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Combat Footage: Houthis Capture Several Villages In Northwestern Yemen Within Few Hours Only

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The Houthis captured several villages in the district of Hayran of the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah in a rapid military operation.

“Our Mujahedeen captured them [the villages] in three hours … [the villages of] al-Hosn and its southern region, al-Hamrah, al-Qariyah al-Sharqiyah, Tabat al-Jahaniyah and its surroundings, as well as al-Tabah al-Ramliha,” a field commander of the Houthis says in a video of the operation that was released by the Houthis media wing on May 23.

In the video, Houthi fighters can be seen targeting Saudi-led coalition troops and vehicles with artillery and machine guns. The video also shows loads of weapons, which had been left behind by Saudi-backed forces.

The Houthis captured at least three Saudi-backed fighters in the course of the operation. The fighters were abandoned by their comrades after being injured in the clashes.

This rapid advance will likely encourage the Houthis to develop their military operation in Hajjah. The strategic province is located right to the south of Jizan, one of the key Saudi ports.

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klove and light

the bravest of the brave……no bs Agreements no bs ceasfires no “so called” allied Nation like Russia, that works together with your biggest enemies like in syria, were Russia clearly works with Turkey againt the syrians……….it was Russia that SUPPORTED the USA,UK security council Resolution AGAINST the houhtis and FOR the SAUDIS…….it clearly Shows russias face…..it is a JEWISH FACE on the russian TRAITOR PUTIN.

death to america, death to Israel, curse on the jews and death to the JEW traitor Putin and his 2 best buddies erdogan and netanayu.

Promitheas Apollonious

well moving too fast away from your supply lines it will not be very intelligent this time go slow and keep what you getting.


Good ppl treating their prisoners in their own medical facilities. Civilization can be measured by how you treat your captured enemies.


But,But, Netanyahu even visited ISIS/Al Nusra in Israeli hospitals :)

Netanyahu is so keen to aid the wounded ( apart from the unarmed Palestinians that the IDF gun down of course), that he even provided IS/Al Nusra with food and weapons as well. He should ba a Saint.

Surely that is the mark of true Western democratic values in action?


Yeah ISIS never said anything about Israel, their main enemy was also NATO’s enemy, Assad. Coincidence? I think not.


ISIS even apologised when one of their shells landed in Israeli occupied territory during the battle to clear the Lebanese, Israeli and Jordanian areas.


Did they send some sex slaves?


I suspect the IDF presented their arses to ISIS :)

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I think we can guess where the U.S. deployment of 1,500 troops are going to go, as the Gulf Sunni’s are only good for fighting as Pentagon proxy terrorists.

$8.1 billion barter deal.

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