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JUNE 2020

Combat Footage: Houthis Crushing Saudi Proxies In Northwestern Yemen


Combat Footage: Houthis Crushing Saudi Proxies In Northwestern Yemen

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The media wing of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) released a new batch of videos showing successful military operations against Saudi proxies in Yemen’s northwest. Most of the developments took place in the province of al-Jawf, where Yemeni resistance forces recently made large gains, capturing the provincial capital – al-Hazm.




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  • klove and light

    death to america death to Israel curse on the jews, the houthi Slogan…the bravest of the brave………kicking Major ass…way to go!!!

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Absolutely agree… and it is so amazing that NONE of this news about the Houthi forces on the offensive and crushing the Saudi invaders is making the Jew spew media outlets? To them, they are avoiding this defeat by the Saudis as they go COVID-19 bullshit 24/7 instead!

  • Feral Finster


  • johnny rotten

    Houthis, the best warriors in the world, one can only imagine what they could do if they had shoes.

    • Human kind is doomed

      And the pants…

  • Fremeni jihad FTW

    Can’t wait till Emperor Trump flies to Riyadh to personally deliver MBS head to the King.

    • Ivan Freely

      Don’t you mean deliver to Muad’Dib? ;)

  • hvaiallverden

    Boots, I hate boots, never wears boots, and I use snikers everywhere, of course, goore text, but not boots, and if I use something else, I have both parts with me, I switch between rubberboots and snikers, and in the summer time, I always use sandals, even in high plains etc to forests, and I have what I my self define as tracktor sandals, witch have good rubber, and if I ever went down there, I would switch to sandals in an hart beat, because of heat, and try to wear air tight boots for an while and you stink like an hogghouse and it can even give you complications, aka fungies, etc, and to me, they dress acordingly.
    The same to weapon/s to systems, any rifle can be accurate, that depends more on the user than anything else, and to have different weapons depending on what your role is in an campagne, sniper to carrying RPG, and one thing do count, reliability, and in an sandy world like Yemen, whats crap or not will reveil it self really fast, so thats why even I would go for an AK, since its not about shooting long distance but more due to reliability, above all.

    Yemens must not forget that some of us are with you all the way, cant do much, but you have at least our hart and soul with you, and you are not alone, despite the JudenPress dead silence and flatout lies about the cause of this war.
    And that incl a lot of people whom claims this and that, but when it comes to Yemen, they all hide behind their desks and hope nobody asks any questions, and in Norway, whom is making an killing, pimps war porn of how misserable Yemen is, lies about everything, incl the reasons, and above all, the western scumbags whom is behind Saudi-barbarians, like Palestina, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, the shere level of hypocrasy is all we encounter, every day, for years.
    May they burn in hell.

    I have not seen more clearly the effect of balls and brain, and like the SAA/and others, your fighting is exemplary, despite the overwelming forepower of the Saudi-barbarian scums and their friends.
    May the lord continue to bless you all and your fighters, you are an light in an otherwise ocean of spineless coward people in the west.


    • BMWA1

      Gortex, I like the low lowas

  • <>

    Arab desert goats are lucky to face the incompetent Saudi Army, just running away. They chant death to Israel, how about the goat fuckers shoot some missiles over here? so we could disapper Sana’a from the map.

    • LR captain

      you have bigger fish to try. this stuff the should not mean anything to you. Besides their missiles would not even reach Israel,

      beside what is on missile gonna do. your anti=missile systems would intercept and then Israel would laugh about it.

      • <>

        Yeah LR, but it makes me angry to see them chant death to my country. Ofcourse we could intercept any missile they shoot, but it would give us a good reason to strike back at them. Oh and btw, it seems Gantz wanna sit under Bibi instead of forming a minority government, if he does that then he’s finished.

