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JUNE 2023

Colombia Deploys More Troops, Equipment Near Border As ‘Lima Group’ Declares Support To Guaido

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Colombia Deploys More Troops, Equipment Near Border As 'Lima Group' Declares Support To Guaido

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On February 4th, the Lima Group held a meeting on Venezuela, with representatives from the US and the EU also in attendance. The result were the “Lima Group Declaration” and the “Ottawa Declaration”.

The Lima Group Declaration comprises 17 points, which overall recognize and support Juan Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela. It also accepted the request from Guaido and welcomed him and the country of Venezuela in the Lima Group.

It further said that a change of government in the Latin American country should take place without the use of force.

The declaration also claimed that any attempts for dialogue initiated by international actors with the group were under the patronage of the “Maduro regime.”

Furthermore, it called for the National Armed Forces of Venezuela to support the Interim President in his “constitutional functions as their Commander in chief.”

They reject the Supreme Court’s decision to block Guaido from leaving the country and freezing his assets. It also emphasized on the important role the Court had played in the establishment of democracy.

Finally, the Lima Group called for the international community to block attempts by Maduro’s government to conduct financial and trade transactions abroad.

The document was signed by 11 out of 14 members of the Lima Group: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Peru.

The Ottawa Declaration also expressed support of Guaido and called for the permission of humanitarian aid to those in need. It did not make any calls for the Armed Forces to support the Interim President.

Meanwhile, Juan Guaido appears to be moving ahead with plans to bring in humanitarian aid to the Colombian border city of Cucuta, where the U.S. government will transport and store food and medical supplies destined for Venezuela.

Once stockpiled, the Venezuelan opposition will try to move the humanitarian aid into the country without coordinating it with the military.

“The move will be a test for Venezuela’s military, which is deployed on the Venezuelan side of the border crossing and will have to choose whether to obey Maduro’s orders, or allow the much-needed supplies into the country.”

At the same time, another Venezuelan officer defected and recognized Guaido as Venezuelan Interim President. Captain Hector Luis Guevara Figueroa announced his decision in a video posted on Twitter:

Army pilot Carlos Vásquez called on the Venezuelan military to recognize Guaido:

There are also videos showing Colombian protesters near Cucuta demanding that the Venezuelan military allow humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

At the same time, Venezuelan troops were seen patrolling the streets of San Antonio de Táchira on the Colombian border.

They had also blocked the border crossing.

Also on February 3, a military convoy was seen moving towards the border with Colombia:

In the early hours of February 5th, a Colombian Air Force C-130 landed in Cúcuta and dropped off more Colombian soldiers.

Thus, it appears that both Colombia and Venezuela seem to be positioning troops on the respective sides of the border. The Colombian soldiers are presumably there to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid.


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Daniel Martin

The hegemon from the north is set to push thru a Turkish scenario in Venezuela with a military coup. I hope sincerely it will fail in the same manner as in Turkey. Or else I’m afraid the Venezuelan people is about to be “liberated” from their vast oil resources …


Venezuelan sheep who fall for this Imperial plot to steal their resources forever, will receive the fate of Ukrainians whereby they’ll be lucky if someone lets them clean their toilet in return for a crust of bread.


Unfortunately all countries have a majority population of sheep.


People will claim not to be stupid or ignorant and yet, they don’t see a problem with hearing the propaganda from their tv’s and social media without ever wondering why they NEVER hear from the side (person) that is being vilified. It’s human nature to defend oneself from allegations and yet the sheep seem satisfied to never hear the other side. You are so right, flocks of sheep everywhere!

Pave Way IV

The Venezuelan people? What makes you think they EVER owned their own oil resources? They just keep getting traded back and forth between different oligarchs (with the U.S. always lurking in the shadows, now joined by Russia and China).

The fact that an oligarch decides to throw a few shekels at Venezuela’s subsidized fuel or food has absolutely no bearing on the fact that Venezuelans didn’t own their oil and never will. The best they can hope for is a slightly less greedy, psychopathic oligarch to own the oil and share a bit more of the profits with them via jobs or welfare.

If those Venezuelan oil oligarchs are not U.S. ‘approved’ ones, then the effects of economic warfare will erase whatever welfare benefit the Venezuelan people get. Guaido knows his reign over Venezeulan oil oligarchs is meaningless. He doesn’t have to get them to share any more of the profits – the end to U.S. sanctions will make the current oligarchs look more generous even though they throw the same amount of crumbs at the little people.


