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Combat Footage: Afghan Warplanes Hunt Down Taliban Gatherings, Vehicles & Positions

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Combat Footage: Afghan Warplanes Hunt Down Taliban Gatherings, Vehicles & Positions

An A-29 Super Tucano taxis across the airfield at Hamid Karzai International Airport, Afghanistan, Jan. 15, 2016. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Nathan Lipscomb)

On July 8, 9 and 10, the Afghan Ministry of Defense released ten videos of recent airstrikes that targeted the Taliban in different parts of Afghanistan.

The videos include footage of dozens of recent Afghan Air Force airstrikes which hit gatherings, vehicles and positions of the Taliban. The airstrikes inflicted heavy human and material losses on the rebel group.

Usually, such airstrikes are carried out by US-supplied A-29 Super Tucano and Cessna 208 warplanes or MD 530F Cayuse Warrior attack helicopters.

The Taliban have been advancing on different frontlines across Afghanistan since May 1, when the US announced a plan to withdraw its troops from the country before September 11. Today, the group claims that 85% of territory in Afghanistan is under its control.

The group most notable gains were in the northwestern province of Herat, where its fighters captured the Islam Qala border crossing with Iran and the Torghundi border crossing with Turkmenistan.

Despite gaining ground, the group is sustaining heavy losses. According to a statement shared by Afghan MoD on July 10, 191 Taliban fighters were killed, 102 were wounded and 23 others were captured in different parts of Afghanistan in the last 24 hours. These losses will not likely halt the group’s advance.


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A clown like you

Going by history…sure there should be more Taliban who died overall.

What I want to know is…what are Zero Units are doing now?
Also, it seems the ANA wants the Taliban to group up and just bomb them and hold on to the main cities. But at the same time, they should give weapons to militias – Northern Alliance to protect themselves and if needed help to fight the Taliban.

Arch Bungle

None of that is going to work. The Taliban have proven resilient against the entire western coalition over 20 years and more.

The ‘ANA’ hasn’t got a hope in hell of winning against the Taliban.

Instead, they’ll be bombing wedding parties soon, just like their American masters.

A clown like you

“Going to work”? what are you trying to say?
– Zero Units have killed 100s of Taliban leaders with their families. Those guys are CIA dogs.
– ANA vs Taliban = going by history yes ANA has a lot fewer losses compared to the Taliban. You really need to look at the Afghanistan population map and compare it with where the Taliban hold.
– Kid grow up, the yanquis killed 100s with one bomb – they never were there to kill Taliban…you forgot how fast Taliban lost the power when yanquis and NATO came in?
Facts are fact, I don’t care how much you jerk yourself off to Sunni Taliban…yanquis took the role of supporting and training ANA.

“The ‘ANA’ hasn’t got a hope in hell of winning against the Taliban.”
Can you fuking read? no, really you are so fuking moronic…it is not about ANA winning or not, the Afghan government wants to make a deal with the Taliban when they said they are not going to listen to the Afghan government.
I don’t know your level of English but I said “it seems the ANA wants the Taliban to group up and just bomb” WANTS.

So you are Sunni Pakistani aren’t you fuk face.
“bombing wedding parties” – ISIS -> Sunni, Taliabn -> Sunnis, Al-Qaeda -> Sunnis.
They are all extremist Sunnis, both ISIS and Al-Qaeda worked with the Taliban before, the yanquis bomb both of their leaders at the same time before.

Taliban Sunnis with the help of ISIS Sunnis attacked and killed 100s of Shia Muslims in Afghanistan.
That wedding bombing you were talking about was done by the US, the yanquis knew it was the Taliban that attacked and killed hundreds of Shia Afghans before they drop bombs on the Taliban Sunni’s wedding.
Remember this? “Afghanistan: Bomb kills 63 at the wedding in Kabul”
After yanquis and the Afghan government did that, guess what Taliban didn’t bomb weddings.
Ohh sorry ISIS somehow stop bombing weddings…LMFAO

Hindu Fungus

In an ominous development the Taliban are systematically killing Americunt trained airfore pilots, most of whom have sought refuge in western nations. At least seven Afghan pilots, including two generals, have been assassinated off base in recent months, according to two senior Afghan government officials. This series of targeted killings, which haven’t been previously reported, illustrate what U.S. and Afghan officials believe is a deliberate Taliban effort to destroy any vestige of US occupation.

