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Colombia: Commander Of The FARC-EP Calls For An End To The War On Drugs

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Colombia: Commander Of The FARC-EP Calls For An End To The War On Drugs

Ivan Marquez, along with other senior FARC-EP commanders, announcing the decision to return to armed struggle.The Commander of the FARC-EP Segunda Marquetalia, Ivan Marquez, has released a statement accusing the Trump regime of having a totally hypocritical stance against drug trafficking, and calling for an immediate end to the farce of the war on drugs

The statement includes a summary of some of the open secrets of Colombian politics, including the scandal relating to ‘Ñeñe Hernandez’, an associate of current president Ivan Duque who was assassinated erarlier this year in Brazil. Subsequent investigations reveled that he contributed substantial sums obtained from illicit sources to Duque’s presidential campaign. Duque’s denials of any knowledge were severely undermined by the disclosure of several photos of the two together socializing. And the many investigations into former president Alvaro Uribe for a variety of crimes and misconduct, from soliciting false testimony from witnesses to financing and organizing paramilitary groups.

The key points of the statement have been translated by South Front:

The largest lie factory in the world is the US White House. The ‘Cartel of the Suns’ (Cartel de los Soles) is just a brilliant name to deceive the unwary. It does not exist. What is its structure? Who are the members of this notorious cartel? It is simply a poisoned invention out of the powerful fake news and disinformation factory run by Washington to manipulate public opinion. The supposed involvement of FARC-EP peace negotiators Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich with this nebulous organization, which is also used to justify the unjust US aggression against Venezuela, must be questioned as an infamous fabrication. It recalls the injustice against Simón Trinidad. What evidence is there of a ‘Cartel of the Suns’?

The war on drugs is a failure and it is a fraud. Jesse Ventura, a former Minnesota governor, denounced a few years ago that the DEA and the CIA finance the destabilization of democratic and sovereign governments with money from drug trafficking.

And they do so because they deem it to be extremely unlikely that the Congress would approve resources destined for such a horrible as well as immoral and unpresentable cause. The agencies involved also know that they would never obtain the approval of the people of the United States for such dirty purposes. This explains why in the great northern nation there is no consistent persecution of the mafia for the distribution of cocaine, which is the real beneficiary of the exorbitant profits from the business.

The Washington government’s posture against drug trafficking is totally hypocritical. It is blind, or appears to be blind, when at the same time it utilizes such criminal behaviour to reinforce its ambitions of geostrategic domination.

At this point, is there anyone who does not know that Iván Duque was elected president of Colombia with money from the mafia collected by the drug trafficker known as ‘Ñeñe Hernández’, ill-gotten money that was used for electoral fraud and vote buying. Mr Duque’s mandate should be revoked and also what he himself advocated as a presidential candidate should be applied: that not only the illegal financers of political campaigns go to prison, but the candidates themselves who benefit from such proceeds.

But the tracks of former President Alvaro Uribe from his long history of rambling along drug trafficking trails go much deeper, because as Director of Civil Aeronautics he authorized Pablo Escobar to use clandestine runways, a licence that enabled him to dispatch planes full of cocaine to the United States. Paid for in white cash, it was Uribe who made Escobar famous by opening the air corridor to the north, which finally catapulted him to being the most powerful mafia boss of the time. No wonder Pablo Escobar, in gratitude, referred to the young official as ‘that blessed boy’ (‘ese bendito muchacho’).

They say that Uribe has always led from the front. Perhaps that is why, as president, he allowed the use of Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport to dispatch huge shipments of cocaine through that shipment point, and to return some of the profits through the same route. Even Duque’s ambassador to Uruguay, Mr Sanclemente, had a cocaine processing laboratory in the vicinity of Bogotá.

And these hypocrites are offended when someone, reading reality, concludes that Colombia is a narco-state. They viciously persecute the weakest link in the chain, which are the poor farmers, but never the money-laundering bankers and entrepreneurs. Ask the current vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, who stealthily paid bail to liberate her brother Bernardo, imprisoned in the USA for heroin trafficking, and who, having had murky relationships with the mafioso known as the ‘Ghost Memo’, wants to eat the poor farmers and smuggling ‘mules’ alive, condemning them to rot in prison for ever…

The American people should help their government remove the shameful blindfold.

It is clear to everyone: The White House uses weak presidents as straw men. It offers them immunity in exchange for them becoming its puppets. And the best puppets it has had in South America, without a doubt, have been Álvaro Uribe and Iván Duque from Colombia. Therefore, for them there is no persecution or judicial punishment.

I close these lines recalling the unfair judicial assembly of Álvaro Uribe and his pocket Attorney General, Mr. Camilo Osorio, through which the irreproachable guerrilla leader Simón Trinidad was extradited to the US under the mendacious charge of drug trafficking. Public opinion remembers that Simón defeated the lies of these two abject characters in the courts of the US. They had to invent another charge, unrelated to the reason for his extradition, in order to convict him: that of being a member of the FARC’s Central Command. And that is how he was sentenced to 60 years in prison, of which he has already served more than 15. He is currently being held in one of the most inhumane prisons in the United States, that of Florence, Colorado.

I inform the world that an innocent man named Simon Trinidad of the FARC is chained in that prison, for whom I ask for solidarity and justice, and through this to obtain his release. Simón was never a member of the FARC Central General Staff, although he was an official peace negotiator for an insurgent force. The Secretary of State, John Kerry, lied when he assured us in Havana that with the signing of the Peace Agreement they would consider the release of Simón Trinidad.

(Video: Jesse Ventura: Wage war with the War on Drugs)


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The US, like the UK before the empire was lost, is in effect the Narco Boss of theworld today.
Both the US and UK used narcotics as a form of control of competing nations.

The UK with the Opium Wars to harm the integrity of China. and the US use of the drug trade to cause chaos in her targeted nations of the Middle East, South America and Afghanistan.

Icarus Tanović

Well and wise said. It is all George HW Bush bull. Never ending wars on drugs or whatever.

Icarus Tanović

Yes! I just knew this all the time. Uribe was American guy and so it was Escobar, CIA guy.
Gotta remember this.

Icarus Tanović

Jesse forgot to mention that: ‘This thing will make you sexual Tiranosaurus, just like me!’ And in the background we should hear ‘Long tall Sally’ playing.

cechas vodobenikov

9 US military installations in Colombia exist to ensure that this narco state will export coke to the USA—it is estimated that 90% is imported to the insatiable US market—cartel capitalism….Miami sits on a foundation of cocaine—banks created in order to hide their money….it was reported by Escobar’s accountant that he buried billions of USD in secret underground bunkers—his family, now in Buenos Aires live in the richest neighborhood there
it is farcical to believe that exports can be curtailed when the US govt requires coke to destabilize black communities and satisfy their celebrities, bankers etc —-the importers are far more sophisticated than the functionally illiterate US military, DEA, etc, that r tasked with ensuring this ongoing supply of narcotics…consumption is rapidly increasing in USA—demand and supply? or supply and demand?

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