Well, yes and no. To be sure, the fight is about the oil. It also has a lot to do with the oligarchs, but US does not approve any oligarchs. It is the oligarchs themselves who approve others or not, and US is used as the strong arm of the oligarchs. And as the top oligarchs who control the world reserve currency and the world central banking cartel, the Rothschild hand is seen here.

This is about propping up the petro-dollar scam, which is a private currency owned by the Federal Reserve. To do that they want a similar arrangement as with the Saudi royal (lol) family. The Venezuelan oil is to be used to guarantee the dollar, and the V “Government” will be obligated to spend most of the oil revenues to buy American weapons and invest in US Govt bonds. To achieve this they need to move Maduro, the popular government, and anyone who stands in the way of that goal. Whatever oligarchs and others have had control of V oil, it has not been key part of the petro-dollar scam system. But that is the plan, to make Venezuela the key prop for the dollar scam, along with the saudis.

There are plenty of people who do almost anything to be part of the gravy-train created by the petro-dollar scam. Anyone who thinks that money is a blessing (while the fiat currency scam is actually a curse on the mankind) will fall for this. For decent people the goal in this is simply preventing the integration of the Venezuelan oil into the dollar scam. That is enough for now.

Pave Way IV

In general, I agree with you goingbrokes. But for the U.S. politician/psychopaths, Venezuela – and every other Central / South American country – it’s about control and exploitation. Oil and the petrodollar is part of that, but not nearly to the degree it is with the Saudis.

Venezuela has a lot of oil, but like Canada, it’s mostly extra-heavy, sour crude in tar sands. Venezuela extraction is more expensive because the tar sands are buried a 1000 meters down. They have to use steam or solvent extraction just to get it to the surface. Venezuela crude also has a high mineral content that requires extra processing and more solvent dilution (usually naphtha) before they can pipe it off to refineries or ocean tanker terminals. It’s corrosive high-sulfur crude, and their domestic pipeline network has been rotting away for decades. Long term, it’s still profitable to produce it, but nowhere near as profitable as other grades. It will never be as profitable as Saudi Crude.

Today, with India, China and Russia thrown in to the mix as major customers offering non-USD payments or previous loans to PDVSA repaid in future oil produced = petrodollar is never regaining any traction in Venezuela again anytime soon. Gauido can re-privatize PDVSA, but it will still have those existing Chinese, Russian and Indian contracts. They can’t simply change terms of existing contracts back to USD, and they can’t make new contracts exclusively for USD without losing most of their export customers.

Unless I’m missing something, the ‘propping up the petrodollar’ argument for controlling Venezuelan oil has been falling apart over the last decade or so. I’m guessing plain old greed, asset theft, graft, market control, and debt slavery are at least (if not more) important to U.S. oil interests. U.S. bankers? Sure, they want to keep the petrodollar alive, but they’re just not that important to nearly bankrupt Venezuela or PDVSA anymore. Political control and denying Russian or Chinese influence in Venezuela? I think that’s the prime motivation here for the U.S. government. No doubt that the U.S. oil oligarchs will trail closely behind a U.S. invasion/puppet regime to asset-strip Venezuela, but they’re just scavengers. Neocons are driving the regime-change bus in Venezuela as far as I can tell. Might be aliens too – can’t rule out those sneaky bastards.


Yes why bother giving a nations resources to its people? Better to do it the American way and give the resources to the plutocrats, and let the people live in the squalor they deserve, like they do in the USA. In case you haven’t noticed, the Venezuelan oligarchs go by the name of Chevron.

Keep it Real

they get free healthcare for the oil! not like in the usa! Yes they benefit from the oil! Who much do people in th usa benefit from exxon mobil?

Pave Way IV

Venezuela’s economic socialism MIGHT work – in theory – considering all their oil. In practice today, the endemic corruption in both generating oil revenue and distributing goods and services to the Venezuelan ‘little people’ is horribly broken and an easy target for U.S. economic warfare.

Every Venezuelan politician always claim they will fix things. The choice of who better to fix things is, however, reserved EXCLUSIVELY to the people of Venezuela – not my psychopathic U.S. leaders.

Would Venezuela’s model really work without U.S. sanctions? I don’t know and don’t care – Venezuelans can figure that out for themselves. Punishing the ‘little people’ of Venezuela with U.S. sanctions for whatever reason constitutes crimes against humanity and an act of war.

