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Combat Footage: Houthis Kill Several Saudi-Backed Fighters In New Najran Attack


The Houthis launched new limited ground operation in the southern Saudi province of Najran on July 10. In the course of the operation, Houthi fighters captured several positions near the area of al-Suh from the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies.

The Yemeni group’s media wing released a short video of the operation showing Houthi fighters targeting Saudi-led coalition positions and troops with heavy machine guns and mortars. A damaged Oshkosh M-ATV mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle of the Saudi military and the dead bodies of several Saudi-backed fighters can be also seen in the video.

“Their bodies are filling the hills, filling the valleys … May God bless our advance,” a field commander of the Houthis says in the end of the video.

The Houthis stepped up their cross-border attacks in the last few months, taking advantage of the Saudi-led coalition poor tactics and the incompetence of Saudi-backed fighters. Despite suffering from heavy losses, the coalition has not adjusted its tactics, yet.

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