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“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

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What will happen on Inauguration Day?

“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at GlobalResearch

Anti-Trump protest movements are envisaged alongside a campaign to disrupt. 

While there  are “genuine protests” –e.g. those led by the Answer Coalition and Workers World–, the main thrust is coming from an “engineered” campaign supported and financed by the Neocons, which is largely intent upon disrupting the inauguration and destabilizing the Trump presidency.  Several progressive organizations have nonetheless joined the bandwagon of the #Disruptj20 campaign.

The protest movement in fact started on the evening of November 8 prior to the announcement of the election results.  The organizers of this movement are acting on behalf of powerful elite interests. People are misled: the protests are not being led on behalf of the genuine concerns of Americans who oppose Trump’s right wing racist agenda.

The engineered protest ops are coordinated with a relentless propaganda campaign led by the mainstream media, which includes accusations of high treason and sedition directed against Donald Trump, who is portrayed as an instrument of the Kremlin.

Even prior to the November 8 elections, former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leo Panetta had already intimated that Trump is a threat to National Security. According to The Atlantic,  Trump is a “Modern Manchurian Candidate” serving the interests of the Kremlin.

“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

The Atlantic October 8 2016

In the wake of the Grand Electors’ Vote (in favour of Trump) and Obama’s renewed sanctions against Moscow, the accusations of treason directed against Donald Trump have gone into high gear. Unprecedented in US history, a movement to impeach an elected president has been launched prior to his accession to the White House.

The objective of the engineered protests which has the support of US intelligence is to undermine the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

Is it a conspiracy? The various components of this operation are carefully coordinated.  All the essential features of an American-style “color revolution” with the intent to destabilize an incoming president are there.

Background: What is a Color Revolution?  

Before proceeding further, let us focus on the nature and historical origins of  the “color revolutions” used as a means to triggering “regime change”, which have emerged in a large number of countries in the course of the last decade.

The “color revolution” is a US intelligence operation which consists in covertly supporting as well as infiltrating protest movements with a view to triggering “regime change” under the banner of a pro-democracy template. The objective of a “color revolution” is to manipulate elections, create violence, foment social unrest and use the protest movement to topple an existing government. The ultimate foreign policy goal is to instate a compliant pro-US government (or “puppet regime”).

Engineered protest movements are carefully planned. They are intelligence ops. They use non-governmental organizations to recruit protesters.

History: “The Revolution Business” and “Regime Change” 

“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

In August 1999, the CIA set up a training program for a Serbian NGO entitled OTPOR which subsequently played a key role in the engineered protest movement conducive to the downfall of president Slobodan Milosevic. A few years later, OTPOR established a training and strategizing outfit entitled  The Centre for Applied Non Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS). CANVAS became a consulting outfit specializing in “Revolution” on contract to the CIA.

CANVAS  was set up by the CIA as “an International network of trainers and consultants” involved in the “Revolution Business”. Funded by Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as well private corporate foundations. CANVAS constitutes a  consulting outfit, advising and training US sponsored opposition groups in more than 40 countries. In this regard, OTPOR played a key role in fomenting the mass uprisings during the Arab Spring in Egypt in 2011. What appeared to be a spontaneous democratization process was a carefully planned intelligence operation. View video below.

How does this relate to the coordinated operation to undermine the Trump presidency?

What is at stake is a “color revolution” Made in America which is marked by fundamental rivalries within the US establishment, namely the clash between competing corporate factions, each of which is intent upon exerting control over the incoming US presidency.

“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

The OTPOR-CANVAS-CIA model is nonetheless relevant. Several foundations involved in funding color revolutions internationally are involved in funding the anti-Trump campaign.

Moreover, while CANVAS’ mandate is to oversee “color revolutions” internationally, it also has links with a number of NGOs currently involved in the anti-Trump campaign including  The Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS). OWS launched by Adbusters was funded via the Tides Foundation which in turn is funded by a number of corporate foundations and charities, including the Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation  and the Open Society Institute. Ford is known to have historical links to US intelligence.

It is worth noting that the raised fist logo first launched by OTPOR in 1999 as a symbol of CIA sponsored color revolutions (including Egypt during the Arab Spring), also constitutes the symbol of several organizations involved in the anti-Trump engineered protest movement.