A clown like you

Do you care to tell us how many senior Taliban died over few weeks?
Do I sound like I care what happens to ANA or the Afghan government? because I don’t care. My money is on Northern Alliance, The Shi’a militias, China, Russia, and Iran.
Those are the main players who are just waiting for a peaceful deal, the Taliban morons aren’t, so after failing the ANA and the Afghan government they take their place.

Also, I replied to that backward Sunni Pakistani about what the f he said.
Mainly about the BS, he said about bombing weddings, I remember that ISIS somehow came out of Taliban assh0le and said we did it, but everyone knew it was the Taliban killing Shi’a. So the yanquis and ANA bombed the Taliban’s wedding and he was crying about that.

The Objective

You are just a bitter Shiite maggot. Rage all you want, but the Taliban will overrun these ANA bastards and establish a SUNNI Shariah system allover Afghanistan. The Shiites can either obey the new system or exile to Iran – that’s their choice. Neither the Taliban nor any Sunni gives a fuck about what some Majoosi jerk like you thinks. If you feel so bitter about the Taliban onslaught, then go fuck yourself. You also have the option of picking up a rifle and going to Afghanistan and fighting the Taliban.
The fucking Afghan government will be deposed before December 2021. That’s just how tough the Taliban are. they are not some coward group that only issues threats even when their enemy keeps bombing them and their leaders to the grave.

Last edited 21 days ago by The Objective
A clown like you

Pro-Shi’a, not Muslim buddy.
Kid saying I’m raging, for what? You are Sunni Pakistani and I’m not – that alone me sad, you replied back to my comment. You got salty, I blocked you before.
Again a lot of Sunnis here be it Trukic or Pakistani – you all like that India cow shit eater, talking as if you there and know everything.
Again can you read? I’m not a fan of ANA nor the Afghan government, none of my Shi’a Afghan friends are as well.

“Backward Sunnis laws” No, the Taliban never could do such thing before so what are you on about. Even now if they attack Shi’a Iran kill their leaders in a day.
Here I just it for you, I went back and find this video, if you can speak Farsi idk then you can understand him but all I was after was the video and picture at the end.
Google:(What happened to the senior Taliban leader who threatened Iran?)
Taliban are scared of Iran and the other militias and Mujahideen (Northern Alliance).

The kid called me a jerk, you good? You are a Pakistani Sunni and you did care to reply buddy (I don’t care what backward Sunnis think). You are not very good at, you know what never mind, you might as well be a man-child.

I have Afghan Shi’a friends, why are you so fuking salty kiddo?
Cheap comment of “picking up a rifle and going to Afghanistan and fighting the Taliban.” I can say the same thing why don’t you fight for the Taliban, you here as well.
Do you how moronic you sound? you don’t get to say BS.

Again you going back to the Afghan government and ANA, I don’t care what happened to those pigs. China, Russia, and Iran are there, and China a few days back said “Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who warned last week that the most pressing task in Afghanistan was “to maintain stability and prevent war and chaos,” plans to travel to Central Asia next week for talks on the country.”

The main plays are waiting for ANA and the Afghan government to fail, which is what the Taliban are doing. Russia, China, and Iran don’t like the Taliban and if the Taliban kill and the Afghan government fail, they go in after that and support, “Mujahideen (Northern Alliance), or Shi’a militias.
Kid the Northern alliance is just waiting – they haven’t done anything, the Shi’a militia are the same. Russia and China are waiting, for a peaceful deal, but if that fails they move in. You need to understand that and again most of the land Taliban has a population of -1,000 people.

Iran, Russia, and China are waiting and so is Northern Alliance. It is just far from over.

