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Combat Footage: Houthi Fighters Capture New Positions In Southern Jizan


The Houthis launched a new limited military operation against the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan on May 7.

In the first day of the operation, Houthi fighters captured several positions of the coalition east of the al-Dud mount in the southern part of Jizan. A video released by the Yemeni group’s media wing on May 8 shows coalition troops fleeing their positions.

According to the media wing, Houthi fighters captured loads of weapons and ammunition, including heavy machine guns, during the operation near the al-Dud mount.

The Houthis launched several successful military operations in the southern part of Jizan, especially in the outskirt of the al-Dud mount, in the last two months. The Saudi-led coalition suffered from heavy losses in the area.

So far, the Saudi-led coalition has failed to put an end to these cross-border attacks, likely due to the rough terrain along the border line and inability of its infatry to oppose the Houthis in an open battle.

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  • You can call me Al

    The Houthis seem to make these sort of attacks so simple.

    • Barba_Papa

      It helps when you’re fighting chimps. (no insults to chimps intended)

  • klove and light

    fuck them,kill them,burn them….and while u r at it…Dance and sing

    “God is the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”