“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

The Inauguration Disrupt Campaign: Disruptj20

Several hundred thousand Trump supporters will be present in Washington DC on January 20th. D.C.’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management estimates that there will be between  800,000 – 900,000 people in DC for the event, including Trump supporter and protesters.

Will there be clashes between both sides?

The Disruptj20.org campaign is calling for the disruption of the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017:

#DisruptJ20 is supported by the work of the DC Welcoming Committee, a collective of experienced local activists and out-of-work gravediggers acting with national support. We’re building the framework needed for mass protests to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump and planning widespread direct actions to make that happen. We’re also providing services like housing, food, and even legal assistance to anyone who wants to join us.

“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump “Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

The actions contemplated include “setting up blockades at checkpoints to prevent people from gaining access to the inauguration proceedings”. A spokesperson confirmed that  #DisruptJ20 campaign would be “creating a framework to support mass protests and direct action to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump” .

This could potentially lead to violent clashes with tens of thousands of Trump supporters, which is the ultimate objective of an engineered “Color Revolution” style protest movement supported covertly by US intelligence. It’s part of the logic of a “color revolution” scenario (e.g. Kiev-Maidan, Cairo-Tahir Square) which is predicated on triggering confrontation and urban violence.

Is the Disrupt Campaign committed to deliberately staging violence on January 20?

“The idea is to shut down access to the parade as much as possible and slowing it down to a crawl,” said DisruptJ20 organizer Legba Carrefour. “Then there’s the broader goal of shutting down the entire city around it and creating a sense of paralysis that creates a headline that says, ‘Trump’s inauguration creates chaos.’” (NBC, January 17, 2017)

The organizers of the engineered protest movement are funded by powerful corporate interests, they are supported by US intelligence. The objective is not to undermine the racist right wing agenda of Donald Trump as conveyed in the video below. Quite the opposite.

The same color revolution OTPOR style logo:

“Color Revolution” Against Donald Trump

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So many lies in the “disruptJ20” video spot, and call for violence and chaos.


You know that political expression ‘useful idiot’ whereby a person pushes a political cause without fully grasping the reality or the actual interests that underlay the cause? Well Micheal Moore is that person right here. Because, he doesn’t appear to realize he is really just working on behalf of the US deep state – the interests of Pentagon-CIA, Neo-Cons-War Hawks and Defense Contractors (the latter he previously critiqued in his ‘Bowling for Columbine’ film, no less). Moore thinks he is engaged in some sort of ‘anti-fascist’ left-wing activism against Trump – he has bought into the elite’s propaganda program lock, stock and barrel. This is an example of the ‘useful idiot’ in action.

Dod Grile

Of course Michael Moore (who seems to be in a slump lately) could just be a guy looking for free/cheap publicity to promote his upcoming “media” projects. He sees the “anti-Chump underground” schtick as a sales gimmick/meal ticket to help him sell tickets.

Yes “it has a certain understated stupidity to it”. He hopes that will sell tickets.

Dod Grile

Curious to see how Disupt20 activities plays out. “The Chump is the Devil” video seems rather simplistic. One is tempted to ask, are they cops?

ANSWER (Party for Socialism and Liberation) which has nothing to do with Disrupt20 have been doing their penned in sheeple demos for a couple decades now with little or no positive result. They may want to rethink them.


The US did this in Hong Kong a well few years ago as well. CIA was able to use NGO’s as front groups to infiltrate local pro democracy groups and students organizations, encouraging them to stage rallies and these NGO’s also created a visible identity for these rallies with colored umbrellas shipped in and paid for by CIA. The umbrella’s were supposed to visually create a sense of a unified ‘protest movement’ and draw in more local supporters, and by extension functioned as a neat and tidy photo opportunity illustrating this ‘movement’ for the western media. Whole thing was orchestrated attack on mainland China through Hong Kong by CIA set up through its front NGO’s.

Tyrant Fashister

it will be a lot of fun to see these shitlib petit bourgoise chickennecks beaten up by a coaliton of bikers for Trump,rednecks and alt right death squadrons.Just dare it.Please ! Give us a pretext to crack down on you Soros cunts !


But it’s dangerous as elites clinging to power have intelligence services and law enforcement under their control – they planning and want a social crisis moment and especially political violence, to declare the election results invalid, and then try and blame Trump for all the chaos.

Tyrant Fashister

Look…the legal gunowners are in their majority Trump supporters.If they start an open coup´d etat they getting mowed down.And i hope they try.

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