A clown like you

Google: (سرنوشت رهبر ارشد طالبان که ایران را تهدید کرده بود چه شد؟) (What happened to the senior Taliban leader who threatened Iran?)

Americunt LOSERS

Breaking news, Americunt oil theft operation in Northeastern Syria comes under direct mortar attack.

Religion divide people. No to religion

Well done…
Don’t stop bomb them 24/7.
They are pure evil of Islam belief.
They are using belief of Islam to control the population…
Do not stop for a second.
Refill the airplane and continue non stop bombs on their jihadist Satanic heads.


Go F2ck yourself. TALIBAN have prevailed over a superpower and ALL of NATO. They will prevail over the US puppets dogs and Ashraf Ghani will hang from the Flagpole of his presidential palace


you need to STFU as a punjabi dalit. Stop taking IMF loans first before you run your gob here……or else we judge you as a muzlim monafigh.

Icarus Tanović

They have nothing to do with Jihad or Islam whatsoever. They are Wahhabis created by Islamic brotherhood, and mi6 creation by itself.

Hindu Fungus

It is highly unlikely that propeller driven Super Tocanos firing unguided 50mm rockets will change ground reality. The Taliban have just walked unopposed into Kandahar. The only possible option is to modify their behavior and only Russia, Iran and China can do that as Afghanistan is dirt poor and land locked.

Islam finished

Soon taliban takeover Iran hahhaha


taliban take over iran how is that supposed to work exactly they cant even take a stone over if iran wont allow them to and now they supposedly have become powerful let me tell you a war between arian and iranian is quite impossible but even if iranians will win 100 times out of 100 times XD hahahahahaha joker taliban take over iran even their most radical people dont dare to threaten iran anymore because they dont want to die which they will do because iran pretty much owns afghanistan it can reach every single point of it whenever it wants

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat
The Objective

“iran pretty much owns afghanistan” Interesting bullshit. Where is fatemiyoun then? Ashraf Ghani needs them right now. Zarif offered to send them to help the ANA. What happened?
The Taliban will destroy Iran if the Iranians were to make the mistake of entering Afghanistan. Why is Iran not helping the Shiite militias like it used to do in the past. Soleimani and all the other idiots who fought the Taliban can now tell the world what they achieved doing that.
A Sunni Islamic Shariah will be established allover Afghanistan whether Iran or the Shiites like it or not. that’s just how powerless Iran is against the Taliban.

Last edited 21 days ago by The Objective

Highly unlikely as Iranian border security forces and Taliban just lunch together at Islam Qala, however the Taliban are going to Kashmir, my little street crapping monkey.

The Objective

Iran is suddenly peaceful towards the Taliban? I thought they almost invaded Afghanistan in 1998 because they didn’t want a Sunni Shariah System on their border? Iran can’t do shit. It has to cooperate or missiles will fly into all Iranian oil installations, defense factories, and nuclear sites. Israel and Saudi Arabia will provide those missiles for free. Taliban can weaken its Shiite enemies while helping the Saudis take revenge.
But the Mullahs are clever old men. They know trouble when they see one. They won’t interfere in Afghanistan.

Last edited 21 days ago by The Objective

this idiot did got paid to threaten iran and he indeed did threaten to blow up iranian civilians obviously they are afraid of iranian soldiers so he threatened iranian civilians one week later he and his people had a bullet in their head by iranian takavaran and taliban thanked iran that it did only target him and not connected him to them in fact your whole idea is based on a dead man i repeat this your whole propaganda that you people now suffer under is based on a dead fat idiot which makes you braindead fat idiots