The U.S. would be just as psychotic about punishing Venezuelans even if they had the exact same capitalistic oligarchy we have but Maduro was still in charge and had friendly, business relations with Russia and China. U.S. leaders want total control and have never given a damn about the little people in Venezuela. Ever.

Zionism = EVIL

I would not worry too much about the doper pimp Colombians. They sent 2000 mercenaries from their elite “special forces” to fight for the Saudi scum cowards in Yemen, the Ansarollah hit them hard near Taizz in an ambush and killed about 20 and captured 3 and the rest ran off back to drug capital Colombia for baila baila. The Saudis did not even pay the idiots. Maduro should ask Cuba for help, they are best fighters in the region. In Africa, the Cubans defeated the South African racists supported by Jews and Americunts in every battle. The Afrikaners still talk about the bravery of Cubans at the battle for oil rich Cabinda and at Quifangondo, where they decisively beat back the Apartheid troops and CIA stooges.


money buys influence! Colombia is greatly dependent on the USA! They will do whatever they are told! I would say that there is a lot of splitting in the ranks!

It doesnt matter who we think should or should not be President, what matters is the people of Venezuela making their own choices!

Some may legitimately want Guaido! Some may legitimately want Maduro!

Some of them may not want a war so they choose the side who will win! Some may choose the side that will not be who they wanted but will stop a war from occuring!

Being brave doesnt mean ur country wont get fucked up! It doesnt mean it was worth millions of lives!

All i am saying is, these people need to choose and we cant blame them for their choices! They will choose whatever is best for them and we should just let it be!

Remember, they are innocent and its China and USA who are pulling the strings! The people are just the rope that nobody cares about! maybe they want to live! People on this site wanna see people fight and die for who ever the people on this site want to win! in the end, its their lives that are on the line!

Personally, it not worth any deaths! Choose the side that will not cause a war! My opinion, they should choose the USA (even though i 100% support Russia in Syria and Ukraine) but this is too far away! USA has big advantages! Let the USA get what it wants!

What if China wanted Taiwan? what would we say about that? What if Russia wanted Ukraine? what would we say about that? But now USA wants Venezuela… lets remember people dont wanna die!

i dont blame people for changing sides at all! We have seen this happening in Syria too! its because people want to live and they know who is winning! it also helps the war come to an end sooner!

just my opinion!


Here we go again.

What did you expect, even Trumpstein drooled something about oil and Venezuela/Libya and just grab it, because, whom the f….. cares, and nobody can do much about it, anyway, might is right, yup, like the saga of The Godfather, M. Corleone, the steroid version 2.0 world conquest, we are dealing with increasingly more insane and rotten to their core politicians, witch everybody knows are corrupt to their core, some not even elected, nice bunch of pirates and parasits.

I dont even bother to remeber what I just read, because its by all defenitions, de jure and de facto, utter bullshit, and nothing else, period, up on mente ad infinitum to. Get it, but they scums need an cause, and its not even hidden, smack on our face, just look at the names of the nation and any living human should see whom is the enemy of man. But, to my great surpirce, and I am still in an state of chock, urgh….. brainfreez, hehe, of what the Norwegian cleptoCrauts managed to conclude, regarding Venezuela, and this weird looking clone of another crony asset, the Sun King “let them eat cake” MaCrony and Co, clones anyone, hehe, but never the less the statement was indeed managed to be corect, remarkable, because this Guiweirdo thing isnt by any way or for, to be regarded as an president, leader of the parliament is one role, president is His head of state anyway, but by death, the constitution stil dont give the leader of anything else than the president the right to rule as one, its called an interime regime, happens even in Sweden, nothing else, to an new election is desided and been implemented, chapiche, so this statements about GuiWerido is by all means dead and woid, it simply isnt an option by any means legaly , but the rats dont care, of course, why bother, when the Banana republic is the pupet master, and to read German somebody drool something about not doing what the Impisses want, makes me smile, yeah, let the little puppy yap, otherwise they are nothing but pavlovian dogs, even an insult to real dogs.

So, whats next is this rising cluster foak, because this is morphing into something real close to the last one aka Libya/Syria, the screen plays, the writing isnt even changed, just swapped the names, from Gaddafy to Venezuela contra Libya, otherwise its exactly to same, even the aritcles are the same, only new fake ones, with fake images, fake people for an fake agenda, so bad that even the rotten Norse Khazars realized that, otherwise they never go anyway other the Trumps way, or the Huawei. Yup, the shoah must go on. ALL wars are Bankers wars, anything, any god dammed thing else, is divertion, period, if you dont get it we are indeed f….. Period, I usually dont waist time on anything else, never forget this, what have come the latest years are effect from an cause, an cause they pushed upon us, since the 70s to the present.

