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Combat Footage: All-Out Battle Breaks Out Between SDF, Turkish Forces Around Ain Issa

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Combat Footage: All-Out Battle Breaks Out Between SDF, Turkish Forces Around Ain Issa

Screen grab from a video by the Hawar News Agency.

On March 19, an all-out battle between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkish forces broke out around the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa.

The battle began with a series of ground attacks by Turkish-backed militants on the outskirts of the town of Ain Issa and the nearby villages of Saida, Mu’alk and al-Mushayrifah. SDF fighters showed fierce resistance. In return, Turkish forces intensified their artillery and mortar strikes on the region.

At least three Turkish-backed militants were killed during the clashes around Ain Issa. A pickup was also destroyed by the SDF. Moreover, the SDF shelled a large base of the Turkish Armed Forces near Saida to the west of Ain Issa.

In the last few days, Turkish forces stepped up their attacks on Ain Issa. Heavy clashes broke out around the town on several occasions. At least two limited ground attacks on Saida and Mu’alk were repelled by the SDF.

A full-scale Turkish attack on Ain Issa appears to be nearing. Last year, Russia asked the SDF to hand over the town to Syrian government forces in order to avoid this scenario. However, the US-backed group refused.

Any attempt by Turkish forces to storm Ain Issa will be a blatant violation of the ceasefire in northeastern Syria which was accepted by Ankara in two separate agreements with Russia and the US.


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Pave Way IV

Moreover, the SDF shelled a large base of the Turkish Armed Forces near Saida to the west of Ain Issa.

What? Can this possibly be true? This is the first time I recall the SDF directly attacking TAF positions and potentially killing Turk soldiers. Usually it’s just SDF and the head-choppers supported by Turk artillery. If true, this would be a bit of a pickle. A Non-NATO U.S. proxy army killing NATO soldiers with U.S. weapons.

John Wallace

ISIS have already done that. CIA ISIS with US supplied weapons , they purchased Ak’s from FSU countries that were captured and traced back to manufacturers and end user certificates , fighting US regular military supplied and supported SDF. US taxpayers didn’t know they were paying both sides to fight each other but US weapons / ammo manufacturers loved it.


That’s a very good point :)


Nah, ‘shelling’ can mean a lot of things. It could just be a few rounds landing nearby for all we know.

Besides, the Kurds have killed plenty of Turkish occupiers in the past without an escalation. So did the SAA last year.

Samuel Vanguard

let them kill each other

Bobby Twoshoes

I agree, all I really have to say is I hope no supporters of the legitimate Syrian government are inconvenienced.

Assad must stay

the best strategy


now that their stolen oil trade rutes are gone it is time again to fight each other lol…good job russia!

John Wallace

Good let them shoot the shit out of each other and then Russia will assist the SAA to move in and separate the two . SDF offered the easy way now they leave the hard way.


Guess I’ll grab the popcorn. And I used to kinda like the Kurds before they betrayed Syria and allied with Uncle Sam. Even going as far as to refuse to hand over Afrin to the SAA, letting it getting invaded by the Turks.

Assad must stay


Jihadi Colin

Isn’t it nice when traitors and terrorists turn on each other?

cechas vodobenikov

impotent turkeys looking for birdseed in desert

Diana Cornwell

Who was Turkey’s only real ally in 1920-22? Russia.

Who gave the Turks the gold and the guns with which to commit the genocide of the indigenous Christian peoples of Asia Minor, the Greeks and the Armenians? Russia.

Who invited the Turks into Syria by opening the Syrian airspace to Turkish F-16s and Bayraktar drones? Russia.

Who saved Erdogan and has Erdogan’s back? Russia.

Who is building nuclear power plants in Turkey even though Turks recently killed the Russian ambassador, shot down Russian aircrafts, killed Russian pilots and Russian servicemen? Putin.

Thanks Putin.

Your work for NATO is highly appreciated. And your retirement palace in Israel is waiting for you.


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