The Objective

Nobody is afraid of Iranian soldiers after they couldn’t avenge Soleimani. They are paper tigers who couldn’t even defeat rebels in Syria until Russia had to save their ass. The IRGC and Qods force should deploy to Afghanistan and help the ANA. America will approve of this and even help the IRGC with intel, air support, finance, etc 100%. Russia and China will also prefer for Iran to control Afghanistan rather than the Taliban. So what is Iran waiting for? Nobody will stop them deploying in Afghanistan against an extremist Sunni rebel. Call up the Fatemiyoun and all the PMU of Iraq. Call up the Zainabiyoun and Hezbollah. Here’s a worthy battlefield for the Shiite warriors. And most importantly, the West, Russia, and China will all support Iran and its proxies against the Taliban. So what are you waiting for? Taliban is taking district after district. When will you intervene to stop it and help your Shiite brethren in Afghanistan? or will cowardice prevent you from helping them or fighting Jihad? do something Iran. And fast.


irans enemies are so reactionary opportunistic and stupid specially the polytheists such as the zionists and their hindu fanclub they are like gambling fools

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat
The Objective

War will reach the streets of Tehran soon.

Last edited 21 days ago by The Objective

you on drugs joker…….go back to pdf forum where you suck punjabi dicks.


What is the ANA doing to support the eradication of poppy fields and destroy heroin production?

Chess Master

War on drugs is waste of time.

Peter Wallace

No war declared against a problem has ever worked. All have failed.
War on Terror
War on Drugs
War on Crime
War on Poverty
War on Homelessness
War on corruption
War on War

and many more. Name one that has been successful

Icarus Tanović

War against oppression.

Arch Bungle

… has turned into a war *for* oppression.

Icarus Tanović

Where’s that? Congo or something.


Actually, Russian joint efforts with regional nations has been successful in intercepting many heroin shipments from Afghanistan. Research it.


Stop eating all the checkers pieces…


The Anglo empire is in Afghanistan for this reason all along…..heroin

Icarus Tanović



Bingo. Afghanistan has immense untapped natural resources. Opium is incidental, but it can provide some money to fund CIA black ops and it’s a good way to bribe the locals. Another key reason for western presence is cultural osmosis and a foothold to pressure Russian allies.


The CIA idiots calculated Afghan mineral wealth at several trillion dollars and the Americunts have stolen a lot of jade and other precious stones from Afghanistan.


Of course, which is why Iran, Russia, China (etc.) work to intercept and destroy outbound shipments. Afghanistan is landlocked after all.

Fog of War

Absolutely nothing, which tells us all we need to know.

Icarus Tanović

That would be one of the greatest achievements of humankind. Just give them some Napalm, and it is done. Russia or Iran can provide them with at least mig 19s, to get some supersonic aircraft.

Arch Bungle

The ANA are the reason there are poppy fields at all.
The Taliban were the only ones who eradicated poppies.


And the Russian joint regional efforts with Iran, China etc were the only nations to seriously tackle outbound heroin shipments from Afghanistan.


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Arch Bungle

When the ‘Afghan Imperial Guards’ inevitably lose to the Taliban, nobody should be shocked and surprised when we begin seeing videos of Taliban executing these pilots in the football stadiums.

Nobody who spends 20 years being hunted from the skies by the world’s superpower is going to have a shred of compassion left, or an inclination to ‘respect human rights’ …


I think a lot of the reports on Taliban causalities are embellished. The Afghans cannot maintain their aircraft so the air force will be history.

Hindu Fungus

The ANA is corrupt as it was “trained” by Americunt arseholes and NATOfaggots. They will collapse in the next few weeks. Kandahar has just fallen and the Hindu chickenshits are the first to run as the Taliban have warned India that Kashmir liberation is next.

India said on Sunday it had temporarily brought back officials from its consulate in Kandahar, a major city in southern Afghanistan, as Taliban fighters continue to gain control amid the withdrawal of international forces. Indians have been repeatedly targeted in Afghanistan as the repression of Kashmiris has turned the Afghan Pashtuns against Hindus.

