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JULY 2020

Combat Footage: Houthi Snipers Hunt Down Saudi-Backed Fighters (VIDEO)


On June 28, the Houthis’ media wing released a 3-minute video documenting recent operations by the Yemen group’s snipers.

The video shows Houthi snipers targeting at least fifteen Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters in the southwestern province of Tazi, the northwestern province of Hajjah as well as in the southern Saudi provinces of Najran, Jizan and ‘Asir.

Two years ago, the Houthis have strengthened the capabilities of sniper units, which are operating on the hottest frontlines in Yemen and on the border line with Saudi Arabia. These units are armed with a variety of locally modified heavy sniper rifles and Western-made sniper rifles, which were captured from the Saudi military.

The Houthis sniper units are inflicting serious losses on the Saudi military and its proxies with almost no cost to the Yemen group. The anti-tank and engineer units are following a similar approach.




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  • Assad must stay

    Houthis are ferocious!

    • Liberal guy


  • occupybacon
    • Brother Ma

      Salman the little fattie ,Trump’s pet murderer.

  • Lone Ranger

    Saudisis needs to order more bodybags…

    • adzsiam

      And there lies a great strategy. If the snipers concentrate more on liquidating Saudi military personnel, the KSA will take more notice than the killing or maiming of its allies.

  • Cromwell

    This is what the Palestinians should be doing,train some snipers to shoot those IDF thugs,forget throwing stones.

    • Icarus Tanović

      They’re occupied from every side. Very bad situation in Gaza, where Zionist have implanted Wahhabis to terrorize population. They know that no arm can be given to those on West bank.
      Usual response is white phosphorus, airstrikes, unproportional answer to throwing stones, armored d9 bulldozers, etc.
      Hope that I’m wrong, do you have some better info?

      • Cromwell

        Not really but throwing stones just gets some more kids shot dead,i believe the Palestinians should also have started killing high ranking Israeli military people and other officials,thats what the israelis do against their enemies.

    • guest

      Egypt has the Palestinians totally quarantined.