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Combat Footage: Houthi Fighters Destroy Saudi-led Coalition Vehicles With Guided Missiles In Asir

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The Houthis have captured the hilltops of Salim, al-Shuel and Syaf in the course of a new large-scale military operation in the southern Saudi province of Asir. The new operation, which was revealed on May 5, was secretly launched earlier this week.

In a video released by the Yemeni group’s media wing, Houthi fighters can be seen storming the three strategic hilltops as coalition troops abandon their positions there.

A day earlier, the Houthis released a video showing their fighters destroying three vehicles and what appears to be a LAV-25 armored personnel carrier (APC) of the Saudi Arabian National Guard in southern Asir. The vehicles were destroyed with a unidentified type of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

The Houthis will likely develop their operation in Asir as the Saudi-led coalition is showing little resistance. By advancing in the southern Saudi province, the Houthis are securing their strongholds in the northern part of Yemen.

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  1. occupybacon says:

    Second video made my day. Thank you Houthi!

  2. FlorianGeyer says:

    Bravo to the Houthis.

    It looks lke the Saudi forces have had US training :) There was NO attempt to use cover or disperse the vehicles, and the consequence of being bloody lazy was death and injury.

    Arrogance in war is a deathwish.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      Amazing that the third vehicle parked in same position after 2 where taken out. That will make a good roadblock. Looks like it could have found some cover a little ways down the road.
      More ATGM’s for the Houthis! :)

      1. Hasbara Hunter says:

        And Mo’ Sniper Rifles & Mo’ VBIEDs….

      2. d'Artagnan says:

        The Yemeni military has a very good combat engineering record dating back to Soviet era. Like most developing countries strapped for cash, the Yemenis excel at repairing and improvising. In Aden, Taiz and other cities they are still using patched up Toyotas dating back to the 70’s and now they are manufacturing Kornets in Yemen, so the Saudis will face mounting losses. It was a bad idea for the dumb MBS to “project power” in Yemen against the world’s toughest fighters.

    2. Prince Teutonic says:

      Interesting story about how Soviets in the winter of 1941 near Moscow used a tactics to destroy first and last Panzer in armoured column then the rest were just a sitting ducks. Later in the summer 1944 in Normandy Germans used same tactics against British armoured column…

      1. PZIVJ says:

        That sounds like Villers Bocage battle June 13. British 7th armored div was trying to outflank Caen. And ran into elements of the 1st SS Panzer corp.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        That is true, but taking out the front and rear of a column in a restricted landscape has always been a tactic. Its plain common sense really.

      3. occupybacon says:

        There was no other tactic to destroy convoys. Actually that’s not even tactic, it’s just simple logic.

      4. goingbrokes says:

        They learned it in 1939 the hard way!
        (hmm… image won’t load)

    3. Superfly says:

      The reason the AnsarAllah are beating the crap out of US built Abrams M1 tanks is the new generation of tandem warhead Dehalveiah Kornet.

      Why Houthi rebels are kicking the crap out of the world’s best tank

      The M1A2 Abrams was supposedly one of the best (if not the best) tank systems in the world today. It’s themain battle tank of the United States, along with several of its allies

      — including Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom deployed a number of the tanks in

      its ill-fated intervention against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

      Saudi Arabia is not having the success they expected to have and is now stuck in a quagmire of its own making.

      It’s been three long years for the Saudi military and the coalition it’s leading to take on Iranian-backed tenacious Houthis in Yemen. Almost as soon as the Saudi “intervention” (aka “invasion”) of Yemen began, the Kingdom started asking U.S.-based contractor General Dynamics for upgrades to the tank. They also ordered replacements, which are not faring too well either.

      A quick YouTube search will show you why.


      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Whilst NATO nations were riding around in their expensive ‘mobile castles’ in an attempt to avoid casualties that would upset their home populations, the development of man portable and devastating infantry weapons were being utilised by those who do not have the luxury of airpower and ‘safe spaces’ in armoured vehicles.

        The 21st century has seen tremendous advances in man portable equipment that has transformed the effectiveness of light infantry. Especially in urban or rugged territory.

  3. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    respect to the Houthis.

  4. verner says:

    any set back for the saudis is a set back for the squatters and the washington dc more than stupid morons and the squatters advisors in yemen can call it a day. any set back to the squatters and the washington neo-nazi morons is something to cheer for.

  5. Rob says:

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in the hands of Jews. Muslims should not go for Haj until these idiots are eliminated from Saudi Arabia. All Muslims should boycott Saudi Arabia until these Jews are removed from power.

  6. al quaida says:

    Hmmm, looks like a couple of vehicles have been hit by missiles. I’ll just park mine next to them and see what happens…

  7. d'Artagnan says:

    The Saudi cowards will face severe losses as there are reports that the Ansarallah are now manufacturing Kornets in Yemen and the sheer rise in ATGM use attests to that. The Saudis and their mercenaries are in for a very rough time and should seriously think about pulling out.

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