offensive as the Saudi scum have simply run out of mercenaries and the Sudan cannon fodder pipeline is dry as a revolution takes hold in Khartoum. The Ansarollah should now capture and use these vehicles instead of burning them. Saudi airforce is now in bad shape as 4 years of failed bombing against Yemeni civilians has proved totally useless and there is no plan B except ending the Yemen quagmire.


Russia should enter Yemen by supporting AQAP, because this is what nato did in Afghanistan to the Soviets.

I say via AQAP because this would prevent infighting between AQAP amd Houthies.

Entering Yemen via support of Houthies does make more sense but it would inevitably cause a cannibalization of efforts (Russia would end up bombing AQAP like it is Idlib).

Negotiating with AQAP would seem to be more difficult than negotiating with Taliban, but nato was able to do it simply by supplying stingers. Imagine Russia supplying Tanks for AQAP on condition of only attacking ahlul saud and not Houthies. It doesnt sound so conventional, but it would be a game changer.

Clearly negotiating with ahlul saud, or sdf in Syria has been a waste of time (30% of Syria is controlled by nato backed sdf, despite assad and Russias efforts to negotiate).

Turkey was a game changer against nato (because Russia and Turkey were able to negotiate), so its worth a try with AQAP (nothings impossible these days).

Jens Holm

UN are again are blocked from distributing food to the civilians they forcely control.

Most of the time I read Houtis are advanciing. If that was true, they probatly was Presidents of Sudan and Etiopia as well.

Jens Holm

Arrrh, Yarrrh Videogames are here again and off course Saudis are the only evil people there with cryptojews and Americans.

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