Hang em all.


leon mc pilibin

Whats the difference between Trump and his zionists,and a Mafia DON and his Clan??




The mafia Don at least has a natural tan. Trump’s tan is fake spray-on.


Publicly overt bribes to Venezuelan military, and in days ahead crates of USAID-CIA weaponry.

Bill Rood

If Columbia refuses inspections, perhaps Venezuela will set up an ambush a mile or two within its borders, capture the convoy and film all the contraband weapons and ammunition.


Not going to be pretty. Get ready for a three front war, folks.

John Whitehot

the defection of single traitors can be well explained by zionists paying them up.

the regime-changers expected the armed forces to desert en-mass, so far they show only a handful of people, some of them already ex-military. it wouldn’t surprise me if they start using actors at some point.


Don’t worry, they will desert en-mass


Waiting waiting waiting,

oh you men like the handful of Syrians who betrayed their country for 30 shekels?


Syrians were not starving, those deserters did it to fight for the other side. I’m talking about Venezuelan people that remember when they had food, and they want it back.


Starving BS, just typical American wishful thinking. The US has blockaded Venezuela, hoping they will starve, but it hasn’t worked. Use your eyes, look at the people demonstrating, most are quite chubby.

It amazes me that people will ignore what they see with their own eyes, and instead believe the people(USA) who lie about everything all the time.


What does “blockaded” mean for you?


Blockade- an act or means of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving.


Yeah, that’s the correct definition of a blockade. Venezuela has sanctions, that means some state companies ran by Maduro’s close friends are not allowed to use the Western banks. They are free to trade food and even oil but with the condition that the companies to be private and not close of Maduro. Maduro =/= Venezuelan people. It’s a scumbag not troubled by the suffering of his own people as long as he’s doing great, like any communist dictator.


Well of course it’s the correct definition, I deal with facts, I leave the BS to you.

Try some facts, it’s more satisfying than lies.



Really? where it says “blockade” in your pdf?

John Whitehot

we’ll see.

the us telling that won’t make it any truer, if it doesn’t happen though.


There will always be people on any side, and they have the right to express their opinions. But as things are, they could easily end up being tried for treason. If they are paid up stooges they will have a US papers handy in case they have to flee. (More immigrants to be fed by the public purse, as the neocons plan.)

John Whitehot

“There will always be people on any side, and they have the right to express their opinions”

true that.

propaganda just picks the people they need in order to make their point.

Gabriel Hollows

And don’t expect US boots on the ground outside of special forces. This will be a proxy war akin to Syria, in which mercenaries from all over the world (expect lots of former FARC militias from Colombia) will be armed and trained in CIA camps with USAF support.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Lima Group=International thugs. Columbia=U S narco military base.


careful cololbian leadership sometimes even money just isn’t enough for what is to come you will need more powerful allies that in which money cannot pay for more powerful assistence in the near future that is priceless that in which money or materialism can never buy even your medicine people and Shamans will not be able to help u when that time comes but i can for i specialize in many weather and earth works as i stated to the demoncrates and many other world leaders over the yrs it is better to have powerful allies rather then powerful enemies,choose wisely new leader in columbia trump will be prez for how long??i shall still do what i do no matter who the leaders are fellow browns,i have watched many leaders come and go over the last decade hell i helped remove some of em but i STILL DO GODS WILL HERE Colombia!!

Kelli Hernandez

The Venzeulan military needs to make sure that what is delivered is true humanitarian aid and not weapons for opposition forces like the “humanitarian aid’ delivered to Syria . The V soldiers need to make sure that any aid is distributed fairly so that the US can’t accuse it of anything nefarious..


Good job the Venezuelan army is strengthening the borders. After Syria lost control of its borders the stream of mercenaries grew and it was easy for them to infiltrate. One thing the Syrians only learned afterwards was that there were ready made tunnels under the border from Jordan through which jihadists could infiltrate into the country and melt away. Look for those tunnels Venezuela. Look for the tunnels.


The stupids who rule America think that if they steal Venezuelan oil, they can stop selling it for a few years, and that will push up the price of oil, and save the collapsing US oil industry.


Sadly, it was only a matter of time before things would come to this pass. Venezuela owns the biggest reserves in heavy oil. That’s it. It “has to be” controlled by a US puppet. Sad that others play along.

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