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Collapse Of Riyadh Agreement: UAE-backed Forces Declare De-Facto Independence Of Southern Yemen

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Collapse Of Riyadh Agreement: UAE-backed Forces Declare De-Facto Independence Of Southern Yemen

Newly recruited troops of the UAE-backed separatist Southern Transitional Council are seen on a vehicle during their graduation in Aden, Yemen July 23, 2019. REUTERS/Fawaz Salman – RC1A52E65510

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) has declared the de-facto independence of southern Yemen, accusing the Saudi-backed Yemeni government, led by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, of “supporting terrorism.”

Following an emergence meeting early on April 26, the STC declared the establishment of the “self-administration” the southern region.

The STC announced the state of emergency in the city of Aden and all of the country’s southern provinces to facilitate its decision. STC forces quickly deployed in Aden to impose control of all state institutions. According to RT, the Central Bank is now besieged.

In an official statement, the STC justified its decision by accusing the Saudi-backed government of failing to fulfill its commitments under the 2019 Riyadh agreement. The agreement put an end to a fierce conflict between the two sides, during which STC forces capturing key military positions in Aden.

“With great care, the STC has been following the increase in the conspiracies and plots targeting our revolution, our cause, and our social fabric, which seek to increase the suffering and pain of our people, on various fronts and levels, including:

1) The salaries and wages of the employees of the military and security establishment, retirees and civilians were not paid for several months;

2) Halting the support with ammunition, food and living requirements for hot fronts;

3) Halting the support for the families of the martyrs and for the treatment of the wounded;

4) Stoking national rivalries and striving to destabilize and tear the national cohesion;

5) Supporting terrorism and extremist forces;

6) The deterioration of public services, particularly the electricity, water and road infrastructure,” the statement reads.

The STC also criticized the Saudi-led coalition for its “unexplained silence” towards the “abusive behavior” of Hadi’s government.

The Yemeni government, based in the Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh, said the STC’s announcement is a continuation of the “armed rebellion” which started last year, holding the council responsible for the “dangerous outcomes” of this decision.

“The so-called transitional council refuses to be logical, to implement its part of the Riyadh agreement or to take into account the catastrophic situation that the temporary capital of Aden is going through, and insists on escaping and covering its failure by announcing the continuation of its armed rebellion against the state,” the government said in an official statement.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which provided military support to both the STC and the government during the 2019 conflict, are yet to comment on the new crisis.

A new military confrontation could erupt in Southern Yemen, if government forces attempt to challenge the decision of the STC. Such a confrontation would shake the legitimacy of Hadi’s government and the Saudi-led coalition as a whole.


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Assad must stay

Hahahaha Saudis have SHIT for brains


well when the compatriots start to quarrel there is disaster waiting.


Saudi perma-quagmire – created by crown pretender bin-Salam Jr – who has too much ego to accept his military adventure has resulted in a stalemate. bin-Salam Jr is in state of ego-denial, and the whole mess will continue until some crisis for Saudi state budget.

The Objective

good news

Icarus Tanović

Jemen will be free, just watch from all of these Ziowahhabis.

Al Balog

I don’t know what to feel about this as a Houthi supporter ?. Will this event be good or bad for Yemen? Can any Houthis here explain for me? I appreciate it.

S Melanson

The enemies of the Houthis have become enemies amongst themselves which is why the Coalition is falling apart while operation are now largely surrender and here are our supplies missions.

True the division of a Yemen declared by UAE backed militias may seem a negative development but Yemen was divided before and the UAE will in the long run be limited to having influence rather than control in Yemen – which is understood by the UAE I think which is much more realistic than MBS.

The demise of the Coalition will culminate in the foreign invaders being driven out by the people of Yemen, ending the war. This process is already playing out in North Yemen (Houthis) and South Yemen (STS).

Driving out the foreigners and exercising sovereignty in Yemen is priority one. If Yemen splits into North and South, it will at least be an outcome decided in Yemen and not Riyadh.

Overall, developments are in favour of the Houthis

Bobby Twoshoes

Even if it’s just disunity in the enemy ranks it’s good, if it returns to combat between enemy ranks more’s the better, if the Houthis can offer some face-saving gesture to make UAE withdraw or even switch sides it would be game changing.

Ashok Varma

Arabs are their own worst enemies, The Saudis and UAE will destroy themselves in the failed invasion of Yemen while their oil revenues are non-existent and their militaries are total failures. They should accept defeat and go home.

S Melanson

The Yemen government based in RIYADH! That sums up the legitimacy of the ‘Yemen’ government.

And what is this about collapse of the agreement? The agreement was a fiction from the get go and so much so it was dead even before arrival.

Pave Way IV

Saudi Riyal is pegged at 3.75 to USD, but already has climbing black market rates. Will accelerate and Riyal will collapse within the next few months. Maybe the next few weeks.

Lebanese pound also pegged to USD at 1,500 or so. Black markets now getting over 4,000 Lebanese pounds per dollar over the weekend, so it HAS collapsed. Banks only allowing Lebanese to withdraw funds at official rate (1,500/USD) and ONLY in the collapsing pound, so Lebanese have lost half of their life savings over the last week. Lebanon: watch for kleptomaniac hordes from the south coming through your wire – they want the Litani once and for all, and will use the collapse of the pound as an opportunity.

The rest of the GCC currencies pegged to the USD are pretty fragile, too. The USD is the biggest Ponzi of them all, but it won’t collapse until all the lesser currencies tied to it start blowing up. There is no bottom after that for anything related to the USD.

Al Balog

Very interesting, the US deep state seems angry about this… ?


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