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Combat Footage: Houthis Pushed Saudi-Backed Forces Out Of Key Al-Bayda District

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Combat Footage: Houthis Pushed Saudi-Backed Forces Out Of Key Al-Bayda District

Screen grab from combat footage released by the Houthis.

On July 9, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) announced that they had recaptured all the areas they had lost to Saudi-backed forces in the al-Zahir district in the central Yemeni province of al-Bayda.

Saudi-backed forces launched a large-scale offensive in al-Zahir last week. Initially, the forces made serious gains in al-Zahir and other parts of al-Bayada.

The situation began to change on July 7, when the Houthis repelled two ground attacks in al-Zahir and the nearby district of al-Sawma’ah. On July 8, the Yemeni group recaptured al-Zahir district center.

Combat Footage: Houthis Pushed Saudi-Backed Forces Out Of Key Al-Bayda District

Map keys: Green: areas recaptured by the Houthis, Red: areas controlled by Saudi-backed forces. Click to see full-size map.

The Houthis went on to recapture all the positions and areas they lost in al-Zahir in a counter-attack supported by local tribal fighters. The Houthis and their allies pushed forward from four directions.

Newly-released combat footage shows Houthi battle tanks and heavy machine guns hunting down Saudi-backed fighters fleeing their positions in the al-Zahir district.

Despite this major setback, the Saudi-backed offensive in al-Zahir has not ended, yet. Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted several airstrikes on Houthi fighters, positions and equipment in al-Bayda the last 24 hours.

The offensive in al-Bayda was meant to pressure the Houthis, who have been leading a large-scale operation against Saudi-backed forces in the nearby province of Ma’rib. Now, however, the pressure is on the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies.


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A clown like you

Hmm, slaves think they have rights.
“‘Wasteful spending!’: Bipartisan committee approval of $3.3 billion in US security assistance to Israel slammed on Twitter”

Icarus Tanović

I ain’t American, so I don’t give a good fuck.

A clown like you

Same, but it is funny…they got looted for a long time but now they start crying about it.


Inshallah this is the last payment ever to them


Love how none of them take cover when their bunker gets bombed….


The Houthis simply move from one victory to the next. They fight with purpose. The saudi clowns would rather be vacationing in Oman.

The end

The war usually brings out the best and/or worst of people. Saudis are only helping their kind neighbors to bring out the best. This is stuff for legends to be written. Do you all remember that video, where Yemeni fighter carries its wounded fellow combatant, while all around him are raining bullets. This is true poetry in making. After that video, I knew Saudis are toast.

Last edited 23 days ago by The end

I knew the Barbarians were toast the day they invaded, and wrote that they would be.


Likewise couple years ago Houthis were on foot in very small groups operating mostly in open and exposed terrain – now we see them in technicals mounted with autocannon and even using T-55’s! This means they have created supply chains and are no longer in constant peril from air attack – which also means they now control towns to make the supply lines and asset concealment possible. Humans are very adaptable, and when they keep going at a task they tend to improve at it.

Last edited 22 days ago by VaporTrail
Icarus Tanović

Abu Omar abu toyota Akram al hilux will cry and rage.

Icarus Tanović

I proposed this long ago, thinking ‘Is it any good?’ to directly attack ISIS down in Bayda.


Hahahhahahahaha Saudi losers getting whacked by heroes


Southfront has gone completely retarded…. The Houthis actully lost 8 districts to the Yemen government just yesterday..

The Yemeni Army: We achieved great victories in Al-Bayda and captured 8 districts

THIS is just 19 hours ago


Southfront is doing some alternative reality postings and they are also doing the same with Afghanistan now where Taliban controls 85%


liveuamap? Their only contact is a PO box in Virginia. What does that tell you? Think about it now, I know you may need a few months to get the picture…


The Houthis are losing everywhere but it’s ok, people are only reading sf to laugh a little bit ^^

Icarus Tanović

You’re loosing you clown.


Says the diaper wearing zionist turd… shouldn’t you be out trying to get a fourth passport while you think you are being clever?

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