        • LR captain

          its same as you saying you’re gonna level Lebanon or Gaza same F***ing war rhetoric.

          the real danger to Israel is not Yemen Iran or Syria its Hezbollah, their only goal is to fight Israel expansion. But goals can change with leaders you should know very well.
          Bibi serve Israeli elites
          Gantz serve Israeli people

          the rhetoric that be used the justify another Israeli/Hezbollah should be “if we don’t, they will eclipse us” in other words they would become to strong for Israel to handle in future, thus must dealt with now.

          • <>

            Agree LR, I’m sure it will happen if the U.S-Iran war escalates.

          • LR captain

            the US already retreated from a base in the border with Syria. They really are cowards.

            Israel as i see it is on death ground. Thus the IDF know that if they loose. Israel won’t shrink due to all back stabbing done by bibi to the Palestinians. the Arabs won’t settle for any Israeli presence. Not death but deportation will occur.

            Hezbollah and Iran’s strategy is engage the IDF piece meal, first 24K then 36K, 48K, 60K as each new operation fails the IDF loose more and more. with more players joining as the IDF faces defeats.

            But now i hope you understand why i say that 65K IDF with 20K reserves are needed for operation against Hezbollah and how the IDF is really only getting one chance.

          • <>

            In an all out war we can deploy up to 150,000 combat troops just for the Northern border, we’ve got hundreds of thousands more on standby for other fronts if needed. I’m not worried about numbers, we can always win if we decide to ignore fake U.N ceasefires and “innocent civilians” crap, and just flatten everything and everyone instead. They need to pray we won’t go full crazy mode on them, Arabs will never defeat us.

          • LR captain

            Israeli only has around 465,000 reservists and 170,000 active (102,000 conscripts)
            that more then enough to defend Israel.

            however lets do some some math
            60,000 + 20,000 Hezbollah
            30,000 + 5,000 gaza
            3,000 + 2,000 radical west bank groups
            250,000 + 50,000 syria
            90,000 +20,000 iraq
            210,000+ 30,000 iran
            total 643,000 + 127,000

            they have 135,000 troops more troops
            So if an idiot is in charge (bibi) then they can. But this will never happen because Gantz is in charge
            IDF ace is the 65,000 volunteer troops that are well trained well motivated.
            It does not matter if Hezbollah missiles blow up everything. If they get can’t past those 65K troops the war is lost for them.

            and Zion i am never against you but there is difference between (we will win) and (how we will win)

          • <>

            I know man, and I appreciate your opinions too. Right now there is no big war coming against Hezbollah / Lebanon, but I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that against Gaza we should have done it long time ago to disable that front, but Bibi failed to do it.

          • Speaking of Bibi, when is he going to jail, like you promised half a year ago?

          • Furkan Sahin

            i am happy if Israel killer jihadister
            jihadister one number 1 worst in world

          • <>

            He’s a supersnake, he suspended the juridical system because of the virus. So he postponed his trial from this week the May, almost 2 months. The virus came to him like help from God, but we will get rid of him eventually.

          • Furkan Sahin

            can you bomb jihadist ?

          • <>

            They are like Hamas, need to die too.

          • Furkan Sahin

            No lol you are idiot

          • Furkan Sahin

            Houthis is not jihadist

          • Furkan Sahin

            Houthis hate only zionister
            they don’t mind Jews

          • <>

            I hate them too, so it’s mutual.

          • Furkan Sahin

            it is better to kill Tahrir Sham than Houthier

          • Furkan Sahin

            Ideology Zaidi revivalism
            Social justice
            Antisemitism officially denied
            Yemeni nationalism
            Big tent populism

    • You talk way too bold, unbelievable, at least Saudi soldiers aren’t afraid of death, can’t say the same about IDF of US soldiers, yes they may be incompetent, but so are you

      • <>

        Alright Kenny, we will show it once Gantz be in power.

        • …once upon a time..

          • Furkan Sahin

            i say to you now Israel is better than Hts

        • Furkan Sahin

          Gantz will never be president
          because Israel choose Bibi than him

  • DaBoiiiii

    According to the Houthi spokesman the Ansarullah and Military have already captured Al-Jawf province, not just the capital.