Shia finished

In your dreams.Pak army couldn’t do much don’t worry taliban will return in body bags whereas taliban will attack Iran soon and takeover Tehran hahahh


Hindu rats running from Afghanistan LOL


hahaha sure tell me again you delusional one why would iran ever feel threatened by taliban in fact iran will arm taliban if they go against kashmir so taliban will not move westwards which is why india is terrified taliban will move eastwards eventually also how can a band of taliban take over even a small farm inside iran they can not and you are delusional to believe that taliban would dare to fight iran they plead for us to excuse all what happens all the time and ask us for cooperation nonstop so you are clueless of the relation iran has with others and specially with the taliban and talebs who basically the talebs are an extension of the islamic revolution in afghanistan they want political islam just as we want political islam


fuck political islam and fuck islam. Religion should not be mixed with politics. freedom in iran will make it twice as strong. Whoever gets power in the name of a god is a liar and a thief an can not be trusted.


iam really suprised about the cluelessness of people and i wonder do you really believe that taliban is an anti revolutionary group and therefore against the islamic revolution? do you understand that taliban attacking iran means that the house of ahlulbayt is under attack by small gang like ahlulbayt do you even understand how many millions of shia would flood into afghanistan from india and pakistan in fact iran wouldt need to fight anyone this issue would end by a victory without a doubt so dont make up nonsense nobody dares to attack iran not the taliban not america not the zionists not the saudis pretty much nobody could survive such a foolishness

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat

what you dont seem to understand is that the shia are today so powerful they can sweep the entire region and seize it all if they wanted but instead they went the soft way to not have such issues with sunnis that fights would break out between different factions and in fact daesh and jew puppets are the only ones who attack both shia and sunnis nowadays and they wouldnt dare to do it in a different way than their feeble rat way which is basically a lost war both the jewish isis creation aswell as the attempts to cause wars between nations wouldnt the jews love now to see taliban fight iran but they will in fact in future be fighting taliban themselves so the reality of things is quite different than you fools imagine it to be

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat

taliban should first solve its own things and after it they should come down on the polytheists the lowlives rat and cow worshippers why so scared jews why so scared hindus dont you like to see your uncle sam losing


„polytheists” – like those sun worshippers from the piggy irgc? They even worshipp pictures from dead irgc piggies ^^


Taliban fucked the soviets, HARD!!!!

Hindu Fungus

Not really, the USSR had a limited assistance group in Afghanistan and after 10 years of internal squabbles withing Afghan Parcham and Khalq factions just withdrew across the Amu Darya (Oxus River).


the talibans damage to the soviets wasnt in afghanistan but inside the soviet union in places like chechnya and others and that damage kept on hurting russia for quite some while


Indeed, the Americunts have been using the Wahhabi brand of illiterate headchoppers to fan terrorism in the whole region. A relatively objective British academic in his book the secret wars for the middle east has quite accurately described how the western intelligence services created and are using the Wahhabi and Salafist terrorists to destabilize countries in the region. The Russians have been the prime targets of Wahhabi terror and now the Chinese as well. It has not worked against Iran, largely due to Iranian popularity in the wider Muslim world and revolutionary credentials. The Taliban are no longer hostile to Iran.


the taliban did actually bring the war from afghanistan into the soviet union which was kind of a huge victory at the time maybe you dont remember but i remember what a basketcase russia was during its civilwar like situation in fact i remember a day when there was a theater full of people taken hostage and russia basically screwed it up badly which led to russia negotiating eventually with certain leaders to end the mess

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat

i remember this well how russia did go down and had to return from basically as dead fish from the bottom of the sea into the light obviously turns out russia just was a safety net for the jews nazis and other scum like them til they could create the intermarium and balkanize all of russia afterwards


russia rightfully does fear taliban because they were hurt by taliban alot


Now both Russia and China are Wahhabi and CIA targets. The Uighur in China are being trained in terror in Syria. That is why besides Pakistan, Saudis and Turkey, no Muslim country supports them. The CIA intends to destabilize China from ex-Soviet stans but Russian intelligence presence in both Turkmenistan and Tajikistan is quite strong. The weak links are Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.


Mujahideen lost 60000 fighters, Soviets 15000 KIA.

Last edited 21 days ago by block
L du Plessis

A few bombs too late, the Taliban has won, its a matter of negociations now.

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