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Combat Footage: Houthi Snipers Eliminate 18 Saudi-Backed Fighters In First Quarter Of April

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On April 14, the Houthis media wing released a video showing the group’s snipers targeting more than 18 Saudi-Backed fighters in the first quarter of April.

Most of these operations took place in the southern part of the Saudi provinces of Jizan, Najran and Asir. The rest took place in different parts of Yemen.

Two years ago, Houthi snipers began increasing their activity throughout Yemen, especially along the border with Saudi Arabia. They are armed with a variety of locally modified heavy sniper rifles and Western-made sniper rifles, which were captured from the Saudi military.

The Houthis rely on their snipers’ units to infect heavy losses on Saudi-led coalition forces. This simple tactic allows the Yemeni rebel group to slowly drain the coalition and its local proxies.

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Hasbara Hunter

Mo’ ATGMs…..Mo’ Sniper Rifles….


I suspect that 2019 well be a seminal year for the US Empire of Chaos and the UK.
As their geopolitical relevance wanes, so will their thrashing about increase, in what I hope, is the end of these two faux democracies.

Hasbara Hunter

The AngloZioNazi-Empire has to come down….as Long as the End of Imperial Western Power does not mean a ZioNazi Organised Shift from West to East…
The Jewish & Knights Templarish Powerstructure needs to come down


The problem with all parasites is that when one host dies , they seek out another that is dirty enough to feed off.

Real Anti-Racist Action

While this is decent news, considering that Saudi Arabian forces are in control of over 60% of the entire country. This at minimum needs to reach 18 solders a day by sniper fire.
Once Saudi Arabia and France and Britain are loosing 18 solders a day in Yemen between them all. This they cannot sustain. After about 80 days of this they will want to either hammer out a peace agreement or they will abandon their Yemen campaign all together.

chris chuba

They need to eliminate Saudis, not Saudi backed fighters. Saudi backed fighters can be replaced with money. Kill enough Saudis and you get a revolt.


Washington use very dirty terrorist organization called Israel to destablize entire Mideast.


Actually I think it’s the opposite. Israel has its hands way up America’s ass.


The Houthis are killing so many Columbian mercs, there aren’t enough left to invade Venezuela.
Uncle Sam is running out of more than just money.


inflict not infect

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice, keep dropping saudi scum :)))

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