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Combat Footage: Houthis Clear Vast Area Near Saudi Arabia’s Najran

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The Houthis cleared vast parts of the al-Ajashir desert on the border with Saudi Arabia’s Najran in a new limited military operation.

On April 1, the Yemeni group’s media wing released a video documenting the attack. The video shows Houthi fighters rapidly advancing in al-Ajashir without facing any real resistance. Several positions were captured by the fighters, who also burned a Guardian armored personnel carrier (APC) that was left behind by Saudi-backed forces.

In the course of the attack, the Houthis also captured loads of weapons, including mortars and heavy machine guns.

The al-Ajashir desert lays between the northern Yemeni province of Sadda and Najran. The desert is located east of Albuqa, one of the main crossings on Yemeni-Saudi border.

Since the outbreak of the war in Yemen, the Houthis have maintained a strong presence along the border with Saudi Arabia. The Yemeni fighters’ deep understanding of rough terrain and their superior tactics have given them the upper hands in most confrontation along the border.


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Icarus Tanović

Heros of the Worlds.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, Najran, Asir and Saada are historical Yemeni lands dating back to the Queen of Sheba and were illegally “gifted” to the al-Saud family of Wahhabi pimps by their British masters for their role in supporting Zionism and destroying the sick Ottoman Empire.

In 2000, the Shia of Najran got sick of being told by their Saudi Provincial Governor (a Saudi princeling, naturally) that they were rafidi (nay sayers) and must adopt the headchopping Wahhabi cult. The Najrani Shia being natural born warriors grabbed their guns, scared off the Saudi national guard and drove Prince Mishaal al Saud, into hiding in the Najran Holiday Inn and that gave rise to the Houthi resistance movement and the rest is history as they say :).

US-Navy Revert Shia

lol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e1b2af7b31479f80096264e35acc7f2449978e21ef2acfec3d0b10ffad3d71c.jpg

Arch Bungle

A heartwarming tale for my bedtime!

Simon Ndiritu

SAA, needs to pull out some pages from Houthi’s operations manual and tactical guides as it face the same challenge of having an entitled murderous land-grabber in the North. SAA needs to learn how to ambush and capture tonnes of new weapons from turkey just like Houthi’s occasionally do against Saudi Scum.It may also need to send some oil infrastructure or military airfield in southern Turkey in Flames if Edorgan’s warmongering does not stops.


I actually agree they could learn from them. They could humiliate Turkey that way.

Peter Jennings

The desert chipmunks strike again.

Alejandro Bonifacio


Zionism = EVIL

You can’t any tougher natural born warriors than the Shia of Yemen, their lineage goes back to the Queen of Sheba and they simply don’t cotton to the idea that foreigners, especially the hated corrupt Saudi pimps of Zionism should tell them how to live their life.



KSA are following Ukraine into the painful lesson of what wins wars …. superior technology & weapons, superior numbers, superior funding etc do not win wars. Wars are won by the commitment and determination of those fighting on the ground. The Houthis & allies are fighting for their Families, for their sovereignty, for their existence and for each other … they do not fear death. Contrast that with KSA mercenaries who fight for money, and the conscripts & convicts who do not want to be there but have no choice …. they flee the battlefields quickly and frequently.

Zionism = EVIL

However, the Ukrainian losers have not gifted $5 billion worth of weapons to the Russians as the Saudi cowards regularly do :)


Assad must stay

excellent houthis i love how they set that truck on fire lol

Zionism = EVIL

Lately, they only torch the damaged ones and take away working armor and transports. They have two brigades of captured Abrams, M-60 and Leclerc tanks and hundreds of M-113 and MRAPS.


Assad must stay

Do they know how to operate them?

Pave Way IV

Evacuate to Riyadh, brothers!


You can call me Al


AK47 winning wars since that year! i wonder how the americans feel seeing their expensive infallible equipment being burned daily by the sandal wearing, AK totting, desert dwelling houthis. if only they could be supplied with high tech, high end long range anti aircraft missiles, the game would be all but over.


What dirty scum the Saudi (backed) soldiers are. Every position looks like a waste tip. My sergeant major would be spinning in his grave

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